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How The New York Times Turned Unsolicited Donations Into a Successful Program

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For slightly more than a month, The New York Times has been asking its subscribers for a little help in donating subscriptions to U.S. The post How The New York Times Turned Unsolicited Donations Into a Successful Program appeared first on Associations Now Its “sponsor a subscription” program has received enough funds to offer 1.3 students. in a news release.

Beekeeping, With Associations’ Help, Takes New York City By Swarm

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Among the many things buzzing through New York City—yellow cabs, fast walkers, cyclists—are lots of bees and multiple beekeeping associations. “Tending beehives on top of New York City and other urban areas is nothing new. Other New Yorkers have become casual hobbyist beekeepers. scrambling to save the flying insects. Buzzing on High.

New York’s E-Prescription Law Keeps Medical Associations Wary

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I-STOP, a 2012 law taking effect later this month in New York, will penalize doctors who fail to use e-prescriptions—a replacement for doctors’ handwritten notes that advocates believe can limit the abuse of controlled substances. “When it works, it’s seamless,” New York County Medical Society President Michael T. Goldstein, M.D.,

On the Runway: Lessons From New York Fashion Week

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What the recently wrapped New York Fashion Week can teach meeting planners about creating experiences, experimenting, and getting the next generation involved. If you’re familiar with fashion, you know these three collections were on the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), which wrapped up a day or so ago. Open, the New York City Marathon, or the 2014 Super Bowl.

Should New York City Cap The Number of Uber Drivers?

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After New York City’s mayor and city council dropped legislation that would have put a cap on the number of Uber cars allowed in the city, a number of associations responded with mixed reviews. Uber and other ridesharing companies have the green light, for now, to operate in New York City without any impending restrictions on their companies’ growth.

Boy Scouts’ LGBT Policy Challenged by New York Chapter

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The Greater New York Councils of the Boy Scouts of America this week hired Pascal Tessier, one of the first openly gay Eagle Scouts, as a camp counselor. On Thursday, the Greater New York Councils chapter of BSA, which represents scouting in New York City’s five boroughs, announced that it had hired Tessier to be a counselor at a Scout summer camp.

Nonprofit Donor Transparency Law Raises Concerns in New York

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Nonprofit groups focused on hot-button issues like abortion and gay marriage are pushing for exemptions from New York State’s transparency law that requires them to release the names of their donors. Debate is heating up over which nonprofits will be exempted from disclosing the names of donors as New York state’s law requires, according to The New York Times.

Failure is good: it's about learning. Mistakes are bad execution

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On Tuesday, Maddie and I presented at the Blogworld New York conference, along with Amy Sample Ward from NTEN. Failure is when you are trying something new, and you don’t know ahead of time how to make it successful. Some mistakes are simple oversights, some are errors in judgment and some are decisions to try new things that don’t work out. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Failure versus Mistakes. Posted June 7, 2012. in Change , Humanize , Learning - 7 comments.

Why ‘giving back’ isn’t what you need from volunteers

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Last week, Taproot Foundation founder Aaron Hurst pointed to an underlying issue in volunteering that speaks to the problems associations may struggle with: In an essay for the New York Times, he wrote that many volunteers are doing so because they lack a sense of purpose in their own work. Mark Athitakis, contributing editor, Associations Now. What’s your volunteer problem?

Bill Introduced to Overhaul Nonprofit Laws in New York

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The product of more than a year of deliberations led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the Nonprofit Revitalization Act and the Executive Compensation Reform Act represent the first major reforms to the state’s nonprofit laws in 40 years. New York lawmakers introduced two pieces of legislation last week that they say would improve governance and oversight of the state’s tax-exempt community and rein in excessive compensation for top charity executives. The reforms drew praise from many nonprofit executives in New York.

Mizz Information: BlogWorld Expo New York Recap

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BlogWorld Expo New York Recap. Mizz Information. Thursday, May 26, 2011. It has been a whirlwind few days in my world, to say the least. Last Thursday I participated in BlogWorld s Twitter party in an attempt to win a pass to BlogWorld NYC. By some miracle--ok, actually because I can Google answers to trivia questions like nobodys business-- I won a two-day pass to the conference. Which started Tuesday. Quickly I had to figure out train schedules, frantically work ahead so I could take off two days from work, and find a last-minute hotel in NYC. Lobster and frites? Yes, please.

Mizz Information: New York Times and Other Excitement

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New York Times and Other Excitement. Thanks to the fact that my friend Tonia Ries is a rockstar, the story got picked up by the New York Times , so I will now be able to go down in history--much to my mothers chagrin--as the mom who helped her 13 year old lie to get on Facebook. Mizz Information. Wednesday, November 16, 2011. Remember my last post about Klout and privacy issues? While I wouldnt mind a shorter flight (I hate flying), Im sure once Im there I wont be complaining. About the weather, at least ;). See you all on the flip side next week. Posted by. Maggie.

