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Association Outside In Case Study

Potomac Core

Association Outside In Case Study. Association Outside In Case Study. The post Association Outside In Case Study appeared first on Potomac Core Consulting. If your members face top line growth challenges, generational transfer issues, and evolving consumer expectations, how can your Association support member success? Global Market Volatility.

Full Case Study Report from GiveToTheMax Day


Well the Case Foundation, one of the event partners, has just released a full report on the giving day: “Giving contests are becoming an increasingly common tool for cities and regions to increase donations to nonprofits. Case Study From the Trenches Humanize Open CommunityRemember Give to the Max Day,  November 9, 2011? Holy cow! Hmmm… food for thought.

Successful Strategies for Distance Learning [CASE STUDY]


Case Study Social LearningThis post is by Marci D. Thompson, Associate Director, Online Education, APIC. APIC is a professional association for infection preventionists (IPs) with more than 14,000 members. Their mission is to create a safer world through the prevention of infection. Thanks, Marci, for sharing your experience! ————————-.

Pinterest for Business: 9 Tips From Superuser PediaStaff [CASE STUDY]


Case Study From the Trenches ImplementationThis post originally appeared on the Realtime Report. Author Tonia Ries  kindly agreed to let me repost it here, ’cause it’s just that good. PediaStaff is not an association, however its target audience – pediatric therapists – are a classic example of the kind of target audience an association might have.

[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


Her clients have included MazdaUSA, SRI International, DS Cases, Share Our Strength and Taco Bell. Related Posts How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization [Case Study] Have you crossed the mobile threshold? Case Study Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches Implementation Useful Data Guest post by Amanda Sides. Minimal Costs. Granular Targeting. Location.

Case Study: In-depth Member Interviews Feed Association’s Strategic Plan

Smooth The Path

The post Case Study: In-depth Member Interviews Feed Association’s Strategic Plan appeared first on Smooth The Path. What else should the association do to support members during these extremely challenging times? This was the nagging question one association VP had. It was time to revisit the strategic plan. Defining goals. Listening to members. Analyzing the data.

Tuesday Buzz: Don’t Forget Your Case Studies

Associations Now

How one association took a data-based approach to building effective, personalized case studies. “For my case studies, I gave members a word count and a theme (career progression, business development, profile-raising etc.) The post Tuesday Buzz: Don’t Forget Your Case Studies appeared first on Associations Now You Won’t Be There Forever.

What freedom in a humanized culture looks like [case study]


Case Study HumanizeJamie posted about this last week , and I think we’re both just at the beginning of a whole series of possible posts about the human attributes we see in this Netflix slide deck about their corporate culture. But in this post, I’m going to take a look at  part 3 here -  FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY. Stay creative and small? Avoid rules and suffer chaos?

[Case Study] Have you crossed the mobile threshold?


The first of hopefully many case studies of the awesome work that ICF (the company we consult for) does every day. Healthline study in 2011 found a significant difference between the top health searches on desktop and mobile. Studies like this convinced our team that our audience was more likely to find us on their own personal devices. Interested in mobile strategy?

Case Study: How Human Rights Watch Leverages Employee Personal Brands on Twitter

Beth Kanter's Blog

”  Leadership modeling is important.    When they launched their staff as champion strategy, they had to make the case that it was worth the investment of their time.  There are no better champions for your organization’s communication’s strategy than your staff. The organizational strategy is to impact policy change.  Many tweets lead to press calls.”. There’s another benefit. 

Are You Trying Social Media Contests to Promote Your Conference? [CASE STUDY: AILA]


Many of us are solo or small law firm practitioners, so the ability to bounce ideas off colleagues, discuss a difficult case, or exchange law practice management tips is crucial. Case Study Featured From the Trenches Implementation Open Community Social LearningLindsay Curcio is an attorney who has been practicing immigration law since 1990. and internationally. 

Case Study: MHEDA Conquers Video Integration

Association Adviser

Two years later, MHEDA is leading the way on integration of video into member communications across multiple channels. A new case study by Naylor on MHEDA’s use of video highlights how video can be used to serve a variety of association challenges, including member engagement, recruitment and retention; member services such as training and continuing education; and how to raise awareness of advocacy and campaign issues. To see some of the challenges and considerations MHEDA faced when integrating video into their communications platform, read the full case study.

Video 23

Challenge of Expanding & Managing Chapters in Emerging Markets – Middle East Case Study


Two video case studies from Middle East chapter leaders from  the American Society for Quality and Project Management Institute offer insights into building the right local chapter strategies for growth in emerging markets. In lot of cases these memberships are compulsory, which is why there is no drive by associations or its volunteers to make it work. Be Patient.

[CASE STUDY] Is it worth paying to promote Facebook posts?


