Refocusing on Jobs and Education in 2015

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At the beginning of 2014 we started a conversation on the importance of a career center strategy for associations, especially in light of social networking giant LinkedIn’s aggressive efforts to become the leading online job board aggregator. The question was how would they do it?

Retention is a Relationship

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And you can’t claim to have a relationship with people you don’t know. Retention is key to long-term membership growth and to maintaining vital, lively chapters. While recruitment is like dating, retention is like getting – and staying – married.

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Survey: Charitable Groups Losing More Donors Than They Recruit

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The latest Fundraising Effectiveness Project survey revealed that less than half of charitable donors contributed to the same organization two years in a row. That’s a sum any industry or economic sector would be overjoyed to look at — until the offsets are considered.

Planner Pro Tips: 9 Ways to Make the Most out of Photo Booths

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But from a planner’s perspective, there has to be a good game plan going into your event to make the most out of your photo booth. When they see a camera, most of our employees are ready to flash their pearly whites, put on a silly hat or strike a funny pose.

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Let Your Community's Best Members Find Your Next Members

Higher Logic

Don’t feel like you have to carry that burden alone. One of the best ways to grow your community is to let your members unknowingly do the heavy lifting – there are no better advocates than members, even if they don’t realize their potential.

Identifying Association Trends – It’s About the Data

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This month we’re focusing on trends and strategies for associations in 2015. It’s free to download, so be sure and get your copy today. She presented Fads, Trends and Signals: Three Keys to Successful Innovation for Associations. 31% responded dues or member recruitment.

Why membership bodies should use LinkedIn for Good

Optimist Consulting

I was interested to read about the launch of LinkedIn for Good this month. If your membership organisation recruits trustees and volunteers outside your membership, then it is worth looking at LinkedIn’s new initiative. It is open to all UK registered charities.

A Little Something About 20-somethings

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In talking to these individuals, I've found many who share a deep concern that standards-focused organizations are “graying” and that in order to sustain and grow their groups, they need to attract a younger, more diverse membership.

Association Chat: Focusing on Customers and Members

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Whether you call them customers or members, it is important to remember that the membership experience is a critical piece of an association professional''s responsibility. How can we bring delight to our members? How does your organization solve problems for its members?

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What’s in Your Community Manager Job Description?


You need to think about a few things first. And how does this position differ from your social media manager (or how does it relate to the activities your SM manager does? Make sure you have addressed these questions before you hire the wrong person.

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Study: To Retain Millennial Employees, Organizations Must Adopt New Technologies

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Employers need to address them now. While workers across all generations want their companies to be strong technology users, according to CompTIA Senior Director of Technology Analysis Seth Robinson, the desire is growing as employees get younger. “I

What Makes Members Volunteer and Keeps Them Coming Back

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Two research studies on volunteer motivations and experiences offer new clues about how to find and keep happy member volunteers at your association. In any case, it’s important to know what makes volunteers tick. Click to enlarge.).

Have You Heard? Tips on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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Sometimes the best way to market your organization is via the people who are already a part of it. Not sure how? A recent survey of academics found that word-of-mouth marketing can play a significant role in helping to recruit them into scientific societies.

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Innovating the Lean Startup Way

Eric Lanke

We're non-profits, we're trying to change the world, and our resources are, frankly, often not up to the task. When it comes to applying lean startup methodology to our product and program development processes, all the liabilities I just described are not liabilities at all.

The Upside of Unlikability

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Not everybody is going to love you as a leader. Does that mean it’s OK to be disliked? In “ Why It Pays to Be a Jerk ,” Jerry Useem discusses some recent scholarship on the kinds of behaviors that make for effective leaders, and those don’t tend to involve selfless acts of kindness.

The Right Way to Let Outsiders In

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The outsider, the counterargument goes, brings a fresh set of eyes, understands management at a higher level, and is willing to take more risks. They’ve failed to build “a leadership pipeline that produces ready leaders at all levels of the organization,” he writes.

Can Advocacy Save a Board?

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Last week, I wrote about how one association helped keep its past presidents engaged in the work of the organization. You will upgrade your recruitment tools with an added job of advancing your agency’s agenda.”. These are good things to have in board members.

Retired Members: Tough to Serve, Too Many to Ignore

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There aren’t a lot of clear best practices in associations for how to craft a successful membership offer for your industry’s retirees, but with baby boomers moving past 65, it seems like an opportunity ready for the taking. Which brings us to: Do the Math.

Social Media Measurement Resources for Associations

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I am in no way a data or analytics guru--I couldn''t even play one on TV-- but I do know where to turn to learn that stuff. Social media measurement is a bit easier for brands because it''s mainly tied to marketing or PR.

Thursday Buzz: Recognizing the Association World’s Brightest Minds

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“Washington’s Leading Association and Nonprofit Innovators,” an event in Arlington, Virginia’s, Crystal City neighborhood, recognized 20 association executives for their groundbreaking approaches to technology, revenue, and events.

A Different Way to Diversify Boards

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A organization’s effort to improve gender parity on boards uses a surprising and effective strategy—and one practically tailored for associations. So, back to that question I asked above: Who wouldn’t like this? Encouraging women to smash the glass ceiling is great.

