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Introducing SocialLink mobile app to transform your member experience.

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Your association membership is boosted by your members seeking credibility, professional development, competitive advantages and ways to give back. But, one of the primary reasons members join your association is for networking opportunities. It’s the association industry’s first online community and social mobile app built into an association management software.

Association Trend Watch: Member Experiences

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The world is moving toward experiences … are associations focusing enough on member experiences? But what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences.” Virtual reality, I hear, is far better when you experience it with someone else. Everywhere we look everyone is moving toward experiences. The stories members make up.

Intentionally Designing Member Experiences

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If you have ever had the experience of attending a meeting, conference or session where you saw the other participants respond enthusiastically, only to try that very same thing back on your home turf and get a lukewarm response you’ll know what I mean. It’s another to feel the response and then design an experience to elicit that same feeling. Experiences are not a moment in time.

Delivering Super Low-Cost Exceptional Member Experiences

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A delightful member experience doesn’t have to flashy, highly technological, or expensive which is good because your smaller association or your chapters may not be able to afford expensive options. A very pleasant member experience can just be human. Related posts: The problems attendees experience at conferences. Who are the Stephanies in your Association?

Asking Members to Opt In After a Bad Member Experience

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I met a really unusual member today. After having a bad first conference experience most members don’t attend again. After having a bad chapter event experience most members don’t go again. After reading a few emails and finding no value most members start ignoring the association’s emails. Not this member. What to do first.

3 Minute Mini-Course for Association Professionals: Better Member Experiences with Imaginative Empathy

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We have all felt the frustration of knowing that our members only remember a fraction of the benefits they are entitled to. The benefits list is hard to remember but the experiences our members have are easy to remember. It is important that we know how we are making members feel. Related: How big or small do association conference make members feel?

5 benefits of video-based learning.

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Easily delivered through a learning management system, video is the most engaging way to hold your association members’ and learners’ attention. Video-based learning is a widely-accepted e-learning trend, and it’s gaining momentum. What makes it trendy now and soon a staple of learning is it’s shorter, crispier and engaging nature, changing the way your association […].

Video 71

You Need to Know Your Association’s Value Trigger Point

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Ask engaged members when they realized the value of the association and many could tell you the exact moment. The moment new members understand the value of the association is the Association’s Value Trigger Point (AVTP). For some members, it was their first conference or chapter event. Members like these remain members longer, they contribute, and they evangelize.

Challenges with Member Experience Facing Associations

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One of the big questions Todd asked me was about the challenges facing organizations today; especially as it pertains to experience for their customers or members. What Challenges Are Facing Associations As It Pertains to Customer Experience? Understanding Data I think one big challenge organizations face in building the right member experience is in figuring out how to use the data associations already have. Most organizations are obese with data, but there is often a disconnect in how to use that information to improve the experience of the member.

How to Customize Your Member Experience (With Limited Time and Money)


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could customize everything little thing you did for your members? We’re talking content, meetings, events - the whole member experience. But that’s not to say you can’t customize your member experience at all. There are a few things you can do to make your members feel special, even if you are only a staff of 1 - 2.

Why New Members Actually Join

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We think new members join for the professional development and networking, but a new member joins for one of these reasons: They believe in the cause. Someone they respect is a member. They know someone who is getting a lot out of being a member. Someone they want to do business with pressures them to be a member. But new members don’t.

7 lucky reasons to attend Xperience 2017.

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A golden pot of educational and association industry-building opportunities await leaders and their staff in Orlando. The luckiest of all days is upon us, and if you haven’t yet registered, it’s just your luck I’ve put together 7 reasons why you should make your travel plans today to attend Xperience 2017—A Conference for Everyone. This […]. patrick's day

Personalize the Member Experience, Increase Retention

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Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Being Thoughtful Takes a Minute… June 12th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention. I’ve written about personalizing the member experience for years now but Chris Brogan reminded me in his weekly newsletter just how far personalization can go. In his newsletter he wrote about how the folks at Social Media Camp in Victoria, British Columbia made his experience memorable. How can you do this with your members ? Follow up on your new members, six months from now. Solutions.

