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An Award Winning Approach to Professional Education

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An Award Winning Approach to Professional Education. Your audience may seem homogenous, but in reality, there are demographics and educational “buyer” profiles within your audience. Your educational program should recognize and prioritize these profiles and target them with relevant and timely content in order to thrive. If you answered “yes”, it’s ok. We hope these tips help.

Announcing New Educational Partnership with CalSAE - IDEAL

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Alcorn Associates Management Consulting has partnered with the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) to begin a new learner-centric educational program called IDEAL. IDEAL stands for In-Depth Education Association Laboratory. education Let me take your picture, add it to the mixture, there it is I got you now. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, The Muppet Movie.

Flipping Conference Education For Successful Learning

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However, the concept of being learner-centric and providing active learning during the education session is not a trend! Defining Flipped Education. So what is the flipped conference education session? Why Flipped Education? Flipped conference education: 1. Redefines conference education session as center for participant interaction. Pre-Conference work.

Content Is Not Education

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Let’s get one thing straight: Content is not education! If content was education, then all of us would be very knowledgeable because we have information at our fingertips through the internet. But content is not education. Just as information and data is not education. Education. They attend for an education experience. That is not education.

How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

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If you need a little inspiration—the kind that makes you feel blessed “to have been alive and well back then”—then read The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm , a white paper from Elizabeth Engel, CAE and Shelly Alcorn, CAE. The sad state of higher education. When I went to college, a middle class kid could afford a four-year liberal arts education. Research skills.

Business Improvement Conference Education Trends

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Does your conference education drive attendees’ business performance? The most effective and successful conferences focus their learning opportunities on sustaining attendees’ critical strategic skills, building evolving organizational capabilities and linking conference education to business performance. Five Business Improvement Conference Education Trends. – Wikipedia.

Conference Education Should Drive Business Growth

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The only reason that conference education sessions exist is to drive a business’ outcomes. Ok, sure some conference education sessions exist for personal development, hobbies or pleasure. Yet, in many cases, the business, meaning an attendees’ employer and business, is the primary customer of a conference’s education. I’ve applied her concepts to conference education here: 1.

Conferences Are Providing Inferior Education Through Lectures

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Conferences are providing inferior education if all they provide is didactic, presenter monologue lectures. If all your attendees do is sit and listen passively to speakers, you’re providing bad conference education! Weiman goes on to say that the public needs to know and understand that lectures are an inferior method of education. Active Learning Applies To All Education.

Back to basics: Education programs

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It’s again a reminder of the important intersection and relationship between learning and logistics, particularly as it relates to association education programs. The course content primarily focuses on two chapters of Professional Practices in Association Management, Second Edition : Chapter 26 on education programs and Chapter 32 on meeting planning and management. Deliver content.

Good News For Association Education Courtesy of Generation X

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Generation X is the first generation to fully embrace the need for lifelong learning and they show every sign of continuing their pursuit of quality education that will make them competitive in the workplace. Far from being outdated, we are actually on the cusp of being able to provide educational solutions that can satisfy Generation X members and the younger generations that will follow.

Dangerous Assumptions About Your Conference Education Part I

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We equate telling from the stage with audience education. Most of our conference education mimics our traditional higher education model. The majority of higher education institutions were developed as research institutions in the early and mid 19th century. Two Additional Faulty Conference Education Assumptions. It’s a very dangerous assumption. of the U.S.

Understanding New Trends In Educational Technology [Infographic]

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Trying to keep up with all of the new buzzwords in the booming educational technology sector can leave you feeling like a kindergartener in a calculus class. How many of these education trends is your organization implementing? Education blended learning digital education informal learning learning trends online education social learning trends

Association Education and Certification: Best Benefit Ever

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There are lots of great ideas in this collection, and one theme that runs through the collection is that of innovative association education and certification programs that have been tailored to the specific needs or interests of the association membership. Best Benefit Ever = Association Education and Certification Programs. What is the best benefit ever?

Associations play an important role in higher education

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education) wasn’t nearly as strong. As some of you may know, I work at a university (in addition to my Event Garde role), so I live and breathe higher education. Educators should develop a better understanding of what students need to be learning, and then connect those learning outcomes to employment, they said. One example: competency-based education. Try it all.