So paying Facebook in this manner does get you increased reach (an order of magnitude higher than before in our case), and that increased exposure seems to help increase engagement (though it’s about the same engagement that we earned for free before). This is a guest post by Chad Davis, Social Media Director at the National Association of Home Builders, a recent SocialFish client.

NEW! Artomatic Diaries, A Living Social Media Case Study


just run with it) where I’d like to tell the story of what I am doing around social media for Artomatic, as a living case study. Case Study Featured From the Trenches Implementation Nimble Nonprofit Open Community Risk and Social Media Social CRM and ROI Douglas Development donated the use of the buildings to a group of artists who invited their friends to exhibit.

Defining Engagement One Year On: A Case Study


Defining Engagement One Year On: An Ongoing Case Study. Defining Engagement One Year On: A Case Study from WorkXO. Were you at #ASAE16 ? Joe Vallina and Natasha Bethea of the American Nurses Association joined me to share progress on our massive engagement project. Slides are below! ——– ( photo credit ). Mark Your Calendars Potluck

Advocacy and social media: A case study from ASHA

Association Advocacy Chick

I’m always talking about the need for associations to use social media in their advocacy efforts. With nearly every member of the House and Senate on at least one social network, there’s opportunity to push our issues beyond the traditional email action alert. Just While some of us have been slow in implementation, others are diving into the deep end of the social media pool.

Membership Marketing Blog: Case Study: A Thriving Membership.

Membership Marketing

Case Study: A Thriving Membership Organization. In the case of COSTCO, rather then try to be all things to all people, my sense is they are very clear about who they serve best and what they stand for. Case Study: A Thriving Membership Organization. Case Study. (9). Membership Marketing Blog. Speaking Engagements. Speaking Engagements. Publications.

How This Organization Added Almost 24,000 Advocates With A Nationally Branded Campaign

Beekeeper Group

Case study Client Work Digital Tactics case study Children's Hospital Association client CQ Roll Call Joshua Habursky Speak Now for KidsThis article was originally posted on CQ Roll Call’s Connectivity blog. In the grassroots departments of corporations, nonprofits, or trade associations, discussion often revolves around a signature advocacy campaign. In-District.

Social Media Integrated Campaign Case Study Slam: SSIR Social Media on Purpose Conference

Beth Kanter's Blog

The design and format of the panel was  inspired by “poetry slams” where poets share their poems and there is audience participation.    There are variations on poetry slams,  for example,   a “Theme Slam,” one in which all poems must conform to a specified theme, genre, or formal constraint.    Poetry slams can feature a broad range of voices, styles, cultural traditions, and approaches to writing and performance.    This was a theme slam where panelists had to share their case study in five minutes or less using a similar format and unique style of delivery. SMoP14.

Boost Your Innovation Efforts with Lean Startup


The whitepaper includes case studies of four associations that are at various points in the journey of learning to use lean startup methodology to innovate faster and more successfully and some specific advice for how your association can get started using this groundbreaking methodology to improve your own innovation efforts. Case Study White PaperWhat went wrong?

Getting Under the Surface of Member Engagement


Obviously the hot topic of online communities comes into play here, as there has been evidence that active online communities are correlated with higher renewal rates (and, according to one study of for-profit companies, even higher stock prices). Case Study Culture That Works Featured From the TrenchesRight? This is basically a customer relationship management (CRM) challenge.

Change Happens. Are you ready?


In the corporate world, “ decision effectiveness and financial results correlated at a 95% confidence level” – this from an article in the Harvard Business Review is based on a study of over 700 organizations. You can download a case study from the Catalyze website. Case Study Cool Social Tools Culture That Works Featured Industry InsiderChange; are you ready?

Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?


Case Study Featured From the TrenchesThis post originally appeared here and is reposted in its entirety  because it’s too good not to share. Disclosure: The National Association of Manufacturers is a former SocialFish client. This dynamic makes the platform a prime marketing channel for trade associations and advocacy groups seeking to shape the national dialogue.

Association Social Media: Kelli Windsor, Food Marketing Institute


Case Study Featured From the TrenchesI had the great pleasure of moderating a panel of fabulous association social media managers at an Association Trends breakfast last month, where results were shared (and we opined on them) from the Association Social Media Benchmark Survey. Here’s a snippet of my conversation with just one of several great association social media folks.

How to Execute a Big Vision Regardless of Small Size and Scant Resources: Case Study.

Demand Persepctive

 .   The National Association for the Remodeling Industry serves remodeling professionals with 58 chapters that are incorporated individually.  Shari Bates runs the association’s 8 th largest chapter in Central Ohio , w ith a small paid staff. She also follows this blog, and as I found out, has read and successfully applied ideas from my book, the Demand Perspective: Leading from the Outside-In. interviewed Bates last week to find out how a small, regional association defines and engages stakeholders on a local level.

