How to Use Membership Management Software to Recruit Members

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In this guest post, Leah Merrill suggests four ways you can use your membership management software to help you grow those members and perform outreach. membership website

Music City, Our Thought Leadership Team, and a Memorable 2014

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One of the great things about attending the ASAE Annual Conference is that for a few days you get the opportunity to be totally immersed in all things associations, and this year was no exception. From the trade show to the education tracks, to the networking opportunities (rain or shine!) it lived up to its billing as the “not to be missed” event of the year. I particularly enjoyed being in Nashville, my second favorite music city, next to Austin.

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How to Tame Technology

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” But, according to the association technology experts we consulted, if you don’t get some more features soon, you ain’t going to have more members. If you have a chance to read this Did You Know? So why is it so hard for associations to get it right?

Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


A vast majority of these Millennials want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society. 50% of Millennials want to work for a business with ethical practices. Provide opportunity to make an impact.

Social Media Roundup: How to Evaluate a Constituent Management System

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So in today’s Social Media Roundup, we highlight a new white paper geared specifically to explaining membership software. — ASI (@advsol) October 8, 2014. ” Want to know more? — Associations Now (@AssociationsNow) October 8, 2014.

How to Gain Strategic Insight from Digital Metrics

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Few topics give association executives more fits than choosing metrics—the counts, percentages and ratios that are supposed to measure the performance of digital initiatives. Don’t fall into the trap of optimizing to platform and network metrics. For strategic insight, develop a theory about how digital supports your objectives, then develop a measurement framework and fit metrics to it. Three steps to strategic insight through digital metrics.

How to Convince Employers to Pay for Professional Development

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When you’re a lifelong learner, it’s frustrating to see people in positions of power who don’t understand the value of professional development. Here are three of the most common reasons professional development budgets are sparse (or non-existent) and what you can do to help employees get the money and education they need. Employees who apply new skills and knowledge to their work help their company become more competitive. Here are some stats to buttress your campaign.

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How Will Association Boards Recruit New Leaders?

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With impending huge turnover in association leadership (from Boomers to Xers & Millenials), a couple of conversations I had last week illustrate some of the potential problems the association professional will face in the coming years.

You Must Recruit The Powerhouse Of Your Attendees’ Brains For Real Engagement

Velvet Chainsaw

You need to know how to kick-start the PFC if you want your attendees to pay attention and be involved. And how to avoid shutting down your attendees’ PFC. The Powerhouse Portion According to author Erika Garms , the PFC is a fascinating section of our brain.

4 Questions to Ask About Your Association Social Media Strategy

Cvent Association Tips

Whether you want to build awareness of a cause; increase conference attendance or recruit new members, creating a social media strategy for your association is much easier when you are clear about where you are and where you want to go.

Guest blog: 5 essentials for a great telephone renewals campaign

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I am delighted to include this blog by Chord UK Ltd; a specialist telemarketing agency that has helped a number of membership organisations engage with their members over the phone. It’s more convenient for members too, with no forms to complete or the possibility of delays.

How to Market like a Musician


Its inherent “ick factor” is why so many companies fail to properly engage their audiences. The key to getting over that “ick factor” is to get creative. Of course, it’s one thing to know that. Recruit Help. You have no credibility, so you’d be paying to rank.

Associations 101

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This Friday, we’ll be kicking off the 2014 Associations 101 #10in20 webinar series with a presentation by Rob Barnes on organizational culture. Sponsored by me, Dave Will ( Peach New Media ), and Scott Oser ( Scott Oser Associates ) and free to you, the webinars are designed for people who are new to the profession of association management, new to particular topics in association management, or who just need a brush up on some concepts.

Happy employees, big dollars

Aaron Wolowiec

I remember the first time a boss took me out to lunch for a job well done. Happy, loyal employees are the backbone of a successful organization, or so it seems, according to a recent study by Gallup. Managers need to be coached and encouraged to participate in professional development.

