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Membership 101: The Importance of Personalization

Spark Consulting

Associations are built on relationships. .

How to Get a Better Yield From Your RFP Process

Associations Now

If finding a good partner or vendor feels like finding a needle in a haystack, maybe your RFP process needs a reboot. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect fit for your association’s needs.

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Is Your Company Using Online Community Data Effectively?

Higher Logic

In my last post, I talked about folding community into your larger business operations to better serve customers and your company, a technique known as Community as an Integrated Service (CIS).

5 Must-Have Nonprofit Digital Marketing Tools

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are the top 5 nonprofit digital marketing tools I’ve seen used most effectively. For each tool, I’ll show you how to use its best features and how much it costs

Cost 48

Lead With Your Message, Not Memes

Associations Now

More nonprofits are feeling pressure to shake up their communications strategy. Change is good, but the path to connecting with stakeholders is still old-school. There’s little question that associations can always stand to better communicate their missions.

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What is Culture Analytics

Jamie Notter

In the context of our work, culture analytics is the science of using workplace culture data to generate meaningful actions that improve organizational results, and it is the heart of what we do at WorkXO.

Behind One Association’s Vision for Its Rebranding

Associations Now

Last week, InfoComm International renamed itself AVIXA to better signal its connection to more elements of the AV industry. InfoComm International, an association representing the audiovisual industry, last week renamed itself the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association.

Part 1: Secret recipe for continuing education LMS success.

YourMembership Blog

The continuing education (CE) market is sweet. By some estimates, CE represents $47 billion of total formal training spending in the United States alone. So, it’s no surprise the CE market is attracting a broad spectrum of providers. Associations, for-profit commercial training companies, academic institutions and subject matter experts everywhere are competing for a slice of. The post Part 1: Secret recipe for continuing education LMS success. appeared first on YourMembership.

When Chapter Meetings Leave New Members Feeling Like “meh”

Smooth The Path

After watching the program listings for my local chapter for months, I finally registered for my first meeting as a guest. As I approached the ladies behind the registration desk eyed me impassively. I walked up, smiled, and gave them my name.

3 Reasons Why Online Mentoring Programs Attract New Members

Higher Logic

Question: With regard to your association, what’s keeping you up at night? Answer 1: Not gaining new members. Answer 2: Figuring out how and where to acquire new members. These aren’t hypothetical examples.

Learning Lessons from a Crow’s “Caw”

Association Success

We should be challenging ourselves - not copy, rinse, repeating. CAAAAW! CAAAAW! The crow’s ‘caaaaw’ sounded unnatural and abnormally human. Almost like he was reading a script written by another crow. He kind of was, in reality. A while back, I was at The National Aviary in Pittsburgh. I was in a foyer with three cages individually occupied by a two parrots and a crow. The crow was once injured, but had been saved by aviary staff and placed in-between the parrots’ cages.

If You’re Looking for a Job, Look Inland, Lists Say

Associations Now

Two new reports suggest that Midwestern and Southern cities have a better balance of job openings and cost of living than their coastal counterparts. If you’re in the job market, you might want to head to Pittsburgh—especially if you’re just starting out in your career.

Free Google Advertising Available for Nonprofits


Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month from Google. You could recruit more volunteers. Attract more donations. And share your story with audiences all over the globe. It’s all possible with Google Ad Grants.

Winter ‘18: The 17th Release of Nimble AMS is on Its Way


​Nimble AMS Winter ‘18 is full of new features that will make your staff and members more efficient than ever! In this release we have removed barriers to payment, streamlined Staff View by optimizing for Lightning Experience, and made way for Multiple Community Hubs. We also put the power of Community Hub Access Control in the hands of administrators. We’re very excited about all the ways this latest release will help you make the most of your AMS.

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The Most Overlooked Must-Haves (and Dos) in an Online Community

Higher Logic

Want some easy to create and implement ideas that will enhance, protect and engage your community? We’ve been in this industry for more than a decade, so we put together a list of what we consider are seven of the most underutilized online community features and processes.

Running Effective Virtual #Nonprofit Meetings: 9 Best Practices for Facilitating Engagement

Beth Kanter's Blog

Bus Tour Aims to Raise Awareness of Effects of Childhood Trauma

Associations Now

In a five-city bus tour this fall, an array of organizations is seeking to build better understanding of the long-term effects of childhood trauma and the interventions that can help children heal. The tour will end with a rally on Capitol Hill.

