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Three Analytics Community Managers Need to Track

Higher Logic

When it comes to analytics and KPIs, it can be hard for community builders to know exactly what to focus on. Some platforms have dashboards that display the ins and outs of the community, but some community managers work with simpler social media networks, or painstakingly pull Excel spreadsheets with tons of raw data. But what are the important numbers for you to focus on at any given time?

12 Advanced Google Tricks


Came across this awesome article by Larry Kim. One to bookmark! Implementation Industry Insider

Create real value from 2017 learning trends.

YourMembership Blog

Let’s attack the hype machine in learning. It’s big, but easy to take down. In the education industry, we are notorious hype builders. We quickly herald the start of new trends as quickly as our digitally shortened attention spans enable us. We use terms like “mobile learning,” “micro learning,” “personalized learning” and even “social learning” […].

Introducing an Awesome New Podcast About Workplace Culture


So perhaps I am biased, as the Culture Chat podcast is my podcast I have started producing over at WorkXO, but it really is awesome and I want to share it with you. Here’s a list of the episodes so far.  If you enjoy these, please share,   subscribe over on Podbean  or subscribe  in iTunes  by clicking that link or searching for The Culture Chat! Thank you! Culture Change and the New CEO.

How to Get Your Customers to Sell and Market for You


You’ll easily pay $300-$500 for a new vacuum cleaner. That’s why, when I needed to buy a new one recently, I didn’t take the decision lightly. spent over 50 hours researching vacuums online. went to multiple stores, testing several vacuums as well as questioning the people selling them. I was looking for a clear idea of the winners and losing in the category.

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Does Career Stage Determine What Attendees Want?

Associations Now

Attendees go to your conferences for a number of reasons, and their career level may help you determine why. Now it’s up to you to deliver on their expectations. Gaining knowledge. Making contacts. Seeing the latest products and services in action. Your attendees may be at your conference for one or all of these reasons—or may have a completely different motivation for attending.

Four Things that Turned This Association’s Annual Conference into a Member Recruiting Machine

Wild Apricot Blog

For many associations the annual conference is the biggest event of the year. But, what many associations don’t realize is that the annual conference can also be their biggest member recruiter. Here's how one association uses its annual conference to add hundreds of members each year. growth membership events annual-conference

A Gaming Company Tamed Toxic Trolling - What They Learned Could Help Your Community

Higher Logic

How do you change the behavior of millions of community members? That’s the problem Riot Games had to solve with their game, League of Legends when they realized that antisocial behavior - like gamers using racial and homophobic slurs with each other - had reached toxic levels. League of Legends has 67 million players (27 million a day) and grossed an estimated $1.25 They were on the right track.

4 Stats that Link Customer Satisfaction to Your Online Community


According to a study from CMX and Leader Networks , improving customer satisfaction is the number one reason why businesses start branded online communities. That means that businesses are investing big bucks in online community software, community managers, and helpful content to keep their customers happy. But does it work? Do online communities really improve customer satisfaction?

Help Us Promote Community Manager Appreciation Day January 23


Can you help us promote Community Manager Appreciation Day? Would you please share this with any other community managers (and friends of CM’s) that you know? Ben Martin, KiKi L’Italien, Maggie McGary, Susan Cato and I have teamed up to manage the event this year, and whooo boy do we have some awesome stuff in the works! We’re introducing a new tradition: The CMAD Cheers!

How to Unlock Engagement with Busy Five-Minute Members

Associations Now

A new report says that busyness is a common mark of social status. While we all say we’re too busy, chances are good that you and your members have five minutes to spare. This weekend I have to move, so I’m spending a lot of time packing. hate moving, but I’m also frugal, so I do a lot of the work myself. That sounds lovely. Maybe, just maybe , I will break the bank this one time. she says.

Quality trumps volume of applications for association career centers in 2017.

YourMembership Blog

Spend less time competing with mass job boards that offer a larger number of far less qualified talent. recruiter’s job is to provide internal clients (aka hiring managers) with potential candidates to interview that—if hired—will help advance the organization’s performance. The candidates must be qualified and demonstrate they possess high potential. Across the board, […].

