Techno-Social Learning 2023


Blog Association Executives Association Volunteers Engage Volunteers Grow Member Communities Association Management Chapter Community InnovationMarch 4, 2013. There’s a new techno-twist brewing for Peter Senge’s learning organizations and Albert Bandura’s social learning.

3 Add-on Tools to Drive Association Revenue + Amplify Member Engagement

Higher Logic

Is your association leveraging technology to its fullest potential? You can elevate the success of your online community and marketing automation activities by integrating solutions that fuel long-term engagement , like data collection, mobile apps, and volunteer management programs.

Daily Buzz: Say Goodbye to Free Shampoo at Hotels

Associations Now

The bill, officially called AB 1162, would take effect in 2023 for hotels with more than 50 rooms and a year later for all other hotels and rental homes. How should these sessions, and planners’ roles in them, evolve so that they continue to fulfill an association’s needs and goals?