Four Personalization Strategies Conferences And Associations Can Adopt From Education

Velvet Chainsaw

Let’s separate reality from fiction regarding personalized conference experiences and personalized learning. Fact: Meeting professionals and conference vendors frequently confuse personalization with configurable conference experiences. They are not the same thing.

How to Build an Informative Calendar for Your Association’s Members


Let’s be honest: We can all let our schedules get away from us. Whether it’s personal or professional, having a handle on your calendar should ultimately generate less stress in your life (and who doesn’t love that?).

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 105: Brains or Behavior – What Does It Take to Be Successful? - Moery Company

The Moery Company

To be the best in business, do you need to hire the smartest people or those with the best attitude and self-awareness? Recently, Host JP Moery considered his most fantastic colleagues and what made them so. Upon reflection, he realized many of these special individuals weren’t always the “smartest in the room.” The individual superstars may not have looked best on paper. But, they did get great results through behavioral qualities – and he shares these in his most recent podcast.

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Hurricanes and Asynchronous Communication

Eric Lanke

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were on everyone's mind these last few weeks. Even if you weren't directly affected by them through mandatory evacuations, storm damage, or the tragic loss of life, the hurricanes were undoubtedly on your mind and they probably impacted the way you did your job.

Over 200 Country Clubs Use This #1 Country Club Management Software

Wild Apricot Blog

Over 200 country clubs use Wild Apricot to build a beautiful website and seamlessly handle all their administrative work. Country-Club-Software

Is Your Website Appealing to Young Professionals?


As more and more Baby Boomers start to retire, engaging the next generation - Millennials and Gen Z-ers - becomes more and more important. What are you doing to attract those folks? Are you honing in on your website? You should be!

Digging into the Data for Retention and Engagement Success - Moery Company

The Moery Company

iStock/Credit: NicoElNino. Data is key to developing winning strategies around engagement and retention. Data from your CRM and other sources can be utilized in myriad ways.

When Contemplating Conference Growth, Think Next Audiences Which Includes Next Gen

Velvet Chainsaw

Too often when we think about conference growth or sustainability, we assume it means attracting next gen customers. We pinpoint a specific generation, usually Millennials. Then we discuss how to plan, program and market to that specific age group.

Disaster Recovery Planning for Your Office: Practice Makes Perfect

Associations Now

A disaster recovery plan is essential to keeping your organization running in the case of a natural disaster. But it’s only effective if your staff knows what’s in it and how to implement it. As Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have shown, natural disasters can strike quickly with devastating consequences.

Stop Missing the Mark on Member Needs

Smooth The Path

We only have so many seconds in each day that we can devote to work. Which means to get ahead we need to peel off as many of those seconds as we can to focus on the next thing. Do you know what the next thing is? Are you trying to decide between many competing priorities?

4 Categories to Include in Your Association's Code to Ethics


While having a code of ethics may feel like a mandatory standard for associations, you’ll find many associations still lack a clear official statement on where they stand ethically.

Breaking the Mold of Waiting to Be Told

Idea Architects

In a blog post entitled "The relentless search for 'tell me what to do'" guru Seth Godin writes: If you've ever hired or managed or taught, you know the feeling. People are just begging to be told what to do.

Mindful Monday – Cracking the Code On Meetings

Leadership Solutions International

Fall is here the time of year when so many of us head back into planning or decision-making mode. It’s the time of the year for sales meetings and leadership conferences. Here’s what you need to know people are arriving at your meeting mindless.

Is Now the Right Time to Add a Student Membership Category?

Associations Now

Getting students involved as members can leave a lasting impression after they graduate. But some association membership pros say it’s important to ask a few questions before launching or reconfiguring your student membership category.

A Simple Social Media Tip for Association Pros


When it comes to spending time marketing your association on social media channels, it’s easy to “save it for another day.” After all, association pros are always on the run and their time is at a premium. Download “Social Media Survival” for. 30 great post ideas for associations.

Checklist for a Successful Strategic Planning Event


It’s a magical time of year, folks. You’ve survived the summer conferences. Fall events are near (golf outing, anyone?). Membership renewal is upon us. And planning 2018 association priorities is likely on your radar. Or, at least, it should be.

Experimentation as Strategy


By Mary Byers, CAE, CSP According to Forbes contributor Mike Maddock, “In order to make a product or service everything it can be, it needs to be repeatedly soft launched with both internal stakeholders and external customers. This means literally sending the idea—be it a product or a service—into a limited part of the marketplace […]. Blog association e-learning elearning momentum productivity strategy