Meetings mean money for hotels in 2015

Aaron Wolowiec

Thanks to PD nerds like me, in 2015 hotels should get a big financial boost. I touched on it last week in a post about MPI’s meetings forecast for 2015. As such, cybersecurity at hotels will become increasingly important for events and meetings in 2015.”.

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Is Your Technology Seamless?

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A few smart words from a guy who built his life in technology could help you figure out your own technology balance. Rather, we want technology to be invisible, to provide value seamlessly,” the company explained. “In The post Is Your Technology Seamless?

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Survey: Technology Use Among Young Kids Is Skyrocketing

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The survey [PDF], which coincides with Better Hearing and Speech Month , found significant percentages of parents reporting technology use by children up to age 8. Technology has had many benefits, Page wrote.

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EVOLVE: Technology will Mandate Marketers to Keep Up with the Times


It has become the medium that allows them to search, retrieve recommendations, do price comparisons and make purchases. Marketers have to adapt and stay on top of the channels and technologies.

The new association “normal”

Aaron Wolowiec

So for the price of “X,” the CEO and/or directors will be regular members (including receipt of print member magazine) and all the other staff, if they opt-in, will be electronic members. But, technology actually enables communication. JG: Two areas: technology and messaging platforms.

Trends Report: What Could 2015 Look Like for Association Meetings?

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Here’s what a few organizations and companies are predicting that 2015 has on tap for meetings. 5 % The amount air travel costs will increase in 2015, according to MPI’s quarterly “Meetings Outlook” report. What do you think 2015 has in store for meetings and events?

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Study: Business Travel and Its Costs Are on the Rise

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Similar to “ Shadow IT ,” employees are taking advantage of technology for more control over their work and life. Hanson estimates that 2015 will be a record year for capital expenditures , as well. billion, in 2015.

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Essential Nonprofit Software of 2014


As we watch some of our wildest sci-fi fantasies become reality , the potential of technology seems limitless. From fax machines, to email, to smartwatches, technology has transformed the way the world does business.

Time-Saving Tools and Apps for Social Media Management


SproutSocial is a premium tool but is worth the price. You can choose from a range of plans and pricing options and will get access and functionality accordingly. She is also interested in technology, social media and fashion.

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Thursday Buzz: Recognizing the Association World’s Brightest Minds

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“Washington’s Leading Association and Nonprofit Innovators,” an event in Arlington, Virginia’s, Crystal City neighborhood, recognized 20 association executives for their groundbreaking approaches to technology, revenue, and events.

Make the Dynamics of Member Influence Work for You

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In 2014, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association published research showing that, in the commercial marketplace, 13 percent of sales are driven by word of mouth , whether online or offline, and that number increases for higher-priced products.

The Hidden Costs of Inefficiency

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For New Yorkers, the most annoying thing might be that some of this is a direct result of pricing inefficiencies baked into the system. So what does this fascinating transportation anecdote have to do with technology?

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Meeting Registration: It Goes Beyond Process

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It’s also about what’s included, the price, and any extras that come with it. Of course, there were the usual suspects, like technology , content marketing , green meetings , and new event formats. Registration for meetings and events is about more than the process.

Is the Financial Services Industry Poised for Market Disruption?


Technology is enabling a greater awareness of how companies are servicing customer demands. Consumers are using their smart phones to review sites, do price comparisons, take pictures of products and send them to people who influence their purchase.

Friday Buzz: We’re Using YouTube a Lot More

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” Google said this week that its quarterly revenue increased by 11 percent in the previous quarter, creating a big pop in the company’s stock price. The Event Manager Blog highlights the mistakes event planners make when figuring out their event technology plans.

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Greeting Card Industry Shifts Over Millennial Taste

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“The industry is declining, and from 2015 to 2020 we expect it to continue this downward trend,” Sarah Turk, an IBISWorld analyst, said to NPR on the card industry. They just aren’t keen on price or greeting card technology.

Your Members’ Tech Comfort Level Matters

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That’s not an unusual spot for an association exec to occupy regarding technology. and other countries, but also members who lack much access to technology at all. But that’s not happening yet, and for now the current audience defines the technology.

Tuesday Buzz: Carry On Your Wayward Bags

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JetBlue’s pricing shift, which includes an expansion of its first-class “Mint” offering, will make Southwest Airlines the only major U.S. — Adrian Segar (@ASegar) June 30, 2015. Don’t like having to pay for checked bags?

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Travel Search Sites: Airlines Aren’t Playing Fair With Flight Data

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The Travel Technology Association, in a new report, says travel sites like TripAdvisor can’t serve travelers well when airlines limit access to fare and schedule information—and in some cases, withhold the data entirely.

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Is Your Association a Skunk Works for Your Industry?

Eric Lanke

I recently listened to a podcast put out by Seth Kahan (bonus points if you know both what a "podcast" is and who Seth Kahan is) that contained the following anecdote.

