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Developing a Micro-Moments Marketing Strategy

Higher Logic

No matter where you go these days, you'll find people nose deep in their phones - on the bus, in line at Starbucks, or even as they wait for a meal at a restaurant. These gaps of time are known as micro-moments, and have become the newest frontier for marketers.

4 steps to develop association member personas.

YourMembership Blog

Let’s get personal with 1:1 association marketing. The term “persona” may sound like highfalutin jargon. But, really, it’s just the latest term for what always has been Marketing 101: Know your audience, and deliver what’s interesting and relevant to it. This is especially true for associations.

Community for Career Development: A Look Inside One NAVUG Community Member’s Journey

Higher Logic

Other members of the community are developers of the software, business analysts, Microsoft employees and MVPs, and a host of other independent software developers that provide products that work alongside NAV.

Developing An Association Community That Evolves Into Action

Velvet Chainsaw

Individuals develop a sense of belonging to a group that is meaningful to them. Connections to others is fundamental to a group developing a shared vision and shared goals. Community Development Does Not Stop After People Connect. Belonging precedes believing.

Fully Developing Your Volunteer Workforce


#FSAE17 is the first of 3 stops this summer to share what we discovered. in the ASAE Foundation research on optimizing association volunteerism. through mutually beneficial programs. Here's a look at what we're. sharing


Campaign Development Process: History


Since 2004, we have polished an approach, called the Campaign Development Process , to take the mystery out of the creative. Blair introduced us to a better way to develop rapport with prospective clients. A Better Way: The Campaign Development Process. © Thinkstock.

How to Convince Employers to Pay for Professional Development

WBT Systems

When you’re a lifelong learner, it’s frustrating to see people in positions of power who don’t understand the value of professional development. What do you do when members (and non-members) are interested in your online learning programs but their employers won’t pay for professional development? Here are three of the most common reasons professional development budgets are sparse (or non-existent) and what you can do to help employees get the money and education they need.

Organizational Development in Only 22,366 Steps

Association Management

Uncategorized Association Management Metrics Organizational DevelopmentI’m a gadget guy and always have been. My house is filled with remote controls.

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Developing a Culture of Innovation

Jamie Notter

Guest post, by Amanda Kaiser. Kodak, a once a $10 billion dollar company, failed. Just when they needed to innovate the most, they focused on optimization instead. Innovation and optimization are at either ends of the spectrum. It’s hard to do both.

Emerging Leaders Need More than Leadership Development

Beth Kanter's Blog

The project, which combined peer learning and mentoring together with an online “ Emerging Leaders Playbook ,” offered a new and entirely virtual approach to leadership development. Emerging Leaders Need More than Leadership Development. Flickr Image – ImageGroup.

Seven Professional Skills Community Managers Should Consider Developing

Higher Logic

Over the past decade, I’ve watched community management go from something that was primarily self-taught to a discipline with a wide variety of professional development opportunities. Because of this, there are lots of other professional development opportunities that we can benefit from.

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Professional Development vs. Career Management

Association Adviser

Why it’s important to distinguish between professional development and career management, and how your association can work the distinction to your membership and revenue advantage.

5 Skills Every Sales Development Rep Needs to Master in 2018


To be successful next year and beyond, sales development reps need to think outside the box. Connect calls are a lot like voicemails -- to get good at them, SDRs have to do a lot of them until they’ve developed “muscle memory.” SDR/BDR Skills for 2018. Video prospecting.

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Professional Development for Millennials (and Everyone Else Too)

Association Adviser

According to a 2016 Gallup survey, “How Millennials Want to Work and Live,” 87 percent of millennials say professional development is important to them in a job. The post Professional Development for Millennials (and Everyone Else Too) by Sarah Sain first appeared on

Investing in Yourself: Professional Development for Community Managers

Higher Logic

Our guest blogger Rachel Happe co-founded The Community Roundtable to support business leaders developing their community and social business strategies. It's so easy to put professional development on the back burner. Professional development networks.

January Update: Features Being Developed in 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Find out which features we are developing in 2017 and sign up for February's free expert webinar. january newsletter features

Monday Buzz: Developing Trust with Testimonials

Associations Now

The post Monday Buzz: Developing Trust with Testimonials appeared first on Associations Now Make the most out of your member testimonials by asking these key questions. Also: Check out some of the interesting slides we’ve seen so far at ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Cracking the Culture Code: Professional Development

Jamie Notter

Just about every association offers professional development opportunities to its staff members. Culture Individual Development This is a guest post from Eric Lanke , the CEO of the National Fluid Power Association.

Engaging Members in Your Development Process

Eric Lanke

Which I dealt with in more detail four weeks ago in Capturing Useful Intelligence , and: You talk about engaging your members in the development process of a new program or service, but you don''t do it.

A New Approach for Nonprofit Professional Development: Micro-Learning

Beth Kanter's Blog

According to talent and development experts, micro-learning is disrupting more traditional types of learning: a longer online course online or an in-person course workshop.

