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Industry Hiring Managers: Reach & Recruit Only the Best Candidates

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Niche job boards, recruitment advertising and sponsorship solutions make it easier than ever for associations to bring value to their industry and members. The post Industry Hiring Managers: Reach & Recruit Only the Best Candidates appeared first on YourMembership. Career Centers Industry News + Trends job board software recruitingMake the shift. Are you ready for it?

Recruit the Whole Person

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Last week, I was teaching the volunteer management course for ASAE’s Association Management Week with the smart and talented Andrea Rutledge (Executive Director of the National Architectural Accrediting Board), and she and I got chatting about membership recruitment. She said that one of the things that had most struck her and has been on her mind since the reports came out last year was the concept, raised in the University of North Texas study, of “recruiting the whole person.” What are you doing to “recruit the whole person”? ” Really?

5 quick member recruitment wins

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So here are five quick membership recruitment wins: 1. I have found in the past that a focused effort on trying to recruit key potential members can be a good way to grow membership. I think we can all appreciate a tailored approach, and with a smaller list you can afford to create a personalised and tailored feel to your recruitment communications. Host a recruitment event.

Building an Amazing Volunteer Recruitment Strategy: The Conversation Continues.

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Barry Altland, author recently held an expert webinar with Wild Apricot titled, “How to Build an Amazing Volunteer Recruitment Strategy.” The webinar participants asked Barry many questions about recruitment and volunteering. webinar altland barry volunteer recruitmentRead on to see Barry's insights.

How personalised is your membership recruitment material?

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Membership Recruitment membership recruitment I recently received this personalised printed membership invitation from the IoD. I have written before about the IoD and how they are hoping to reach a more diverse audience , including more women, so it is great to see a woman members featured. Obviously, this sort of personalisation costs money, but I thought the concept was good.

Four Things that Turned This Association’s Annual Conference into a Member Recruiting Machine

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But, what many associations don’t realize is that the annual conference can also be their biggest member recruiter. For many associations the annual conference is the biggest event of the year. Here's how one association uses its annual conference to add hundreds of members each year. growth membership events annual-conference

Recruiting Members – Your Questions Answered

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During our recent Recruiting Members For Keeps webinar sessions, we had a number of questions from participants. Here are the questions and answers from presenter Trish Hudson. webinar-membership

Member Recruitment Gone Wrong

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In this guest post, Meagan Rockett describes her personal experience with membership recruitment gone wrong and offers some tips for getting it right. Membership renewal membership

Recruiting Members For Keeps – Free Expert Webinar

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Here are the details about our next Expert Webinar session: Recruiting Members for Keeps – Thurs. December 11 at 1:00 PM (Eastern). webinar membership

A LinkedIn-Centric Strategy for Member Recruitment

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And, as the group grew in size, Barkan touted its increasing numbers in his templated recruiting messages. Membership recruiting in LinkedIn poses two tricky challenges for associations, Barkan says. How does your association use LinkedIn for member recruitment? The post A LinkedIn-Centric Strategy for Member Recruitment appeared first on Associations Now

Everything You Need to Know To Recruit Younger Members

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Are you having trouble recruiting and engaging Gen Y or Millennials? Here''s a look at our compendium of 10 resources – our Ultimate Guide to Connecting With & Recruiting Younger Members. Non-profits membership Millennials

Wednesday Buzz: Recruiting Passionate Members As Marketers

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The post Wednesday Buzz: Recruiting Passionate Members As Marketers appeared first on Associations Now Leverage the importance of word of mouth by encouraging your members to volunteer their voices. Also: Dreamforce is big this year. Really big. Coordinated member marketing may be big and flashy, but the word-of-mouth variety still has its role. Event to Keep an Eye On. Other Links of Note.

Executive Recruitment: Lessons From Megyn Kelly’s Move to NBC

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But recruiting top talent isn’t just a challenge in the media or entertainment businesses. You also want to establish your senior staff and board members as experts and thought leaders within your industry to bolster that brand, said ASAE executive recruitment concierge Dany Bourjolly Smith. Lastly, make the recruitment process quick, Ruble said. Before Opening a Position.

