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26 Disruptive & Technology Trends


26 Disruptive & Technology Trends 2016 – 2018 from Brian Solis. From Brian Solis. Oh and check out slide 27-28. ——— ( photo credit ). Featured Social, In Theory Industry Insider

Next #CultureChat: Culture and Technology

Jamie Notter

But we think this topic is worth waiting for, Culture and Technology: Technology doesn’t just impact productivity and efficiency--it can shape your culture. There are also specific technologies designed to shape culture that can be employed. Here are the questions we're thinking about: In what ways does technology impact culture? eastern time.

Gamification: Before You Implement the Technology.

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Technology. Gamifiying your organization is not about technology. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing. Company. News + Press. Customers. Management Team. Partner Programs. Corporate Responsibility.

In 2017, Take Control of Your Technology

Associations Now

In many ways, the notion of the “middle” has come to define association technology this year. Prabhash Shrestha, CAE, vice president of technology at the American Gastroenterological Association, told Athitakis that he dealt with this glut of apps by creating a thoughtful-but-swift approval process that focuses on “the greater benefit of having software that everyone uses.”. Thanks.).

Is Your Technology Seamless?

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A few smart words from a guy who built his life in technology could help you figure out your own technology balance. Among the many things the Apple II mastermind brought up during his panel discussion at the MassMutual Center was the idea of technology needing to enable us to be better, rather than getting in the way of what makes us best. The post Is Your Technology Seamless?

Change Trumps Technology

Jamie Notter

” Digital intensity is basically about adopting digital technology into the organization, but transformational management intensity is about the capacity to make changes to the organization to support that adoption (or other changes as well). Read this blog post by Tonia Ries. They studied 184 publicly traded companies, and the findings are interesting. Absolutely. Change

What Technology Makes the Must-Have List?

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Technology. What Technology Makes the Must-Have List? Working in a technology company means we have a lot of early adopters. I recently asked this group of experts what technology they couldn’t live without. Okay, so we also have some comedians at but velcro is technology in the sense that technology is only a tool for helping you become more efficient. By defining technology in that fashion, it’s easy to classify Velcro (or hook and loop) closures as something pretty great. Solutions. Associations. Chambers + EDCs.

How to Tackle Technology

Association Adviser

The post How to Tackle Technology appeared first on Association Adviser - Best practices, news and leadership strategies for association professionals. Features Technology ASAE benchmarking CAHF communication integration poll everywhere poll systems Simply Voting technology video video integration And do it on your own terms. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Growing Conference Technology Competency To Increase Your Value

Velvet Chainsaw

As a conference organizer, how would you rank your competency regarding conference technologies like registration, speaker management databases, exhibits, conference apps, wayfinding signage, email marketing, CRM data bases and social media? Technology geek, technophobe or somewhere in between? Rarely do they align their meeting technology decisions with the conference strategy.

How To Identify Technologies That Matter

Velvet Chainsaw

Many of us are looking for the next, big, shiny new technology tool. Yet the noise about new technologies makes it very difficult to identify which tools really matter. The parade of new technologies and advances is persistent. Four Traits To Help Identify Technologies That Matter. High rate of technology change. Technology disruptive technologies

Technology truths for meetings and events

Aaron Wolowiec

I’ve admitted it before, and I’ll do it again: I’m a social media and technology addict. So when I’m choosing conferences to attend, I look for technology use. In the first half of this year, American Express Global Business and Travel surveyed 336 meeting planners and 161 meeting and event attendees to learn more about the evolving landscape of technology in meetings.

2017 Technology Trends (And How Your Association Can Adapt)


When it comes to technology, I think we can all agree that the only constant is change. Once we get comfortable with one platform/device, bam! Another 10 pop up. Now the key to adapting to these changes is to understand which trends impact your members the most. Not all should be given equal weight.) association management association leadership membership management Small Staff Chatter

Changes in Technology Change Associations

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As you look at the profession/industry of your members, are they facing similar changes because of technology? ASAE Association CEOs association executives association membership SCD Group technologyThis photo shows what I saw when I checked in at my doctor’s office last week. Obviously, they have not yet switched to electronic medical records. What does that mean for members?

6 Compelling Reasons to Consolidate Your Association’s Technology Systems


How many times have you heard someone say that they want to make a difference? Nurses, doctors, teachers, charity workers, and professionals from all generations long to love their work and make a difference in other people’s lives. It’s one of the most pervasive aspirations in our society, and its one that many people struggle to fulfill. That brings us to the topic of you. How lucky are you?

