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Discounts Are Not Valuable

Jamie Notter

Shortly after this session, I was talking to an association client about the value they provide to members, and the word “discounts” came up a lot. In other words, part of the value of membership was the discounts they would receive when they bought many of the association’s products and services later. I attended a good session at the ASAE conference about pricing.

CSAE Canadian Association Financial Operations Study: Participate by November 30 For Free Highlights, Deep Report Discounts!

Portage Group

Participants will receive a free highlight report as well as deep discounts to purchase the full Financial Operations study report when it is published in a few weeks' time. How Does Your Association Stack Up? The CSAE Canadian Association Financial Operations Study Survey is open for your participation until November 30th. Research Partnerships News & Events

Membership Recruitment Dues Discounts: The Do’s and Do Not’s

Membership Marketing

The other day, I received a membership recruitment mailing offering an end of the year 50% off first year dues discount from a respected professional association. And done wisely, a special offer will produce more than enough new members to pay for the discount or premium and future renewal rates will only be marginally affected. With a steep 50% off discount, it is unlikely that the additional response will make up for the lower price. Dues Discount price testing Test marketing For more information, contact Tony at

Best Benefit Ever: Travel Discounts for Early-Career Scientists

Associations Now

And if young members find themselves wooed by the world of conferences, their membership grants them discounted entrée to the Goldschmidt Conference , a premier event for geochemists. The post Best Benefit Ever: Travel Discounts for Early-Career Scientists appeared first on Associations Now What’s the benefit? Missed our latest news? — EAG (@EAG_) October 20, 2014.

Association Labs – Episode 43: Discounting Your Membership Dues? Reconsider.

The Moery Company

As associations begin to feel the revenue squeeze, the inclination is to implement a membership discounting program. The post Association Labs – Episode 43: Discounting Your Membership Dues? As associations begin to feel the revenue squeeze, the inclination is to implement a membership discounting program. Check it out! Reconsider. appeared first on The Moery Company.

20 reasons to book within the official group block

Aaron Wolowiec

With unprecedented access to vacation rentals through websites like airbnb and VRBO , as well as the availability of discount hotel stays through websites like Priceline and Orbitz , it’s no wonder organizations are having difficulty filling their group room blocks during in-person meetings, conventions and exhibitions. brochure, website and social media) prior to your next big event.

Why reward late comers with discounts?

SCD Group

Discounted pricing like this is one of the five forms of manipulative marketing that Simon Sinek talks about in his book and Ted talk Start with Why. And, he notes that discounts – like the other four – usually result in short-term gains but long-term losses. Some organizations offer discounts or reduced prices to get members to join or to register.

Best Benefit Ever: Restaurateurs Served Fresh Delivery Discounts

Associations Now

A partnership between the New York State Restaurant Association and gives members discounted delivery service. The post Best Benefit Ever: Restaurateurs Served Fresh Delivery Discounts appeared first on Associations Now What’s the benefit? By teaming up with, NYSRA is hoping to lessen some of the costs tied to delivery services.

Boosting Member Awareness of Association Affinity Discounts

SCD Group

Have you ever bought something and later realized you could have paid less by using a membership discount you forgot you had? In a member survey of alumni, professional, recreational and other associations by loyalty technology company, Larky, 73% of respondents say they “know they are entitled to member discounts, but don’t know what they are or how to get them.” So what?

11 ideas for partnering with local venues

Aaron Wolowiec

After much negotiation, you’re able to secure the “friends and family” discount; however, it’s still more than you’ve budgeted. Allow participants to register at a discounted rate if they complete a brief meetings portfolio survey that is then shared with the venue. When’s the last time this happened to you?

Class 30

Take advantage of the benefits gap

Aaron Wolowiec

Perhaps one of the most popular options is discount programs. According to the report, only 24 percent of associations provide discount programs for their members. But who doesn’t love a discount? Good discount programs include gym memberships, prescription drugs, office supplies and pet products. But the kicker: She’ll be paying more. Ask your members.

Cost 30

Best Benefit Ever: Two-Way Text Discounts for Information, Referral Providers

Associations Now

Members of the Alliance of Information and Referral Services can get discounts on short text codes for rapid communication. Alliance of Information and Referral Services (AIRS) members can now conduct business more efficiently with the help of discounted two-way text services. What’s the benefit? They also have fewer digits to remember (e.g.,

To discount or not to discount?


Tony Rossell posted an interesting comment on the ASAE marketing listserve about discounting member dues the first year. Here's his post, very slightly condensed: Should you discount dues in order to acquire new members? Half were offered membership at full price and the second half received a $10 dues discount. The group receiving the discounted membership dues offer had a 40 percent higher response rate than the group offered the full dues rate. This added response more than paid for the discounted dues. 2) Everyone loves discounts.