Make Your Exhibitor Marketing Campaign a Success

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Features event marketing exhibitor marketing marketing plan New York State Association of Fire Chiefs non-dues revenue stewardship Planning your association’s exhibitor marketing is a surefire way to increase non-dues revenue because it forces your staff to carefully consider the exhibitor experience and improve upon it. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

New York City’s “Bloomberg Soda Ban” Dies With Appeals Court Ruling

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While the large-soda ban is out of the picture in New York City, the beverage industry still could face a set of regulatory challenges. Affirming two lower court decisions, New York’s highest court invalidated a New York City regulation limiting the size of soda containers sold at restaurants. The Next Soda-Wars Front? Pigott Jr.

Humanizing Business and Helping CFOs with Change

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The first is a session that I’ll be doing at BlogWorld Expo in New York City , along with my coauthor Maddie Grant and Amy Ward, who is the Membership Director at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Humanizing Business and Helping CFOs with Change. Posted June 1, 2012. in Announcements , Change , Humanize. Tweet. These are the topics of two presentations I’ll be giving next week. The session is Tuesday afternoon, 3:45 to 4:45. Tweet. Search.

Mizz Information: Klout Still Suggesting Users Invite Minors

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And how the story made it to the New York Times ? Mizz Information. Tuesday, December 6, 2011. Klout Still Suggesting Users Invite Minors. So remember when I wrote about how Klout had created a profile for my 13 year-old son? Well, its happened again. To be perfectly clear: my Facebook profile is PRIVATE, not public. My daughters Facebook profile is PRIVATE, not set to public. Maggie.

New York Law May Signal Challenges Coming for Airbnb

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An agreement with New York City this month removes some liability concerns for Airbnb in its largest market. But New York’s law making short-term rentals illegal could be the opening salvo for opponents elsewhere who say such rentals reduce affordable housing in major cities. The problem may not be limited to New York. market: the Big Apple.

I Mean What I Say

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When William Safire passed away in 2009 it meant the end of the New York Times Magazine column, O n Language. Thoughts & Commentary Dr. Seuss Horton New York Times Magazine Nonprofit Times Nonprofit Words phrases that lost buzz On Language Rick Christ William Safire Gone was my weekly joy of having someone dish it to those who didn’t know the basics of grammar– whether it was between or among, or jealous or envious, or what etymology is, let alone the derivations of a particular word. View image | but because his was a hard pen to follow.

Quiet: An Association Mavens Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Cain

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The post Quiet: An Association Mavens Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Cain appeared first on Association Strategies, Association Videos | Association Mavens. We’ve dramatically undervalued introverts in our society and don’t truly understand how much we lose in doing so. Other Downloads: MP3 Version. Interviews

New York Times and Paid Content

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The New York Times has announced a new paid content model for their online content. They are not offering anything new to their best prospects, they are removing what draws them in the first place It is also rather complicated which will suppress sales a bit. Why not offer new value to your most voracious online readers and charge for that? The Wall Street Journal does just that with the top end of their online subscription options, providing new in depth content in focused areas.

Mixed Support for New York City’s New Sodium Warning

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When New York City became the first place in the country to require chain restaurants to post a warning next to high-sodium items, a number of associations came out both for and against the new rule. On December 1, New York City became the first city in the U.S. Bassett said the “icons will help New Yorkers make more informed choices when dining out.”

Could New York Minimum Wage Boost End Tipping?

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one of the highest in the country—has the New York State Restaurant Association suggesting that its members could consider doing away with tips altogether. Could higher wages for tipped workers mean the end of gratuities in New York? That’s one of the dangers that restaurant employees see as New York mandates a new minimum wage for tipped workers.

New York Sheriffs’ Association: Federal Immigration Detainers Aren’t Enough

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With a mounting number of rulings stating that holding someone who has been arrested and jailed for extra time to allow for an immigration check is a Fourth Amendment violation, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association has encouraged its members to disregard federal detainers—unless they come with a signed warrant. NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman agrees. “A

Two ads define storytelling for associations

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The central message of Dell’s new campaign is that Dell is “part of some of the world’s great stories, stories that began much the same way ours did, in a little dorm room, No. Apple ASAE association communications association executives association marketing association membership association storytelling Dell iPAD New York Times SCD Group A voice, a passion, a perspective.

Football PATs, NASCAR Qualifiers & Hockey Shootouts: Does your association "hit the refresh button" often enough?

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The new format will fit neatly into a one-hour TV window. Perhaps there are great reasons why companies put “new & improved” on their products? But we don’t get much change or new & improved in many associations. ASAE association boards association executives association membership NASCAR New York Times NFL NHL PAT SCD Group USA Today So, a few years back.

