Innovative Planning at The Global Pet Expo Creates Greater Productivity for Attendees

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In 2020, the show will be held February 26–28. We’re always looking at what we can be doing differently, what new technologies we can be using, how we can be improving our systems to make the experience better for all of our attendees.

7 tips for getting the most out of an RFP for your next AMS

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The primary purpose of an RFP: to gather proposals and discover how well potential products meet your requirements at an acceptable price. Nimble AMS Association Software Technology

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Digitization Is Not Digital Transformation


Digital technology has fundamentally altered customer expectations and some of the associations that neglected to take the necessary steps to digitize their business have disappeared. We lowered the price substantially.

Top 10 Sustainable Event Trends for 2020


Between now and 2020, we predict that organisers will adopt the following 10 key trends to improve the sustainability performance of their events. Between now and 2020, organisations will make it a priority to more effectively communicate their sustainability strategies and progress.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.13.19

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– Design Your Perfect 2020: How to Create Powerful Goals and Actually Stick to Them. Learn goal-setting methods to ensure you set inspiring goals and actually achieve them in 2020. 2020 Event Trends. The 2020 State Legislative Sessions Are Coming: Are You Ready?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.6.19

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The 2020 predictions and trends articles are starting to appear. 3 tips for women who want to improve their mindsets in 2020. Plan to Produce: Convening Leaders LIVE 2020 Sneak Preview. The 2020 State Legislative Sessions Are Coming: Are You Ready?

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Insurance Commissioners Launch Tool for Assessing New Auto Insurance Types

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The payment technology, also known as telematics, uses vehicle tracking to transmit information to an insurer to better target how individuals rely on vehicles. The technology is becoming more common in any case.

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CRM: Customer Relationship Management

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It is a database driven technology that allows your sales staff to track prospects through the sales process and develop promotional campaigns specifically targeted to companies within each segment you manage. There are a number of CRM systems available, at a variety of prices and functions. The company offers a number of pricing options and a full program of customer support. Which tools can your association leverage to make the most out of every sales opportunity?

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Greeting Card Industry Shifts Over Millennial Taste

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“The industry is declining, and from 2015 to 2020 we expect it to continue this downward trend,” Sarah Turk, an IBISWorld analyst, said to NPR on the card industry. They just aren’t keen on price or greeting card technology.

Sponsorships That Sell

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Video rich : Cisco predicts that by 2020 video will comprise 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Price ads by size and duration of time on your site. Consider a technology spotlight series where tech vendors are each given an industry challenge and they present their solution.

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Associations Help Lay Groundwork for 5G Wireless World

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But FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler pledged that, in opening up this spectrum, the agency would not get in the way of the private sector’s attempts to bring this technology to the mainstream. The testing process may take some time and is expected to come with a significant price tag.

Why (and How) to Design Association Education for Young Professionals

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workforce by 2020. Consider offering bulk pricing to company members so they’re incentivized to register employees in your eLearning programs. For Gen Z, technology has always been a part of life: “As digital natives, they expect technology to play an instrumental role in their educational experience.”. Millennials and Gen Z grew up with collaborative technology like Skype, Google Docs, and online forums. Millennials will make up nearly half the U.S.

In-Flight Electronics: The Role Associations Played in Making It Happen

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According to International Air Transport Association CEO Tony Tyler, the goal for many airports is to make changes that encourage “hassle-free” airport journeys by 2020. Reuters reports that Gogo’s share price went up significantly after the news.

First Steps for a Middle East Strategy

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Among the growth industries in the region: utilities and transport, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and technology. Are there particular technologies that are of strong interest there? The region is absolutely open when it comes to new technology.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.8.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… The digitalNow 2020 call for presentations is open. It’s 2019 and people interact with technology all day from their mobile device to systems at work to smart devices at home.

SCD Group: 7 Association Membership Articles Worth Saving

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Changing technology – there have been more changes in the past 5 years then in the previous 50 years. Consider pricing. Posted by Tony Rossell in MGI’s Membership Marketing Blog Great example of testing association dues levels by sending half the group the “normal” price and half the group a discounted price. Their at-home food spending could fall by as much as $15 billion per year through 2020.". Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic.