Top 11 Productivity Apps for Membership Managers

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Here is a list of the top free (or nearly so) productivity apps for membership managers. We’ve broken it into two categories – content and time management. We know m embership managers are constantly dealing with content. Productivity and Time Management.

7 Membership Management Reminders for 2017


2017 is officially here, and that means new goals and resolutions for your association.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Free Membership Management Software

Wild Apricot

Don't choose a free membership management software option before reading this guide. membership management software freeI'll show you the benefits of each option and how to choose between them.

7 lucky reasons to attend Xperience 2017.

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The luckiest of all days is upon us, and if you haven’t yet registered, it’s just your luck I’ve put together 7 reasons why you should make your travel plans today to attend Xperience 2017—A Conference for Everyone.

Free Membership Management Software from Wild Apricot Can Run Your Small Organization

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Thousands of nonprofits use Wild Apricot's software to manage their memberships completely free. That’s because Wild Apricot is one of the few membership management providers who offer a completely free account to small organizations for as long as. software Membership management free

Create real value from 2017 learning trends.

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Let’s attack the hype machine in learning. It’s big, but easy to take down. In the education industry, we are notorious hype builders. We quickly herald the start of new trends as quickly as our digitally shortened attention spans enable us.

Wild Apricot Wins Award for Top 5 Easy to Use Membership Management Software

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It’s with great pleasure that Software Advice, one of the top software review sites, just awarded us their Top Five spot for Ease of Use when it comes to membership management software. Award SoftwareAdvice

American Associations Day 2017


association management association leadership membership management Association ViewsIt’s no secret that we love associations, which is why we’re THRILLED there’s a day (two, in fact!) to celebrate them. That’s right, we’re talking about American Associations Day!

Quality trumps volume of applications for association career centers in 2017.

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A recruiter’s job is to provide internal clients (aka hiring managers) with potential candidates to interview that—if hired—will help advance the organization’s performance. Spend less time competing with mass job boards that offer a larger number of far less qualified talent.

May Update: Join a Community of 800 Membership Managers

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Read about the membership group we created (and would love for you to join), our latest release, and other news.

The Membership Manager’s Wish List

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’Tis the season of giving and receiving, and we know that association membership managers have more than sweaters and ties on their wish lists this year. We asked a few to share what they’d like to find in their stockings to help them meet member needs in 2017.

5 Signs You Need to Reevaluate Your Membership Management Software


Every time you open up your association’s membership management software, you’re convinced you can feel your blood pressure rising. software selection Membership Software Selection Database Management Data ManagementYou’ve resigned yourself to the fact that it doesn’t perform as you wish it would.

Should You Consider an Association Management Company (AMC) in 2017?


If you’ve been in the association space for a while (or perhaps even just a short time), you’ve probably heard the term ‘AMC’ thrown around, which stands for association management company. association management association leadership membership management Small Staff Chatter

9 Little Ways to Propel Your Association Forward in 2017


So with that in mind, we put together nine little ways to help your association change and propel forward in 2017. association management association leadership membership management Association Views

What 3 things will your association do well this year?

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Be selective with where and how you spend your time and resources. As association executives, we all know we must evolve our business models to remain relevant. It’s not enough to do what’s always been done.

Ohio 164

My top 10 insights from MemberWise’s Digital Excellence 2017 report

Optimist Consulting

I really enjoyed reading the latest insights and predictions on digital trends for the membership sector in Digital Excellence 2017 , the free annual research summary report from MemberWise. 2017 remains all about member engagement, operational efficiency and revenue growth.

Report 130

3 Challenges Association Professionals Will Face in 2017


So what are the major challenges facing association professionals in 2017? Here are three, and more importantly, solutions for each: association management association leadership membership management Association ViewsWith a new year comes new challenges.

6 basics of member re-engagement: Part 2.

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This is the second of a two-part series from Real Magnet looking at best practices for re-engaging your association members. For a refresher, read part 1 here. In March, we shared the first three basic best practices for re-engaging your association members. Now, here’s the other three.

Integrated, automated membership renewal campaign leads to $18,000 increase in revenue.

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How one association went from a low-cost email marketing program to a more efficient process and better data quality to streamline membership renewal campaigns.

7 vows to marry AMS tech and your association mission.