The Changing Role Of Conference Education

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The abundance of information, resources and relationships that is easily accessible via the internet increasingly challenges the traditional conference education model. And they only want to pay for conference education that makes sense of credible information and how it affects their daily work. We must provide education sessions that allow for personal sense-making.

Six Incredibly Boring And Monstrous Mistakes In Digital Education

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The majority of online education is poorly designed and extremely boring. Six Big Online Education Mistakes. University Professor Guillermo Ramirez, author of The Virtual Presenter , believes that online education is here to stay. Unfortunately, most organizations continue to deliver poor online education experiences. Taking the fun out of learning and education.

Creating Connections: From Association Education to Employment

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The recent whitepaper, “ The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm ”, has generated significant conversation online about how associations need to lead change with education programs , as associations are uniquely poised to help bridge the growing gap between academic training and employers needs. Employers validate that the education programs are actually working.

Education or Entertainment: Does One Matter More to Meetings?

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Should museums and other cultural institutions be more educational or entertaining? Which is more important for cultural organizations: being educational or being entertaining?” One of her points: “Entertaining” is “a sort of dirty word” and often gets a bad rap internally since museums are mission-driven and have a goal to educate. Dilenschneider writes. “It

Top Ten Most Significant Challenges With Conference Education

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Along with pending education trends that will influence conference education, there are significant challenges that will also have a tremendous impact. Conference organizers will face these challenges in the coming five years as traditional education methods continue to encounter disruptive innovation. Most conference organizers know very little about education and learning.

Your Conference Education Needs A New Narrative

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The future of conference education is not necessarily about the next shining technology advancement, even though technology does play a fundamental role. The true conference education revolution is about a much simpler idea—nothing more, or less, than a new definition of learning itself. It’s a story that challenges the fundamental premise of education, school and teaching.

Five Super Effervescent Sparkling Fresh Conference Education Ideas

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Unfortunately, our existing model for most conference education is not adequate for today. have to transition to conference education that is experiential, participatory and socially constructed. Five Fresh Innovative Ideas Traditional conference education sessions are nothing more than tools to manage time, schedules, topics and attendees. Or do you mix it up?

Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

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My session will illuminate current best practices in training and conference session planning and has come to be titled, “Leveraging Strategy to Amplify Education Initiatives.”. To prioritize learning means to: Develop and apply an intentional education strategy; Experiment with more creative instructional strategies that align with adult learning theory; and. On Oct.

17 Education And Learning Trends That Will Affect Your Organization This Year!

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Here are 17 education and learning trends in alphabetical order that many organizations are adopting this year. These trends are disrupting most traditional education programs. Research from several organizations illustrate that most adult learners prefer collaborative education opportunities with their peers. Evidence Based Education (EBE). BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Converting Three Hugely Popular Complaints About Changing Conference Education

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Some conferences have begun to make the transition from passive listening experiences to active participatory education sessions. Participatory conference education is moving from a buzzword to a normal practice. Many conference attendees have only experienced lectures and panels in education settings. Conversation starter #1: Why do conferences have education sessions?

Your Conference Needs To Go On An Education Session Diet

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Your conference attendees and prospects are less satisfied with an extensive list of education offerings than a narrow one. ” They think that if they offer as many education sessions as possible to as many different audiences as possible that they will win the race. Many conferences offer too many education sessions for their participants. The Paradox Of Choice.

Five Steps To Take Your Education Programming From Blah To Wickedly Smart

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And it’s extremely critical to the success of your education programming. When it comes to choosing education programming, curation involves deep excavation of the right content for the right audience at the right time for the right issue. Authentic Curation For Education Programming. Five Steps To Wickedly Smart Curated Education Programming. Wickedly Smart Curation.

Conference Education’s Dirty Little Secret

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All conference education has a dirty little secret. The current design of the education session sabotages your learning and retention. Let’s Waste The Company’s Money No one says, “Hey, let’s spend a lot of money and time to attend a conference and participate in education sessions that we will never remember. And it’s bigger and dirtier than most. Or even apply.”