Why Technology Alone Will Not Move The Needle For Conferences

Velvet Chainsaw

I’m a fan of technology. But, and it’s a big, big but: technology alone will not truly move your conference needle. Technology Isn’t Your Savior My email box is littered with announcements of the next great event technology. Occasionally, a new event technology—like the conference app–will truly move the needle. Usually though, technology is not enough.

[White Paper] The Peer to Peer Fundraising Technology Landscape


As the Internet and technology have continued to evolve, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns have become more sophisticated. The Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Technology Landscape , a new guide for nonprofits by Cathexis Partners, introduces nonprofits to today’s world of peer-to-peer fundraising tools. by Mark Becker, Founding Partner, Cathexis Partners. ————-.

Do Associations Really Get Technology?

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Features Technology 2016 AGC of America APCO International Blue Sky Blue Sky Broadcast California Association of Health Facilities Innovation Maryland Asoscition of CPAs naylor technology TimberlakeThere are two things you can count on this time of year: One, tech will be at the center of the last-minute holiday shopping blitz; and two, many of the latest tech tools and gadgets will be on the. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Study: To Retain Millennial Employees, Organizations Must Adopt New Technologies

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workforce, they’re bringing new ideas and preferences with them, setting the stage for changes in workplace behavior and technology use. While workers across all generations want their companies to be strong technology users, according to CompTIA Senior Director of Technology Analysis Seth Robinson, the desire is growing as employees get younger. “I

Does Your Technology Match Your Culture?


Let’s say you discover this cool new technology that you think is going to make a big difference in the performance of your organization. When you evaluate the technology, have you given thought to how your existing organizational culture will react to it? You’ll also have a much better understanding of how that new technology initiative is going to fit into your culture.

Technology and the New Workplace Currency [Infographic]


Cisco has recently come out with a new study, the 2011 World Technology report , that looks at the [internet] habits of college students and young professionals entering the workforce. Two of five said they would accept a lower-paying job that had more flexibility with regard to device choice, social media access, and mobility than a higher-paying job with less flexibility.

Digital is More than Technology

Jamie Notter

Digital is a mindset. It’s culture. 63% said changing company culture is an “extremely significant” challenge, and only 3% said it was not significant at all (and my guess is that within that last category, 1.5% are in complete denial and the other 1.5% are the ones with totally awesome and adaptive cultures). Change Culture

How Technology Is Redefining Nonprofit Aid

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It’s also proved an opportunity for technology, particularly smartphones, to step in as an important source of help. Instead, I want to use this post to highlight the idea of technological resourcefulness, something that has been a really powerful element of the refugee crisis. The post How Technology Is Redefining Nonprofit Aid appeared first on Associations Now

More Investment, New Technology Could Relieve Drain on Finance

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Technology isn’t the answer to everything, but it may be for challenges facing nonprofits’ finance departments, according to a new study. Investment in new technology could help solve some of the problems a new Abila study found plague finance and accounting professionals in nonprofits. Many teams also lack the best technology to perform their work.

The Future Of Learning And Technology 2020: Preparing For Change

Velvet Chainsaw

Learning anywhere and anytime will be commonplace in many different ways based on the ubiquitous and innovative use of technology. Our organizations face a duality of change—conceptual and technological—regarding the practices of education and learning. Will your organization be ready and prepared to take advantage of these seismic changes to education, learning and technology?

[IMPORTANT] Support nonprofits using technology for social change


Technology can revolutionize social change. The opportunity has never been more apparent for nonprofits that the right technology tools and strategies can prove game-changing. Please donate today to help NTEN build a stronger network of nonprofit professionals that do more with less by leveraging technology to support their work. How can they keep up and stay connected?

Mind: Blown! Technologies of the Future


Technologies of the Future today at the AE Institute conference for Realtor association executives. Maddie Grant will showcase technologies we’ve barely dreamed of that may one day become reality. Get inspired to extrapolate how these technologies could change the future of your association. Mind: Blown!” – Technologies of the Future on Prezi. Potluck

A Taste for Tech: Restaurant Technology Appeals to All Generations

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Millennials are using new restaurant technology at a higher rate, but the gap among frequent users is smaller than you’d think, according to new research from the National Restaurant Association. That technology gap you’ve heard about between millennials and baby boomers? As restaurants integrate more customer-facing technology, usage among consumers is growing.

