Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

Aaron Wolowiec

In an article I wrote in June 2002 for Associations Now , I encouraged readers to take a break from the daily firefighting we’ve come to expect and instead approach tasks with more reflection, strategy and collaboration. Aerial of downtown Detroit Riverfront Photo Credit: Vito Palmissano.

Membership Marketing Blog: Your Membership Value Equation

Membership Marketing

Value = Benefits / Costs = (Functional benefits + Emotional benefits) / (Monetary costs + Time costs + Energy costs + Psychic costs) 1. Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, Prentice Hall; 11 edition (May 2002). There are five options according to logic and Kotler -- raise benefits, reduce costs, raise benefits and reduce costs, raise benefits by more than you raise cost, or lover benefits by less than you raise costs.

Cost 50

California Association Turns Farm Workers Into Farm Owners

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Historically, field workers like Murillo have faced difficulty transitioning and prospering because of language and cultural barriers, the high cost of land, lack of resources, and institutional exclusion, ALBA says.

Thinking and thriving

Aaron Wolowiec

After serving as an association executive for more than 10 years, De Cagna launched his company in 2002 to challenge association boards, CEOs and executives to build their organizations to thrive in an uncertain future. Jeff De Cagna, founder of Principled Innovation LLC.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Making Sponsorship Special Again

Idea Architects

in order to generate extra revenues. reduced cost courtesy of others’ doing the underwriting. As a result, the registration fee or product cost individuals have been paying hasn’t had to carry the full value proposition of the event or product itself. Dec 2002 (6).

PSA To Nonprofits: GDPR May Apply to You


Unfortunately, the cost of wrongly assuming that GDPR will not impact you could be steep. The cost of noncompliance is not only monetary but reputational. Public Interest Registry was founded by the Internet Society ( internetsociety.org ) in 2002 and is based in Reston, Virginia, USA.