Social Media and Electronic Discovery: A New Nightmare


Following the Enron scandal, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 established new penalties (fines and imprisonment) when an organization alters, destroys, mutilates or conceals documents that is or may be subject to a federal investigation.

Amid Shark Attack Fears, Lifeguards Present Larger-Picture Safety Concerns

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USLA addressed shark attack training in a position statement released in 2002 [PDF] after a series of incidents called into question the viability of a vacation destination and the role of lifeguards during an active attack, Brewster explained.

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Facilitation Friday #25: Five Keys to Strategy Discussions

Idea Architects

But youd be surprised how many strategy discussions allow insufficient time to appropriately document the actions to be taken, who will be taking them, and the timeframes in which they will unfold. Dec 2002 (6). Nov 2002 (4). Sep 2002 (2). Aug 2002 (3).

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: The Value of the Visual: Facilitation.

Idea Architects

Projecting ideas being brainstormed as a Word document that someone creates in real-time often is more effective than flipcharting that rapid-fire output so long as you go back and cursor through ideas as a review. Dec 2002 (6). Nov 2002 (4). Sep 2002 (2). Aug 2002 (3).

Writing the Financial Policy : Off Stage

Off Stage

A policy is a distinct document, separate from the associations bylaws or charter. International Real Property Foundation, 2002. • Off Stage. 29, 2009 - Writing the Financial Policy. Writing An Association Financial Policy (Reprint) By Judith Lindenau, CAE, RCE. May 30, 2003.