The Return of Print Marketing (And Why It Matters for Your Association)


Exciting news, association pros! Print marketing ISN’T dead! I was tuned into Kiki L'Italien’s Association Chat the other day with special guest Tom Morrison , and Tom made a comment that REALLY made my ears perk up: Print marketing is making a comeback! association management member engagement membership management Small Staff Chatter

3 Ways to Engage More Association Members in Your Online Community


Have you ever looked at an optical illusion like the one above? (If not, you have now.) In this example, the first thing that most people see is a white vase. However, upon closer inspection of the black areas, you notice two faces nose-to-nose. Now that you’ve seen both the vase and the faces, you can’t “un-see” either one. You can never go back to seeing a single image.

Hot Association Social Media Jobs This Week – January 13


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the  SocialFish job board !  We focus on jobs in  social media ,  marketing ,  communications ,  PR ,  advocacy , and  digital. The Social Media Associate champions the creation and execution of communal online programs to increase SGIA’s engagement, visibility and activity. photo credit ). Jobs Jobs Jobs

Build Communities Around Your Most Engaged Users

Associations Now

A big-name daily newspaper is trying a quiet test with a group of its subscribers—and the early success exhibited by this strategy makes it an idea that anyone with a community interest should keep an eye on. The Boston Globe , like other legacy newspapers, has a lot of problems and some major issues to solve. Boston media blogger Dan Kennedy has the details on that.). Small But Engaged.

Metro 39

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.13.17

Reid All About it

It’s that time of year – your chance to participate in the industry’s most comprehensive study on membership marketing. For the ninth year in a row, Marketing General Incorporated (MGI) is conducting its Membership Marketing Benchmarking Survey. Every year, I look forward to pouring over this report as soon as it comes out. To participate in the survey, email Tony Rossell at MGI. Host: MPI.

Branding on a Budget: 3 Tips for Association Pros


Branding is important - we don’t have to tell you that. But branding can also be expensive, and that’s where the problem often lies. But good news! Branding doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. In fact, some of the best tactics out there are actually quite cost-effective.

Cost 23

Trends Impacting eLearning Solutions for Associations in 2017

WBT Systems

Predictions for the next big trends in eLearning solutions started appearing before 2017 had even begun. With so many blog posts and articles, how do you wade through all the predictions to uncover what trends will directly impact your association’s learning technology strategy this year? You don’t have to! So what do you need to know? Trends Impacting Associations Right Now.

#CMAD is coming up soon!!!


REMINDER. Mark your calendars for Community Manager Appreciation Day on Monday January 23! ALL INFO WILL BE AT THE #CMAD hashtag, on  or on the Facebook event page ! Ben Martin, KiKi L’Italien, Maggie McGary, Susan Cato and I have teamed up to manage the event this year, and whooo boy do we have some awesome stuff in the works! photo credit ).

Team 13
Team 13

AMA’s Website Redesign Puts Content Strategy First

Associations Now

To better serve its mission and its stakeholders, the American Medical Association created a new content strategy that provided the scaffolding for its website redesign. Here’s a look at how it was done. When you think about it, a front door communicates a lot about a person. In the same way, an association’s website says a lot about the association. Making the new website user-friendly.

Association Labs – Episode 69: Get Your Association Data in Line for 2017, with Guest Patty Leeman - Moery Company

The Moery Company

When looking at the most successful client projects The Moery Company has conducted over the last 12 months, Host JP Moery and Moery Chief Analyst Patty Leeman agree the winners are those organizations that have the most accurate DATA. No question. Patty and JP discuss key recommendations for helping associations begin to sort and develop their data for 2017. What do those numbers look like?

