Managing Volunteers? Learn from the Lutherans

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According to a Bureau of Labor report in March, the overall volunteer rate of Americans last year was the lowest since 2002, when the bureau began tracking volunteer service. According to Marguerite Christman, who was the volunteer convention manager for the Peoria meeting, you need to: Develop an organizational chart that clearly delineates the roles of various volunteer committees, and give those committees responsibility for recruiting volunteers for their particular area of work.

New Style Guide Helps Journalists Cover Diversity Topics More Accurately

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While CIIJ released a diversity guide in the 1990s that covered ethnicity and disability, it had not been updated since 2002.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Facilitation Friday #21: How to.

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A good general guideline is that the longer the session, the longer the closure segment. If you are facilitating an ongoing group such as an internal staff team, a committee, or a learning community, your efforts fall somewhere between these two extremes I just described. Dec 2002 (6).