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The Valve Handbook

Jamie Notter

It’s received a lot of attention for its new employee handbook , which is not the traditional, dry list of policies and procedures. Valve’s handbook subtitle tells it all. This video from “One Minute MBA” pulls out four key lessons from the handbook: Leverage strengths. Awesome. That’s where new employee orientation comes in. Clarity over control.

Community Management Hack: Create a Community Handbook

Higher Logic

One way to plan for the unforeseeable is to take the time now to put together a handbook for current and future staff. For additional tips and tricks from real community pros, download the Community Manager Handbook: 20 Lessons from Community Superheroes. Here's how to tackle this project: 4 Steps for Creating Your Community Handbook. Some common section headers include: 1.

Red Cross – Updated Social Engagement Handbook [Resource]


This is the handbook that the National office of the Red Cross share with their local units (like chapters). Pretty self-explanatory and definitely awesome. View this document on Scribd. ———— ( photo credit ). Content Strategy From the Trenches Implementation Open Community

Book: The Network Weaver Handbook

Beth Kanter's Blog

My friend and colleague, June Holley , has written a much anticipated book, The Network Weaver Handbook. The Network Weaver Handbook is designed to give you skills and resources you need to build effective and innovative networks. The handbook offers advice and resources for those who just starting out to those involved in well-established networks. Order it here.

Wilderness first aid: Lessons learned

Aaron Wolowiec

Moreover, retention and transfer were supported by a very detailed and user-friendly handbook ( The Wilderness Medicine Handbook, Third Edition, by Paul Nicolazzo ). Filed under: Learning , Professional Development Tagged: AORE , Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education , Gagne , Jeannette Stawski , Nine Events of Instruction , Paul Nicolazzo , The Wilderness Medicine Handbook.

18 Free Non-profit Webinars For June 2015

Wild Apricot Blog

In June, you can choose from among 18 free webinars that offer up a host of insights, ideas and practical tips on topics like: Leveraging your Database, Gaining Microsoft donations, Avoiding Mobilegeddon and Creating Volunteer Handbooks. Take a look at our list! webinar Non-profits

Jerry Jacobs and the Association Law Handbook


As I mentioned, I went to hear Jerry Jacobs talk about his book, the Association Law Handbook. It was actually a really good session - he's a fun, animated, friendly speaker and was able to make a very dry subject into a discussion we could all participate in. "We", We", being, almost exclusively people looking to undertake the CAE at some point in the near future - so to that end I'll jot down a couple of notes for anyone who might find them useful, given that it's one of the required books for the CAE. So - that was pretty much that. EXCEPT. Go ahead. The water's great.

DEMOCRACY 2.0: the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid alternative to Robert’s Rules.


The Voting Member’s Handbook – 39 Pages. rules of order manual is The Voting Member’s Handbook©, which is available as a PDF download with extensive internal hyperlinks ideal for quick reference on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Voting Member’s Handbook – 9 Motions. Post By C.D. Madson. My name is C.D. There I said it. THE RIGHT SYSTEM.

Bringing Real-Life Neighborhoods Online: NextDoor’s Privacy Issues

Higher Logic

Most communities can remedy (or really, prevent) these issues with moderation, a strong set of terms and conditions or handbooks with privacy guidelines. NextDoor reinvented the idea of a neighborhood listserv, and turned what used to be mass emailing into an online neighborhood community. The idea of real places informing online spaces worked to NextDoor’s advantage. What could go wrong?

Association Law Essentials

Association Navigator

Jerry’s book, Association Law Handbook , is in the Fifth Edition. The Association Law Handbook is a great reference tool. The newest edition of Associations Now has a good article on basic association law issues. The article was written by Jerry A. Jacobs , dean of the association legal community. I provide legal services to associations through my law firm, Law Offices of John H.

MCI Sessions @ ASAE in SLC in August


Attendees will receive cultural handbooks from the Sheikh Mohamed Center for Cultural Understanding, the reference touristic institution in Dubai to learn about the culture of the UAE and the wider Middle East region. If you are travelling to ASAE next month, be sure to check out the following sessions which all take place at the Salt Palace Convention Center in room 250DEF. Speakers.

How to Create a Data-Sharing Partnership with Chapters: Part 1

Chapter Chat

Mitchell, CAE, senior director of membership and strategy at American Mensa, in the Component Relations Handbook. Relationships are tricky. Chapters don’t like their national association looking over their shoulder like Big Brother. Or, nagging them with requests for data. But, the national association has to know which chapters need help or are at risk of failing. Why is this?

Promote Your Community at Events

Higher Logic

Conference handbook, posters, slide decks, coasters, napkins—whatever you can get your hands on. You and your team spent a lot of time and energy either creating a new community or revamping your existing community. It’s time for celebration -- and getting people online, engaging. Conferences are the perfect time to introduce your members to a new or relaunched community. Step 7: QR Codes.

