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What Makes a Good Team?

Jamie Notter

We tend to think that putting the smartest, most capable people together on a team is the best decision, but some research I saw reported in the New York Times says otherwise. High IQs of team members was not a predictor of team success. Teams where 1 or 2 people dominated were not as strong. It’s not a random collection of your “best” people. Women.

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Engaging Your Team in 2015


The most common lament we hear (ok it’s tied with “we can’t find volunteers”) is how can we get the volunteers to actually do what they say they will. As we’ve always said here at Mariner, volunteer management is really HR management and so the many principals for motivating employees are relevant

Team 77
Team 77

3 Unique Ways to Build Team Spirit

Associations Now

Forget the company picnic and the humdrum holiday party; invest in a team-building opportunity that will promote employee collaboration, engagement, and retention. My seventh grade team—the Academia Nuts—got to spend the night at this leafy adventure park, where we collaborated on a tricky ropes course, confronted fears on a zip line, took hikes, and played team-oriented outdoor games.

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Four Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs Community

Higher Logic

But it does mean that your marketing team can learn what makes your members tick and how to bring in more leads. Save ad space for you to promote monthly webinars, large conferences or anything else the marketing team needs to promote -- like a new ebook or brochure launch. Could your marketing department benefit from your organization’s community? Hear us out: 1. Inbound marketing.

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Portage Group

The Portage Group) – The Portage Group is pleased to welcome Steve Carroll, CAE, as an Independent Associate to their team. We are excited about Steve becoming a key part of The Portage Group team,” said Geoffrey Thacker, Executive Partner, Research and Strategy with The Portage Group. May 30, 2016. Toronto, ON. ABOUT THE PORTAGE GROUP The Portage Group Inc.

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Leading a Distributed Team: One Email to Write


One commonality among association volunteer leaders is the nature of the teams they lead: distributed. Leading a distributed team presents challenges that many of us don’t have in our day-to-day jobs (although this is increasingly changing) so it’s a skill we need to help volunteers build.

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Does Your Membership Team Have Ninja-Like Reflexes?

Associations Now

Here’s what membership teams can learn from the sport’s mind-body connection. Scheeler will teach a few beginner moves designed to increase your flexibility (no experience required) and explain Parkour’s deeper philosophy, one that can apply to membership teams. And developing those capabilities can give a membership team ninja-like reflexes. “A So what exactly is Parkour?

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Why Twitter Team Tweeting Works

Beth Kanter's Blog

Sarah Mapes is the Director of Communications Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved and she also coordinates a team that shares updates through this profile as well as their individual profiles. One techniques she uses for new users that join the team is to create a “Twitter Scavenger Hunt.” ” By making Twitter fun, it inspires more regular use.

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Attendee Volunteers: A Meeting’s Best Customer Service Team

Associations Now

Instead of relying only on internal staff or a mix of staff and venue or destination teams to handle onsite customer service at meetings, some associations are asking attendees to volunteer. Always Prepared No matter who your attendee volunteers are or what role they’ll be taking on, it’s important that they’re just as ready as any other volunteer team would be. Louis, Missouri.

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Wendy Holliday Joins the Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

We’re excited to welcome Wendy Holliday, Vice President, Attendee Acquisition & Experience to the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting team! We’ve doubled our team and dramatically increased our ability to help our clients in all of the critical components of their major meetings and conferences. Today is her first day on the job.

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Michele Frania Joins the Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

I’m excited to announce that Michele Frania has joined the Velvet Chainsaw team as of April 8, 2013 as Director, Client Projects & Stories! For the past couple years, Michele worked for brandmuscle as a Client Service Manager where she led the team responsible for developing marketing tools and solutions for Allstate and Hampton Inn & Suites.

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Bill MacDonald Joins the Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

We’re excited to welcome Bill MacDonald, Vice President, Analysis & Insights to the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting team starting November 2, 2015. VCC will now a team member in Michigan. That focus was inspired by his work at Amway Corporation where he led a team of 18 professionals for five years. Bill is a well-known addition to the VCC team.

Team 30

Sarah Michel Joins The Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

I’m excited to announce that Sarah Michel, CSP will be joining the Velvet Chainsaw team as of February 18, 2013 as Vice President, Professional Connexity! During the past few years, our team has been innovating and helping our industry deliver greater education value at conferences. That means we’re expanding and setting up shop in sunny Colorado. That’s where “connexity” comes in.

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Build Core Strength with a Modern Marketing Team


Core strength yields benefits in productivity and agility as teams work together to drive recruitment, engagement, and retention. Core strength is made up of culture, human and data assets, and team structure. Today it’s common to see a decentralized communication structure where individual teams create and send their own communications to audiences. ———-.

