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Also look at learning preferences, technology adoption and topic interests. Technology is not synonymous for innovation; some associations are having breakthroughs by going back to old tech. In response to this challenge, some associations have made impressive gains in their adoption of technology, particularly in the areas of mobile, social media, video, online learning, connectivity and more. Also keep in mind that you can innovate by using old technology, too.

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Lunchtime Links: Social Media Isn’t Just for Young People

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But new research suggests folks 65 and older are also using the technology more. According to the study, which has been tracking all forms of social media use since 2005, six in 10 people surveyed between the ages of 50 and 64—and 43 percent of those 65 and older—were social media users.

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Hot Nonprofit Marketing Jobs This Week – February 16


The central responsibility of this role is to increase revenue through creative solutions. Must be detail oriented, excellent with technology, team player, self-starter for this newly created position.

Mizz Information: Why Facebook Can't be Trusted to Care About.

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I havent yet written about Facebooks recent announcement that they are developing technology that would allow children younger than 13 years old to use the site under parental supervision. Mizz Information. Sunday, July 1, 2012. Why Facebook Cant be Trusted to Care About Kids Safety.

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Mizz Information: Association Swing and a Miss--CEA Tech.

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In my opinion, there are a few things they could have done to make this program more of a success: Technology --I know Im possibly more the exception rather than the rule, but IMHO, its 2011--why would you launch what is basically an online membership category and use online forums instead of an online social networking platform? Advertising/Revenue --I have to admit Im kind of sad to see this thing fail because I think it could have been a success. Mizz Information.

Leading the way in a flattened world

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Worth, President at Plexus Consulting Group, LLC Two books that go a long way to explaining our world, how we got to where we are, as well as the factors that will determine where we are going, are Guns, Germs and Steel (1999) by Jared Diamond and The World is Flat (2005) by Thomas Friedman. According to Friedman, the world has been made "flat" through technology and the lowering of philosophical, legal and economic barriers to travel, trade and the exchange of ideas. By Steven M.