5 Book Recommendations for Nonprofit Networking and Data Nerds

Beth Kanter's Blog

It is a practical and easy to understand and implement handbook on how to present effectively. There’s lots to enjoy during the holiday season – from gathering with friends and family to the festivities and fun. The Digital Mystique by Sarah Granger. Show Your Work by Jane Bozarth. The Connect Effect by Michael Dulworth. Impact and Excellence by Sheri Chaney Jones. Evergreen.

Why Creating Space for Creative Time in the Nonprofit Workplace Improves Productivity

Beth Kanter's Blog

Many told them that sometimes they just need some “creativity time,” that is to go to a museum or walk around. The organization formalized “creativity time” in its employees handbook and established a policy that staff take “creativity time” as half-day per month. Flickr Photo by AstridWestvang. Motivations and barriers for individuals to participate. Our values reflect this commitment.

Events That Will Drive Buzz With Members

Associations Now

Among them: a membership handbook, a quarterly subscription to Unfiltered magazine, and access to exclusive whiskies not available for purchase. One group’s unique member benefits provide food for thought to associations looking to create exclusive and one-of-a-kind events or venues for their members. And even more surprised where I am when it happens. Like a whisky tasting. Society.”

How Do You Fix a Board Power Struggle?

Associations Now

For example, the employee handbook was a relatively new document that came about because of tension over expectations of employees. Practices and agreements were inscribed in this handbook, which was then enrolled into the new network through multiple connections and with a variety of rhetorical consequences.”. The fix may be as simple as agreeing on fundamental behaviors.

Five Tips for a More Successful 2017

Associations Now

Barbara Mitchell, a HR and management consultant, blogger for ASAE’s Association CareerHQ , and author of The Big Book of HR and The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook , shared some tips on learning from your mistakes, motivating your staff, and moving toward a better 2017. It’s been a bad year for the Cleveland Browns. Right now the NFL team is just two games from a winless season.

Nonmember Fees: A Not-So-Simple Decision

Associations Now

Jacobs is also author of the Association Law Handbook, Fifth Edition , published by ASAE, which weighs in a hefty 728 pages. The Handbook supplies one five-page chapter on setting nonmember prices, which Jacobs partly summarizes in an online article at ASAE, “ How to Set Nonmember Fees for Association Services ” [member login required]. And commonplace, too. Not very many.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.4.16

Reid All About it

– Playing by the Rules: Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook. Learn how to evaluate your existing handbook, create a living document that helps both paid and volunteer staff be better informed and know what’s expected of them, deal with challenging volunteers, and create a stronger framework for your volunteer engagement program. This guy must read a book a day. Host: ON24.

Inside An HR Overhaul

Associations Now

Organizations should use a variety of methods, such as handbooks, one-on-one sessions with agency representatives, and lunch-and-learns, to communicate benefits, Audrey Boone Tillman, executive vice president of corporate services at Aflac, told the Society for Human Resource Management. Find out how she did it. But what does it actually take to achieve those objectives?

A New Resource for Volunteer Management, Chapters, Councils and More

Association 141+

asae annual conference component relations components relations handbook ASAEOk, so I know a blog is a place to express opinion and insight, but I just received something exciting that I want to share with my association colleagues - and this has become my vehicle for that goal. And the final product of that work is ready and will be available at the ASAE Annual Conference! Questions?

The Member-Termination Dilemma

Associations Now

Authors of ASAE’s Association Law Handbook and its earlier incarnation, Associations and the Law , identify antitrust and due-process risks for an association that terminates an existing member for reasons beyond failure to pay dues. Jacobs wrote in the Handbook. Is your association prepared to handle such tricky situations? ”). It’s a chance for self-assessment.”

Why Self-Interested Volunteers are the Best for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter's Blog

Capulet’s Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot are the authors of Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook , one of the first books published on the topic of social media marketing.Capulet works with ambitious and gutsy non-profits and companies that care, like the United Nations, Mountain Equipment Co-op and Greenpeace International. You can download the complete report here.

Workplace Rudeness Is Highly Contagious, Study Says

Associations Now

The findings were not surprising to Barbara Mitchell, a human resources consultant and author of the upcoming book The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook. Rude coworkers can make your blood boil, and, according to a new study, their bad behavior can spread like a virus. An HR consultant shares some tips for preventing the sickness from infecting the whole office.

Book Review: Connecting to Change the World

Beth Kanter's Blog

Almost tend years ago, they co-wrote “Net Gains,” one of the first practical handbooks on building and working in networks for social change. Whether it is a network of organizations or individuals, the handbook provides a wealth of theory and practice on build, manage, and fine tune a network. Here’s a few ideas, concepts, and insights from the book that resonated.

