Thu.Mar 16, 2017

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Improve Your Customer Retention Program with an Online Community

Higher Logic

Many people ask how online communities can bring in new customers. It’s important, but communities aren’t just about growing your customer base. Part of a community’s value comes from something else - retaining existing customers. It’s comparatively easy for customers to find alternative solutions to your product and switch. Customer retention as a business advantage. Where are you losing people?

This Week’s Awesome Association PR and Communications Jobs – March 16


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. Public Relations Coordinator , American Staffing Association – This public relations coordinator supports the director of public relations and the chief operating officer of the association.

Report: Cybersecurity Strategy Moving From Prevention to Detection

Associations Now

Cybersecurity spending is on the rise, but it’s being driven by detection and response over prevention, according to a new Gartner research report. The trend will likely cause changes in how security is managed and how success is measured. The future of cybersecurity strategy is going to be driven by a thoughtful approach to response. percent from 2016, and will likely grow to $113 billion by 2020.

How to Produce Association Rock Stars for 100 Years and Beyond

Association Adviser

Wendy Kavanagh, Georgia Society of Association Executives. The Georgia Society of Association Executives is celebrating its 100 th anniversary this year. Landmark anniversaries like that deserve time to pause, reflect on the past, plan for the future and, of course, celebrate. Association Adviser: GSAE has existed for 100 years this year. We pre-date ASAE by four years! Kavanagh : Yes!

Millennial-Friendly Benefits Worth Considering

Associations Now

Not sure how to crack the code to attracting and retaining that millennial workforce you’re looking for? These three benefits might just be the way to go. Oftentimes, your job—or your first few jobs—may not come with the perfect salary. But if it comes with a great benefits package, that may make up for the lack of pay. Student Debt Repayment. Here are some quick stats: There are 44.2 trillion.

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Thursday Buzz: Why Online Engagement Declines

Associations Now

Achieving high online engagement rates is difficult—and there are signs that it may be getting even harder. Also: Pick the right metrics for your digital marketing goal. When you think of important social media performance indicators, engagement metrics are probably top of mind. But Business 2 Community reports that engagement metrics are down across many online channels. link].

Association Professionals: Are Your Educational Sessions “Diverse” Enough?


Education is likely one of your association’s biggest offerings. And it’s likely at the heart of your annual meeting or conference. People attend to network and learn.). But here’s a question: Are your educational sessions diverse enough for attendees? And we don’t necessarily mean in terms of content, but rather, in terms of format.

Picking Up Speed in Business - Moery Company

The Moery Company

IStock/Credit: alphaspirit. We always talk about how “speed” kills in sports. If you’re faster – a good bet is, you’re better. Now more than ever before, “speed” is having an incredible impact on business. Let me share a story to make my point. In Q4 2016, The Moery Company had twice as many sales then in Q4 2015. Not to mention – re-posting varied content on our platform 3 times a day.

An Inside Guide to Web Redesign

Association Adviser

Aaron D. Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, CMP, CTA, Event Garde. Q: Our current website is no longer meeting the needs of our internal and external audiences. While I’m now in the market for a web redesign, I don’t quite know where to begin. What pointers might you share with someone who’s a tech novice? Having recently undergone a significant web redesign, following are seven of my key lessons learned.

How Meetup is Disrupting your Chapters & Events


According to Inc. , “Websites like Meetup have created an entire sub-industry for events. That’s right Inc. is saying the DIY events and Meetups are disrupting events industry. And that’s not all they are disrupting. Back in 2012, we first pointed to the WordPress Meetup in a post on The New Competition for Our Association Chapters

Bio Products Group Rebrands, Expands to Adapt to Changing Industry

Associations Now

As industries change, so do their associations. Here’s the story of how a biological products group is keeping up by expanding its membership and changing its name. To keep pace with growth and new business models in its industry, the Biological Products Industry Alliance has adopted a new name and invited new companies to join the fold as members. The name “seems to really resonate with folks.

Use Sponsored Grants to Strengthen Your Membership and Events

Association Adviser

Kelly Clark, Naylor Association Solutions. You’ve probably heard of grants in the context of academia or community building: An organization offers a sum of money to any individual or group that promises to pursue a project, an idea or a program within certain parameters. But, grants aren’t just for academics or community planners. Hester Ndoja, CAE Florida Society of Association Executives.

Conference Circuit: Burn Care

Associations Now

Rundown Attendees: 1,500. Exhibitors: 80. Sessions: 75 plus. The American Burn Association’s 49th Annual Meeting begins next week in Boston. Around 1,500 industry professionals are expected to attend. Organization: American Burn Association. Conference: 49th ABA Annual Meeting. Venue: Sheraton Boston Hotel. Have a Meeting on the Horizon? Also worth noting on the agenda: It’s debatable.

Did You Know? Associations Most Likely to Outsource Their Tech or Communications

Association Adviser

While associations are staffed by some pretty amazing, skilled, intelligent people, even the most strategic, forward-thinking multitaskers need help completing a project sometimes. Sometimes an association just needs an extra set of hands to complete a project, and sometimes they need a specialized skill set that no one on staff has yet. Tell us about your experience in the comments below!