[Cool Infographic Friday] How Social Recruiting Can Attract Top Talent to Your Organization


———— Have you tried using social media as a recruiting tool for your association or nonprofit? If you learn how to use social media for recruiting, you’ll find it’s one of the best ways to attract top talent. But social recruiting can have a downside as well. Thanks to Betterteam for sending along this infographic! Umm… yeah.

How to Recruit Volunteers from Your Email List

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If you’re sending emails to your contact list, asking for volunteers, but not getting a lot of response, it’s likely that your emails are getting lost in your recipients’ inboxes. Here's one simple thing you can do to get your emails to stand out. Volunteers personalization email emails

Friday Buzz: How to Use Your Annual Meeting to Recruit New Members

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Your association’s annual meeting is likely your biggest event of the year, but are you leveraging it to recruit new members? Terry Ibele at Wild Apricot reports on one association that was able to quadruple its membership numbers within five years thanks to several smart recruitment tactics at its annual meetings. Check out Ibele’s post for recruitment keys to success.

Monday Buzz: Recruiting Student Volunteers

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The post Monday Buzz: Recruiting Student Volunteers appeared first on Associations Now Inspire more students to participate in volunteer work. Also: Discover an efficient way to promote your content through Twitter. Volunteering is mutually beneficial. Volunteer experience can also help make students more attractive to college admission officers and prospective employers. Twitter Method.

5 Places to Recruit New Members


New members are great, but as you know, they can be hard to find. So where, oh where is the best place to look? Here are five places we recommend: association management association leadership Association Views

The Secret to Recruiting the Best Talent: Authentic Employer Branding


Join Jamie Notter and Charlie Judy at WorkXO for the first in our new HR webinar series in partnership with QuestionPro about The Secret to Recruiting the Best Talent: Authentic Employer Branding. Why is it so hard to recruit and retain the right talent? Have you enjoyed our culture-related content? PR and Marketing can only do so much can turn around a corrosive work culture.

Volunteer Recruitment Resource

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Here's a new volunteer recruitment resource that offers tips and secrets from volunteer managers. Volunteers

Three WOM Member Recruitment Strategies

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The report reveals the most effective recruitment methods as surveyed by associations. Now, go recruit some new members. The post Three WOM Member Recruitment Strategies appeared first on The Moery Company. My friends at Marketing General Inc publish its Membership Marketing Benchmark Study every year. I’d like to share my thoughts on one of those. I could not agree more.

Coaches vs. Cancer: Groups’ Fundraising Strategy Eyes New Recruits

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Here’s why ACS recruited some of college basketball’s top coaches to their team. As we were thinking about a way to engage for donations, we started with the consumer insight that people are really interested in how coaches recruit. The post Coaches vs. Cancer: Groups’ Fundraising Strategy Eyes New Recruits appeared first on Associations Now The Coaches v.

Member Recruitment & Retention: It’s About Being Flexible & Personal

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It offers insight into the importance of being both flexible and personal in recruiting and retaining members This is the second post offering clips from our interview with Nicole Walters of the San Diego Venture Group.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Board Recruitment Process

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Here are 4 reasons to develop a board recruitment process and a new resource that can help. Board volunteer-recruitment

Now Hiring: Social Recruitment on the Rise, Study Says

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Our results clearly show that it’s no longer a question of whether an organization is recruiting through social media—it’s about how they are leveraging social tools to achieve the biggest benefits. A new report shows that most recruiters are using social networks to find and vet job candidates. And social recruiting offers more than just cost savings for employers.

Using Social Media to Recruit, Engage and Grow Your Membership

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Check out the seven key insights for using social media to recruit, engage and grow your membership – shared during one of our Small Membership Advisory sessions

Survey: Charitable Groups Losing More Donors Than They Recruit

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The post Survey: Charitable Groups Losing More Donors Than They Recruit appeared first on Associations Now The latest Fundraising Effectiveness Project survey revealed that less than half of charitable donors contributed to the same organization two years in a row. Between 2013 and 2014, charities gained $3.611 billion in gifts from new, current, or previously lapsed donors. percent.

