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Five reasons why membership is killing association business models: Part I

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As a result, most associations tend to offer only “pay-to-play” membership relationships, even though current and future stakeholders often have free or low-cost access to a variety of “good enough” and superior alternatives for building networks, retrieving information and pursuing learning. Membership is perhaps the most sacred tenet in all of association orthodoxy. Indeed, for many organizations, the membership imperative defines the very existence of the association: membership is who they are and what they do. Please share your ideas and insights in the comments below.

Five reasons why membership is killing association business models: Part III

Principled Innovation

Associations must do more to honor their stakeholders’ expectations– When they were the only credible source of professional or industry information, networking and learning for their stakeholders, associations could determine the degree and pace of new value creation based solely on organizational needs. Membership is perhaps the most sacred tenet in all of association orthodoxy. In this three-part series, I am sharing five critical reasons why the continued emphasis on membership is “killing” association business models. Please share your ideas and insights in the comments below.

Join Jeff for P.I./TMA Resources Executive Breakfast on March 6 in Alexandria, Virginia

Principled Innovation

Detailed directions to NSBA, including information about public transportation, can be found  here. TMA Resources , located in Vienna, Virginia, provides member-centric organizations with the software solutions, services and partners that help keep their members and other constituents returning to them to find information, collaborate, learn and communicate with their communities. Join Jeff De Cagna of Principled Innovation on Wednesday, March 6 for the P.I./TMA TMA Resources Executive Breakfast for association CEOs, C-Suite executives and other association leaders. Updates

Asking different questions: MMCC 2013 edition

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For stakeholders with abundant access to a wide variety of information resources, network connections and learning opportunities that can help them succeed, ordinary approaches are not nearly good enough. “Is the association model broken?” ” “What does ‘member’ mean to you?” ” “Do we need a new membership model?” ” “Is membership dead?” ” These are all interesting questions, and I understand why some people are asking them. Unfortunately, they are not the right questions. Washington Convention Center.

Jeff De Cagna to deliver keynote at CESSE 2013 Annual Meeting

Principled Innovation

CESSE, which was incorporated in 1977, is an informal, not-for-profit international organization of chief executive officers and mid-to-senior level staff members of scientific and engineering societies. Jeff De Cagna , chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation, has been selected as the opening keynote speaker for the Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE) 2013 Annual Meeting. “For the CESSE 2103 opening keynote, we wanted a speaker who would confront the deep-seated assumptions of association management head on. Thank you! Updates

Jeff De Cagna to speak at ASAE12 in Dallas

Principled Innovation

The schedule of Jeff’s formal and informal sessions is below: On Sunday, August 12 from 1:30 pm-5:30 pm CDT, Jeff will present a four-hour workshop, “ Making Innovation Happen: An Executive Learning Experience for Association CEOs ” in Room D161 of the Dallas Convention Center. Jeff De Cagna will be one of the speakers at ASAE's 2012 Annual Meeting in Dallas next month, including a four-hour intensive workshop on innovation, and six informal discussions on the business models of some top Fast Company innovators. Updates

Jeff De Cagna joins ATA Board of Directors

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When I first developed my condition in college, I reached out to ATA for information and education and they responded. ” For more information on ATA or tinnitus, please visit the ATA website at Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, has been elected to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) Board of Directors. ATA, located in Portland, Oregon, exists to cure tinnitus through the development of resources that advance tinnitus research. Tinnitus 50 million Americans experience tinnitus to some degree. Of Updates

Your Conference Needs To Offer Transformational Learning Not Informational Learning

Velvet Chainsaw

Informed or transformed? The Best Learning At Conferences For me, I want to be more than just informed. I can be informed by reading information online. I don’t need to travel to a conference to become informed. Not something that just gives us more data, facts, figures and information about a topic. It’s similar to becoming a compendium of information.