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Google, American Library Association Team on Coding Initiative

Associations Now

The company famously teamed with large academic libraries for its Google Books project, and in 2014 it assisted with a library lending program in New York City involving wireless hotspots. The post Google, American Library Association Team on Coding Initiative appeared first on Associations Now The project is not about teaching librarians to code.

Your Association Staff Wants to Be On a Winning Team

Smooth The Path

The post Your Association Staff Wants to Be On a Winning Team appeared first on Smooth The Path. Related: Association self-talk. Harness uncertainty to fuel innovation. How to set a new tone at your association. Association Leadership forward-leaning staff staff culture

Putting the Team in Teamwork: How Groups Can Perform Better

Associations Now

MIT researchers have identified three characteristics of top-performing teams. Find out what they have in common and how you can build those attributes into your next team project. There’s research making the rounds that suggests having women on teams makes for smarter teams. How do you find that emotional intelligence helps when working in teams?

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Helping Smart Planning Teams Learn So That Their Conferences Prosper

Velvet Chainsaw

Success today depends upon conference planning teams learning new ways to strategically improve the attendee experience. Our conference planning teams need to become learning teams. Yet most conference organizers and their teams don’t know how to learn. So an organization sets up structures and processes to motivate teams and individuals to learn. Mistake #1.

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The Secret Characteristic of Successful Association Staff Teams

Smooth The Path

Flexibility and creativity are the characteristics of staff teams pushing their organizations into the future. The post The Secret Characteristic of Successful Association Staff Teams appeared first on Smooth The Path. It is easy to get tunnel vision, but there’s no one right way to solve complex problems at our associations. Hire resilient staff.

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I'm Not Building a Navy SEAL Team

Eric Lanke

I attend a lot of conferences where the focus is leadership and how to build and lead effective teams. One common type of speaker I see at these conferences is someone retired from the military (an ex-Navy SEAL Team member was the latest example), talking about their own experiences with team-building and team leadership. I''m not building or leading a Navy SEAL team. Or better yet, do I have thousands of recruits to draw from, putting them all through these rigors and building my team out of the dozen or so with the physical and mental stamina to survive?

Ad Groups Team Up to Improve Online Video Ads

Associations Now

The post Ad Groups Team Up to Improve Online Video Ads appeared first on Associations Now Video ads are displayed in all sorts of places, at different speeds and at different levels of quality. To help advertisers get more consistent results wherever video ads are viewed, a new industry coalition has set out to codify standards for the ad industry to follow. Harold S.

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Eyeing Inclusion, MLB Teams With LGBT Business Group

Associations Now

The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce will begin to help its members—mostly small businesses—work with MLB teams. The post Eyeing Inclusion, MLB Teams With LGBT Business Group appeared first on Associations Now The initiative came about thanks in part to a former player who has become the league’s primary ambassador for LGBT diversity in recent years.

6 Tips to Make a Good Team

SCD Group

The Ohio State football team (yes, I’m biased) and its defense of its national championship offers lessons for association professionals. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer guided the 2014 OSU football team to a national championship in only his third year on the job. The program focuses on servant leadership and team first. The 2015 College football season has begun.

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#Ideas17: Encourage Adaptability by Adopting Small Team Fundamentals

Associations Now

Chris Fussell, the closing keynoter at ASAE’s 2017 Great Ideas Conference, encouraged organizations to become adaptable and rely on small team fundamentals to keep pace in today’s world. It’s not about going flat; it’s not about centralizing; it’s not about distributing teams very quickly from some higher headquarters,” Fussell said. “It’s During the war in Iraq, the U.S.

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Cracking the Culture Code: Industry Perspective and Staff Teams

Jamie Notter

What that has meant for my organization is that this individual, and the significant industry knowledge and experience he possesses, is part of our planning discussions and even serving on some of our work teams. From my point of view, these are natural growing pains associated with the entry of any new player on the team. It’s not a perfect arrangement. Culture

Team 36

“Airbnb for Water” Teams With Association to Battle California Drought

Associations Now

The post “Airbnb for Water” Teams With Association to Battle California Drought appeared first on Associations Now A startup is working with the Western Growers Association to get its irrigation system up and running in a place that really needs it: drought-stricken California. The company’s service allows farmers to sell their excess water supply.