Make More Time by Adopting Minimalism at Your Association

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More time to spend with family and friends, more time for experiences, more time to do things that feel meaningful. Sometimes what members need is a deeper relationship with the association, with us the staff, and with each other. Let’s free up time to connect with members, connect members to the association, and connect members with each other.

The Most Frustrating Thing New Members Do

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One of the most frustrating dynamics for association staff is noticing that some members join but then never take another single action. You may be surprised to learn this super frustrating for new members as well. Members join with the intention of engaging. New members are profoundly disappointed when they notice they are not getting any value.

The Problems Attendees Experience at Conferences

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Members love to talk about their conference experience during in-depth interviews with me. We spend a lot of time talking about their conference experience because the conference is where most members get the most value. Here is what members say: If you don’t have me at registration, you’ve lost me. Members remember those first experiences well.

4 Ways to Use Nostalgia to Grab Your Customers’ or Members’ Attention


Customer Engagement Content Strategy Marketing Strategy Member ExperienceAuthor Tom Wolfe made a statement with the title of his novel, You Can’t Go Home Again. Maybe he’s right that we can’t go back to our childhood rooms or the other good times in our lives, but you certainly can remember them through nostalgia. And many of us do.

Normalization of Deviants and Your Association

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We’ve gotten used to that quirkiness, probably so have our board members and long-time members but for new members, our quirkiness is odd. Anytime our administrative systems deviate from the norm our members are mildly surprised, probably slightly frustrated. Related: Intentionally designing member experiences. This happens in our everyday lives.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding for Your Association


Association Marketing Strategy Member ExperienceWhat color is your association’s logo? Was it something that was inherited from your founding or did you recently rebrand?

How to Get Amazon-Level Personalization (With No Extra Effort)


Email Communication Membership Management Software Member ExperienceI’m attending a wedding next month. This is a wedding without a gift registry, which should be illegal because I spent well over an hour scrolling through “wedding gifts” on Amazon before I figured out what to give the happy couple.

6 Compelling Reasons to Consolidate Your Association’s Technology Systems


Training Membership Management Software AMS Software Member ExperienceHow many times have you heard someone say that they want to make a difference? Nurses, doctors, teachers, charity workers, and professionals from all generations long to love their work and make a difference in other people’s lives. That brings us to the topic of you. How lucky are you?

Getting Volunteer, Staff or Sponsor Engagement May Be Hard Because…

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Volunteers won’t want to recruit their friends if they don’t trust the experience will be good. How big or small do association conferences make members feel? Association Leadership Member Experience association staff creating a member experience exhibitors forward-leaning staff member experience staff culture trust volunteers

5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


Marketing Strategy SEO Association Management Services Member ExperienceThere was wood everywhere. Paper on the floor, nails on what was left of the counter, and a paint-splattered drop cloth was all that protected the kitchen tile. It was a mess. That’s how my kitchen looked during its recent upgrade. The end result was beautiful, but redoing an entire room was a huge undertaking.

Cost 40

What’s Next? 6 Membership Trends to Watch in 2017


Analytics Membership Marketing Association Trends Member ExperienceIt seems like only yesterday we were worried about what would happen when the computers hit the year 2000. Now it’s nearly 2017 and a lot has changed. Just think about technology. I was watching a movie from 2001 recently and one of the main characters had a laptop. In 2001, a laptop was a prized possession.

Maine 39

Personalization Tips: How to Reach More Association Members Through your AMS Software


And neither do your members. AMS Software Member Experience PersonalizationRemember the good old days when you were researching a vacation in Paris and an ad for Chinese food popped up in your internet browser? Do you miss that? Because I don’t.

Membership Growth Too Slow? Check These 8 Trouble Spots

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Joy Duling shows you how to avoid the pitfall of throwing away marketing dollars, by following an 8 step formula for keeping members forever. Membership renewal member-experience membership-growth membership Joy-DulingMany membership organizations struggle to grow their membership.

