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Facebook Announces Overhaul of Newsfeed: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits?

Beth Kanter's Blog

Yesterday was my birthday. And the one great thing about social media, particularly Facebook, is that you get to hear from many people wishing you a happy day because the platform alerts them. This year I had a tsunami of birthday wishes.

5 Ideas for Your 2018 Social Media Editorial Calendar


Have your social media accounts been driving massive exposure to your brand? I imagine most of us would agree that we’d like to see our social media channels perform better than they are now. Let’s up our social media game this year! Here are a few ideas: 1.

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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

Web Courseworks Associations

This is our most popular Managing eLearning post every year, and by now we know you want to see the hype curve first. Here it is: Our 2018 eLearning predictions set in terms of Gartner’s hype cycle.

Members Hire Associations, Members Fire Associations

Potomac Core

Members hire Associations, Members fire Associations is what the new mantra will be for Association Executives in 2018. The evolving external environment is continually redefining how member executives assess the impact of their memberships.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

Higher Logic

Purchasing new technology is a big undertaking. There are so many platforms on the market, how do you wade through your choices to find just one that fits your association? You need to choose carefully: find a vendor that will support you and software that makes employees’ jobs easier.

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37 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2018

Wild Apricot Blog

Do you want to raise more funds, engage more volunteers, and stay on top of the latest online tools in 2018? If so, there's a free nonprofit webinar in January on each of these topics and more

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4 Hot Tech Topics to Watch in 2018

Higher Logic

We’re well past the point of keeping up with every advancement in the tech field – things are simply moving too fast. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t affected when things move forward. New technology makes its way into our lives and businesses faster every year.

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3 New Year’s resolutions to improve your association members’ experience.

YourMembership Blog

If you’re anything like me, coming up with New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming and anxiety-ridden, not to mention their failure is often accompanied by evidence. I only have to look over my shoulder at the elliptical in my office to spot a failed resolution of 2016. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The post 3 New Year’s resolutions to improve your association members’ experience. appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Member Retention Professional Developmen

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.5.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… You’ve almost made to the end of your first week back, hang in there! I spent the holidays weeks coughing, sniffling, and reading books, not blogs, so I don’t have much in the way of reading to share this week.

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Augmented Reality (+12 Examples of Inspiring Nonprofit Augmented Reality Campaigns)

Wild Apricot Blog

Learn everything a nonprofit needs to know about how to make a successful Augmented Reality (AR) campaign and 12 examples of nonprofits who’ve already found success. VR Virtual-Reality AR Augmented-Reality

Celebrating 2017 Communities, New and Old: Higher Logic’s Year in Review

Higher Logic

It’s been an eventful year to say the least, with our team and product expanding to cover everything from engagement and collaboration to automation. It’s clear we had a lot to celebrate in 2017, and now have plenty to be thankful for as we reflect during the holiday season.

Speak Up!

Effective Databse

One of the more frustrating aspects of consulting is running into staff who are unwilling to speak up when speaking up is warranted. For example, during the implementation phase of a new AMS, many processes will be changed, either by design or by default. As processes change, staff needs to speak up and ask both “How?” ” and Why?” ” questions. How does this new process work and why are we implementing a new process.

Bringing the Real World Back into Engagement Scores

Association Success

What's the value in an engagement score for engagement score's sake? Membership engagement scores are everywhere—in articles, at conferences and even built into our association management systems. As we are able to access more and more data, we seek out new and better ways to use them for understanding member behavior, and member engagement scores stand at the ready, offering us the key to this knowledge. But when we measure member engagement what are we really measuring?

A Few Thoughts About Nonprofits and Digital Transformation in 2018

Beth Kanter's Blog

Over the past year, I have felt less optimistic than ever about the power of connectivity and networks for social good. And, if the truth be told, almost to the point of wanting to crawl up on a fetal position and never another look at a screen again.

The 10 Most Important People in HR Tech in 2017

Association Adviser

I just love end-of-the-year lists. Facebook Google HR News LinkedIn Featured

How a Major Corporation Crowdsources Product Innovation (And How You Can Too)

Higher Logic

Starbucks. You’ve heard of Starbucks, right? It’s one of those iconic brands that crosses generations. Everyone, including my grandmother and youngest cousin (she’s three and loves a Starbucks white hot chocolate) knows of and has tried at least one.

3 Resolutions Small Business Leaders Should Make for the New Year


Even if you are not a typical resolution setter, there is something about the new year that gives us all a feeling of starting fresh. We have the opportunity to begin again, even if working towards the same goals. There is a renewal in the new year that is invigorating.

The Unsung Power of Establishing Audacious Goals (Even if You Fail)

WBT Systems

How failure led to a mentoring relationship with Marshall Goldsmith. Pivot: Reinvention Central


AI and Nonprofits: Will Bots Make Transition from Functional to Friendship?

