Top 5 Association Management Takeaways from Xperience2014

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The Xperience2014 Customer Conference, held March 31 – April 1, 2014, at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort in St. Throughout the show our guests had the opportunity to attend sessions focused on business, marketing and association management best practices.

Best 2014 Blogs from Our Association and Alliance Management Company

Association Management

And we’ve really begun to make headway as a technology-focused alliance management company—capable of supporting open-source technology associations , standard-setting alliances, and IoT consortia, in addition to our other practice areas. Happy New Year!

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The Heart Rending Truth About Association Management

Association Subculture

association membership mission vision Sloe gin, sloe gin Tryin'' the wash away the pain inside Well I''m sick and I''m all done in I''m standing in the rain And I feel like I''m gonna die. I''m so damn lonely, ain''t even high.

Goodbye e-learning

Aaron Wolowiec

So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! Use a learning content management system (LCMS). As a former journalist, I love data.

CalSAE Association Executives Name 6 Big Trends for 2014

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and they''re only gettin'' better I''m doin'' all right Gettin'' good grades The future''s so bright I gotta wear shades.Timbuk 3 I am lucky enough to get to play along with the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) IDEAL(TM) learning laboratory. association trends

My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

Eric Lanke

As we end another year, here''s a look back at the five posts on this blog that received the most page views in 2014. It was inspired by the take-down of strategic planning in Humanize , and in it I pledge to stop using that term to describe the messy, constantly evolving process my association uses to determine our direction and set our objectives. In laying out the guidelines that govern our activities, I realize that only one term makes any sense--association management.

Some Especially Great Ideas From Great Ideas 2014

Associations Now

From thinking differently about workspace to expanding reach via pop culture, the 2014 Great Ideas Conference brought out plenty of concepts worth taking to your staff and board—even if you weren’t in Florida this week. — Jamie Notter (@jamienotter) March 10, 2014.

Game Plan 2014: Seeing Around the Corners

Association Adviser

We’re not recommending a life on the lam for 21 st century association leaders. Associations and their boards need to develop clearer and better researched priorities—then make sure they have the right staff or outsource partners to execute. “Most associations are slow to change.

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Meetings 5.0: Five Ways to Improve Your Events

Association Management

This week I’m speaking on a panel at the New England Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting. Governance Membership Technology Uncategorized association management Association Management Company Board of Directors Conference Planning Organizational Development Training

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The Future of Association Management Systems


This seems to be the question that has haunted association execs for more than 25 years when the initial association management system hit the not-for-profit marketplace. Associations should budget appropriately for AMS training, especially beyond implementation.

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Attend IMEX 2014 – May 19-22 As MCI’s Guest


Every year record numbers of international meeting planners and association executives attend IMEX, the essential worldwide exhibition for meetings and incentive travel – featuring IMEX Association Day & Evening, a dedicated education and networking day for association executives. During this special day of education and seminars , IMEX explores key topics and new developments within association management. IMEX 2014 – Hosted Buyer Benefits.

The Future of Associations

Association Leaders

On Friday, January 17 I had the privilege of moderating an esteemed panel of experts in a discussion titled, The Future of Associations at the National Association of Manufacturers Council of Manufacturing Associations Winter Meeting. The audience included more than 100 association executive members of the NAM CMA and more than 200 people joining live via webcast. How are demographic shifts impacting associations now and in the future?

Back to basics: Education programs

Aaron Wolowiec

I recently facilitated two sessions on meeting planning and professional development for the Michigan Society of Association Executive’s (MSAE) Academy of Association Management. Significant percentages of association memberships attend annual meetings or trade shows.

Tuesday Buzz: The State of Fundraising Tech in 2014

Associations Now

Find Accounting Software has released the findings from its 2014 Fundraising Technology Trends Study , and the results are clear. But only 1 in 3 say they have the tools they need to be effective,” Find Accounting Software project specialist manager Adam Bluemner writes.

Top Stories of 2014: Here’s What You Read and Shared From Associations Now

Associations Now

From Ebola to drones to cybersecurity, it’s been an exciting year in association news. We looked back to see what grabbed and held your attention and what you shared most with other association pros. Here’s a look back at the most popular Associations Now stories of 2014.

Salesforce or Microsoft: What’s the Right CRM Platform for Your Association Management Software?

Nimble AMS

In the past few years, there has been a noticeable push by associations to leverage enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) platforms from Salesforce or Microsoft as the platform for their association management software (AMS). and associations.

Winning Lessons from the World of Sports

Association Management

In honor of Boston sports, here’s what our four teams can teach associations: From the Red Sox: “Know your role.” When a ball is hit up the middle in baseball, you never see the shortstop and second basemen collide as they both go for it. In Boston sports, these are “the good old days.”

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How to be a World Changing Leader

Association Leaders

Recently, my brother-in-law sent me a copy of the text of the University of Texas 2014 Commencement speech given by Naval Admiral William H. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism change leadership UT My brother-in-law graduated from the University of Texas. I’ve often thought fondly of UT. I remember watching great UT football teams in the 1970′s and again in the 2000′s.

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Volunteer management: I gotta feeling

Aaron Wolowiec

Like many of you, I’ve been known to juggle a handful of volunteer roles in addition to my nine-to-five job at any given point in time during my association management career. Above all, people who volunteer for associations expect to be involved effectively.