Building Community: Real Towns Inform Online Spaces

Higher Logic

Inform your community. Starting an online community can seem like a daunting task at first. It’s easy to think that you need experience with other online communities to build a successful one for your own organization. However, while communities on a screen seem like a new phenomenon, their goal is to mimic a real-life community. Build with a purpose. Start small. Know when (and if) to grow.

Your Members Need Help With Information Overload

Associations Now

Are you helping your members with managing all the information that’s thrown at them or just piling on? By walls, I mean the filter you use to keep out all the useless information in the world, particularly online. “You have to understand whether you’re contributing to the problem of information overload or helping solve it,” he said. We all do.

Is Your Conference Churning Out Junk Information?

Velvet Chainsaw

We over consume information from a variety of sources. We have content farms that churn out junk information. Unhealthy Information Consumption Diets. Information overconsumption is a serious challenge for many in the United States. In a democratic society where freedom of speech is touted, we can never regulate information like we regulate air, food and water.

Sharing Information Helps You Think

Eric Lanke

last wrote about this two weeks ago, in The Case for Sharing Information. Having asked everyone else in the organization to do the same, I decided I would lead by example and chose the following behavior: We share information openly and proactively, demonstrating an understanding that our actions impact others. In the past I haven''t shared much of that information--focusing instead on the mechanics of when I''ll be out of the office and how someone could reach me if they needed to. That''s starting to change. Where did I go? Who did I meet there? What did I do? Stay tuned.

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Member Communications & Information Overload - Finding Balance

Wild Apricot Blog

One of our readers asked some great questions in a comment to a recent post about getting started with social media: What will people find interesting and useful? Will they find excessive messaging annoying? How does an organization find a balance? Since many membership and non-profit organizations may be asking themselves these very questions in terms of their member communications, we offered some ideas on how you can begin to answer these questions.( read more ). Associations member communication membership nonprofit non-profit Non-profit Communications nptech social media

5 reasons everyone at your association needs to go to #Xperience17.

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Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information Revenue Solutions Social Media and Business Trends YourMembership News association career center association management software conference innovation leadership skills learning management system member engagement membership growthIt’s a chance to grow your skills in leadership.

Why Data Informed VS Data Driven?

Beth Kanter's Blog

One of the questions I was asked,  ”Why Data Informed? ” Being data-informed is something very different from a data-driven culture. But, because it doesn’t acknowledge the importance of basing decisions on multiple information sources, it can doom an organization to epic failures. Data-informed cultures are not slaves to their data. Why Not Data-Driven?”

Google Knowledge Graph Adds Nonprofit Information

Associations Now

A new feature in the search giant’s repertoire prominently displays organized, quick-hit information about nonprofit organizations. Google is upgrading its Knowledge Graph tool—a feature that brought large panels of information on the right side of a search results page —to include information about nonprofit organizations, just short of the tool’s one-year anniversary.

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7 steps to select the right LMS for your association, part 2.

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eLearning Industry News + Trends Product Information Thought Leaders elearning learning management software learning management system learning technology selection LMS online learningThe following is a guest blog article originally published by Jeff Cobb of Tagoras, a leading expert in strategy, learning, marketing and technology to organizations in the business of lifelong learning.

5 learning tech trends for 2017.

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eLearning Industry News + Trends Product Information Resource Center Thought Leaders adaptive learning ams association management software elearning learning management software learning management system LMS mobile app online learning professional development professional education talented learning videoJohn’s predictions come from […].

Conferences Need To Focus More On Learning Design And Less On Information Transfer

Velvet Chainsaw

Recent research shows that conference organizers should focus their conference education efforts more on learning design and less on delivery of information. Their focus is completely on the content and the delivery of the information. Learning Design Trumps Delivery Of Information. Our focus on content and delivery of information is misdirected at best.

Accurate association member data drives better engagement + revenue.

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Updated profile data is more than just getting current email address information. Data management and data integrity is a demanding job for you and your association. But, it has to be done. Your association is only as good as your member data, and it’s a big task to keep it clean. While you regularly communicate […].