When Members Vote on Dues

Associations Now

Jerry Jacobs, partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and author of the Association Law Handbook , says a member vote required for a dues increase is rare among associations, in his experience, and that “there has been a strong trend toward more of a ‘business corporation’ model where members may vote on bylaws, board members, and major transactions—mergers, etc.—but

First Steps for Fighting CEO Burnout

Associations Now

Belford’s The Association CEO Handbook , which opens with some straight talk about CEO frustrations. “As If your corner-office gig is starting to feel overly familiar, do you need to find a new job or rethink the one you’re in? An association CEO recruiter shares some thoughts. Happy new year! So, is 2016 the year you leave your job? The executive leading it will tend to outgrow it.”

Now Proven! Using Twitter At Conferences Increases Attendee Engagement

Velvet Chainsaw

Greenhow goes on to say that Twitter is a new form of literacy as defined by scholars in The Handbook Of Research Of New Literacies. It’s official! Research now shows that when people use Twitter during classes, they are more engaged and learn more. We can now stop debating the issue. The proof is in the Twitteracy (Twitter-literacy). are more engaged with the instructor.

Social Media Roundup: You Are What You Tweet

Associations Now

” And NPR’s standards apply to retweets as well, as media blogger Jim Romenesko points out from the news outlet’s Ethics Handbook: “Tweet and retweet as if what you’re saying or passing along is information that you would put on the air or in a ‘traditional’ news story.” Plus: A police department takes to social like a duck to water.

Thursday Buzz: The Longest (and Best) Content Marketing Post Ever

Associations Now

The Content Marketing Handbook , written by Rohin Dhar, cofounder and CEO of Priceonomics, focuses on “how to write about information and make it spread.”. A book was practically copied and pasted into a blog post for all to use as a resource on content marketing. Plus: Meeting mistakes you might be making. It’s not a physical book, but at 30,000 words this blog post may as well be one.

Nonprofits Need Integrate Learning into their Work in 2014

Beth Kanter's Blog

” If you are interested in this learning style, an updated version of the handbook was released yesterday in honor of public domain day. Inspired by Charles Jennings 70:20:10. Adding Learning to Work. He describes this option as sending staff to an outside workshop or seminar or enrolling in an online program. Embedding Learning in Work. ” Source: Learn Streaming.

British Booksellers Prepare for a Super Thursday

Associations Now

Monty Python member John Cleese’s autobiography, So Anyway … , is perhaps the biggest individual draw, though fans of Terry Pratchett, whose Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook is coming out Thursday, might disagree. It took a few years for British publishers and booksellers to capitalize on a noteworthy trend—the fact that Thursdays in October tend to be popular times to sell books.

Members Win When Chapters and Associations Get Along

Associations Now

In 2012, Mitchell was co-executive editor of the 2nd Edition of ASAE’s Component Relations Handbook and authored a chapter on successful partnerships between components and lead associations. One component relations professional explains how a focus on member value is crucial to healthy chapter/national relationships. When politicians bicker and fail to legislate, who gets left behind?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.13.17

Reid All About it

Discuss program components such as interviews, orientations, volunteer handbooks, and more, as well as the importance of managing risk for your program and your organization. It’s that time of year – your chance to participate in the industry’s most comprehensive study on membership marketing. Every year, I look forward to pouring over this report as soon as it comes out. More info/register.

Learning is the Work

Beth Kanter's Blog

She’s written a book about this, “ The Social Learning Handbook.” We used Dave Gray’s “ Board Thing ” online tool to crowdsource questions to discuss from the audience. You can find a storify of the curated tweets and links here. Dave Gray : Dave Gray is a guru on the topics of design, innovation, culture and change. Why is learning the new important?

Best Benefit Ever: An Association of Healthier Truckers

Associations Now

Perks include monthly biometric screenings, a nutritional guide for more than 3,000 restaurants, a health and fitness handbook, and access to more than 3,500 health-check stations across the country, where truckers can have their blood pressure, heart rate, and other critical health indicators evaluated. What’s the benefit?

New Employee Orientation: What’s on Your Agenda?

Reid All About it

Orientation shouldn’t only entail filling out forms and signing the employee handbook. I fell into the association world. During the first interview my future boss and I hit it off talking about food and travel. The position sounded interesting so I bit. I’m not the only one. I bet many of you accidentally landed in associations. After that first job, we were hooked. Photo by U.S.

Finding Passion within the Association Community

SCD Group

It is largely based on the book The Encore Career Handbook and One Person/Multiple Careers by Marci Alboher, a vice president at A couple of quotes: Be careful not to close the door too quickly. You may be locking yourself out. Audrey Harvey Nobody notices normal. Don’t wait until “it’s time to go.” Think ahead and plan. After all, you’ll spend 20 to 30 years in “retirement.”

Attention Data Nerds! NTEN Change Journal: It’s All About Data

Beth Kanter's Blog

He shares some thoughts about the Open Data Handbook. September Issue NTEN Journal. The new issue of the NTEN Change Journal is all about data! Or rather how we all should love data! Whether you call it data-driven or data-informed , the issue has several excellent articles about how to use data for decision-making as well as lots of useful tips! It’s a must read for data nerds.