Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. A vast majority of these Millennials want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society. Provide opportunity to make an impact.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.27.17

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free professional development events for the association community… A few weekends ago at Association Charrette , I talked to the group about studies from around the world that proved what you and I have always intuitively known: walking in the forest is good for us.

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Back to The Future: Associations in 2010

Portage Group

The Associations 2025 Summit is coming up next week! Together in a fun and interactive format, we will explore the landscape of associations today and discuss what trends will shape the sector in the years to come. When associations mess up, they will have to face the music.

Replacing the Engine While Flying the Plane: The Association Executive’s Guide to 21st Century Change

Portage Group

All of these are symptoms of the much larger issue of relevance, value, and member service, that are pushing many associations closer to the brink. For a growing number, the time to change is now…or perhaps never. Lay out what needs to change and how.