Volunteer Recruitment Checklist and Guide

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Here are two new resources from Wild Apricot - Getting Started with Volunteer Recruitment and Volunteer Recruitment Checklist - designed for the staff or volunteers of small non-profits and membership organizations who are new to volunteer recruitment. volunteer management Volunteers

In Recruitment, a Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

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There’s no one way to make a member-get-a-member program a success, but recognition for recruiters is a must. In a perfect world, your members would do your recruitment for you. Your recruitment budget would be zero: All word of mouth, all the time. The more you recognize recruiters, the more everyone else will see member referral as a valued form of engagement.

You Won’t Believe the ROI on This Member Recruitment Campaign

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I’m just going to let the following numbers from an association member-recruitment campaign speak for themselves: Total cost for recruitment campaign: $25,000. Then they adapted existing membership recruitment material to be used in the ads, InMail, and updates, all of which pointed to a dedicated landing page. New members enrolled: 1,899. Dues per member: $245.

Recruiting members. and keeping them

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Are you at a stalemate when it comes to recruiting and retaining members? Create a contest and challenge members to recruit others to join. For each new recruit, the member’s name goes into a drawing for an iPad. Branch out from the typical places you recruit members. Julie Frey, APR, CPRC. If your approach is successful, then it’s hard to find reason to change it.

4 Quick Tips for Online Membership Recruitment


Well for starters, membership recruitment. By now, we all know how powerful the Internet can be. We’ve seen posts and videos go viral, and people and organizations directly impacted (if not majorly changed) by that. Just look at the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - more than $115 million raised. That’s incredible! Not sure how?

How to Use Membership Management Software to Recruit Members

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In this guest post, Leah Merrill suggests four ways you can use your membership management software to help you grow those members and perform outreach. membership website

Leveraging Non-Member Email Addresses for Membership Recruitment

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Marketing Channels Membership Acquisition Membership Recruitment Many membership organizations have accumulated email addresses in their database of prospective members through site registrations, event attendance, or product purchases. Here are some strategies that you may want to consider in order to maximize these records to strengthen your overall membership marketing efforts.

Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


How to Recruit Millennials. Guest post by Ryan Jenkins. ————-. By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. A vast majority of these Millennials want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society. Millennial’s Employer Criteria. Honest, authentic, and transparent.

Association Labs – Episode 44: Top WOM Membership Recruitment Strategies

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Word-of-mouth (WOM) recommendations rate as a top recruitment strategy, and JP highlights 3 effective ways to create and utilize word-of-mouth recommendations (without having to actually ask your members do too much). The post Association Labs – Episode 44: Top WOM Membership Recruitment Strategies appeared first on The Moery Company. These are fantastic, so listen in.

Seven Levers to Increase Membership Recruitment

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Seven Levers to Increase Membership Recruitment. Here are seven strategic levers or opportunities to explore in order to increase your new member recruitment efforts. Increase Volume (Quantity) of Recruitment Efforts – From my observation, many membership organizations under budget and do not reach deep enough into their markets for potential members. Publications. Posts.

SCD Group: Association Member Recruitment: New Opportunities vs.

SCD Group

Association Member Recruitment: New Opportunities vs Same Old Ways. and made me wonder about the changes in “association recruitment.” ” Here’s the question that was posted: "We are in the planning stages of a membership drive and I am looking for any information out there on the following: Types of incentives for those recruiting. Pages. About. Contact.

How to Leverage Social Media for Successful Marketing and Membership Recruitment


Pretty much all of marketing will fall into these buckets: Recruitment, retention, outreach (sales). Here are the slides for a webinar I’m conducting today for Springer ; where I’ll be talking to 100 scientific and heathcare societies about their social media marketing efforts. Social CRM is the way that you will get to ROI. Identify your marketing goals. See a bunch of examples.

ROI and Social CRM Use Case 1: Using LinkedIn for Member Recruitment


Using LinkedIn for member recruitment [Possible now]. If you have chosen to have a members-only group as opposed to an open group (which can also be fantastic for recruitment), the key to turning this into ROI is simply to be proactive about tracking your interactions with member prospects. What other possibilities have you seen for member recruitment using social media?