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Book Review: iPhone Millionaire


Up until now the technology of the web has pretty much only allowed text – and then stills, but video is fast arriving. We already have the tools – thanks to Steve Jobs largely. While we may have the tools, what we are lacking is the training – no one taught us how to express ourselves in this very powerful medium. His work has included: The complete transitioning of the BBC’s national network (UK) to a VJ-driven model, starting in 2002.

Review 101

Context Is Everything: Online Communities

Beth Kanter

Mitch has a long-time history with online communities – having been involved with online communities for over a decade and so he has context. In an age of fast-paced technology changes, we can often forget just how valuable having a context is. I was delighted when he offered to write up some reflections. At the time, we invited Internet thought-leaders to participate in an email list discussion, focusing on interactive tools. Flickr Photo BirkgetKing.

Big Data: Big Headache or Big Opportunity for Associations?

Association Adviser

Please contact us ASAP if your organization would like to participate in the project or if you would like to submit questions for consideration. If you’re taking shortcuts due to staffing, technology or financial resources, then don’t pretend what you’re doing is scientific. It’s also a great member benefit and new member recruiting tool. Hank Berkowitz, Association Adviser.