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Communication Secrets of Successful Associations

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In our work with associations over the past decade and a half, we’ve found several communication “secrets” (best practices really) that the most successful of our customers have in common. The post Communication Secrets of Successful Associations appeared first on Association Management Software association communication

Cut through communication clutter

Aaron Wolowiec

As a writer and professional communicator, nothing (O.K., well, not very much) is more frustrating than people who can’t communicate. But seriously…communication is a hard gig for most companies, especially with the advent of social media. Communication is everywhere. Without content, communication efforts are null. Or even worse yet, companies. Rant over. video).

6 top tips for how to talk to your trustees about your communications work

Optimist Consulting

While some boards understand the role and remit of their communications team and actively seek their help, the report illustrates that some boards do not share this interest in communications, and it offers ideas to overcome this and work effectively with your trustees. Good communications lessens potential risks and strengthens reputation.

Communication ? Talk

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I learned at a very early age the importance of clear communication, be it verbal or written. They knew that clear communication was the path to understanding. I’ve found that most people who are responsible for the “important” and “official” communication in a nonprofit could greatly benefit from a good, basic journalism class on writing and communicating.

This Week’s Awesome Association PR and Communications Jobs – March 16


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. Marketing and Communications Director , Crisis Center for South Suburbia – Crisis Center for South Suburbia (CCSS) is seeking an energetic and creative marketing/communications professional to be responsible for agency marketing and public relations activities.

5 surprising facts from Think’s Re:member 4 survey into membership communications

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Think is one of the UK’s leading specialist publishers for membership organisations and since 2011 it has conducted Re:member, a large annual survey of communications leaders in UK professional membership organisations. The post 5 surprising facts from Think’s Re:member 4 survey into membership communications appeared first on Optimist Consulting. Communications Membership membershi

How I Wish Associations Would Communicate

Association Subculture

THIS is what I wish substituted for communications-as-usual in associations. communicationsThis is a dose of real. And quite frankly, fantastically inspiring. This video is not on YouTube so if you can't see the embed, I'm not sure how to get the link to you. I found it on Facebook. Bottom line, if you can't see the video it's a collection of nurses and cancer patients lip synching to Stronger - by Kelly Clarkson. It's joyous and heart rending at the same time. If you can see it, this video provides a unique look at the human spirit. Big time. Be excellent to each other.

2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

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Curious about how other nonprofits will communicate in 2014? Here are highlights of the 2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. nonprofit-communications

2104 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

Wild Apricot Blog

Curious about how other nonprofits will communicate in 2014? Here are highlights of the 2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. nonprofit-communications

With New Administration, Government Communications Group Reasserts Members’ Role

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The National Association of Government Communicators issued a public reminder of its members’ roles and responsibilities as the administration transitions and several federal agencies have restricted their communications. The new administration needs to understand that good government requires good communication.

3 steps to improve how you communicate the value of membership

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33% of organisations say that their main barrier to growth is effectively communicating the value of membership. Communicating membership value to members. Use this information to enhance and improve communications: Put yourself in your members’ shoes. Will you change how you currently communicate the value of your membership? What do members want?

Generation Y – Reinventing the Way We Communicate


As we begin to invade the workforce, there is a noticeable shift towards a more open style of communication as well as an increase in the usage of social media. like it or not, this method of communication is no longer a trend, but a solid means of interaction. In turn, these tools change the way we communicate by normalizing methods of communication based on available technology.

A Board-CEO Communication Gap

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Or, to further simplify: There’s a communication gap between the board and CEO. The post A Board-CEO Communication Gap appeared first on Associations Now A new study says a lot of nonprofit executives are planning to depart—and that boards are missing the signals. Hey, aren’t you gone yet? “Think of leadership transition as an unrecognized liability on your balance sheet.”

Nonprofit Communications Trend Report Released

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What are the trends for non-profit communications in 2012? Here's an overview of Kivi Leroux Miller's Nonprofit Communications Trend Report. Non-profit Communications

2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

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Is your organization one of the 49% of nonprofits who said they have no formal marketing or communications plan for 2011? If you are still developing your plan or are curious to see what other nonprofits are planning this year, you should have a look at the 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. association association marketing member communication networking nonprofit non-profit Non-profit Communications nptech social mediaHere are some highlights from the report: ( read more ).