Global Cities Eye an Association Tag Team

Associations Now

The post Global Cities Eye an Association Tag Team appeared first on Associations Now 3,100 The number of companies that were represented at the fifth edition of IMEX America, earlier this month. The event attracted more than 10,600 people, and participating companies represented 150 countries.

DC 21

Design Thinking: A Team Sport Your Association is Ready to Play


In a previous post, we encouraged associations to apply Design Thinking to improve non-dues revenue opportunities as well as the experience and engagement of members. We want to take that article a little further by asking and answering a few questions; but first, here's a quick refresher on Design Thinking Good design is done by having a specific end in mind.

Checklist for Effective Year-End Team Meetings and Kick-offs

Cvent Association Tips

Year end meetings and kick-offs are one of the most effective ways to bring teams on-board. If the company fell short of targets, brainstorm with your team to generate strategies for improving performance for the coming year. Pull the team together with an on-site or off-site team building session. Year-end meetings don't have to be dry or boring.

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Language Trade Group Teams With EU on Translation Tech

Associations Now

Building on the goals of the Horizon 2020 Initiative , a continent-wide effort to improve economic prospects and resolve societal inequities across Europe, the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is teaming up with the European Union to fund the creation of better translation technologies and language education programs. Parlez-vous français? Me neither.

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Power Corrupts: Overbearing Leaders Hurt Team Performance, Study Says

Associations Now

If you’re a boss who takes a command-and-control approach to leadership, you may be getting in the way of your team’s success, according to a recent management study. Team leaders who exerted their dominance over a group accounted for, on average, about one-third of the talking in their team’s meetings, compared to just 19 percent for less powerful leaders. “By

NFL Commissioner to Team Owners: We’re Dropping Our Tax-Exempt Status

Associations Now

In a letter to the league’s 32 team owners, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that a study by the league’s finance committee determined that a change in tax status would not alter the way the league functions or operates, though it would help to remove a major thorn in the league’s side. But what does that process actually look like? So why do it?

Get Support for Your Association’s Community Strategy: How to Align with Your Board and Executive Team’s Priorities


A few years ago, comic hypnotists were a big draw on the corporate speaking circuit. Many companies hired them at retreats, conferences, annual meetings, and the like. Employees got a great laugh at watching a stranger suggest to their manager that they should cluck like a chicken, and got even bigger laughs when the manager did it on stage in front of everyone.

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Tuesday Buzz: Building Your Dream Event Team

Associations Now

Learn how to hire a top-notch team to pull off memorable events. Associations reach for the stars in planning events, and they need to do the same when building the teams behind them. The good news, according to meetings professional Tahira Endean, is that technology has completely streamlined the essential steps to create and train a superior event-planning team. Other Links.

People On Your Team May Be Protecting Their Idea Babies

Smooth The Path

The post People On Your Team May Be Protecting Their Idea Babies appeared first on Smooth The Path. Not enough good ideas at your association? Related: What to do when the idea well is dry. Not all association improvements are additive. The five step idea process to becoming an association innovation ninja.

Team 10

Groups Team Up to Create the Future of Device Charging

Associations Now

” The post Groups Team Up to Create the Future of Device Charging appeared first on Associations Now Two trade groups focused on the budding space of wireless charging announced a new collaboration this week that could help take the concept mainstream. Our mobile world is growing quickly—and it might grow even faster if we don’t have to carry a plug around everywhere.

Team 30

Electricity Groups Team With Startup Incubator 1776

Associations Now

The post Electricity Groups Team With Startup Incubator 1776 appeared first on Associations Now When 1776 was hosting the final round of its annual Challenge Cup last week, the startup incubator’s two new partners—the Edison Electric Institute and the Institute for Electric Innovation—were making an impression by handing out an award of their own. One Charged-Up Startup.

How to Build an Innovation Team That Truly Innovates

Associations Now

Teams that are convened to generate new ideas often wind up recycling old ones. An innovation team that’s designed around participants’ job roles instead of their ability to think in new ways is doomed to mediocrity, according to Caraveli. The post How to Build an Innovation Team That Truly Innovates appeared first on Associations Now

Happy Holidays From the Wild Apricot Team

Wild Apricot Blog

The team at Wild Apricot wishes all of our clients, supporters and friends - Happy Holidays. Wild Apricot

Team 28
Team 28

Google, Heart Association Team Up to Fight Heart Disease

Associations Now

The search giant’s corporate parent is teaming with the medical group on an ambitious $50 million initiative to create a multidisciplinary research team to get to the heart of the No. This team will be run by a leader who could conceivably come from any of the disciplines. 1 cause of death worldwide, heart disease. Heart disease is a complex problem in need of a solution.

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