It’s Never Too Late to Catch Up

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Starting a direct competitor to Amazon might sound like a fool’s gamble in 2015, but has succeeded in building momentum quickly. Like Amazon, Jet sells basic goods at lower prices than you might find in a store, driving sales through the strength of a membership program.

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Four Trends Tradeshow Organizers Need to Know Now

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With less than a month to go until 2016 (Wow, what happened to 2015?!), noted that some of the major updates in the 2015 edition address data, including how it relates to capture, strategy, and security; education approaches; physical security; and the impact of the global economic picture.

Traffic Jam: Associations React to Urban Mobility Scorecard

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An improving job market and cheaper gas prices are nothing to complain about. Increased traffic congestion resulting from growing urban populations and lower fuel prices are outpacing the nation’s ability to build infrastructure.”.

Sen. Schumer: DOJ Investigation Should Include Airlines’ Blocking of Travel Data

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With the airline industry already facing a Justice Department probe, the Democratic senator from New York said this week that airlines’ withholding of price and schedule data from travel websites should to be added to the investigation.

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Friday Buzz: Concrete Evidence on the Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships

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Those shifts include making groups like the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Rutgers University, Rowan University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology more accessible to innovators.

Google Brings Nonprofit Funding to the Polls

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The organization aims to use technology to tackle problems ranging from renewable energy to crisis response. — (@Googleorg) May 29, 2015. The tech giant has revealed 10 Bay Area organizations that are eligible to receive up to $500,000 in funding.

Social Media Roundup: Ramp Up Your Cybersecurity Protocols

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Central Command (@CENTCOM) January 13, 2015. The Issues Driving Advocacy in 2015. Bet on technology and healthcare. — Connectivity (@CQConnectivity) January 14, 2015. ” For the full 2015 preview, click here.

Monday Buzz: Six Guidelines for Picking Association Consultants

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Eugene Fram , professor emeritus of management at Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology, has seen that problem arise many times during his many years with nonprofits and has shared some lessons learned in an article for The Huffington Post. Price.

How Shopping Centers Are Boosting Their Game in the Age of Amazon

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Rather than concentrating on winning the price war, malls are working to provide great customer service, food, and entertainment offerings, says ICSC—all in the interest of making the mall less of an place to buy stuff and more of a community destination.

FCC Probe Questions Business Broadband Practices

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Last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it would scrutinize business internet pricing practices, which critics say force out smaller firms and put customers at a technical disadvantage.

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Indie Bookstores Aren’t Surging Everywhere

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But the independent bookstore is a business model that’s shown surprising resilience in an age when low prices and free shipping seem to win the day.

Wednesday Buzz: Where to Turn for In-Flight WiFi

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“Coverage is starting to be meaningful on flights worldwide, along with a wide variety of speeds, coverage availability, and pricing models, including free of charge.” — Jamie Notter (@jamienotter) January 28, 2015.

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FAA and Unmanned Aircraft Groups Partner on Drone Safety

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“The price of unmanned aircraft has come down and this newer and more powerful technology is more affordable to more people, yet many are not familiar with the rules of flying.”

Top 10 Sustainable Event Trends for 2020


The focus on compliance in the healthcare industry will increasingly affect other industries such as technology and finance. A growth in demand will cause prices to fall and supply to increase, helping make sustainability a key criteria when selecting caterers and restaurants.

Should New York City Cap The Number of Uber Drivers?

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Technology and innovation allows us to better utilize the cars on the road, increase wages for drivers, and save money for riders.”.

Lessons From an Implosion: Analyzing Gigaom‘s Demise

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It seemed like the technology publication Gigaom had a ton going for it—including a business model that seemed inspired by the world of associations.

Groups Boost Opposition to Comcast Merger

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With Comcast’s proposed $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable under regulatory scrutiny, associations and advocacy groups in the technology and cable sectors are ramping up their lobbying efforts.

6 Steps to Creating a Tropical Paradise Out of a Tropical Storm (Part 2)

Tom Morrison

Just before the year turned to 2015, I wrote part one of 6 Steps to Creating a Tropical Paradise Out of a Tropical Storm. These 6 steps are an absolute key for your association if you are going to be successful in the next 10 years.

Opportunities in the Face of Declining Membership

Plexus Consulting

Technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate causing whole industries to disappear. However, technology is also creating new industries (such as in healthcare with the MRI and PET scan equipment manufacturers and users). Among many in the younger generation there is perceived to be no intrinsic value in joining an association; you buy what you want and move on, even if it means paying a nonmember price.

The Threat to Trust

Plexus Consulting

As associations seek ways to increase the value proposition as a way of either retaining, or increasing membership, the pressure to use data mining technologies will increase. When asked to estimate the possibility that “The use of consumer information and advanced technology will allow products and services to be dynamically priced and tailored to individual consumer requirements.” 2) Technology continues to advance in two key areas, data collection and storage.