7 lucky reasons to attend Xperience 2017.

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The luckiest of all days is upon us, and if you haven’t yet registered, it’s just your luck I’ve put together 7 reasons why you should make your travel plans today to attend Xperience 2017—A Conference for Everyone.

Top 10 Informz Blog Posts from 2017

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Over the 2017 calendar year, we published 125 awesome blog posts across the spectrum of marketing automation topics. Targeted Revenue Source: Lapsed Member Recruiting [Webinar Recording]. Lapsed members are not a sunk cost, but an opportunity to increase revenue quickly.

Accurate association member data drives better engagement + revenue.

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Updated profile data is more than just getting current email address information. Data management and data integrity is a demanding job for you and your association. But, it has to be done. Your association is only as good as your member data, and it’s a big task to keep it clean.

2017 Member Engagement Strategy

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Moreover, the data can serve as the foundation for a 2017 Member Engagement Strategy that can position your organization as a more relevant and necessary resource for your members. Selling more or selling louder will hinder instead of help your 2017 Member Engagement Strategy.

5 Steps to Create a Sponsorship Program that Increases Non-Dues Revenue

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Is your program effective at increasing non-dues revenue ? Click rates, referrals, and revenue generated by past sponsors can be compelling for those who are on the fence about working with you. Sponsorship programs are tricky.

2017 Association Trends Survey: Participate and Get a Free Copy of the Results

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If you are in an association leadership position in 2017, chances are you feel like you are playing an eternal game of whak-a-mole. Growing and diversifying revenue. Please take a few minutes to participate in The Portage Group’s 2017 Association Trends Survey. April 03, 2017.

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Revenues, Expenses, and Assets.Oh My! Canada's Premier Association Financial Benchmarking Resource is Here!

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Your education, programs and events more revenue-positive? The CSAE 2017 Canadian Association Financial Operations Report has arrived and is available through the Canadian Society of Association Executives.

Association Revenue Trends in the US and UK (Plus 3 Tips for Increasing Your Income)

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Driven by a change in what members want and are willing to pay for, associations are seeing changes in their key revenue streams, including which income sources sustain their organizations. Where Associations Get Their Revenue Today. Non-dues, or non-subscription, revenue.

4 Ways to Use Your Online Customer Community to Increase Upsell and Cross-Sell Revenue

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Did you know that 80 percent of your future revenue will come from only 20 percent of your current customers ? Make generating upsell and cross-sell revenue a priority, empowering your sales team and account managers to reach out when customers may be ready to make an additional purchase.

How to Increase Nonprofit Website Traffic (And How That Translates to Revenue)

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A strong, carefully crafted website that gets new visitors and consistently brings loyal supporters back can become of your nonprofit’s most powerful tools for increasing awareness and revenue. As you increase website traffic, you’ll increase donations and fundraising revenue.

Increasing Revenue per Customer: 6 Reasons Why Your Customers Don’t Buy More

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Eighty percent of your future revenue will come from 20 percent of your existing customers , according to Gartner. Unfortunately, getting customers to buy more has always been a challenge – that’spart of why only 20 percent of customers will make up the majority of your future revenue.

My top 10 insights from MemberWise’s Digital Excellence 2017 report

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I really enjoyed reading the latest insights and predictions on digital trends for the membership sector in Digital Excellence 2017 , the free annual research summary report from MemberWise. 2017 remains all about member engagement, operational efficiency and revenue growth.

Report 130

Integrated, automated membership renewal campaign leads to $18,000 increase in revenue.

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How one association went from a low-cost email marketing program to a more efficient process and better data quality to streamline membership renewal campaigns.

4 Ideas for 2017 Nondues Revenue Resolutions

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As 2017 approaches, here are four questions to ask to create realistic routes toward accomplishing your resolutions related to nondues revenue. In 2017, think about what partners might work well in an affinity relationship. What are your 2017 nondues revenue questolutions?

John Graham on ASAE’s 2017 Advocacy Efforts

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” The post John Graham on ASAE’s 2017 Advocacy Efforts by Association Adviser staff first appeared on AssociationAdviser.com. Advocacy Features advocacy ASAE 2017 ASAE Annual Meeting association advocacy John Graham

5 Things Your Association Should Do Before Attempting to Earn More Revenue

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Non-dues revenue supports associations’ missions in so many ways: Providing exceptional training and education for members, financing lobbying efforts, keeping membership dues affordable, and offsetting the costs of your communication program, to name a few. But for some associations, it’s difficult to find more or better non-dues revenue sources. Having the right opportunities available to meet the needs of your potential advertisers is important to maximizing non-dues revenue.

2017 Association Industry Research Results


Respondents from organizations of various sizes shared their biggest challenges as well as their top sources for non-dues revenue. The post 2017 Association Industry Research Results appeared first on GrowthZone. GrowthZone surveyed over 1,000 association professionals across the U.S.

Is Earning More Non-Dues Revenue an Obstacle Course for Your Association?

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Two out of five respondents (41 percent) to the 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey feel their inability to generate non-dues revenue from communications is a significant challenge. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of changing old, tired revenue streams no one is excited about anymore. To that end, we like this non-dues revenue and affinity products starter list from Tony Rossell. Revenue association revenue non-dues revenue revenue

How Content Opens the Door to New Streams of Non-Dues Revenue

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Non-dues revenue is an important source of funds for associations. Membership dues may still be the single largest revenue source for many associations, but dues revenue is dropping according to a recent report from the ASAE Foundation. Sarah Sain, Naylor Association Solutions.

