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Workplace Genome Project: Q1 Update


We launched our Workplace Genome Mapping project in early 2016 as a means for helping organizations begin their own transformation from the (oft overlooked) stating-point of deeply understanding who they really are, how they really work, and how their employees really experience it all. active member projects. Every quarter, I’ll post what we’re up to over at WorkXO.

Keeping Up Association Staff Engagement Throughout A Tough Project

Smooth The Path

If you live in an over 100 year old house like mine you know there’s a rule of thumb about time and cost for home projects. I call it the Inelasticity of Elderly Houses Rule because no matter how well the original estimate is done any home project will require at least be double and most likely triple the cost and time of your first estimate. We’re almost there!

How the Hyperledger Project Is Pushing the Blockchain Forward

Associations Now

The Hyperledger Project, which just added American Express as a member, isn’t interested in creating a bitcoin-style currency. That’s where the Hyperledger Project comes in. For example, its software project Fabric , a versatile implementation of blockchain technology for developers, was originally created at IBM. And businesses are responding favorably.

Give Back: Community Service Projects at Conferences

Associations Now

Service projects will help your attendees feel a closer connection to the city—and also to each other and your association. If the answer’s yes, and you want to give back to the greater Nashville community, consider signing up for this year’s community service project. Or what creative service projects have you signed up for? For more information and to register, click here.

Side Projects: How to Turn Member Benefits Into Marketing Magic

Associations Now

And the effort was a good fit for the company, whose core business is connecting freelancers with design and development projects. ” Unsplash eventually became such a big hit for Crew that it’s now hiring full-time employees to work on side projects. The post Side Projects: How to Turn Member Benefits Into Marketing Magic appeared first on Associations Now

Feeding A Zombie Project And Getting No Results

Velvet Chainsaw

Is your organization stuck maintaining and nurturing a zombie project? A zombie project is one that continues from year to year regardless of its effectiveness. Often many people feel these zombie projects have a birthright and should always be delivered regardless of the outcome. Feeding An Undead Project. Identifying A Zombie Project. Siren. The result?

Groups’ Clemency Project Pays Off With Obama’s Commutation Streak

Associations Now

President Barack Obama’s decision to use his power of commutation as a form of criminal justice reform has been helped along by Clemency Project 2014, a collaboration between numerous legal and civil liberties groups. ” The post Groups’ Clemency Project Pays Off With Obama’s Commutation Streak appeared first on Associations Now This is a historic opportunity to reverse that.”.

Plastics Industry Project Aims to Boost Automotive Recycling

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A demonstration project from SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association will test how well recyclers recover plastic car parts to promote better recycling processes, greater plastic resale and reuse, and more sustainable auto design. Fellow project partners, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, will run parallel tests in their country.

Best Benefit Ever: Accreditation for e-Learning Projects

Associations Now

Members of the eLearning Industry Association can have their independent virtual learning projects reviewed and accredited. Thanks to a new benefit from the eLearning Industry Association in Australia, members can now receive course reviews of, and accreditation for, their e-learning projects. What’s the benefit?

Crowdfunding Tools to Fundraise the Project of Your Dreams


While Kickstarter is a great tool, it’s not the best for all projects. Kickstarter needs to approve your project before it goes online, and will usually only sign off on those with creative initiatives. This site allows you to raise funds for all types of projects, whether you’re an individual trying to raise funds for college or a start-up trying to get off the ground. Razoo.

Open-Source Projects Failing To Pass IRS Nonprofit Muster

Associations Now

Ars Technica writer Ryan Paul , while noting successful examples of open-source projects that thrived as for-profit enterprises, specifically took the IRS to task for discounting the educational value of open-source software. “It may be that not every open-source project is a good fit for 501(c)(3) status,” EFF’s Kendra Albert wrote. ” Questioning the Approach.

Friday Buzz: Don’t Let Your Tech Project Fall Apart

Associations Now

The issues that can cause your association’s technology project to lose steam. When taking on a tech initiative, you’re dealing with a lot of moving parts, and they can often cause the project to veer off course. “Take the time at the start of a project to understand what can go wrong—do the necessary risk analysis,” Coriale writes. Stay on the ball.

Study Projects Rise in Business Travel Spending

Associations Now

A study by the Global Business Travel Association projects spending on business travel will continue to rise, boosted in large part by domestic travel. Other highlights from the study: “Real” travel spending growth per trip—the increase after accounting for travel price inflation—is projected to reach 1.3 They also filed 37 percent more on airline tickets and 29 percent more on meals.

$10,000 Association Video Project?

