Email Marketing Trends: What’s Hot in 2017

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Here’s a bit of a conundrum to start out the year: Despite all the complaints about email filling up our inboxes and generally annoying us, email newsletters and marketing messages are doing pretty well from an attention-grabbing standpoint.

Small Groups Of Friends Are The Key To Influence Not Swaying Influential People

Velvet Chainsaw

Malcolm Gladwell first described The Law of the Few in his 2002 book The Tipping Point. Much of the marketing for the past several years has focused on finding and winning over influencers who then spread the message to their followers. The Shift To Marketing To Small Networks.

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Membership Marketing Blog: Your Membership Value Equation

Membership Marketing

Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Whether you are an association professional or a relationship marketer, join the discussion on the Membership Marketing Blog and share your ideas and counsel. Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, Prentice Hall; 11 edition (May 2002). Marketing News.

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New data: Volunteerism at an all-time low

Aaron Wolowiec

This figure is the lowest since the bureau started the survey in 2002. Religious organizations took the top spot for volunteering, followed by schools, sports groups or other youth extracurricular groups. Peggy Hoffman, president of Mariner Management and Marketing, LLC.

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Getting Married to Membership May Require Engagement First

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It used to be that you had to pay to play: join an organization and then you can get involved. community that people value and that our organizations market. That can be easily overlooked by those leading the organizations, both staff and volunteers. Dec 2002 (6).

Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

Aaron Wolowiec

In an article I wrote in June 2002 for Associations Now , I encouraged readers to take a break from the daily firefighting we’ve come to expect and instead approach tasks with more reflection, strategy and collaboration. Aerial of downtown Detroit Riverfront Photo Credit: Vito Palmissano.

Daily Buzz: The.Org Battle Gets a Public Protest

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SaveDotOrg , an advocacy group that counts numerous nonprofits, including ASAE, among its supporters, has organized a protest against the sale of domain to Ethos Capital.

Incorporating Text Polling at Your Next Live Event

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There has been so much talk about Big Data and analytics lately, but sometimes you just need to ask your audience or target market a quick question that can be easily answered and shared in real-time. Dana Plotke leads the marketing efforts for Naylor, LLC. Dana Plotke, Naylor.

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Advocating from Afar: Virtual and Remote Grassroots Advocacy

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From the Grassroots Professional Network LinkedIn page: COVID-19 suddenly canceled the conference and fly-in plans for advocacy organizations across the country. There are other reasons that supporters, activists and members of various organizations cannot visit DC for a fly-in.

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Volunteer. It’s Good for You!

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There’s little doubt that volunteers are important to a nonprofit organization’s success. million people volunteered about 50 hours of their time to at least one organization, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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California Association Turns Farm Workers Into Farm Owners

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An organic farming association in Northern California trains immigrant field workers how to manage their own farms. ALBA owns a 110-acre organic farm, and to help the laborers get started with their own farm businesses, it leases them farmland at subsidized prices.

Arrested Development? A Strategic Approach to Technology Reboots Association Growth


This requires looking at how we position ourselves in the market differently. Identifying new markets and sources of revenue – relying too heavily on dues revenue can be catastrophic for associations. Scan the Market. Jobs and markets that were once unrelated are aligning.

PSA To Nonprofits: GDPR May Apply to You


But what you may not know, is that unlike many global policy directives, there is no exception to GDPR for nonprofit organizations. So regardless of how large or small your nonprofit is and whether you’re based within or outside of the European union, GDPR may impact your organization.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Making Sponsorship Special Again

Idea Architects

And that has become a very real problem for organizations that. Sure, some organizations aren’t. So organizations used to a sponsorship gravy train are really. With less sponsorship dollars coming in the door, organizations now. Dec 2002 (6). Nov 2002 (4).

4 Stories about Association Membership

SCD Group

A strategic membership organization will look to engage with its members based upon where they are in their membership journey and where they should, logically, look to go next. Fully 67 percent called it their top membership priority, according to a survey by Marketing General, a membership consultancy. Yet two thirds of those executives said their organizations were not tracking member engagement at all. million since 2002.

