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As “Religious Freedom” Law Passes, Controversy Heats Up in Indiana

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Following in the footsteps of Gen Con, the NCAA—which is hosting the Final Four in Indianapolis next month—has spoken out about a controversial Indiana state law that could allow businesses to deny services to the LGBT community on religious freedom grounds. On Thursday, Indiana Gov. We’ve made significant investments in Indiana. An Issue That’s Heating Up. link].

Indiana State Medical Association Tackles Data Theft

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The Indiana State Medical Association was trying to protect its member data, but now it finds itself having to respond to a potentially damaging case of physical theft. The post Indiana State Medical Association Tackles Data Theft appeared first on Associations Now ” Here’s how the group is responding. Analyzing internal processes. Offering credit assistance.

Indiana Governor, Lawmakers Promise to Clarify Religious Freedom Law

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After a week of backlash and widespread criticism over the state’s newly signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, including from groups representing associations and the meetings industry, Indiana lawmakers vowed to revise the measure to make it clear that it does not create a “license to discriminate.”. Mike Pence signed it into law. On Monday, ASAE President and CEO John H.

Return on learning (ROL): More than a boring statistic

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I’m headed down to Muncie, Indiana. Nevertheless, I’ll be speaking at the Indiana Society of Association Executives’ (ISAE) annual convention Thursday afternoon. Fireworks in Grand Rapids on July 4, 2011. It’s Tuesday afternoon, the day before Selma’s favorite holiday: Independence Day. No running from one house to the other because of tradition. Hang in there!)

4 Steps to Assessing Your Membership Management Software Needs


In the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , after multiple threats to his life and overcoming impossible obstacles, Indy meets the Grail Knight, keeper of the Holy Grail. He is surrounded by chalices and says to the hero: “Choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.”.

6 Quick Website Tweaks that Make a Big Impact

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The image of a smiling man increased conversions by 47% in Illinois, but decreased them 42% in Indiana. If you watch budget design shows on TV, you know that one of the designers’ favorite tricks is paint. It’s cheap, fast, and gives a whole new look to furniture and walls. Rarely do you see a makeover on a budget that doesn’t at least paint an accent wall. Appeal to your audience. They did.

Meet Your Community Manager: Will Machin

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Will was born and raised in Kentucky before attending Indiana University in Bloomington. Ever wonder who the people behind the curtain are here at Higher Logic? We're introducing you to our community managers. They’ll talk about why they love community management, helpful resources to use and weigh in on the dog versus cat debate (as you can see, this is serious stuff…). Massie.

Reinvent What You Do, Not Who You Are

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It's spreading to Indiana, Wisconsin and New York. I have no idea what I am supposed to do.I only know what I can do. Captain Kirk, Star Trek Into Darkness. Yes, I am an unabashed fan-girl and so excited over this movie I can barely stand it. Star Trek, at the heart of it, is about ethics, choices and consequences. That we can choose to be great. We can choose to tackle these big issues.

What Kids Can Teach Us About Charitable Giving

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The research, which is the fourth in a series of reports conducted by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, not only discovered the extent to which kids give, it also explored the ways in which children learn the importance of charitable giving. What does this mean for the current and future states of philanthropy? In what way?

Nonprofits Push for Veterans Day Observance in the Office and Out

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Tabitha Arnett, CAE, executive director of the Indiana Psychological Association, thinks so. Although Veterans Day is a public holiday, it is business as usual for many organizations. Several associations offer recommendations on how to commemorate the day, from advocating for a paid holiday to celebrating it on the job. Department of Veterans Affairs. Our U.S.

Nonprofit Boards Are Largely Ineffective, Stanford Study Finds

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The margin of excellence appears to rest in the ability of some boards to connect the dots,” Beth Gazley, associate professor at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University and co-author of What Makes High-Performing Boards: Effective Governance Practices in Member-Serving Organizations , wrote in Associations Now. Larcker said in a statement.

Always the Last to Know: PlaceAvoider

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A team at Indiana University Bloomington decided to address this. Now that more people are starting to get Google Glass, what if you need to ensure a Glass-free zone, say, because you’re dealing with sensitive or restricted materials? They’ve come up with research prototype software called PlaceAvoider that’s designed to create a life-logging blacklist. Find out more at MIT’s Technology Review. cool technology Google Technology Review

Wednesday Buzz: When Organizations Weigh In on Social Issues

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Cadei cites other recent examples, from the widespread abandonment of the Confederate Flag following the Charleston church murders to the condemnation of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. An excellent look into why companies and trade groups are more comfortable talking about social issues. Plus: How to turn volunteering into something more. Infographic of the Day.