SCD Group

The other day, a colleague told me that his board wanted to have an updated video produced that could be used in trade shows and other venues. He said he received a proposal to do it for $10,000! My response was swift: "You’ve got to be kidding me!" Expensive, professionally produced videos don’t have the ROI they once did (assuming they ever had an ROI in the first place). million times!) [It

Association Culture Projects Outward Upon Potential Members

Smooth The Path

A good culture greases the wheels for everything from conversations to project management. The post Association Culture Projects Outward Upon Potential Members appeared first on Smooth The Path. Why all the recent hubbub about culture? Well, partly because we all want to enjoy a healthy working environment and partly because we want to get things done. Others can see our culture.

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project

Association Subculture

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project. So Im launching a project. I would like to announce the Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Change project (that link will take you to my website for a complete description). Adding that to my belief in appreciative inquiry led me to create and launch this project. I usually dont ask for help on promotion of any particular project I am dabbling in, but I am asking for assistance with this one. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, January 20, 2011. Second stage is cut.

Meet Gen Z Philanthropist Sejal Makheja, Founder Elevator Project

Beth Kanter's Blog

When she was 14, Sejal founded the Elevator Project , an organization that aims to lift people out of poverty through apprenticeship, vocational training and job placement. She said she went to the Gen Z Conference because she wanted to cultivate the skills she’ll need to take the Elevator Project to a national scale. I was curious and reached out to her for an interview.

Pilot Project Grooms Latino Leaders to Serve On Nonprofit Boards

Associations Now

The Cultural Inclusion Project in Lawrence, Massachusetts, aims to train Latino professionals and pair them with nonprofits that are trying to build boards that better represent the community. A little help may be on the way from the Cultural Inclusion Project, a pilot program being tested by two nonprofits—Jericho Road Lawrence and the YWCA of Greater Lawrence—in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The Cultural Inclusion Project is in the second year of a two-year pilot phase. Yet, many continue to struggle to truly represent their communities. The groups hope to change that.

Lunchtime Links: 3 Essential Project Management Skills

Associations Now

How to keep important projects moving forward. The essentials of effective project management, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links. Before your organization invests in complex software to help manage its projects, it should take a step back and consider where it’s going, writes Buford. ” How does your organization approach project planning?

3 Ways to Reduce Disappointment So Our Associations Can Move Ahead

Smooth The Path

We are disappointed when we feel we’ve been mistaken by sinking money, time or energy into a project that didn’t work. The start of every project presents the opportunity to succeed and the opportunity to be disappointed. We would hear them make statements like, “sure this project could fail but what if it doesn’t?”

Project Management for Board Members and Committee Chairs

AMR Management Services

Project management requires structure. So I make structure and organization a means to an end with the projects I'm leading. staff is unavailable to help with your project? volunteer leaders Board Management committee leadership leadership Project Managementby Brian Reuwee. But what if your association a.) doesn't have staff resources b.) Read more ».

Fight the Jumbles: The Dangers of a Convoluted Project Management Path

Associations Now

That’s why clear, well-considered project management is so important to your strategy. That’s where project managers come in. When Project Management Works. Last week’s launch of a redesigned Facebook “Like” button was fascinating—because it showed how project management should work. When Project Management Flops. Time to Ship.

Small Business Set-Up and Digital Project Management


Well, one thing that will help a great deal, particularly in the early stages, is Digital Project Management. So you’re an entrepreneur, you have an idea, and a business plan, but one thing you should consider is further study, in this case a course to become a Certified Associate in Project Management. The first thing you need to do is plan the project. Get Qualified.

Take a fresh look at old content for your association website design project

Vanguard Tech

Now throw in a big, content rich project like a website redesign and you have an opportunity to not just audit your existing inventory but to take a fresh look at the content and present it in a new light. Ok, this WAS before everyone had a DVR and was streaming TV series on Netflix). So what does this have to do with associations and website content? Web content is the same way.

Why I like the Market Research Society’s (MRS) successful membership change project

Optimist Consulting

I know from working with my clients on membership change projects that there are two essential elements to any change process that affect members: Ensuring you use a long-term communications campaign that is consistent. The MRS used all their communication channels to promote each stage of the project. Have you carried out a major change project at your organisation? Result.

Ad Tech Hits the Lab: IAB Launches Skunkworks Project

Associations Now

The association’s strategy for funding the project is tied to its evolving membership. They’ll be among the projects researchers will be working on. The post Ad Tech Hits the Lab: IAB Launches Skunkworks Project appeared first on Associations Now Fighting Bad Elements In addition to focusing on innovation, IAB is also working to weed out the bad eggs.

Atlanta Teams With Associations on Airport Security Test Project

Associations Now

The post Atlanta Teams With Associations on Airport Security Test Project appeared first on Associations Now “Smart Security” is coming to ATL. The city of Atlanta announced a deal with Airports Council International and the International Air Transport Association to try the new security approach, making the city’s airport the first to do so in the U.S.

You May be Doing Innovation: Introducing the Association Innovation Continuum

Smooth The Path

The magnitude of an innovation project doesn’t determine whether the project is innovative or not. I too used to think that innovation had to be big to be innovation but after conducting an association industry research project on innovation I am amending my understanding of what innovation is. Innovation is synonymous with big. Innovation Type 1: Evolutionary. Onward!

