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YOU’RE INVITED: Community Manager Appreciation Day, Washington DC #CMAD


Ben Martin, CAE, of Online Community Results and I are helping them kick off the CMAD Washington, DC event. Beekeeper Group (1331 G Street NW, First Floor, Washington, DC 20005) . The Laughing Man Tavern (1306 G Street NW, Washington, DC 20005. Next Monday, January 26 is Community Manager Appreciation Day! How awesome is that? Let’s use this time to share our passion.

Four Become One: Fruit Associations Merge Operations in Washington

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In an effort to consolidate operations and create a single voice for their industry, four associations joined forces and formed the Washington State Tree Fruit Association earlier this month. More than 90 percent of voting members of the Washington Growers Clearing House Association approved the plan; it was unanimously approved by board members of the other organizations. “If

Reeling in the Big Kahuna - Washington DC Association Consultant

The Moery Company

Ah, the sales ‘go round’… I’ve attended meetings for years now where we sit around the table with association people who are NOT in sales or the business development area. They start ticking off all the prospective member companies we should have, or the sponsors who should be at a six-figure package. I like to categorize these as “oughta be’s.”. “Oh, Oh, ‘so and so’ ought to be a member, etc.”

Governors to Washington: End the Gridlock

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” The National Governors Association’s executive committee met with President Obama this week, and the group has a message for lawmakers in Washington: Partisan gridlock is preventing governors from doing more to help their states. The post Governors to Washington: End the Gridlock appeared first on Associations Now Scott Walker told CNN regarding the scandal. Vice Chair Gov.

The Washington Post Ombudsman's Parting Suggestion? No More Anonymous Comments

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As a daily subscriber to the Washington Post , a former guest blogger. There's no reason the Washington Post--or any online forum, for that. for the Post, and a community manager, I was very interested in the number one suggestion outlined in Patrick Pexton's farewell column. Pexton was ombudsman for the Post for the past two years--a position. that, to me, has a lot in common with community manager. The thing he. cited as the number one complaint he received during his tenure as. ombudsman? Online comments. Twenty percent of the complaints he received. I can personally attest.

Association Labs – Episode 52: Tackling the #1 Sales Objection - Washington DC Association Consultant

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“We just don’t have the budget…” I hear this sales objection every day, says Host JP Moery. This rebuttal will always be the one to come up because it works. It’s effective with sales folks who don’t know how to overcome it.” In his latest podcast, JP offers his strategy for successfully tackling this common sales challenge. “We Podcast

What Does the Sale of The Washington Post Mean to Your Association?

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I’ve been thinking about what Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post means for trade associations? We heard the news a couple of weeks ago that Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of Amazon is buying The Washington Post and there have been many articles about what this means for the newspaper business. The connection to associations is Competition.

5 Cool Things Associations Are Doing at Meetings and Events

Aaron Wolowiec

In April, the Washington Restaurant Association outfitted its onsite staff with Google Glass to provide a live video feed of the event. This month’s guest blog post is by Samantha Whitehorne, deputy editor for Associations Now. Contact Whitehorne at Samantha Whitehorne, deputy editor for Associations Now. Have Staff Wear the Latest Technology. What does?

Join Us: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Book Events in Washington, DC

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Next week, KD Paine and I will be doing several public events in Washington, DC and online. Please join us! October 23, 2012 at 10 am PST/1:00 PM EST. Workshop: Washington, DC Foundation Center. Free Webinar : Measuring the Networked Nonprofit – Networked for Good. October 24, 2012 10-12 Noon. Evening Book Discussion and Networking Event. “Think more, collect less.”

Association Labs – Episode 49: Are You Really “Showing Up”? - Washington DC Association Consultant

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Host JP Moery had the opportunity to return to his high school in Hennessey, Oklahoma to present at a career day event. His speech to a group of teenagers turned into a self-reflective essay on his own career navigation and what really matters in business. During his recent podcast, he talks about two tenets, which he hopes will help you along your path in business and your personal life. Podcast

Washington Hospitality Association Launches After Year-Long Merger

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Over the last year, the Washington Restaurant and Lodging Associations have been operating together, though independently. After operating under a joint agreement for the last year, the Washington Restaurant Association (WRA) and the Washington Lodging Association (WLA) have completed their merger under the new name: the Washington Hospitality Association (WHA).

Association Labs – Episode 51: Life Hacks to Boost Productivity and Success in Business - Washington DC Association Consultant

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“When are my best days in the office?” ” Host JP Moery riffs on this question in his recent podcast, offering personal suggestions from getting your blood pumping through a great morning work out to ensuring full and effective scheduling of your day. Check out this high-energy episode – it will inspire to make some changes. “When are my best days in the office?”