The Tremendous Untapped Opportunity of Professional Development

Smooth The Path

Just like there are two sides to networking there are two sides to professional development. The problem is, our conference, our webinar, our professional development, all of the knowing in the world doesn’t matter if our members don’t take action.

Pest Management Group Launches Program to Identify and Develop Leaders

Associations Now

The post Pest Management Group Launches Program to Identify and Develop Leaders appeared first on Associations Now In an effort to connect with members across the country, the National Pest Management Association introduced its Executive Leadership Program.

Credit Union Group Develops Interactive Virtual Classrooms

Associations Now

The new format also helps CUES develop additional education content and bolster its existing content—which is central to its mission to educate and develop credit union CEOs, directors, and future leaders.

Designing Professional Development for the Distracted Learner

Beth Kanter's Blog

Bersin by Deloitte’s infographic “ Meet the Modern Learner ” is an excellent summary of the challenges facing trainers who need to design and deliver professional development for nonprofit professionals. Bersin by Deloitte’s infographic “Meet the Modern Learner”.

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Study: Plenty of App Developer Jobs, But …

Associations Now

There’s a lot of money to be made in software development, says ACT: The App Association. When it comes to software development, the jobs are out there, but the positions aren’t so easy to fill.

Where Does Your Association Stand on Stakeholder Development?

YourMembership Blog

Along with his comments Jeff sent an article he wrote that was recently published in “Association Forum” magazine titled Build Your Association Through Stakeholder Development. This is the work of “stakeholder development.”

A Career Developed, Not Planned

Trade Association CEO Blog

I have been very fortunate to enjoy a long, wonderful career in the motor vehicle-related industries. I hope my story can be an inspiration to others to enter at the grass roots and grow as I did through the many opportunities presented.

Tapping Training and Development For Top Talent

Associations Now

A new study sheds light on how much employees value training and development programs. While by no means a scientific study, and one that encompasses a relatively small sample size of 1,000 respondents, the survey does suggest the importance of employee development programs.

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Membership Development Plans 101


By creating a membership development plan, associations will understand their growth potential and how they can achieve it. One of the most inevitable aspects of life is growth. It’s something you do every day without even realizing it.

Take Your Professional Development Virtual

Association Adviser

When planning a virtual event for professional development, it's imperative to have a game plan in place before, during, and after the event. Events Features Technology designing events event planning event strategy Measuring events planning a virtual event virtual continuing education virtual education virtual education system virtual events virtual professional development

Campaign Development Process: Discovery and Diagnostics


Identifying your goals is a very important part of the Campaign Development Process! The first stage of campaign development is called the Discovery phase. The second stage, Diagnostics, is all about summarizing where you are at now in your campaign development.

Workforce Development Key for Senior Living Industry

Associations Now

Though it wasn’t a surprise workforce development was a priority for members, Argentum President and CEO James Balda told Associations Now he was shocked by the volume of employees the industry needs to attract in the next decade. The senior living industry has 10 years to find 1.2

New Fitness Group Looks to Develop Women Leaders

Associations Now

Associations are instrumental in developing their industries’ workforces. While WIFA will also offer in-person meetings, webinars, and networking opportunities, other benefits will give members opportunities to develop or practice new leadership skills.

Live with JP Moery: Developing Large Accounts for Association Sales - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Join JP Moery for a Webinar on developing large accounts for association sales and tips on using CEOs for association sales growth. The post Live with JP Moery: Developing Large Accounts for Association Sales appeared first on Washington DC Association Consultant.

Wednesday Buzz: Leadership Development Through Experiments

Associations Now

Companies may invest big bucks in leadership training, but many have fallen into the practice of teaching potential managers with a “leadership development ‘equation,'” by which they cultivate their skills and then expect these execs to more efficiently achieve goals.

All Hail the Development Director

NonProfit University Blog

No diversified, comprehensive development plan and tactics are needed; you just knock on doors and sell your product. It would shock that board member, and so many like him, to hear me say that one of the dumber conversations I hear repeatedly is that among boards and executive director pondering whether to have a dedicated development person. Every nonprofit that wishes to be sustainable needs a dedicated development person. View image |

Taking Personal Development Seriously


Frequently, these intentions are related to personal development. Other things get in the way, new developments get our attention, and, frankly, our will power to do the hard work needed to carry through with the resolution wasn’t as strong as we thought it would be.

Developing a Thought Leadership Mindset

Associations Now

You’re sharing thoughtful ideas with those who need them for their professional development. But developing that idea to the point that the entire industry follows suit can make you a thought leader. Becoming a thought leader takes time, discipline, and innovation.

Develop a Revenue-Generating Sponsored Digital Content Program

Associations Now

While the content should be developed and come from the sponsor, since these supplements may also have the association’s branding on it, it is important that the association gives some oversight.

The Joint Development Foundation: Offering "a Standards Organization in a Box"

Association Management

Here is an innovative approach to launching an organization quickly-- the Joint Development Foundation (JDF). It's an organization that enables smaller standards and source code development collaborations to form swiftly and efficiently through a turnkey legal and operational infrastructure.