Association Social Media: The CFA Institute


We create the space and the rules of good behavior — and then try to stay out of the way so that members can benefit from peer-to-peer exchanges, whether it’s about studying for the CFA exam or debating a contemporary issue in investment management. 6) Have you done any social media campaigns?  ————– Case Study Featured From the Trenches link].

The Best of Association Social Media 2014


Case Study Cool Social Tools Featured From the Trenches Potluck So here we are, in a new year. And what a year 2014 was. Jamie and I  wrote another book  (out soon! You will hear lots more about it!). And I’m helping launch an awesome association industry startup  (more on that in due course). Phew! I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring! Centscere. Teem’d. PwrdBy.

W3 Awards Recognize Our Web Creativity

Beekeeper Group

Case study Client Work Digital Tactics Website Design animation W3 Awards Web CreativityAt Beekeeper Group we pride ourselves in delivering the best in web creativity. This isn’t easy.  We strive to produce work that is visually innovative, but at the same time provides a clean user interface, compelling narrative, and engages a mission-driven audience. Lilly. Contact us.

Ten steps to building a community blog that rocks!


It was a simple case study, using associationTECH to look at why we created the blog, what considerations were involved in setting up moderation policies etc, how we connected it to the wider tech blogosphere, and how we measured success. Association Case StudiesIt was a great discussion; thank you so much to those who attended. Here are the slides for you.

Paull Young of charity:water on making nonprofit waves in a digital ocean


Association Case Studies Featured From the Trenches inboxzero nptech smartcmoA quick recap of today’s #SmartCMO chat (2/17/12) with Paull Young of Charity:Water. Lots of great digital marketing lessons from one of the smartest and most social nonprofits.

The great proposal debate: Why consultants eschew RFPs

Aaron Wolowiec

Organized by topic, following are the lightly edited insights: Case studies. advised her to put her copyright very clearly on it – seemed like a potentially very underhanded ploy to me! I’ve also heard of cases where the proposal outline is handed to another consultant for execution. In either case, it’s worth a phone call. The call comes in. prospective client needs you – immediately! – to help with an urgent project. They’re unclear how to resolve the issue, but they believe you can help. Never again! Proposals. hate responding to RFPs. Charging.

Is your strategic plan on a page?


Case Study Featured HumanizeThis is a guest post by Tom Hood, the awesome and social CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs.  We love this great example of Humanize thinking in action. Thanks Tom for sharing your thoughts on strategic thinking with us! ——————– Getting everyone on the same page. We do that same exercise with our stakeholders.

Association Social Media: Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU)


Case Study Featured From the Trenches Read lots more of them here. —————– Let’s all welcome Katie Saba, Membership and Digital Marketing Specialist at the  Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU)! 1) Who do you report to? What department are you in? Are they interlinked in specific ways? How do you decide what content to post where?

Association Social Media: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)


Case Study Featured From the Trenches ——————-. In today’s interview, we’re talking to Chad Davis, Senior Director, Digital Media, at NAHB. 1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit? Are they interlinked in specific ways? How do you decide what content to post where? Thanks so much Chad!

Maddie’s Must Reads for July – Social Media Edition


Case Study Debunking the Hype Featured From the Trenches Implementation Useful DataA few social media goodies handpicked by me that I think you need to see: A Teenager’s View on Social Media  – “written by an actual teen” – very, very eye-opening. ” Facebook is often used by us mainly for its group functionality. ——– ( photo credit ).

Realignment #5: From Products to Solutions


It was designed to provide solutions to problems that have plagued independent veterinaries and curtailed their success, such as: isolation, lack of access to specialists and peers, the expense of multiple subscription, the needs for collaborative case analysis, real time exchanges and problem-solving. Case Study Demand Perspective FeaturedIt paid off. photo credit ).

Association Social Media at #Tech12 – More on Google+


Case Study Content Strategy FeaturedAs promised , here are my slides from #Tech12. Claire Berlin from the National Society of Accountants talked about their strategy for Twitter; Leikny Johnson, formerly of the American Society of Civil Engineers discussed LinkedIn, and I talked a bit about Google+… …just hours before Google announced the launch of Communities.

Is your Organization Capable of Unorthodox Thinking?


Originally an online network for physicians, it tapped the value of physicians’ case-based discussions for industries that did business with health care to create a new corporate services business line. Case Study Demand Perspective Humanize associations creativity innovation membership The New Competence of the Knowledge Age. Maccoby would call this an industrial- age model.

Humanizing your organization creates amazing results. This is how.


Case Study Featured From the Trenches Humanize Implementation “The new brand deserved intentional work on our culture, so that we would develop an authentic relationship with our industry and mimic that authenticity in our relationship with our employees.” ” 1. Why did Humanize resonate with you? This was the critical learning. ” . 3. ” . 6. Start here.