9 Little Ways to Propel Your Association Forward in 2017


The beginning of the year is when you hear a lot about goals and resolutions. And those are exciting! They provide your association with hope and accountability, both of which are necessary for organizational success. But you know what all goals and resolutions have in common? Change. They’re all centered around the desire to change. It’s healthy. Take a look!

eCommerce Social Media: 4 Trends for 2017


Frank Capra once said “Don’t follow trends, start trends”. This is sound advice. However, in the social media world, staying on top of current trends is vital to a successful eCommerce online presence. Social media trends are ever-changing. What dominates the social media scene in 2017?  Here’s what a few pros had to say: “I see ecommerce brands investing a lot more in paid social and I think that trend will continue into 2017″ says William Harris, Ecommerce Growth Consultant at  “It’s not enough to simply pay for ads on Google Shopping.

Make it Easy for Members to Love your Association LMS!

WBT Systems

Increasingly, associations are adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to help simplify the administration and delivery of education and certification programs to a membership that is more geographically dispersed, increasingly busy, and dealing with a changing economy which can make it more difficult to attend meetings and conferences in person. Easy Access to All Education Resources.

New Report Examines How Millennials View Leadership

Associations Now

New research reveals both similarities and differences in the way millennials and older generations approach the C-suite, as well as some misconceptions. It also gives cross-generational recommendations on how to ensure that millennials become successful leaders. Millennials, as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce , are an interesting group to study. workforce.

TMC is Your Go-to Resource for Association Growth in 2017 - Moery Company

The Moery Company

President JP Moery with Chief Analyst Patty Leeman at HQ today. Patty conducts research, analysis, and assessment services for Moery association clients. She’s taking our game to the next level! Check out our Business Consulting Services for Association Growth.  And, stay tuned for their Association Labs podcast posting tomorrown “Getting Your Data in Line for 2017.”

What Hollywood’s Award Season Can Teach Us About Association Event Planning


Award season is officially here. It started off with the Golden Globes last week, and soon will be the SAG Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Grammy Awards, and the Oscars (upon many others). Now I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a SUCKER for award season. love the red carpets, the timely tweets, the speeches - everything.

As A Society We are Losing Patience which Significantly Impacts Our Associations

Smooth The Path

Related posts: Resilience in our associations. Reflective association leaders. Our biggest job as association leaders. The post As A Society We are Losing Patience which Significantly Impacts Our Associations appeared first on Smooth The Path. Association Leadership communication empathy grit improving your skills patience professional skills resilience strategic decisions strategic work tenacity

How to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers


Well, I guess I really should name this blog: How I am Trying to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers…. You see, about 7 years ago we had no blog, no marketing team, no email marketing (and yes, we were an email company!) and I took on the task of starting our first marketing department. So, one of the first things we did was start a blog. And boy, have we learned a lot over the years.

The Senate’s Press Secretaries Group Keeps It Bipartisan

Associations Now

For more than 40 years, the U.S. Senate Press Secretaries Association has helped communication pros do their jobs—in part by helping its members get outside of the Beltway every once in a while. With the changing of the political guard comes a whole lot of people in new roles. Fortunately, the U.S. Gindlesperger’s current group is one of many that has collaborated on events with SPSA in the past.).

Hit the Reset Button - Moery Company

The Moery Company

IStock/Copyright:jurgenfr. I had the recent opportunity to meet with several Association CEOs whom I truly respect and found a common theme throughout our discussion: engaging, recruiting, and retaining members. There was concern expressed and a tangible uncertainty around the long-term viability of some of their organizations. How do you do that in 2017? Also, you should kill something. Kill it.

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4 Ways to Embrace (And Celebrate) Diversity at Your Association


Associations may target or cater to specific groups - for example, public educators - but within those groups, there are several sub-groups (e.g. science teachers, high school teachers, special education teachers, etc.) that could all use a little attention. So how do you embrace that diversity, and more importantly, celebrate it?

Giving Ourselves Permission to Think Strategically

Smooth The Path

What does the act of strategic thinking look like? It might look like staring into space, taking a walk down the hall for a coffee, taking a shower, laying in bed, or jogging in the park. Flashes of inspiration tend to happen in those little-in-between-doing-stuff moments when our brains are idle. Now consider what ticking through a to-do list looks like. We know the value of strategic thinking.