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The World of Opportunities for AMCs: A YM Perspective

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This week is “on the road” in Tempe, Arizona attending the 2014 AMC Institute Annual Meeting. We are proud to be the Platinum Sponsor for AMCi, because Association Management Companies (AMCs) have always been an important part of our success.

Coaches vs. Cancer: Groups’ Fundraising Strategy Eyes New Recruits

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Here’s why ACS recruited some of college basketball’s top coaches to their team. Basketball coaches tend to be a passionate bunch, known for their bursts of inspiration. If you don’t know how to dream, you’re dead.”.

Survey: Charitable Groups Losing More Donors Than They Recruit

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The latest Fundraising Effectiveness Project survey revealed that less than half of charitable donors contributed to the same organization two years in a row. Between 2013 and 2014, charities gained $3.611 billion in gifts from new, current, or previously lapsed donors.

Networking Group Day 2014

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50 members made the cold, snowy trek to join MSAE for our second annual Networking Group Day on January 30th, 2014. It was a great way to kick off 2014, showcase and participate in six of MSAE''s networking groups, connect with members and share ideas. It is a great tool to utilize. Be allies -- refer to your competition, use them as a resource. They exist to help you. Communicating to a Dual Audience: Members and the Public Sell the experience!

4 Great Ideas From a Membership Idea Exchange

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When one association hosted a membership-development idea exchange for its chapter leaders (a great idea itself), the recruitment and engagement ideas got members talking. ” Given ASAE’s value proposition to “connect great ideas and great people,” this makes sense.

[Please Share!] Are you a Millennial aged between 25-30?


There are two ways to participate in the research. Second, if you and other Millennials in your organization want your voice to be heard, then you don’t have to wait around for your organization to get involved. Just go to this open link to our survey.

Countdown to the Leading Change Summit in San Francisco


But how can you tap the potential and move your ideas forward when it’s over? Launching this September 3-6 in San Francisco, LCS is not your typical conference with hundreds of workshops to choose from, and parties every night. Matt Groch to Offer Keynote on Measuring Impact at #14LCS.

Food for Thought: Advance Reading for #ASAE14

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Here are some ways to stay up to date from your desk: Twitter: Follow @asaeannual ; our hashtag is #asae14. Rebelmouse: Check out Associations Now ‘s live event page to see the latest updates. Heading to the 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville?

Membership Goals: What’s in a Number?

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In “ Do You Know How to Grow ” (page 62): When it comes to growth, the old saying is true: Smarter is always better. So, what to make of this? ” (They share plenty of practical advice for how to do this, but I won’t spoil that here.).

Content Marketing: How Weird Al Won by Spreading the Wealth

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Behind those videos, however, was the kind of online content marketing strategy we’re all trying to create for ourselves. He did this by knowing how to connect the dots and seeing things with a broader eye than everyone else.

Four Sources for Inbound Membership Marketing

Membership Marketing

At some point you reach the limit of how often and how many direct marketing efforts that you can send out to your established lists of membership prospects. This is when inbound membership marketing can become an important new contributor to your media mix. Here are four proven sources to feed you inbound marketing efforts. When the prospective member’s reading interests are a match to what you have to offer, your ad is displayed.

More Spring Cleaning Ideas for Membership Pros

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It’s time once more to declutter your membership practices, and these five ideas are a great place to start. The winter of 2014 was a long, cold slog for many of us, but the end is in sight. Is it finally spring yet?

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I'm Not Building a Navy SEAL Team

Eric Lanke

I attend a lot of conferences where the focus is leadership and how to build and lead effective teams. The people giving them always deserve our thanks and applause for the risks they have taken and for their service to our country. And I''m really not sure what one has to do with the other. Do I need people who are willing to go the extra mile? Who are willing to do things they are not sure they can accomplish? image source Quick rant this week.