Website Redesign Project Lessons: Inside the Brilliant Mind of a Project Manager

Vanguard Tech

This is a guest post from our senior project manager, Denise Pace. process project management CMS association websitesIt's great advice for any association about to embark on a website redesign.

Project AWARE Dives Deep Into Ocean Data, Turning Scuba Divers into Citizen Scientists

Beth Kanter's Blog

Project AWARE Goes Deep on Engagement, Turning Scuba Divers into Citizen Scientists – guest post by Darren Barefoot. An interactive map launched by the non-profit Project AWARE visualizes nearly three years of ongoing reporting by a network of scuba divers who remove marine debris from the world’s ocean. For decades, scuba divers have been cleaning waterways. million divers.

The great proposal debate: Why consultants eschew RFPs

Aaron Wolowiec

to help with an urgent project. Days – sometimes weeks – later, they’ve curiously decided to complete the project themselves. I did have a circumstance where an organization asked if I would like to bid on a project. Frankly, I think I just missed the cues they were trying to scope a project. I don’t respond to proposal requests where I don’t have any direct contact and I try to outline an approach making it clear that the specifics of the plan are the first phase of the project. But rarely is the prospect successful in their project.

PA Court Reporters Lend Fast Fingers to Flight 93 Oral History Project

Associations Now

Hundreds of hours of interviews need to be transcribed for the National Park Service’s Flight 93 Oral History Project, and the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association is stepping up to help get the job done. Upon learning about the project—and the fact that it was in the final year of a three-year grant, and funding was going to stop—Cascio reached out to see if her organization could help.

When Conference Participants Vote With Their Feet

Velvet Chainsaw

I’m also talking about pet projects, topics and speakers that some of your leaders are passionately vocal about offering regardless the costs, customer-needs or strategy. We have to pay very close attention to when people vote with their feet regarding those pet projects, topics and speakers. They’re voting with their feet. It’s a common phrase. Hat tips to author Will Mancini.

Treat Your Social Media Measurement Like A 6th Grader’s Science Fair Project!

Beth Kanter's Blog

Note from Beth: Both my kids have worked on projects for their school’s science fair. My daughter’s project involved testing different potting soils to see one was better for seed germination. As I was helping her translate the data in excel spreadsheet into a line graph, I realized that the project was essentially an a/b test. Flickr Photo by the Consortium.

Do New Processes Make You Uncomfortable?

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

You looked forward to a new process or project, romanticizing the experience in your mind and then dealing with the discomfort as reality hit, gritting your teeth through it all because you were sure you''d be better off for it. Effectively planned to provide for your comfort better - maybe allowed for more time in a project or planned for more help 2. the elements. Me: Freezing.

Social Media Benchmarking: Gauging Success for Project and Organizations in Global Health and Development

Beth Kanter's Blog

Using it as a diagnostic to help networks of similar nonprofits learn best practices from each other. Here’s a guest post about the a group of organizations and projects working Global Health and Development are using it. Social Media Benchmarking: Gauging Success for Project and Organizations in Global Health and Development. Flickr Photo by Kevlar. By: Rebecca Shore.

Public Transit Association Takes Good Look At Troubled DC Streetcar Project

Associations Now

With Washington’s endlessly delayed streetcar transit project—once called the country’s worst—still not carrying passengers after two years, the American Public Transportation Association will do a top-down analysis of the system to ensure it’s safe and ready to run. On top of that, the project has suffered from bad buzz at a national level. and outside the U.S.,”

Panorama Council Celebrates Cyclorama Preservation Project

Associations Now

A large-scale project is underway in Atlanta to preserve a football-field-sized painting, and the International Panorama Council applauds the efforts to save it. The project involves transferring the cyclorama, “The Battle of Atlanta,” from its previous home at the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum to the Atlanta History Center.

Free Non-profit Webinars for March 2011

Wild Apricot Blog

We found over 24 webinars on topics such as: building capacity with Boomer volunteers; social media metrics and benchmarking; project management for non-profits; and numerous leadership and fundraising sessions. Associations Fundraising membership membership records nptech project management social media volunteer Volunteers webinar Wild ApricotHere is our round-up of free webinars for non-profits and other membership organizations that we've gathered for the month of March. So be sure to look through the list to see what might interest you or others in your organization.(

Tell Your People

Jamie Notter

When I first started in consulting, I was on a big project with the U.S. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Tell Your People. Posted February 23, 2012. in Leadership , Managing People , Truth - 4 comments. Tweet. Fish and Wildlife Service. It was an extensive assessment of “organizational issues” broadly speaking. I did a LOT of interviews and focus groups. I thought it was time to put it in the blog. He said (a paraphrase): “Tell your people. Tell them what’s going on.