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Here’s a model to identify where your association management software comes up short and what to do if it does. Successful association management software is like a well-constructed wedding cake.

An AMS to optimize your association’s financial operations.

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YourMembership’s AMS now integrated with QuickBooks Online and Great Plains. We’ve been busy at YourMembership, enhancing our technology solutions to improve your association members’ experience, streamline your operations and processes, and help your organization grow.

2017 Technology Trends (And How Your Association Can Adapt)


association management association leadership membership management Small Staff ChatterWhen it comes to technology, I think we can all agree that the only constant is change. Once we get comfortable with one platform/device, bam! Another 10 pop up.

5 reasons everyone at your association needs to go to #Xperience17.

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As an association leader, you have a great case for going to Xperience 2017. It’s a sure way of learning new ideas to make stronger connections with your members, adapt new technologies and grow your membership […].

5 Bad Membership Management Software Habits You Need to Break


Database ManagementLet’s face it— bad data surrounds all of us. Open the Contacts app in your phone, and you see duplicates all over the place. Send out invitations to your birthday party next month, and you get three back because of bad addresses. Call someone to wish them a happy birthday, and they tell you it was two days ago. Or worse, reach out to the CEO at your association’s top client, only to find out they were replaced four months ago—something you should have known.

Introducing SocialLink mobile app to transform your member experience.

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It’s the association industry’s first online community and social mobile app built into an association management software. Your association membership is boosted by your members seeking credibility, professional development, competitive advantages and ways to give back.

3 steps to drive student membership growth.

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Strategies to expand your association’s younger membership base. At The Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA), we’ve taken a proactive approach to building our membership and growing the future CPA workforce in Ohio.

Ohio 173

Accurate association member data drives better engagement + revenue.

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Data management and data integrity is a demanding job for you and your association. Updated profile data is more than just getting current email address information. But, it has to be done. Your association is only as good as your member data, and it’s a big task to keep it clean.

5 concepts for associations we’ve learned in professional education.

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That’s after 15 years of success and even the mistakes which made them possible. In professional education, like in any field, there’s a preponderance of misconceptions which affect our daily practices and implementations. And the risky part is when they start cementing into practices.

3 Real Ways to Improve Your Membership Marketing Program

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To successfully attract and keep association members, continually remind yourselves membership marketing is a process. Many associations struggle to improve their membership growth and retention.

6 basics of member re-engagement: Part 1.

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Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information association members email marketing member engagement member re-engagement membership marketing

10 keys to creating and growing a customer service culture at your organization.

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What does a culture of accountability look like at your association or nonprofit? Here’s a guest blog article from Abila‘s Director of Client Success Jessica Lane who answers the question. As we have seen, time and time again, word of mouth can make or break a company’s reputation.

4 steps to develop association member personas.

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Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information Thought Leaders association management association management software association member personas association members member engagement membership data membership marketing

Stay relevant to your association’s members in today’s social world.

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Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Social Media and Business Trends association management software integrated software solution member engagement online community relevant content social community social learning social media

3 ways career centers increase member engagement.

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Your career center is another way to engage members and ensure they understand the benefits of your association. Are your association members passing by your website more often than you’d like? Maybe your last onsite networking event didn’t have many attendees.

Membership meets engagement in today’s modern world.

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Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Social Media and Business Trends Thought Leaders association management software association membership growth member engagement membership growth membership marketing mobile responsive modern website design social community

7 issues nonprofits can turn into opportunities.

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Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information Social Media and Business Trends donor management nonprofit sector nonprofit services and solutions nonprofits online social community social community social media

[Infographic] How to Engage Different Generations at Your Association


association management member engagement membership management Association Views

Gearing Up for 2017 at Your Association


We’re essentially a month away from 2017 - can you believe it?! Is your association ready for 2017? We sure can’t! Where did 2016 even go? As the year is winding down, it’s time to start looking at the year ahead.

How to Create a Membership Website Free with Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot

about how to create a membership website free with Wild Apricot. software Membership management freeHere's everything you need to know (features, limitations, etc.)

How To 152

Make 2017 Different for Your Association


So if you really want to make 2017 different for your association (regardless of what specific resolutions you have in place), consider the following three tactics. The new year has always been a symbol of change. How many times have you heard the phrase “This is the year I’m going to…”?