Beth Kanter's Blog

The next disruptive technology phase is already upon here and it includes a technology designed to emulate human conversation – chatbots programmed with artificial intelligence.

Mark Your Calendars for the Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit!


The Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit, April 18-20, Washington, DC is an immersive event where nonprofit and association leaders discuss concepts and ideas for advancing their missions through their people.

Hit the Re-Energize Button! - Moery Company

The Moery Company

IStock/Credit:BrianAJackson. Throughout 2017, I had the opportunity to meet with many Association CEOs whom I truly respect and found a common theme throughout our discussion: engaging, recruiting, and retaining members.

These Are Not the Most Read Articles But They Are the Most Impactful For the Association Community

Smooth The Path

The end of the year blog post wrap up is pretty easy for writers. Just look through Google analytics and see which posts had the most views. Not only is it easy, but this format is also a great way to get favorite content back in front of readers. Win, win! But is there a way to make it better?

How to prepare your webinar speakers to deliver an amazing presentation


The truth is that all subject matter experts don’t always make great speakers. Additionally, some people can deliver a killer in-person presentation but fall short when presenting to a virtual audience. Here are a few tips that will help ensure that your webinar presenters are equipped to deliver an amazing and memorable presentation experience: Deliver […]. Blog association e-learning elearning online events webcasts webinars

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Nonprofit Book Review: Social Startup Success – A Must Read for 2018

Beth Kanter's Blog

One of my favorite activities is to do a networking walk on The Dish trail, a five mile somewhat challenging hike adjacent to the Stanford University campus, a location where Silicon Valley start up entrepreneurs have famously walked and made deals or come up with great ideas.


Tailoring a Custom-Fit Approach for Sponsorship and Membership Sales - Moery Company

The Moery Company

There are two types of sales clients I have the pleasure of working with at The Moery Company: sponsorship and membership. When I first came on board, I didn’t think there was much of a difference between the two, but over the last 18 months, I’ve learned they are two very distinct client groups and I’ve developed ‘best practices’ tailored for each to ensure success.

5 Unique Ways to Improve Your New Member Engagement Program

Smooth The Path

Shirley looked at the metrics of her 6-month new member email campaign. The first email generated a 40% open rate and the second email did even better with a 47% open rate. The rest of the emails were decent each getting between 33 and 38% open rates, except for the 3rd and 4th email.

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How to Engage Members in the 21st Century


There’s no reason associations should continue to play by 20th-century rules anymore. There are (at least) 5 digital tactics member-based organizations should be using to drive participation and engagement in today’s world. TACTIC #1. Build Awareness Through Social Media.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.29.17

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… Researchers learned that children (aged 4-6) perform better during boring tasks when dressed as a superhero or character they admire like Batman or Dora the Explorer.

Catch Me Online and In Person

Jamie Notter

Happy new year everyone! 2018 is already shaping up to be a busy year, particularly in the speaking department. Here are some of the venues you can hear me speak in the near future, both online and in person: QuestionPro Webinar: Workplace Culture Benchmarking, Challenges and Opportunities.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 120: Why Associations Should Launch a Podcast in 2018 - Moery Company

The Moery Company

There has never been a better time for associations to launch a podcast – the medium is surging in popularity with more than 67 million monthly listeners. Host JP Moery welcomes to the Association Playbook his good friend and podcast consultant, Chris Stemp – host of the Smart People Podcast.


10 Tips for Documenting Automated Campaigns

Higher Logic

“The devil is in the details.” That never rang any truer for me than when I needed to document a marketing campaign for the first time. Indeed, the devil is in those many, many details, and I learned a lot about not letting anything slip through the cracks. Last month we launched some redesigned campaigns for our marketing automation tools. There’s more advanced content on Landing Pages, Automated Campaigns, and Web Tracking, and the individual campaigns interconnect with one another.

8 Ways to Get (and stay) Caught Up at Work in 2018


For associations, extra time is scarce. Learn how to make the most of your day by following these simple tips: Keyboard Shortcuts. Learn keyboard shortcuts for the computer programs you use regularly. The time you save will really add up. Internet Time.

Successfully Embracing Change is a Team Effort

Association Adviser

We recently caught up with Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE, chief executive officer of the National Business Officers Association , the only national association focused exclusively on supporting independent school business officers and business operations staff, and fostering financial and operational excellence among independent PK-12 schools.


Start the New Year with 7 New Habits for Learning Professionals

WBT Systems

Resolutions are so 20th century. We all know by now that if you want to achieve a goal, you need to do more than merely declare a resolution, you need to develop a habit—for example, a habit to meditate ten minutes in the morning or a habit to go for a walk or run before work. But since you spend most of your time at work, wouldn’t it make sense to develop some new habits that will make you more productive, advance your career, and make life in the office more enjoyable?