The Key to Teamwork is Communication

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To make sure your team works best, all parties must be committed to regular and clear communication. The reason that worked so well was because we communicated well with each other. The key to that project’s success—and our satisfaction with it—was our commitment to communicating clearly with each other. You know that old saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in team?” I was not a fan.

Is Face-to-Face Communication Gone in the Digital Age?


But that does not mean they don’t want and need face-to-face communication. But there is one area where many people make an incorrect assumption about Millennials: the importance of face-to-face communication. And within the workplace, building deep relationships is important, so face-to-face communication is important. Contact me for details! They have higher standards.

How the CIPD communicated about its rebrand and got it right

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One of the key communications around the rebrand is this webpage which explains the process that the CIPD pushed out via email. A rebrand for a membership organisation can be an important part of a new strategic direction. It can revitalise the organisation and engage members and potential members. However, it can also raise questions in members’ minds – ‘What did that cost?’

A Communication Architecture

Jamie Notter

From Ben Horowitz : Perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for her company. Absent a well-designed communication architecture, information and ideas will stagnate and your company will degenerate into a bad place to work. That’s where you actually put some intention behind how you communicate.

3 Ways to Get Members to Read Your Marketing Communications


Here’s why your members may not be responding to your marketing communications: Use their words. The more you can understand and empathize with your members the stronger all your marketing communications will be. Of all the emails that come into your inbox every day how many do you actually read? How much of your junk mail do you actually read? How many do you think you catch?

Communicating Takes Time

Eric Lanke

Communicating the right information, in the right way, without confusing or overwhelming your audience--it takes time. Good communications take time to prepare, and I think they should also take time to deliver. If you want to improve your communication skills, I would advise you not to rush either. + + + This post was written by Eric Lanke, an association executive, blogger and author. image source This week I''m working on the presentation I''m going to give at my association''s major conference in two weeks. And I know that I enjoy it more. But guess what?

Snow day productivity: Briefer, clearer, funner communications

Aaron Wolowiec

This year I’m recommending in your communications with members that you simply emphasize brevity and clarity. It means sending fewer communications (electronic and print) that are consistently branded in both look and tone. Likewise, I’m advocating for clearer communications. First, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.

5 reasons why I love APM’s board elections communications

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2) Making the member feel valued – They are promoting the election as a chance to ‘Have your say’ as opposed to ‘Vote in the elections’, which instantly communicates a sense of interest in members’ needs and desires; not just the organisation’s. What this depressingly-low figure highlights is the importance of putting effort into encouraging engagement in an election process. Do you agree?

Keep Your Strategic Communications Plan Alive

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Drafting a strategic communications plan is hard enough, but keeping it relevant can be more difficult. Putting the words “strategic” and “communications” together can strike fear in the hearts of many association executives. At best, your strategic communications plan can be a roadmap not just for the communications department, but for the entire association.

An Introduction to Social Media For Strategic Communication


Social media doesn’t exist in a vacuum but as part of an integrated communication campaign. The newest incarnation of his presentation defines the social space as it fits within a measurable communication plan. Slides 21-28: And most professionals only know about their communication silos. Social Media For Strategic Communication from Rich Becker, Copywrite, Ink.

Set Your 2017 Communications Resolutions Now

Association Adviser

However, the time for planning your association’s New Year’s marketing and communications resolutions is now. Outline a clear vision for your association’s communications. Whether you have a staff of two or 20, creating a communications plan will ensure your entire team is working from the same playbook and effectively using your time and resources. Get to know your audience.

The communications struggle continues

Aaron Wolowiec

even the past year), you know I’m a communications nut. Without communication, both internally and externally, there’s no content, no strategy. But not everyone knows how to communicate, at least not effectively. Last January, I wrote about Naylor’s 2015 Communication Benchmarking Study. In fact, only 6 percent reported having a communications strategy. Seriously.

Old Fashioned Tool May Boost Association Communications.

SCD Group

Overcoming communications clutter With today’s “communications overload” filled with multiple electronic messages (emails, social media, etc.), Don’t get me wrong: I love social media, email and websites for association marketing and communicating with members. What is your association doing with marketing and communications? Something simple as a post card reminder.