Member Personalization: Can Technology Replicate Real Relationships?

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As associations get better at using technology to personalize products and services to each individual member, what happens to direct human engagement between the member and the association? See the Member Service Bot 5000 in Booth #1115 at the 2055 Association Technology Conference & Expo!). The post Member Personalization: Can Technology Replicate Real Relationships?

What to Do When Your Members Hate Technology


You just discovered amazing new association management software that will give your association’s staff hours back in their day. It has all the administrative wizardry your staff needs and the member-facing functionality to keep your members and prospects engaged. You love it. Your board loves it. Your staff is getting excited and you can’t wait to roll it out. Except for one thing.

How Technology is Transforming Strategy

Principled Innovation

As social, mobile and related technologies continue to drive deep and accelerating societal transformation, associations will continue to confront increasingly complex strategic challenges that will require fresh mindsets and more dynamic approaches to address. Consider just three ways that technology is irrevocably shifting the nature of strategy, and thus how association leaders need to think about the work of strategy-making in the years ahead. Technology is a game-changing force that has forever redefined the work of strategy for associations. Really? That’s remarkable.

How Are Associations Using Learning Technologies?


How are YOU using learning technologies in your organization? . Their goal is to understand both whether and how organizations are using learning technologies. Jeff Cobb says they “define “learning technologies” broadly. HELP TAGORAS OUT! ” From Tagoras: If you work for a membership organization, we need your help. How You Can Help. Spread the word.

5 reasons your website and CMS is the hub of your association’s marketing technology

Vanguard Tech

ASAE’s 2015 Technology Conference and Expo is just a week away and one of the most exciting topics will be the MarComm & Technology Pathway exploring how marketing, communications and technology present a true digital experience for associations and their members. ASAE Technology Conference content management system association websites

3 Must-Haves in Your Marketing Technology Stack (#3 Might Surprise You)


What’s the first thing you do every day? Besides checking your email and Facebook notifications. For me (and many other marketers), it’s logging in to my marketing software and checking the day’s stats. I look at how many people are visiting my website, converting on offers, and moving down the funnel that my coworkers and I painstakingly created.

Learning + Technology: The Latest on What Associations Are Doing


——— How are trade and professional associations using technology to enable or enhance their education programs? How much success are organizations having with technology-enabled and technology-enhanced learning? Those are just a few of the questions we set out to answer with the latest edition of the Association Learning + Technology report. Download!

[Cool Infographic Friday] 19 Technologies Gen Z Wouldn’t Recognize


Funny and true – except for vinyl, at least in my house. photo credit ). Cool Infographic Friday

New Year Resolution: Invest in Association Learning Technology

WBT Systems

Whether your association is planning to launch new education or certification programs, or revitalize and restructure existing programs, our suggestion for your new year resolution is to invest in association learning technology. Now you might think, of course a learning management system vendor is going to recommend investing in learning technology, but we are not talking about sales!

eBook 26

Understanding New Trends In Educational Technology [Infographic]

Velvet Chainsaw

Trying to keep up with all of the new buzzwords in the booming educational technology sector can leave you feeling like a kindergartener in a calculus class. Here’s a cheat sheet infographic created by Boundless that can help. How many of these education trends is your organization implementing? Which of these trends is your organization using? What trends are missing from the list?

Consumer Technology Association Foundation Hops on Self-Driving Cars

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One future of self-driving cars, to put the vehicles in the hands of those who could benefit the most, might rest with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and its charitable foundation. ” The idea is to use technology to maximize the quality of life for both older adults and people with disabilities.

Survey: Technology Use Among Young Kids Is Skyrocketing

Associations Now

The survey [PDF], which coincides with Better Hearing and Speech Month , found significant percentages of parents reporting technology use by children up to age 8. We know intuitively, after all, that overuse of technology can translate to an underuse of speech and other forms of human-to-human communication. Technology has had many benefits, Page wrote.

Technology Trend Alert: Association and Nonprofit Engagement [Video]


Conversations around technology in the world of associations and nonprofits are constantly evolving. So where should you go to find out where technology is headed and how to avoid common pitfalls? We recently spoke with Tom Lehman of Lehman Associates, a technology, strategy, and research firm. So where should you start?