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HR Reinvention: A Strategic + Interactive Conference for HR Leaders


HR Reinvention is a gathering of inspired HR leaders committed to charting a new course for the future of Human Resources. You are invited to be a part of something unique and important. Easy for Ghandi to Say. How Do You Know It’s “Change”. Time to Redesign!

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Three awesome social media campaigns by CVBs and hotels


Whether you work for a Convention and Visitors Bureau or for a hotel and eager to expand customer base and boost business, these three collaborative social media campaigns below provide brilliant examples of what can be achieved when CVBs and hoteliers work together.

Learning and Growth

Eric Lanke

I''ve been writing about a facilitation workshop I recently attended--a workshop to learn how to be a better facilitator and how to teach others to do the same. I got a lot of takeaways that are relevant to the work I and my staff do with our association''s Board, committees, and task forces. As such, we have to think and act more intentionally about this aspect of the encounter. How do they expect me to do this?

Even in Chaos, You Can Make Good Decisions

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Author Noreena Hertz, closing out the 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting, explained how. On a scale of zero to 10, how challenging is the environment that associations are navigating in 2014? Carve out time to think.

Achieving Success in Diversity and Inclusion

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We asked the D + I Committee’s Immediate Past Chair and 2008-2009 DELP Scholar Mariama Boney to talk about their important work. Mariama Boney : For nearly 25 years, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee has promoted diversity and inclusion in association management, develop recommendations on how to make ASAE’s leadership and membership more diverse, and assisted ASAE with integrating diversity and inclusion into initiatives, education, or programs. Focus on Recruitment.

The Subjects Most Often on Association Professionals’ Minds

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As our annual Association Communication Benchmarking Report gets underway, we started checking in with our readers to see which topics and issues are most on their minds. In addition to our comprehensive surveys, we talk to readers and mine our newsletter and website analytics for clues. Non-dues revenue, career development, membership development and future/sustainability issues seem to be what’s keeping many of us up at night these days.

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Five Super Effervescent Sparkling Fresh Conference Education Ideas

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Constantly looking for new ways to freshen up the attendee’s conference experience. The best conference organizers proactively seek fresh, new ideas to implement at their next annual meeting. Pro-Am This model embodies a professional-amateur (pro-am) approach to learning.

Online Communities Reap Benefits From Volunteer, Executive Leadership

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In the most simple terms, these are a few of the keys to success for an online community. Here, “advocacy” means a leadership structure of some sort, community members volunteering to help guide the direction of the community and actively participating in its success.

How Big Is Your Buildup of Past Members?

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Even if your association is growing, the churn of recruitment and lapsed members means you likely have more past members than active ones. Pop quiz: How many former members does your association have in its database? And how does that number compare to your current membership total?

Friday Buzz: Don’t Just Focus on Yourself

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Entice members to register for your events without sounding self-serving. Also: tips on how to inspire creativity while being a laid-back leader. messages is the quickest way to get shut out.”. Be sure to check out Fryatt’s post for more tips.

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5 More Questions to Ask About Your Association Social Media Strategy

Cvent Association Tips

Associations have their own unique challenges when it comes to social media marketing. Marketing goals for such organizations are often not as simple as convincing people to buy a product. Can you edit a video-taped session down to a minute or two of key takeaways?

Let Volunteer Leaders See What They’ve Signed Up For

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Volunteers show up because they want to support your association. Here’s how one association uses video to do it. Ask most association volunteers why they give their time to the organization, and most will tell you they want to “give back” to their organization.

Keys to Association Career Success

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Probably the best piece of career advice I’ve heard in a long time came the other day from Michael Bloomberg , former mayor of New York City and billionaire founder of Bloomberg, LP: “If you like what you do, you’re going to do more of it and the more you do of it, the more successful you’re going to be—and that gives you more reason to like it.” You don’t have to be an aspiring billionaire to follow it. Hank Berkowitz, Naylor, LLC.