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Members Hire Customized Advocacy

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Members hire Customized Advocacy because they have no choice. Associations who customize their advocacy strategies will remain relevant. Answering the Call to Action: Customized Advocacy. Customized Advocacy Addresses Widespread Member Challenges & Opportunities.

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Association Supply Chain Advocacy

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Association Supply Chain Advocacy can be a game changer for members. Association Supply Chain Advocacy is Fueled by Actionable Research. These steps build a plan that identifies the role that each Association in the Supply Chain plays in carrying out its Advocacy Strategy.

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Advocacy Drives Business Outcomes

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For leading Associations, their mantra is clear Advocacy Drives Business Outcomes. These organizations collaborate with their boards to make sure that the Association’s Advocacy Strategies reflect the growth challenges and opportunities that their members care most about.

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Disruptive Advocacy Strategies

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Can Disruptive Advocacy Strategies unlock industry growth and cost saving opportunities for your members in a slow growth economy? Disruptive Advocacy. Foundation for Disruptive Advocacy Strategies. Disruptive Advocacy Strategies.

Advocacy or Business Outcomes?

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Association executives inside and outside of Washington, DC sometimes struggle to secure key executive participation in advocacy meetings with Congressional representatives or regulatory agencies. If advocacy programs are viewed as “outputs” (events, journal, newsletters, etc.)

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How To Start a Micro-Advocacy Program in Your Association

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An advocacy program. With an advocacy program, your organization can offer added-value for your members while simultaneously positively impacting issues and constituencies important to your industry and members. And that’s where micro-advocacy programs can help.

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Membership Hack: Micro-Advocacy

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Asking regional members to take action on micro-advocacy efforts could result in big payoffs—both for your issue and in member engagement. That led him to launch a new advocacy network, which asks members to get involved in small but effective ways. Holcomb calls it “micro-advocacy.”

Using live video streaming for advocacy

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However, here are some possibilities when it comes to using this service in your advocacy efforts. According to Politico , it was possibly the first use of live video streaming for testimony by an advocacy group. Give your members a live update on your advocacy efforts or breaking news on the status of legislation you’re working on. What do you think of live video streaming for advocacy?

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Building a Winning Advocacy Strategy

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The Olympics are over but your winning advocacy strategy journey is just beginning. The post Building a Winning Advocacy Strategy appeared first on Beekeeper Group. Follow these steps and bring your campaign from an idea on the starting blocks to a gold medal finish.

John Graham on ASAE’s 2017 Advocacy Efforts

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In a presentation to the media on Monday, Graham reiterated those comments and explained further what ASAE is doing in terms of advocacy initiatives at the national and state level. Advocacy Features advocacy ASAE 2017 ASAE Annual Meeting association advocacy John Graham

Association Advocacy Thrives in ‘Fake News’ Era

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The post Association Advocacy Thrives in ‘Fake News’ Era by Jill Andreu first appeared on Features Leadership Marketing & Communications advocacy association communications fake newsJill Andreu.

Trade Association Advocacy and the Political Conventions

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Well it’s here, the two weeks every four years when the political parties hold their nominating conventions. In DC shorthand it’s referred to as “Cleveland” or “Philadelphia” as in “are you going to Cleveland?”.

Advocacy Through Emoji

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Key Into the Message For Android users and those who haven’t upgraded to the latest version of iOS, the Ad Council is also offering a third-party keyboard as part of the campaign, which is probably the first time a smartphone keyboard has been created for an advocacy campaign.

NAASF Crowdsources Customer Support and Advocacy with Online Community

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The Community Starts Crowdsourcing for Advocacy. The NAASF community has become a headquarters for both problem-solving and advocacy efforts. Without those community interactions, franchisee members would not have a reliable platform to voice these advocacy issues.

Study: Relationships and Storytelling Drive Advocacy Success

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A new study from APCO Worldwide examining how association advocacy efforts are perceived by DC power brokers and other stakeholders offers some strategic and tactical insights for association GR teams.

Advocacy: Having Their Backs

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Though members may not realize it until they need it, the beating heart of every association is advocacy. Advocacy advocacy Georgia Automobile Dealers Association Georgia Nurses Association GSAE Licensed Profesional Counselors Association of Georgia This story originally appeared in the winter 2014 issue of GSAE''s Connections magazine. Photo. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Inquiry or advocacy?

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There are two kinds of public policy research: there is inquiry and there is advocacy. In the case of advocacy, you start with an answer and go in search of the facts that will bolster and support your position. Association AdvocacyIn the case of inquiry, you start with a question and let the facts lead you [.].


Advocacy Do’s and Don’ts

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Our research shows that “lobbying/advocacy efforts” is now the single most important topic to association leaders and their members—ahead of “best practices,” “industry news” and even “careers.” Advocacy versus lobbying.

When it comes to advocacy, don’t ignore Gen Y

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Go to virtually any association’s website and you will find advocacy listed as a membership benefit. Which of your members would rank advocacy among their top five reasons for joining your association? And yet others are interested in advocacy. Before we assume that democracy is dead, associations need to figure out a way to engage all members across generations in their advocacy efforts in order to be successful.

Can Advocacy Save a Board?

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About a month back an article in Nonprofit Quarterly floated an interesting suggestion for how to respond: Step up your advocacy efforts. A focus on advocacy, Light explains, serves as a kind of test of your board member’s enthusiasm for the organization.