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Coming Soon.Holiday Wishes From Virtual

Association Management

Association Management Company Click on the image to view our holiday card!

The Three “I”s of Successful Tech Associations

Association Management

As someone who’s worked around technology associations for a long time, I often get asked: “So what are the secret traits of the groups that are the most successful?”

Can a Company Survive Without a CEO?

Association Leaders

Interesting article in Associations Now today. In fact, my impression from the article is that companies that have tried such a model have increased their middle management numbers, decreased their efficiency and created cultures where accountability is questionable. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism CEO leadership The article asks the question, ‘Can a company or organization survive without a CEO’?

Fighting fury with F.I.R.E.

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association management Board The “bad” Board member. Every Board has one. Just say their name and people roll their eyes. This person exists on nearly every Board, but takes on different forms. Sometimes it’s a person who is intentionally disrupting the group’s activity.

Sharing our Great Ideas

Aaron Wolowiec

The event focuses on creative approaches to everyday issues in association management and is built around the sharing of – you guessed it – great ideas. Scott Oser, president, Scott Oser Associates. The ASAE Great Ideas Conference is right around the corner.

Your Choice: Change or Irrelevance

Association Management

But boy, is it tough for a lot of associations to heed this advice. Membership Operations Starting an Association association management Launching an Association Leadership Organizational Development Technology

What Do You See When You Look In the Mirror?

Association Leaders

Check out this video clip and short blurb from a 2014 NBA Playoff game between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. check out my March 3, 2014 blog post “Hard to Say I’m Sorry and Other Leadership Anthems). Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism leadership self image Good leaders have many common traits and behaviors. We’ve explored many of them through this blog.

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Trust, Commitment and Caring – Lou Holtz Philosophy

Association Leaders

Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism leadership Lou Holtz values Just about everyone knows who Lou Holtz is. Some people love him, others may not care for him (especially if you’re not a Notre Dame fan). For those who don’t know, Lou Holtz was a very successful (mostly college) football coach. He is probably best known for coaching Notre Dame from 1986 to 1996.

Acknowledging a Leader and Mentor

Association Leaders

The founder of my company, almost 40 year association management leader, former political party leader, and my father is being recognized for his leadership within the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) working on conformity assessment issues. I’m very proud of my dad for the leadership he has provided for our family, our company, several national industry trade associations as well as the international standards and conformity assessment marketplace.

The Association Scoreboard

Association Management

Just like in sports, there’s no end to the statistics that you can look at, but here’s my top three gauges on the association dashboard. association management CASH RESERVE association membership

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Does Your Association Have a Private Online Social Community?

Association Management

Now think about the members of your association who have already opted into a community of common interests and mutual benefit. Aside from contact at association meetings and conferences, how do they interact with each other? social media association management Technology

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Happy Birthday to Us

Association Management

First, the birthday of Virtual itself – July 6, 2014 marks 15 years, and we are grateful to have been a part of many global technology movements that have since transformed the lives of consumers and altered how businesses function.

Thank You

Association Leaders

Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized leadership thank you I believe that a team reflects its leader. By that I mean if a leader is compassionate, his team will be compassionate. If a leader is grateful, his team will be grateful. If a leader is a hard worker, his team will work hard. Identifying and practicing the traits you want your team to possess is an important practice for successful leaders.

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Fifteen Minutes of Privacy

Association Management

So what does this mean for associations and consortia? Consortia association management communications Andy Warhol famously said that in the future everyone will have fifteen minutes of fame. Nowadays, it seems like in the future everyone can aspire to fifteen minutes of privacy.

Good Leaders Know How to Get People off the Bus

Association Leaders

Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism Probably every business leader today has read Jim Collins’ best selling business book Good to Great. The book explains a study that Collins and several of his business school students did on the attributes of successful companies – not just marginally successful, but industry leading companies who sustained their success over long periods of time.

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Missed Connections

Association Management

So what does any of this have to do with associations? At their essence, associations are about connectedness. Whether its connecting people or companies, associations are about creating the fabric that weaves people together. I’m still pretty young (by my own standards).

Satisfaction Formula

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association management Membership association membership A very smart polling professional once told me the formula for satisfaction was “S=P-E”. Put another (actually understandable) way, Satisfaction equals Performance minus Expectations. I love this.

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Your Choice: Change or Irrelevance

Association Management

But boy, is it tough for a lot of associations to heed this advice. Operations Starting an Association Organizational Development association management Technology Launching an Association Membership Leadership

My Advice for Emerging Association Professionals

Reid All About it

Here’s a post I wrote for MemberViews Monday, a collaboration of bloggers in the association world who have teamed up to share their experiences and knowledge with other association professionals. — I never expected to work in associations. Find association peers.

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Making a Great Presentation

Association Leaders

Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism One of the things all leaders must do is make great presentations. Sometimes that means giving a speech to a large audience; other times it means delivering a presentation to a smaller group; still other times its effectively communicating one on one with an employee. Whatever the case, great leaders are great communicators.

Leadership Lessons from the Military

Association Leaders

Being in the association business, we often see professional speakers who talk about management, change, people, leadership, and more. One in particular, the Afterburners, are well known on the association speaking circuit. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism There have been many great military leaders throughout history.