5 questions to better market your career center.

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Career Centers Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information Resource Center Resource Home Revenue Solutions association management software business productivity solution career center cloud-based technology job board software marketing automation member engagement membership growth professional development professional education

Attention Nonprofit #datanerds: Data-Informed Fundraising!

Beth Kanter's Blog

We may need to start wearing these here! RT @ kanter what every #datanerd needs in their wardrobe – I Love Data T-shirt QlhMt4. Mission Measurement (@MissionMeasure) September 5, 2012. The September, 2012 Issue of the NTEN Change Journal is pure crack for nonprofit #datanerds (folks who would definitely wear a t-shirt emblazoned with “I Love Data!” Visual

The Case for Sharing Information

Eric Lanke

The behavior I chose is: We share information openly and proactively, demonstrating an understanding that our actions impact others. And sharing information openly and proactively is definitely something I could improve upon. Fact is, I don''t share enough information with the team--especially about the evolving strategy of the organization. Stay tuned.

How An Informal Nonprofit Employee Champion Program Can Benefit A One-Person Communications Dept.

Beth Kanter's Blog

Your most valuable resource, your time, is a finite resource – even if you forgo getting enough sleep which you know doesn’t work to your advantage.    Gerard decided to do just one that dramatically changed his capacity to deliver a robust integrated social media strategy.   He created an informal employee champion program. Are you an one-person communications department?

Helping Speakers Move From Dispensers Of Information To Facilitators Of Learning

Velvet Chainsaw

This change moves speakers from tellers of information to facilitators of learning. Adequate time is also spent developing contemplative and challenging questions that require attendees to reflect, think, consider and process information with higher order thinking skills and critical thought. Paraphrase, Maria Montessori). Time To Change. It is not a simple task to make this change.

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Mizz Information: 5 Cool Pinterest Tools

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Wednesday, March 21, 2012. Cool Pinterest Tools. Source: via Maggie on Pinterest. After an initial honeymoon period with Pinterest where I used it strictly for fun, pinning pictures of English cottages, bee stuff , and all manner of cute things like Blythe dolls, tiny things, distracted there looking up those boards to link. No problem!

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Alright stop: collaborate + listen, part 4.

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While email is an important tool in staying up-to-date on the most influential discussions, push notifications tied to a native mobile app allow for instant updates and make it easier for members to have direct access to information without constantly sifting through an inbox. Member Engagement + Retention Product Information Social Media and Business Trends

4 steps to develop association member personas.

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Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information Thought Leaders association management association management software association member personas association members member engagement membership data membership marketingLet’s get personal with 1:1 association marketing. The term “persona” may sound like highfalutin jargon.

How Leaders Can Get the Information They Really Need

Associations Now

good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “What’s the most likely way I could fail to get the right information in this situation?” probing question is designed to extract specific answers about specific problems from people who are in a position to provide detailed information. Asking questions is an essential part of effective leadership. ” OK, great.

The Problem: Information Overload

Thanks For Playing

From my new whitepaper, Attention Doesn't Scale: The Role of Content Curation in Membership Associations : The concept of information overload was originated by futurist Alvin Toffler in his 1970 book Future Shock as part of his depiction of a world in which the rate of change would accelerate to the point that governments, society, and individuals would be unable to keep up – would, in fact, be “future shocked.” Want more? Download your free copy at [link]. innovation whitepaper curation Jeff De Cagna

Mizz Information: Klout Still Suggesting Users Invite Minors

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Tuesday, December 6, 2011. Klout Still Suggesting Users Invite Minors. So remember when I wrote about how Klout had created a profile for my 13 year-old son? And how the story made it to the New York Times ? Well, its happened again. To be perfectly clear: my Facebook profile is PRIVATE, not public. My daughters Facebook profile is PRIVATE, not set to public. Posted by.