NFL Players Union Helps Former Players Get a Leg Up

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Working with Indiana University, the NFL Players Association is offering its members access to an MBA program. The NFL Players Association wants to help change that ending to players’ stories, and it’s working with Indiana University to ensure that NFLPA members have a plan in place after their football careers end. While the average player makes $1.1

Need a New Idea? Here Are Three Ways to Boost Creativity

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There’s also a study from Indiana University that found students studying abroad were able to come up with more answers to a question posed by researchers—to name as many modes of transportation as they could think of—than students who had remained on campus in the United States. Stuck in a rut? Trying to come up with a new innovative solution? Schwartz wrote. Get a hobby. Go abroad.

Cool Association Jobs This Week – December 8


Paid internship, Opportunity to fulfill degree internship requirements, Student membership with the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE). Here are some of the most interesting jobs you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. million people annually. Don’t delay!

Assume Your Employees Might Lose Your Devices

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Earlier this year, data about more than 200,000 customers of Indiana’s Premier Healthcare was exposed after a laptop was stolen from inside the company’s billing department. When an organization-owned device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone goes missing, a lot of major concerns should arise—and they aren’t limited to the device itself. It wasn’t mine. It’s a privacy minefield.

Nonprofits Make Their Own March Madness

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In 2014, Associations Now reported on one Indiana nonprofit whose “ Grant Madness ” event helped distributed $5,000 in funds. From apples to endangered species, the college basketball tournament has inspired groups to launch their own brackets for fundraising and awareness. March can be a lonely month at the office for those who aren’t into college basketball. sports tradition.”.

What Do You See When You Look In the Mirror?

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Check out this video clip and short blurb from a 2014 NBA Playoff game between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. Good leaders have many common traits and behaviors. We’ve explored many of them through this blog. For example, good leaders often surround themselves with good, smart, effective people; good leaders have a sense of purpose and are able to communicate that purpose with those around them; good leaders have certain values they live by and to which they hold themselves accountable. Was he proud of his actions? or Was he ashamed and embarrassed by his actions?

Miami 30

When Is a Vacation Not a Vacation?

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In an Indiana University study , researchers asked two groups of students, one studying abroad in Greece and the other studying in Indiana, to name as many modes of transportation they could come up with. When you go on vacation, go on vacation. With very few exceptions, no one’s life depends on 24/7 availability. Almost 60 percent of U.S. In its survey of more than 1,000 U.S.

Design Group Pushes Back on North Carolina’s HB2

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Last year, Indiana passed, then modified a bill that would have permitted business owners to refuse service to customers based on religious beliefs. We think any type of discriminatory legislation that exists is counter-productive to good business in organizations. We think that diversity is important both for innovation and outcomes, and design and business.”.

Food Trends That Captivate Meetings Attendees

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In Indianapolis, that means the focus is on the bounty of Indiana’s farms. The U.S. is a hotbed for innovative cuisine. That’s great news for hungry conferencegoers. Gone are the days when after meetings broke, attendees would seek out their favorite chain restaurants from back home or the closest non-convention center meal they could find. Smaller Cities, Big Flavors.

Thursday Buzz: We’re OK With Ads on Our Apps

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The state of Indiana. In August, Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs started publishing a series of posts highlighting the state’s many parks, with the help of some marshmallowy, chocolately friends. A new ad-industry study suggests that we’d rather have sponsored free apps than pay for apps instead. Also: the best s’mores-related idea you’ll see all day.

Get Results with Online Fundraising


A couple of weeks ago I spoke at the Indiana Library Federation Conference in Indianapolis. I was asked to to a 50-minute presentation on how libraries can get results with online fundraising (a huge task!). A handshake is not the best tool to collect money – You would never go to shake someone’s hand, and then reach around to grab their wallet. Same thing with Facebook.

Association Holds Successful Open House

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Here’s what Bill Knopf, Executive Director of the Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana shared: “I took your idea and ran with it. And we arranged the event to “honor” the new INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) commissioner who is coming to shake hands with our members.”. “I Back in August, I wrote Should an Open House be in Your Association’s Future? A huge success.

Let’s Start a Nonprofit

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Yet the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University recently released its projections of a 4.8% Thoughts & Commentary Chan Brothers Harvard donation Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Moody''s PaulLight philanthropic dollars Sweet Briar College USC donation In this first quarter of the calendar year I have been giving lots of talks on the latest trends for nonprofits. Apparently a lot of people think about “what’s on the horizon” at the beginning of the calendar year, even though it’s neither their fiscal year nor their board’s terms. billion.