3 Poorly Kept Secrets for a Big 4th Quarter - Washington DC Association Consultant

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I’m fired up for a big…massive Q4. Can I have an amen? Here are 3 quick items, which may make it more possible for you. 1) First, if your data sucks – the sales team can’t work miracles. the #1 factor for sales success is an excellent, constantly nurtured list of prospects or potential new customers. To be honest, we have learned the hard way at The Moery Company.

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Association Labs – Episode 50: Just Make the Call! - Washington DC Association Consultant

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Host JP Moery completely embraces digital communication. He says, “Email has transformed our business communications enabling us to cover more ground and respond with lightning speed – It’s unbelievable.” Over the last several weeks, however, he’s been increasingly surprised by how effective problem solving can be through face-to-face conversation or by just picking up the phone. Podcast

Happy Fourth of July from Washington DC!


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Mizz Information: What Does a Washington Post Blogger Resigning.

Mizz Information

What Does a Washington Post Blogger Resigning Say About the State of Digital Publishing? While reading Sundays Washington Post , I came across the headline " The Post fails a young blogger." Mizz Information. Monday, April 23, 2012. This should be interesting, I thought, and read it. It was not only interesting but scarily familiar to me. The article describes how the Post blogger responsible for blogPost just resigned because of the no-win nature of her job. Her job entailed writing an average of 5.9 All I could think when I read that part was "yup.". Posted by. Maggie. Twitter.

How to Navigate the World Today - Washington DC Association Consultant

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There are terrible things going on in the world. But tragic events have always been an unfortunate part of a world occupied by the human race. But, I sincerely think these heartbreaking moments are part of God’s plan. I’m not saying these events should happen; but, maybe they provide the opportunity to do good, to serve, to overcome, to show love. After that, I don’t touch the news.

Are You on the Same Page? - Washington DC Association Consultant

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The #1 reason client relationships tank is you’re often not on the same page. Typically, goals and expectation are not clearly defined at the outset. When the deal is signed, you’re often so excited – this key conversation is often missed. Project goals and expectations are an agenda item with everyone at the table. But I learned that just isn’t enough. What’s the status?” Let’s act like it.

Highly Contested GMO Labeling Measure Trails in Washington State

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Closely watched after the ballot initiative racked up a huge number of campaign contributions on both sides of the issue, grocery and biotech groups are claiming victory against a Washington state effort to label genetically modified foods. For now, at least, it appears GMO labels will stay off products sold in Washington state. The measure failed by a 68 percent to 32 percent margin.

Amid NSA Scandal, Tech Companies Get Closer to Washington

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According to a report from The Hill , tech bigwigs such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple increased their spending on lobbying, as new trade groups like the Internet Association burnished their presences in Washington. Dipping in toes: Twitter may be Facebook’s biggest rival, but one thing it didn’t have until last year was a strong lobbying presence in Washington.

GMO Labeling Battle Gets Fresh Kick-Start in Washington

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While efforts to pass GMO labeling laws have failed in California and Washington state, fresh pushes are already underway in other states, including Colorado and Oregon. The campaign against the failed ballot initiatives was marked by millions of dollars in political spending, which got the GMA in trouble in Washington over donor disclosure issues. Standard, But Voluntary.

Get the Scoop at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, DC in June #NCVS

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Next month, I will be traveling to Washington, DC for the NCVS Conference and can’t wait. Get the Scoop at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, DC #NCVS guest post by Michelle Nunn. I hope you’ll make a plan today to join us for Points of Light’s Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, D.C. next month. Housekeeping

Can you really motivate association staff?

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Washington Nationals fire manager for reasons including “poor communications” In describing what he will look for in a manager to replace Matt Williams, Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo might have been pointing out exactly what he felt went wrong with the man he hired two years ago and fired Monday. Leadership qualities, knowledge of the game, X's and O's are all important.

Defensible Spaces

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If mass shooters can be successful at more harden targets, like a Fort Hood or the Washington Navy Yard ,then nonprofits, whose very missions and core values are all about welcoming and helping, are a cake walk. Hood Gabby Giffords Guns are Cool Inland Regional Center Jane Jacobs LA times Mark Kelly mass shootings Oscar Newman Planned Parenthood in Colordao Springs Reddit San Bernadino Umpqua Community College Washington Navy YardI was going to write this week about the power of “thank you,” as it seemed very fitting coming off of Thanksgiving.

India and China Market Opportunities Highlighted at ASAE.


Two popular sessions focusing on the market potential of India and China drew large audiences of association executives this week at the ASAE International Conference 2012 in Washington DC. global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. About. Channels. MarCom. Market & Biz Plan. Meetings. Membership. Products. Services.

Selling Memberships – the Moery Way - Washington DC Association Consultant

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My blogs typically focus on membership and sponsorship growth strategies and tactics to run your organization better, but for a change – I really want to break down how we sell association memberships at The Moery Company. This might be helpful to you. We’ve been in the membership sales game for about 6 years and our process has evolved over that time. Let me dig in on what’s working for us.