Four Resolutions to Get More Out of Association Experience

AMR Management Services

Sometimes you get a return on your investment, through networking, problem solving or even affinity programs and discounts. Pages. CONTRIBUTORS. AMR MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Tuesday, January 10, 2012. Four Resolutions to Get More Out of Association Experience. You get what you put into your association leadership experience. Other times you dont get what you bargained for. Who knew? Newer Post.

Orgs versus Humans

YourMembership Blog

It’s easy to leave an organization (regardless of your events, networking, discounts, etc.). Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing. Company. News + Press. Customers. Technology. Management Team. Partner Programs. Corporate Responsibility. Inside YM. Careers. Contact. Blog. Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Orgs versus Humans. Leave a Reply. Name (required).

Best Benefit Ever: Patient-Safety Providers Get Info at a Discount

Associations Now

National Patient Safety Foundation members receive discounted rates for an industry-specific journal. Members can also take advantage of discounts for online patient-safety curriculums, online educational modules, and professional learning webinars. The post Best Benefit Ever: Patient-Safety Providers Get Info at a Discount appeared first on Associations Now What’s the benefit?

Association Social Media Jobs


We have a special 20% discount for employers for a very limited time: Please use SOCIALFISHVIP at checkout. No Feeds Found. TIME IS RUNNING OUT! The SocialFish job board is live! Will you please share this with your friends and colleagues and employer and anyone else you know who might be looking for a job or looking to hire? photo credit ). Featured From the Trenches

How Do I Know What to Charge?

Spark Consulting

Forecast whether or not you’re going to want or need to offer any sort of discounts (i.e., If so, the price for the first one needs to be high enough that you can discount later on. So how do you determine your pricing strategy? Determine whether this is something that can be a “loss leader” or whether it needs to break even or turn a profit. This also helps set the floor price.

Price 55

Six Reasons You Can’t Miss the HUG Super Forum 2015

Higher Logic

Group discounts. Now that we’ve convinced you to join us at the HUG Super Forum, bring four or more people and receive a group discount! Still on the fence about joining us and the rest of the Higher Logic Community for Super Forum this October? We know it happens every year, but every year is different and exciting. Three great keynote speakers. Countless awesome breakout sessions.

How to Prevent Room Block Pirates from Hijacking Your Next Event

Association Management

Consider offering a discount on the registration fee when people book a room through your reservation link. Be sure that your contract with the hotel provides you with credit for any event participants who book with them outside the room block, such as through an AAA discount or other offer. Fight Back Against Room Block Piracy. Other Advice for Managing Room Blocks Successfully.

Best Benefit Ever: Say It Visually

Associations Now

An arts organization offers its members discounts on a new visualization tool—and sweetens the deal with a bit of competition. Prices for the tool range from $15 to $28 per month , with annual memberships available at a steep discount.) What is it? Why it works: The offering is a solid way for members to dip their fingers into creating simple but compelling visuals.

Joint Membership: The “Special Sauce” for Chapter Relations

Associations Now

Members gain advantages too, from discounted dues to access to more programs and services. If your association has a national-chapter setup, chances are good you’ve considered the idea of a joint membership model, which offers members a dual enrollment and might come with extra discounts or benefits. Here’s how it’s working for two associations. I love Big Macs. I always have.

Best Benefit Ever: Back to School

Associations Now

With the new school year just a few weeks away, ASCD (formerly known as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is offering its members a wide array of discounts on items at Office Depot and OfficeMax—some as high as 80 percent. Other perks: ASCD members receive numerous other benefits besides discounts on chalk and toner. What is it?

Diversifying from Dues: Ways to drive non-dues revenue for your association

Association Management

Think about what you’re members need—and buy in bulk—go to the providers of those services and see if you can arrange a discount/commission arrangement. One association whose members did a great deal of shipping did a deal with a shipping provider, passing along a 10% discount to members and retaining a 5% commission. Budgeting Associations

Wild Apricot Blog : 5pm offers Easy Online Project Management - with 50% discount for nonprofits

Wild Apricot Blog

How to Decide If Joint Membership is Right for Your Association and Chapters

Chapter Chat

If you think the potential loss of revenue from a joint membership discount will be a deal-breaker for chapters, consider offering an incentive to them instead. The joint membership model is becoming more popular with associations , according to Peggy Hoffman, president of Mariner Management & Marketing. In our last post, we delved into some of the other benefits of joint membership.