How the Computer in Your Pocket Has Changed Event Attendee Behavior


Conference Management Mobile Strategy Event App Member Experience“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”. What a spectacularly incorrect statement. Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (which has since been acquired by Compaq, then Hewlett-Packard), said this in 1977.

Associations and Branding

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Rebranding is a big project and demands some thoughtful planning but with savvy marketing members will eventually get used to the new name. Members, however, won’t remember the names of virtually any of your other products and services. Instead members describe the offering to me. This is not at all uncommon among associations but it does confuse members.

Associations Should Associate with Industry Celebrities

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When new members see that these industry celebrities get value from the association or that they contribute time to the association, new members assume they will eventually receive value too even if they don’t know what that value will be. But writing testimonials is challenging and time-consuming so even the most engaged long-time members may put off writing one.

Member Culture: Setting the Tone for Better Learning, Engagement and Connection

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Until I started to rigorously practicing public speaking I had no idea what it meant to be a good audience member. That connection, the affirmation, the support from that one engaged person helps me channel the stories of our members to the best of my ability. So it is important for associations to have a member culture where this behavior is encouraged. Did they suggest it?

The Association Value Trigger Point Explained by New Member Background

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When I speak about a way to engage new members early in their membership by using an Association Value Trigger Point (AVTP), association professionals often ask me if their association should have just one AVTP or should we have many for our different members? However, how your AVTP takes shape does depend very much on how similar or how diverse your new members are.

What We Can Do to Get Members to Rave About the Association

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Think of the things and experiences you buy and it would never occur to comparison shop because you need THAT, not the next best cheapest facsimile of THAT. For associations who want raving fans not just satisfied members think about all the things your very favorite go-to’s do. What else can we do to get members to rave about our association? Same with Zappos. Onward!

Price 20

Associations Can Make the World a Better Place

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When you think about it, it is amazing what our members can do : Some hairdressers create a safe space for some of their clients to share challenges which helps the client feel not so alone. What small things, medium things and big things can your specific members do to make the world a better place? What can you start doing to help your members do these things?

Cost 16

Members Need to Learn from Less Well-Known Presenters Too

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Your members may aspire to be like one of the well-known organizations but they learn best from the organizations like them who are just one or two more steps down the path. Related posts: The conference experience starts before the conference. A big opportunity: associations can help members with emotional support. One attendee says, “That was really interesting!

The 4 Skills Associations Should be Teaching

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What we are lacking are life skills that can make our member’s lives (and jobs) significantly better. Life skills that can make them happier, more productive; a better professional and a better member. My guess is relationships are actually deteriorating between staff members at most American corporations. To grow in their career members need to be even more well rounded.

Big is Good, but Small is Better for Associations

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Recognizing the benefits they provided were too generic, these large associations divided their organization into smaller groups with each group serving a particular member type. They do this because the more similar members are, the more you can know them and the easier it is to provide exceptional value by solving their unique problems. The problems we solve for association members.

Members Leave Associations Without a Sound

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Related: Don’t ask for feedback from members who are too new. Asking members to opt in after a bad member experience. The post Members Leave Associations Without a Sound appeared first on Smooth The Path. Member Research exit survey exit-surveys lapsed member member experience member feedback member insights member research

Who are You Trying to Protect Your Association From?

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of our members are not going to take advantage. If it happens again and again figure out a way to alter the value or experience so it can’t happen. Are associations earning members trust? Association Marketing Member Experience doubt member experience member trust policies protect rules trustI asked to see it. 99.7%

There are Important Things We May Not Know About the Association

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There are some things about the association we may not know unless we ask members. our long-time members are disengaging. we use different words than our members use. we are solving a problem members have already solved. We may not know about the big things and the little things, especially the little things, that take nips out of our member’s experience.

We Should Value Members Who Value the Association the Most

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Here’s an unpopular view: association staff should focus most on those members who value the association the most. But here’s the problem, we don’t have the resources to serve every type of member with every type of problem, often competing problems, really well. Instead we become more generic serving most members in an average sort of way.