Josh Earnest’s Four Tips for Advocacy in Divisive Times

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What does your association do to engage members and nonmembers in your advocacy activities, and what strategies have been successful? The post Josh Earnest’s Four Tips for Advocacy in Divisive Times appeared first on Associations Now

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Cancer Group Offers Financial Advocacy Boot Camp to Healthcare Providers

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To help patients deal with the rising costs of cancer care, the Association of Community Cancer Centers has launched a Financial Advocacy Boot Camp for healthcare providers. In response, it developed the Financial Advocacy Boot Camp.

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Monday Buzz: Millennials and the Shift Away From Advocacy

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An expert on the younger generation suggests that associations should look at social entrepreneurship, not advocacy, to engage millennials. Hence, advocacy is changing. Overall, she sees the tide turning away from advocacy.

Is Your Advocacy Email Ready For 2018?

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Somedays it feels like 2017 just began but it’s time to start planning your 2018 advocacy campaigns. The post Is Your Advocacy Email Ready For 2018? It’s hard to believe that 2018 is just around the corner!

Advocacy and Membership – Two Ships Passing in the Night - Moery Company

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When was the last time association government relations and membership teams had a strategic discussion about the connection between advocacy and membership growth? Virtually every membership study notes that members join and stay because of advocacy. Advocacy Membership Development

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Did You Know? It’s Business As Usual For Associations’ Advocacy Activity

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Associations already involved in advocacy efforts know that a long-term strategy of sustained, targeted activity is best for enacting change. Advocacy is a long game that spans years, if not decades, and multiple administrations. No poll respondents say their level of political activity at the federal level has increased in the past year – likely a function of the fact that advocacy at the federal level requires much advance planning. Advocacy Did You Know?

Open Community….from an advocacy prospective

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From an advocacy perspective, this is an excellent resource for government relations professionals. Association Advocacy Chick : Congrats on the book! AAC : There’s no better example of open community for government relations than with grassroots advocacy.

Alpaca Advocacy: Owners’ Group Speaks Up After Senator’s Criticism

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The post Alpaca Advocacy: Owners’ Group Speaks Up After Senator’s Criticism appeared first on Associations Now

Four Tips for Leading on Advocacy Amid Uncertainty

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advocacy firm that works with association clients, says he’s seen seen a chilling effect. Associations already have a huge amount of data, particularly when you combine what they have on the membership side plus the advocacy side,” he says.

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Advocacy and social media: A case study from ASHA

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I’m always talking about the need for associations to use social media in their advocacy efforts. Association Advocacy Chick: Describe your position with ASHA? Caroline Goncalves: I am the associate director of Federal Advocacy at ASHA.

Physical Education Group Launches Advocacy Resources for Teachers

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The Society of Health and Physical Educators added state advocacy toolkits to its website, which aim to help health and physical education teachers promote programs in their own schools and communities.

Advocacy Groups to FTC: Regulate Influencer Marketing on Instagram

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But the unchartered territory of influencer marketing on social media has a number of advocacy groups asking federal regulators for some clarity. ” The post Advocacy Groups to FTC: Regulate Influencer Marketing on Instagram appeared first on Associations Now

Exploring Advocacy: How to join and persevere for a cause

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As we examine advocacy in associations this month, we asked our peers how they advocate for their organizations, and about the challenges and opportunities they face. Advocacy challenges range from political setbacks to juggling advocate work with life’s other responsibilities.

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Leading Through the New Advocacy Landscape

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Trump presence in the Republican presidential field over the summer would likely reshape how associations do advocacy. It’s a notoriously tricky task: Earlier this year a CQ Roll Call study of member engagement in association advocacy painted a dispiriting picture.

Lobbying and Advocacy News Is Tops for Association Professionals

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According to our third annual Association Communication Benchmarking Study , information about lobbying and advocacy efforts is the single most important topic for association leaders these days. advocacy Association Communication Benchmarking Study association leaders lobbying

Exhibition Group’s Advocacy Day Goes Global

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That’s a perfect example of collaborating with a friendly competitor—like ‘A Association’ who competes with ‘B Association’ in a certain industry collaborating on behalf of growing the public relations and advocacy efforts of their industry,” IAEE CEO David Dubois, FASAE, CAE, said.

Welcome to Association Advocacy Chick!

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Due to a number of circumstances and situations that occurred over the last four days, I finally got the mojo to start Association Advocacy Chick. I’ve been considering a blog for the last couple of years, but could never find the time or motivation to do it. I had an idea of what I wanted to talk about, but just couldn’t take that next step. Los Angeles changed that.

The Case for Innovation in Advocacy

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If you were to play word association with advocacy , I’m sure innovation is not the word you’d come up with. Yes, traditional lobbying, grassroots advocacy, and political involvement are effective ways of moving or defeating legislation. I am not an innovator. Correction: I have been convinced that I cannot be an innovator. But why is that? Many associations insist that it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Tiny House Group Ramps Up Knowledge-Sharing, Advocacy to Boost Tiny Living

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Along with launching the Tiny House ECO, ATHA is continuing its advocacy work. The advocacy work goes hand-in-hand with the new Tiny House ECO. The post Tiny House Group Ramps Up Knowledge-Sharing, Advocacy to Boost Tiny Living appeared first on Associations Now

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New Game Promotes Advocacy in Manufacturing

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In addition, AEM can push out new advocacy videos or information through the app. “In The post New Game Promotes Advocacy in Manufacturing appeared first on Associations Now