Social CRM Use Case 4: Conference social media campaigns to increase outreach and lead generation


The promotion extends the early bird rate by giving a discount code to anyone who sends an email reminder to register to one of their colleagues. Their colleague also receives the discount code, so everyone wins. By the end of the promotion, which runs on the association’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, an additional 238 registrants have registered using the discount code.

Best Benefit Ever: Helping Members With Their Mothers

Associations Now

We cover an array of perks in Best Benefit Ever, from salary comparisons to legal advice , but sometimes a simple discount is what members really want. The ABA’s latest benefit is a simple, well-timed discount: All members receive 20 percent off of purchases made on First, it’s another discount to add to the ABA’s existing suite. What is it?

Managing Multiple Member Directories in Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Blog

With Wild Apricot, you can create multiple membership application forms and directories to manage different membership types, and single out categories such as sponsors, discounted membership levels, and more. Find out how! membership database management online database Wild Apricot

Come to the Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit!!


Here’s a discount code you can use to save $100 on registration through 2/28: SUMMITSAVE100. Will you join us at the 2017 Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit April 5 – 7th in Washington, D.C.? It’s going to be awesome! If you’re committed to maximizing your nonprofit’s talent investment in 2017, this is a conference you simply can’t afford to miss. Register here. at registration.

The Fake Battle Between Culture and Strategy

Jamie Notter

They give their call center employees extensive authority to grant upgrades or discounts to customers, and they don’t use call-center scripts, because they want employees to be themselves. The other day I came across yet another article/post declaring that “ Culture eats strategy for breakfast ” (or lunch, or dinner, or afternoon tea…). It’s a good point.

Association Social Media Jobs – Digital – October 27


We have a special 20% discount for employers for a very limited time: Please use SOCIALFISHVIP at checkout. Here’s the latest DIGITAL marketing jobs from the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , digital and technology. powered by RSS Just Better 1.4 plugin. Hurry! This promotion is almost over. photo credit ).

Larky Offers Up Member Benefits At Your Fingertips

Associations Now

And they’re getting a larger foothold on the desktop, too: “We’re building a browser plug-in that will alert users to member discounts when they are searching the web,” says Bank. First, we think that discounts are broken. Lots of people hunt for discount codes and special deals and this often pays off with enough time and smarts. It did.

Test the Strength of Your Culture

Jamie Notter

And no, I did not receive a discount or kickback for saying that. I am releasing today a new “ Culture Strength Test ,” that you can take online, for free. This is by no means a full culture assessment (a service I also offer, of course), but it is a quick way for you to get a sense of how strong your culture is, relative to the needs of today’s economic environment.

Association Loyalty or Engagement Strategy?

Potomac Core

According to the 2014 Strategic Member Engagement Survey , Members leave when they perceive insufficient value, insufficient connection to their business/personal objectives, insufficient opportunity to have an impact, or they really don’t want a bundled package of offerings and only joined for a discount. Association Loyalty? Why do members leave? Member Engagement.

Accelerating Member Engagement

Potomac Core

And special discounts bring them in the front door this year and out the back door next year. Accelerating Member Engagement. According to a recent CNBC post “earnings are expected to be down by some 4 percent year over year, that is an 8-percent reduction from previous estimates.” How does this or any financial news connect to Association member engagement? No, not really.

Book(s) Giveaway: Nonprofit Social Media Road Map

Beth Kanter's Blog

UPDATE: The free copies were snatched up quickly, but you can use the discount code “BETH” to purchase the book at a discount - [link]. Source: Noland Hoshino - Pinterest Board. My colleagues Noland Hoshino , Zan McColloch-Lussier , and Ash Shepherd have put together a nifty social media guide. This passport size booklet is called the “ Social Media Road Map ” and is a practically guide and checklist to help nonprofits plan, post, and measure their social media. My friends have generously offered to give away 20 the first 20 people who leave a comment.

Poll Results: Members Value Direct Interaction With Peers and Discounts the Most

Association Adviser

September 2012 -- Did You Know? If you think it's been tougher to find hotel rooms and good seats at association conventions lately, you're not alone. Even in this digital age, many associations are reporting an uptick in attendance at their live events. By Association Adviser staff

How to Increase Attendance without Slashing Registration Rates

AMR Management Services

by Dustin McKissen AMR Account Executive Suggestions like discounting often result from focusing on day-to-day details, rather than the big-picture thinking. As a volunteer leader of an association

Best Benefit Ever: Lawyers Take to the Cloud

Associations Now

To make members’ lives a little bit easier, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) has partnered with cloud-solution-provider Clio to give members a 10 percent discount on Clio’s marquee practice management software platform. The Washington State Bar Association joins with several other bar associations to help members adopt cloud-based practice management.