Two Enormously Essential Questions Your Education Participants Must Answer

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Your education offerings only produce business value when participants transfer their learning to their work. Their applied learning to their job is the real reward of your education efforts. This means that your education offerings should be delivered in ways that are the easiest to learn and apply. Yet it is critical to the success of your education offerings.

Unlearning Our Old Patterns Of Conference Education To Relearn For A Socially Engaged Future

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If we want to increase our value as conference organizers, we have to understand the two primary attendee outcomes: networking and education (with a focus on improving on-the-job performance). This means we need to think about a different model for planning and implementing conference education. So does your conference education improve your attendees’ job performance?

Conference Education Value Soars With Walk & Talk Discussions

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If you’re not familiar with Dr. John Medina’s Brain Rules , that’s a good place to start learning more about brain science and its impact on education and engagement at conferences. Continuing on this same “activity boosts thinking” thread, I read about a fascinating study at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. Take a walk.

Bridging the Education to Employment Gap: Where Can I Learn More?

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Now that you’ve had a chance to learn a little bit about the disruption affecting education, the changes in the employment market (both in the US and world-wide), the “wicked” problem that perfect storm has created, and how Shelly Alcorn and I think associations are uniquely positioned to respond, what if you’d like to learn more? Download The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm white paper. We’ve got you covered. Remember: it’s free! The webinar also provides 1 CAE credit.

What makes an Association Education Program Successful?

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Many of these associations offer some form of professional development, continuing education, or training to both members and non-members, and increasingly this includes an online learning element. With such diversity, how do you determine what makes an association education program successful? The post What makes an Association Education Program Successful?

Three Pitfalls To Your Conference Education Success

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In less than twenty minutes I visited four different conference education sessions. Three Pitfalls To Good Conference Content And Education. They neglect the very aspect of education that is to facilitate comprehension. I was extremely irritated. Each of them was a waste of my time. One session was on a subject that was entirely different than the session description.

Music Education Group Drives Membership With Legislative Win

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With the Every Student Succeeds Act underlining in federal law the value of music education for the first time, the National Association for Music Education is on an upswing—and to take advantage of the renewed interest in the subject, the group is boosting its educational resources for new members. Woodside wrote in a recent post on Medium.

Challenges and Opportunities for Association Education Programs

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In this post, we have collected some articles that we think will be interesting for associations, and that touch on some of the challenges and opportunities for association education programs today. Connectivity is replacing knowledge – association education must facilitate feedback, understanding and application to provide true value. State of the American Workplace.

Physical Education Group Launches Advocacy Resources for Teachers

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The Society of Health and Physical Educators added state advocacy toolkits to its website, which aim to help health and physical education teachers promote programs in their own schools and communities. Under ESSA, school health and physical education are included in a student’s “well-rounded education,” along with art, music, and civics, among other subjects.

21st Century Revolutionary Conferences Have Transformed The Traditional Education Session

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Neglecting Evidence Based Education Is Understandable…To Some Degree. The neglect of conference organizers and hosts to apply scientifically sound, evidence based education methods to their conference education is understandable…to some degree. Conference organizers need to work with education professionals to secure and offer effective education sessions.

Designing Education Theaters On The Trade Show Floor

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The trade show of the future will focus on helping over selling, which is best accomplished by delivering valuable education in the exhibit hall. That made education on the show floor something of a rarity, rather than a regular offering. Here are a few lessons learned that may help increase your chances of successfully offering education on the show floor.

Cheat Sheet: Using Group Talk As Discussions For Conference Education

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In the conference education session, discussion is an alternating serious and playful effort by a group of two or more to share views and engage in mutual and reciprocal critique. References for Cheat Sheet: Using Group Talk As Discussions For Conference Education. The evidence is loud and clear that peer discussions are more effective than lectures if. are the goals. Conversations.

2017 New Idea Search: #7 Meeting the Education Challenge


Do you want to help be part of innovating education for all? Are you just a little curious about how a couple of associations are rewriting their approach to education A good friend and colleague sent me her latest white paper to read. Do you want to believe in associations' ability to change the world?