Blockbuster week for newspapers: what it means for trade associations

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Then, came the announcement that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had purchased the Washington Post for $250 million. Here are four things I see: As emerging content providers, major publishers (such as the Washington Post) could become competitors to association content. newspapers new media SCD Group associations Washington Post Boston Globe association communications ASAE13

Associations Help Members Close the Skills Gap

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Talent Shortage Survey Washington Healthcare Association WHCAManpower cited a “persistent skills gap” and Fortune said the jobs our economy has created over the past two years “are very different from the ones lost in the recession that followed the 2008. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Washington Restaurant and Lodging Associations Become One

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To work more effectively on issues affecting their collective industries, the Washington Restaurant Association and Washington Lodging Association will merge later this year. Combining resources provides a stronger organization for our members and a stronger voice,” Stan Bowman, president and CEO of the Washington Lodging Association, told The Seattle Times. Anton said.

Who is guarding your association’s finances and resources?

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Here’s the recent story from the Washington Post : An administrative assistant admitted Monday to stealing more than $5 million from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) one of the largest embezzlement schemes from a Washington area nonprofit organization. Wyland SCD Group Susan Avery Washington Post Think what happens to your career if you violate that trust?

300 volunteers without asking


“It’s an embarrassment of riches” is how National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Director of Education Esther Washington described their volunteer pool. As the museum readies for its September 24 opening, Washington is busily preparing their 300-vounteer workforce. There are many amazing elements of this story which offer insight for associations

Youth Urged to March Beyond Washington

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Thousands have converged on Washington, DC, over the past week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. Civic Leadership and Organizing Conference , the only official youth-oriented program to be held as part of the March on Washington festivities. The post Youth Urged to March Beyond Washington appeared first on Associations Now

Washington in the Information Age

Beekeeper Group

The National Journal held a briefing yesterday on communications use and the state of the information landscape in Washington, DC. The presentation, entitled “Washington in the Information Age,” gave a comprehensive overview of media consumption in the District using data … Continue reading → Digital Tactics Congress Information National Journal Online News Social Media

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The Big 3 (Costs, changing demographics and mobile) impacting association meetings

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Washington University joins group offering online credit courses. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Washington University in St. Tahira Endean AssociationsNow Steve Drake SCD Group Clay Shirky Washington University association meetings events association executives Forbes conferencesLike many of you, I belong to a national association that normally charges about $800 for its 3-day national meeting. But, the registration fee is less than 20% of the total cost of attending. In addition, I have to pay airfare/travel costs (around $500) and lodging expenses (about $950).

GMO Labeling: Washington Ballot Initiative Turns State Into Battleground

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A closely watched ballot measure in Washington state, to be voted on next Tuesday, could have a big effect on the foods you buy—whether directly or indirectly. A recent poll showed that a plurality of Washington voters support the measure but that the gap is narrowing. The post GMO Labeling: Washington Ballot Initiative Turns State Into Battleground appeared first on Associations No

What Would Jeff Bezos Do If He Took Control of Your Associations?

SCD Group

Would Jeff Bezos keep your association''s CEO as he did with the executive editor of the Washington Post. I thought of these (and other questions) as I read comments about Jeff Bezos and his first meeting with the staff of The Washington Post. SCDdaily SCD Group association management Washington Post Jeff Bezos Amazon association executives association leadership ASAE

Look Out Washington! SLA 2009 Is Nearly Here. - Typepad

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Look Out Washington!   Our registration numbers are already considerably higher than the last few years, and we know that Washington, D.C.,   Our location in Washington also provides some very special venues. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Look Out Washington! Executive Connections. « Whats New? Main. | SLA in the WSJ! » 02 June 2009. SLA 2009 Is Nearly Here. It looks like the SLA 2009 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO is going to be a big one, and I cannot wait!  Posted by janicelachance at 01:49 PM | Permalink.

The Big Picture: The newest Acronym in Washington

The Big Picture

The newest Acronym in Washington. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference The newest Acronym in Washington : Comments. The Big Picture. A big-picture view of issues and trends affecting associations - in Mississippi and nationally. Shawn on Facebook. Shawn on Twitter. Shawn on Google+. Shawn on Pinterest. Shawn on LinkedIn. « Stamps to Become a Marketing Vehicle? Main. | Ask a Working Woman » June 21, 2006. The new ASAE & The Center blog, Acronym , is now online. And I am honored to be one of the debut guest bloggers. I will work on it. Reblog (0). Books.

What I Learned When I Launched My Own Business - Washington DC Association Consultant

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[link]. Videos

What Are You Doing Now? Set Yourself Up for Future Success! - Washington DC Association Consultant

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[link]. Videos