2017 Association Cyber Security Best Practices


Whether we like it or not, passwords are a part of our daily lives and the number of nefarious characters trying to get your data in 2017 will grow and threaten association cyber security. . The post 2017 Association Cyber Security Best Practices appeared first on SilkStart

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Rake in More Revenue from Publications, Events and Continuing Ed

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Non-dues revenue is often an essential component of an association’s operating budget, allowing staff to produce high-caliber member communications, events and continuing education programs. Live events continue to be a primary source of non-dues revenue that associations rely upon.

Generate Revenue from Email Newsletters


We are excited to welcome Jeff Spock, CEO at Association Revenue Partners, a valued Informz partner as a guest blogger today. Your email communications tool can be used in many ways — both immediate and long-term — to gain revenue from a powerful email platform like Informz.

5 reasons everyone at your association needs to go to #Xperience17.

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As an association leader, you have a great case for going to Xperience 2017. #leadership #inspiration #learning #innovation #technology – all in one place. It’s a chance to grow your skills in leadership.

Wednesday Buzz: Maximize Sponsorship Revenue

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Balancing your revenue needs against what sponsors are willing to pay can be complicated. Eventbrite shares a few tips for maximizing revenue. — Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur) May 31, 2017.

How to Get Your Customers to Sell and Market for You


Customer Advocacy Marketing Strategy Generating Revenue SalesYou’ll easily pay $300-$500 for a new vacuum cleaner. That’s why, when I needed to buy a new one recently, I didn’t take the decision lightly. I spent over 50 hours researching vacuums online.

5 ways your members can up their odds of getting hired from a job board.

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Career Centers Member Engagement + Retention Revenue Solutions association management career center job board member engagemeen member retention professional development professional education

Ohio 164

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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From a five-mile-high perspective, however, lower prices for education shouldn’t bother us (if you’re currently looking at shrinking CE revenues in your annual report, just try to bear with me for a second). Here are the last three years: 2017 predictions.

Creating a Non-Dues Revenue Strategy: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself


Non-dues revenue is something ALL associations try to produce. But how they go about producing that non-dues revenue, well, it varies. So how can you create a non-dues revenue strategy that’s going to work well for your association?

Virtual events engage and grow value for association members.

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Online events are an efficient way to serve your members, career center users and niche industry, while generating revenue. Virtual events effectively grow your association’s value to members.

Cost 141

WBT Systems Sponsors PersoniFest 2017

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WBT Systems is proud to sponsor PersoniFest 2017, hosted by Personify, April 2-5, in San Diego, California. The post WBT Systems Sponsors PersoniFest 2017 appeared first on WBT Systems.

Less is More: Non-Dues Revenue

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Quality > Quantity All associations want to maximize revenue in order to better serve their members. Non-dues revenue channels can be a great opportunity for associations to broaden the range of services they offer, and to build relationships with other bodies in their industry. When it comes to non-dues revenue, I’d rather pursue a share of mind than a share of wallet. Cast a critical eye over the projects meant to be bringing in revenue at your association.

Energizing Member Engagement

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Corey Rosenbusch, President & CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance ( GCCA ) notes, “the impact beyond driving revenue was shifting our mindset and Strategic Plan from an inward focus to an outward focus, with an intended impact on member’s Business outcomes.”

How Do Associations Need to Adapt in 2017?

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This year is just getting started, but there are already a lot of reasons to get busy in these early days of 2017. Educational offerings for not just members, but also the public at large, will be a big revenue driver for associations.”.

Turn Your Community into a Content Marketing Engine

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With 2017 coming to a close, now is a great time to revisit your marketing plan and amp up your content initiatives. Generate revenue. Once considered a fad, content marketing has proven it’s “King” and shows no signs of slowing down.

Integrated, Automated Membership Renewal Campaign Leads to $18,000 Increase in Revenue


While membership renewals rose 5% over the prior year, over $18,000 in additional membership revenue has come in. The post Integrated, Automated Membership Renewal Campaign Leads to $18,000 Increase in Revenue appeared first on Informz.

Thursday Buzz: VIP Experiences That Drive Revenue

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By providing a few extra perks, you can deliver a special conference experience to those members and boost your own revenue at the same time. — CTI Meeting Tech (@tech_cti) April 20, 2017. People are happy to pay a little more for VIP experiences.

Want to Diversify Your Revenue Streams? Learn From Apple

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The computing giant had a really good quarter recently, thanks in large part to the fact that it has focused on diversifying its revenue streams of late. The result is that, even if iPhone sales slow, it still makes lots of revenue without having to sell any new devices.

How a Sharpened Focus on Mission Upped Revenue, Membership

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The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation finds that a focus on purpose yielded new memberships and increased revenue. In the same period, AACVPR’s revenue from educational offerings more than doubled from $98,224 in FY2012 to $202,189 in FY16.

Did You Know? Associations Rely on Conferences, Partnerships and Continuing Ed Programs for Revenue

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This month, we asked readers what their most valuable sources of non-dues revenue are. 1 communication channel spot in our Association Communications Benchmarking Study since 2011, we were not surprised to see that the largest percentage of respondents (41 percent) said conferences and events are their most valuable source of non-dues revenue. However, we were surprised to see that no one reported valuing advertising in publications as a solid source of non-dues revenue.

Develop a Revenue-Generating Sponsored Digital Content Program

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Here are some tips on how to make digital advertising supplements both an educational benefit to your members and a nondues revenue generator for your association. Good news for associations is that these sponsored supplements can serve as an additional nondues revenue stream.