The Big Limiting Factor of Remote Work: Communication

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The biggest challenge, according to one recent study: the potential for communication headaches. Thirty percent cited communication, particularly the “lack of face time,” as the biggest issue—ahead of concerns about productivity and technology (22 percent each). The post The Big Limiting Factor of Remote Work: Communication appeared first on Associations Now

5 tips on how to use colour to enhance your member communications

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It has made me think about the role of colour in communications, so I wanted to share a guest blog from Steven Randall of Ocean Design. In my experience, most membership organisations use colour as a key ingredient within their brand identity and have a selection of approved colours in their guidelines that can be used in all communications. link]. About Ocean Design. link].

Member Communications & Information Overload - Finding Balance

Wild Apricot Blog

Since many membership and non-profit organizations may be asking themselves these very questions in terms of their member communications, we offered some ideas on how you can begin to answer these questions.( Associations member communication membership nonprofit non-profit Non-profit Communications nptech social mediaOne of our readers asked some great questions in a comment to a recent post about getting started with social media: What will people find interesting and useful? Will they find excessive messaging annoying? How does an organization find a balance?

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy

Beth Kanter's Blog

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy – Guest Post by Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3. To see the impact of video, you have to be using it as an ongoing means of communications, not a one-off project that carries all your hopes and dreams. Photo Credit: Tristan Hanson. 92% value the investment they have made in video. Not so. Finding the ROI.

Association Social Media Jobs – Marketing/Communications November 3


Here are the latest communications and marketing jobs from the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , digital and technology. Louis Community College. powered by RSS Just Better 1.4 plugin. EMPLOYERS: Want to know how this job board differs from the rest? Hurry! This promotion is almost over. photo credit ).

Get Real: Authenticity in PAC and Grassroots Communication

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The post Get Real: Authenticity in PAC and Grassroots Communication appeared first on Beekeeper Group. “Who are you trying to reach and what do you want them to do?”. It’s a question you’ve been asked if you’ve ever worked with the Beekeeper Group team. Rhoads isn’t the only authenticity advocate. Public Affairs Practice, tells us to “ditch the spin” and I’m inclined to agree with her.

The Evolution of Workplace Communication (And What It Means for Your Association)


Just look at workplace communication tools. That said, are these workplace communication tools beneficial for associations? The times they are a changin’ - particularly in terms of technology. And as you know, technology advancements (in some way, shape, or form) always make their way to the workplace. Are they worth looking into/considering?

Help Wanted: Find Your Next Marketing and Communications Star

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And in today’s evolving communications and marketing environment, it’s important to find someone who has the right skills to take your associations to the next level. Sales: While the word “sales” makes some cringe, it is important to realize that all aspects of marketing and communications require the ability to influence and persuade. Here’s how to find your next superstar.

CEOs: Communications Strategy Changing in 24/7 Digital World

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An association of public relations and communications professionals surveyed CEOs to determine how chief execs believe the role of organizational communications is changing in an age of nonstop news and information. As information travels faster and people become more digitally connected, the CEO mindset toward the role of communications is evolving as well. Proactive and Fast.

You Need To Communicate Conference Changes To All Your Stakeholders

Velvet Chainsaw

Your success rests on good implementation and communication. Communicating The Why Behind The Change. If you are implementing new changes to your conference experience, communicating those changes to your stakeholders is one of the keys to successful implementation. Four Characteristics Of Communication To Overcome Resistance. Communication Is Frequent And Explicit.

The Marketing Communications Audit: Content Marketing Step 2


What is it that a sports coach and her/his team are looking for when they review past game tapes of next week’s opposing team? At first glance, that could seem like an incredible waste of time! The answer is holes. They’re looking for holes—holes in the opponent’s offense, holes in their defense. Where are the [.].

Easy reading is hard writing: Lessons for Association Communicators

SCD Group

As I review association marketing and communications pieces, it appears that most of us fail to write from the perspective of the readers/audiences. Model your writing after these folks and other companies and nonprofits who focus their communications on benefits and not features. A research firm reported to the U.S. Let me share an example to illustrate what am I saying?