Building Association Culture from the Get Go

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Starting with the book’s foreword, I realized the book provided some value lessons for association executives and leaders of any organization. Dungey coached the Colts starting in 2002. Both recognized that meant creating a culture across the entire organization.

Grow International Meeting Registration & Sponsorships in an Era of.


Market & Biz Plan. International event marketing can be a challenge. EULAR is a pan-European scientific congress for doctors, scientists, researchers and patient organizations. Market & Bus Planning (44).

2104 Summer Recommended Reading

Holly Duckworth

Member engagement, recruitment, and retention are fundamental activities that all membership organizations must master to ensure the growth and viability of their organizations over the long term. If you or your organization wish to do anything “new” they must read this book!

Moneyball and Management Innovation

Jamie Notter

But the lessons are applicable more broadly in organizations. Worst of all, most of them have no idea what the problems plaguing their organizations actually are. At the end of the 2002 season the Boston Red Sox offered Billy Beane a job. Creating More Human Organizations.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: I Want ASAE to Fail. And You.

Idea Architects

Not everyone who reads this blog is a member of ASAE or a professional organization, so to make the most of this post, think of an organization you care about, perhaps one you contribute to financially or as a volunteer. What's your tolerance for risk within the organization?

SCD Group: Associations: Those who own the future are the ones.

SCD Group

” Jackson suggests it is easier to start a new organization than reinvent an old one. or Social (companies founded from 2002 – 2009, including Facebook (FB), LinkedIn (LNKD) and Groupon (GRPN)), Mobile (from 2010 – present, including Instagram). Pages. About. Contact.

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Stronger by Association: Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification

AMR Management Services

He graduated from Transylvania University in Lexington in 2002 with a degree in Business Administration, and completed his Master of Science in Sport Administration from Eastern Kentucky University in 2006. Who Should Manage Your Organization? Nursing Organizations Alliance.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: The Value of the Visual: Facilitation.

Idea Architects

A mindmap can be a great one-page handout for a workshop or one-page representation of an organizations strategic framework. Dec 2002 (6). Nov 2002 (4). Sep 2002 (2). Aug 2002 (3). Jul 2002 (3). Jun 2002 (2). May 2002 (4).

Plexus Consulting Group?: Crucial Conversations

Plexus Consulting

Plexus Consulting Group® For health, education, workforce, finance and other non profit and public service organizations that want to leverage resources and strategically plan for U.S. or international market expansion. in an attempt to settle and dispose of disputes between the parent organization and two of the subsidiary component organizations. or international market expansion. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Game Plan 2014: Seeing Around the Corners

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” Naylor Marketing Manager Dana Plotke said she’s surprised by the number of associations that are still grappling with the print versus digital question. InfoComm International , the audiovisual association, is one organization that does this very well, Stern said.

Writing the Financial Policy : Off Stage

Off Stage

acceptance by the organizations leadership and staff. An organization that. In addition, an organization should periodically revise its overall financial plan to. International Real Property Foundation, 2002. • Association Marketing. Off Stage.

The Alternatives to LinkedIn Groups Your Members Will Love

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Established in 2002, it’s also one of the world’s oldest social networking platforms. It has a strong focus on organic community building. Any kind of marketing is frowned upon and may get you banned from some groups. Meetup was launched 17 years ago to provide a space for online groups to organize in-person events based on shared interests. It’s still not very popular outside of its original German-speaking market.

Big Data: Big Headache or Big Opportunity for Associations?

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Chances are that someone at your organization has already asked the same questions you’re pondering. Please contact us ASAP if your organization would like to participate in the project or if you would like to submit questions for consideration. But, he did teach me three valuable lessons about learning about your customers: (a) You can never know too much about your customers or target market; (b) You don’t get if you don’t ask and (c) Ask for forgiveness, not for permission.