Content Marketing: It Matters For Meetings Too

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Content marketing isn’t just for recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. It can also be used to do the exact same thing when it comes to your association’s meeting attendees. Learn the how and why of doing it successfully. Some How-Tos of Content Marketing.

Friday Buzz: Why Superfish is So Scary

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Learn how to get rid of it. Be sure to read this. The problem is that the design allows others on the same network to make the same work-arounds used to post ads to access encrypted information and perform man-in-the-middle attacks.

ASAE’s Graham Named Boy Scouts’ Citizen of the Year

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John Graham, CAE, talks about his time with the Boy Scouts and shares how the road to becoming an Eagle Scout prepared him for a career in association management. For John Graham, you might say the path to the C-suite began with the Boy Scout Oath.

Thursday Buzz: How You Could Be Rated on an App

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Plus: how to move past the fear of rejection. “Peeple is an app that allows you to rate and comment about the people you interact with in your daily lives on the following three categories: personal, professional, and dating,” the company’s website says.

Culinary Federation Cooks Up a Master Chef Pipeline

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According to a Washington Post report, the shrinking supply of skilled cooks is causing heartburn for restaurateurs in major culinary destinations like Chicago , New York , Seattle , and San Francisco. Restaurant kitchens across the country face an impending shortage of chefs.

Opinion Journalists’ Group Partners with Poynter to Boost Training, Outreach

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A group of opinion journalists are going to be getting a little help from a leading nonprofit journalism training organization. We’re honored that AOJ has decided to call Poynter its home.”.

Transforming Nonprofit Staff Into Champions on Social

Beth Kanter

” I facilitated an interactive featured session on why and how leaders should be engaged on social as well as other insiders (employees, board, and volunteers). They are passionate about your organization and social change, and will talk about it to anyone who will listen.

Supercharge Member Loyalty & Power Community Engagement

Spark Consulting

During our April 16 Higher Logic Learning Series webinar on volunteerism in honor of National Volunteer Week (#NVW2015), Peggy Hoffman and I were unable to get to all the questions in our allotted hour. So we’re hitting the rest now: How do you find out what rewards the volunteers like/want? And it’s OK to be forward about it: “What would be a meaningful way for us to show our appreciation for your contributions?” So how do you make the transition?

Help Wanted: Find Your Next Marketing and Communications Star

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Associations wants to hire people who have the savvy and skills to thrive in today’s evolving marcomm environment. Here’s how to find your next superstar. I’m sure you can relate to this scenario: It’s Friday afternoon, and it has been a relatively calm week.

Nine Characteristics of Online Communities That Work

Higher Logic

I started my session at this year's Super Forum with the same line I use to start my Higher Logic Academy presentations and my consultations with clients: Community management is not a one-size-fits-all discipline. Right now, take some time to consider: what is the purpose of your community?

Helping Your Board to Be More Effective: Five keys for high-level governance

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A critical starting point is to recognize what a vital resource time is. Recruiting new board members is challenging because volunteers are concerned about drains on their time. Thus, how you and your board use your time matters. No one wants to be associated with a governing board that is unsure of its role, unproductive, boring, or contentious. Thus, success has a lot to do with organizational consistency and continuity over time.

Where are the YPs?

Spark Consulting

How can I recruit young professional members if there are no young professionals entering our industry?” That track just doesn’t happen to include college. We know how to educate non-traditional students in non-traditional settings.

Build Your Customer Journey Map With 7 Community Touchpoints

Higher Logic

You may have a customer journey map – an agreed-on, cross-departmental plan for how you will support customers throughout their experience with you, with the goal of delighting them and creating loyal brand advocates. So it pays to have a great support system. Want to learn more?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.30.16

Reid All About it

After reading Elizabeth Engel and Shelly Alcorn’s paper, The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm , I was inspired to write my own take on how associations could transform higher education. Why not dream big or dream differently—that’s how to design your own future.

Business Groups Aim to Change Mindset on Hiring Ex-Convicts

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Working with prominent political donor Charles Koch, a number of major trade groups threw their support behind an initiative that aims to encourage employers to consider workers with criminal records for open positions.

A Gaming Company Tamed Toxic Trolling - What They Learned Could Help Your Community

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How do you change the behavior of millions of community members? That’s the problem Riot Games had to solve with their game, League of Legends when they realized that antisocial behavior - like gamers using racial and homophobic slurs with each other - had reached toxic levels.

Members Hire Tomorrow’s Associations

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Global uncertainty and technological advances are forcing Members to make more informed decisions on how to spend their precious time and money. Members expect their Associations to be nimble, future focused, and having the speed and foresight to help move an Industry forward.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.17.17

Reid All About it

I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you, and I sigh. I made a pilgrimage to his grave long ago, just because. Aptify shows how associations can use inbound marketing for lead generation and, ultimately, membership recruitment. Thu 3/23 from 12 to 4 p.m.

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Feeling the Burn(out)

Higher Logic

Community management is a new, exciting and growing field -- there are great reasons to get in on the action and become one or hire a community manager for your organization. Resistance to social technology in their organization. How do you know you’re burning out?

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