Friday Buzz: The City With the Best Wireless (Hint: It’s Windy)

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Overall, cities in the Midwest did particularly well, with five Rust Belt cities—Chicago; Lansing, Michigan ; Rockford, Illinois ; Fort Wayne, Indiana ; and Detroit —sitting in the top 10. Chicago tops the list of large cities with the best wireless access, beating out several other event hubs. Also: why your association should prioritize community managers in the hiring process. Agree?


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Patrick Rooney , head of Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy , has said that it could be as late 2022 before we see giving get back to pre-recession 2007 levels. Articles B Corps benefit Corporations charitable tax deduction Hillary Clinton hybrid organizations Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy It takes a village L3Cs Patrick Rooney program-related investments (PRIs

ASAE Cites Discrimination, Business Impact in Testimony Opposing Texas Bill

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Over the past two years, ASAE has opposed the proliferation of similar bills in Georgia, Indiana , and Arkansas, among other states. As a Texas Senate committee considered a proposed “bathroom bill” in a Tuesday hearing, ASAE submitted written testimony opposing SB 6, saying the measure discriminates against members of the LGBT community and is bad for business. In early January, Sen.

Attention Doesn't Scale

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present on the topic Attention Doesn't Scale: The Role of Content Curation in Membership Associations for the Indiana Society of Association Executives. As a component of that presentation, and with Jeff De Cagna 's advice and assistance, I wrote a white paper on the same topic. This week, I'm going to be blogging about what's in the white paper.

March Madness, Nonprofit Style

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An Indiana foundation is encouraging local residents to vote for their favorite area nonprofit organizations in a challenge that echoes the NCAA’s March Madness tournament. One Indiana nonprofit organization is capitalizing on the annual excitement and fanfare around the tournament and launching its own bracket-style challenge to raise awareness for local nonprofits.

Help Support the Next Generation of Women in Tech


Indiana University Bloomington. IUPUI: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. NextGen Tech Women is an effort organized by our friends Danny Brown , Geoff Livingston , Kami Watson Huyse , Allyson Kapin , and Julie Pippert. They are hoping to raise $25,000 between now and May 5, 2011 to support the next generation of women technologists. Names to watch!! Harrison College.

Mascots Now Have an Association to Call Their Own

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Asked if there was potential for collaboration between the Mascot Hall of Fame—which recently received funding to open a physical location in Whiting, Indiana , in 2017—and NMA, Raymond was very much open to the idea, even suggesting that the Mascot Hall of Fame could be a great venue to hold a future mascot convention. “At There’s no denying that the NCAA Tournament is a big deal.

Twisted into Knots at Year-End

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The third event: Bank of America Merrill Lynch last week released its 2010 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy: Issues Driving Charitable Giving among Affluent Households , researched and written by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. When things come together in a short period of time, I pay attention. So I decided to ask around, and heard a lot. Really more!

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: Networking With March Madness

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The Indiana Land Title Association’s young title professionals committee, for example, will host its third annual March Madness networking event this week. “We Whether with staff or members, in the office or offsite, associations and other employers around the country are capitalizing on the fervor generated by the NCAA men’s basketball tournament by hosting networking and other events.

Won’t You Be My Mentor?

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Realizing it needed to establish a more formal, systematic mentoring program, the Indiana State Bar Association developed a Mentor Match program that includes required activities for mentors and mentees and incentivizes people to join by providing continuing education credits. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to seek out a career coach. Relationships do not blossom overnight.

Board time is a nonrenewable resource! Value it!

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A farmer from Indiana once shared a secret with me that I’ve used ever since. Tardiness is rude! I don’t like being late. And, people who are habitually late irritate me. That includes board chairs who don’t, can’t or won’t start the board (or committee meeting) on time. And, board members who show up late. The time of our volunteers (and staff) is limited. It works! (In

Friday Buzz: The Secret Value of Online Comments

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Stokes cites an experience he had while writing for the education blog Stateimpact Indiana in 2012: Commenters tipped him off early to the rising support for a challenger running to become the state’s superintendent of public instruction. Don’t discount your commenters. They may be tipping you off to important things you should be hearing. You hate comments on your blog.

Making Introductions: Landmen Group Launches “Meet Us” Campaign

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The group focused its efforts on markets near major shale plays like Marcellus (New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia), New Albany (Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky), and Haynesville-Bossier (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas), among others. Early returns have been promising. What are landmen, anyway? With the help of their professional association, they’d like to introduce themselves.

Report: Major Hotel Chains Hit by Long-Term Data Breach

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The company’s statement listed the affected hotels—located in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia—and stated it will offer credit monitoring services to customers affected by the breach. White Lodging Services Corp. More details: What happened: White Lodging Services Corp. However, it’s unknown how many that is.