Changes In The Information Cycle Are Driving Conference Education Reform

Velvet Chainsaw

Conferences (and associations) used to be the go-to source for information and content about a profession or industry. While not everyone wants to be a content creator, everyone has an interest in organizing and packing information in their own, unique way. We Relate Differently To Information Today. Today, we relate to information differently. Dialogue about it.

Alright stop: collaborate + listen, part 2.

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They are the thought leaders, setting the tone and pace for how information is shared and consumed by your members. Industry News + Trends Product Information Social Media and Business TrendsStep 1: Ambassadors. Editor’s note: This is the second in a four-part series looking at member engagement at associations and the importance of implementing a social networking platform equipped with the right tools to ensure early adoption and consistent engagement. Last week, we looked at private online association communities and how to make members feel exclusive. Guarantee results.

Mizz Information: Book Giveaway: Humanize!

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Friday, December 2, 2011. Book Giveaway: Humanize! What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a giveaway? And not just any giveaway--an awesome one. And seriously--Im not just saying that because theyre friends; this book goes well beyond the now run-of-the-mill social media book. Seriously--dont just take my word for it--check out the reviews. Thats all.

Alright stop: collaborate + listen, part 3.

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Industry News + Trends Membership Management Product Information Social Media and Business TrendsEffectively capture + score member engagement in your social community. Editor’s note: This is the third installment in a four-part series looking at member engagement at associations and the importance of implementing a social networking platform equipped with the right tools to ensure early adoption and consistent engagement. But, how do you acknowledge the contributions made by your core member base, even if they are relatively small? Empower your members with praise.

Mizz Information: Who "Owns" Content?

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Thursday, May 17, 2012. Who "Owns" Content? Seems like every other thing Ive read this past week has been about curation and/or content marketing. Call me a snob, but something about the word "content" makes the writer in me cringe just a lil bit. Is that what writing has come down to--a delivery mode for marketing messages? Granted, in the context of marketing, obviously this moniker makes sense--but in the context of associations, "content" is a murkier notion. Obviously all those things count as "content".as Ok, yes, thats sappy, but its true. Posted by.

Mizz Information: Social Media Manager Fatigue

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Monday, April 25, 2011. Social Media Manager Fatigue. Everyone knows being a social media manager is the funnest job in the world, right? mean, whats NOT to like about being paid to be on Facebook and Twitter all day? If thats true why am I spending more and more time thinking maybe getting into this line of work was a terrible idea and maybe editing articles about enteral and parenteral nutrition was actually not boring or tedious? Depending on what people call my job, its supposed to be the hottest job of all time. Whats not to like? Are you down with that? You sure?

5 Cool Things Associations Are Doing at Meetings and Events

Aaron Wolowiec

For example, the annual conference and exhibition of the Health Information and Management Systems Society offered a three-day Wellness Challenge this year. This month’s guest blog post is by Samantha Whitehorne, deputy editor for Associations Now. Contact Whitehorne at Samantha Whitehorne, deputy editor for Associations Now. Keep Attendees’ Health in Mind.

Mizz Information: Association Swing and a Miss--CEA Tech.

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Last March, I got an email from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) informing me of a new member category they had just created: Tech Enthusiast. These include free and discounted products, advance product launch information, access to industry events, and beta testing opportunities. information. Wednesday, December 14, 2011. Association Swing and a Miss--CEA Tech Enthusiast Membership. from our corporate partners. As a TE, you are privy to some very exclusive. No beta testing opportunities that I recall. circa 2000 online discussion board.

Mizz Information: New Look for Mizz Information

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. New Look for Mizz Information. So there you have it.because I know it was killing you not knowing why Id suddenly changed the look of Mizz Information! Wednesday, July 13, 2011. You may have noticed that suddenly, this blog looks totally different. started tinkering with it when I switched from the old commenting platform I was using (Echo comments) to Disqus. Why did I switch? wish I could use Livefyre but for now it doesnt work on Blogger. That was such a crazy two days that I honestly cant remember. UPDATE : Thanks for the feedback! Posted by. Maggie.