5 Ways Associations Can Support Lifelong Employability

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But, with how rapidly things are changing when it comes to things like automation, artificial intelligence and technology in general, we should all be thinking about not just lifelong learning, but what some would call lifelong employability. . We talk a lot about lifelong learning.

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The Two Most Important Trends To Know in 2020

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Improved Technology. The more that meeting planners can educate themselves on the latest technology—and what’s coming down the road—the more it benefits attendees by offering an exhilarating experience.

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Mobile Industry Knee-Deep in Efforts to Solve 911 Problems

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Last week, CTIA announced the third stage of efforts by 911 Location Technologies Test Bed LLC , an independent research firm started by the association with the goal of working out the not-insignificant kinks with the system.

How Our Association Prepared for the Future.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics and found a forecast for significant growth for auditors, analysts and management consultants between now and 2024. What they don’t think of is the growing advisory segment of the profession, and the cutting-edge technology that is shaping the future of accounting. By engaging prospective professionals at an early stage, we ensure that our industry will thrive for years to come.

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After Stalling, Wrestling Adapts to Remain an Olympic Sport

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Basically what you got to see was a sport that ignored what they were asked to do, ignored what the trends were, and ignored what the shrinking audiences were telling them,” said Rhea Blanken, president of Results Technology, Inc.