Changing the Conversation – Meetings Mean Business

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Events Features Greater New York MPI meetings meetings mean business Roger Dow U.S. Meetings mean relationships, business deals, collaboration and stronger communities. A coalition of industry leaders have joined together to push back against the negative meetings commentary. For more about this topic, click on the headline. Travel Association

Will “Subscription Economy” Impact Association Memberships?

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The New York Times: Running Faster And Faster To Stay In The Same Place By Matthew Ingram via Gigaom Ingram’s piece focuses on the struggle of The New York Times to increase subscription income – including fees from its online content – to replace “tanking” advertising revenues. Interesting. And, if this becomes a trend, what does it mean for associations?

1-On-1 with Joe Bednar: Delivering Value to an Alumni Club

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Here are highlights of an interview with Joe Bednar, president of the Whitman Syracuse University Alumni Club in New York City, who offers insight into how to provide value and help an alumni organization flourish. membership member-advisory-group

Sending the Message: Digital Events, Beyond the E-Vite

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She holds a Bachelor’s in English & Sociology from Stony Brook University in New York. Categories: Member Engagement + Retention Tags: ashley withers , attracting members , content , engaging members , event , event management , guest blogger , managing events , membership organization , I am so excited to share this guest post by Ashley Withers, a support specialist at BYM (before she was a media intern, Apple creative instructor, and editor.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Hope for Daydreamers!

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In a New York Times article, author John Tierney writes that researchers have been analyzing these behaviors, and they’ve found daydreaming to be remarkably common¬ and often quite useful. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Plexus Consulting Group® For health, education, workforce, finance and other non profit and public service organizations that want to leverage resources and strategically plan for U.S. or international market expansion. Monday, October 17, 2011. Hope for Daydreamers! by Virgil Carter. Do you have stray thoughts? Do you daydream? Well take hope!

Four Community Newsletters You Need to Subscribe To

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Even if you don’t go to the monthly Community Manager Breakfast meetups (in San Francisco and New York City), sign up for this weekly newsletter. This weekly newsletter is aimed specifically at the New York City community manager scene, but has incredibly helpful links no matter where you live. Where do you turn to for information? Hard to get easier than that, right?

International Compliance Group Expands Into U.S.

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based office in New York City. membership through referrals from current ICA members, a media campaign, and an open house in New York City. Programs offered in the New York office will include Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Know Your Customer, Sanctions, and Managing Fraud. With our training and certifications now available for the U.S.

Happy Birthday, Standard Time

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Who cared if Boston was a few minutes earlier than New York when the two were days apart on horseback. On today in 1883, time zones launched in the United States. Prior to the time every major city had a "noon stick" where the sun being overhead set the time for noon and time was extrapolated from there. The railroads changed all that. Check your watch. Standards

N.Y. Governor Rocks Tradeshow Boat

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Event organizers in New York City are objecting to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement last week that the New York Boat Show will return to its mid- to late-January dates, leaving several other shows unmoored. This announcement is great news for the tourism and boating industries, and New York state as a whole. The post N.Y.

Executive Excess

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It seems that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has painted a bulls-eye on his state’s nonprofits. See, Cuomo thinks that heads of nonprofits are using taxpayer dollars to “line their own pockets” rather than helping New Yorkers. The New York Post agrees, calling salaries of nonprofit leaders “to-die-for salaries?” Not a bad idea in and of itself. To die for?

What Makes a Good Team?

Jamie Notter

We tend to think that putting the smartest, most capable people together on a team is the best decision, but some research I saw reported in the New York Times says otherwise. It’s not a random collection of your “best” people. High IQs of team members was not a predictor of team success. Teams where 1 or 2 people dominated were not as strong. Emotional intelligence.

Team 79

Tech:NYC Builds Unified Voice for City’s Startups

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A new organization dedicated to New York City’s technology scene—founded by the CEO of AOL and one of the city’s most prominent venture capitalists—hopes to expand the startup world’s influence locally. New York City is a big place, but its technology scene is about to get a lot more tight-knit. ” A Diversity of Industries.

Association Social Media Jobs – Digital – October 27


Digital Marketing Associate | New York University Director of Marketing | International Franchise Association Product Marketing Specialist | Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. Here’s the latest DIGITAL marketing jobs from the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , digital and technology.

The One Thing You Must Confront About Your Culture

Jamie Notter

Just ask Amazon after that New York Times article came out. Culture work has a way of skewing towards the ideal. We spend time fleshing out our core values, leadership principles, and an ideal vision of how awesome our organization is, or least how awesome it could be. While you are working on the ideal, you MUST confront the reality of your culture. You must be honest about "what is."

Airbnb’s Business Travel Fortunes Rise

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For example, New York state passed a law that would allow for fines of up to $7,500 for Airbnb hosts who don’t follow local regulations—which is particularly problematic for the company because New York City has a law banning residents from listing their homes on the service. The growth, however, comes at a time when legal pressures are on the rise.