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4 Ways Association Executives Can Reduce Staff Stress


Association Management Association Executives Employee ProductivityWhat costs employers $300 billion per year? Workplace stress.

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Seeking Two Brave Association Executives

Association Success

Your courage and curiosity could earn you a free place at a conference in Canada this summer! I wanted to share an exciting opportunity surrounding the Engaging Associations Forum conference, which will be held in Ottawa, Ontario July 19 th -21 st. (To To read more about the conference, click here ).

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CalSAE Association Executives Name 6 Big Trends for 2014

Association Subculture

and they''re only gettin'' better I''m doin'' all right Gettin'' good grades The future''s so bright I gotta wear shades.Timbuk 3 I am lucky enough to get to play along with the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) IDEAL(TM) learning laboratory. Things are going great.

Report: Philanthropic Field Struggles With Diversity at Executive Level

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According to the report, women represent more than three quarters of professional positions in the philanthropic sector in 2015, around 57 percent of CEOs, and 60 percent of executives overall. percent of executives being minorities and 55.1

Innovation for Association Executives

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They claim that the key to success lies in building better capabilities for execution and implementation that will enable us to deliver on our promises and beat the competition.”. I’m thinking about innovation in the context of managing associations and non-profit enterprises.

7 Oldies but Goodies for Associations Executives

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ASAE association boards Association CEOs association executives association governance association professionals SCD Group SCDdailyThe other night some couples were discussing their favorite “old” television programs. You know: Seinfield, Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, etc.

How a Tech Solution Saved This Executive Director’s Membership Growth Strategy

Wild Apricot Blog

The story of how one executive director managed to turn around a failing growth strategy with a software solution, hitting 25% growth in six months. membership management software membership-growth executive-directorBased on The Tech Effect webinar, which runs each month at Wild Apricot.

Community Dream to Reality: Top Five Ways to Prove Value to Executives

Higher Logic

If you want to live the community dream, you’re going to need executives on your side. Did you know two thirds of organizations with highly involved executives are seeing their communities influence 16% or more of their organizations’ total revenue?

A Letter to Executives - From an Extraordinary Assistant, Erin Glaser

JP Moery

As many top level executives know, having a good assistant can make the difference between time well spent and a day wasted on busy work. Having an effective relationship with your assistant is key to improving your own efficiency and the quality of your work. The following are three areas that are vital to creating an ideal relationship between you and your assistant


How an IT Executive Deftly Handled Public Criticism

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That’s the mark of a great IT executive. The post How an IT Executive Deftly Handled Public Criticism appeared first on Associations Now The person in charge of the NYPD’s tech decisions found one of her biggest moves publicly mocked.

Get Support for Your Association’s Community Strategy: How to Align with Your Board and Executive Team’s Priorities


Association Management Association Executives Member EngagementA few years ago, comic hypnotists were a big draw on the corporate speaking circuit. Many companies hired them at retreats, conferences, annual meetings, and the like.

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6 Lessons for Association Executives

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Muhtar Kent, chairman and chief executive officer of the Coca-Cola Co, wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal headlined Truett Cathy’s Lessons on Life & Business. As I read these six characteristic s, I envisioned them as pretty good lessons for association volunteers, leaders and association executives. As you think of your association (yourself, you other association executives and your volunteers), which of these characteristics are most important?

[Cool Infographic Friday] Coaching Executives for Engagement


“Members are more engaged in communities with executive participation.” ” Isn’t that all you need to know? ———-. photo credit ). Featured Useful Data


How Can Your Executives Help Your Community Managers?


When planning a community, it can be hard to distinguish just how your organization’s executives can support the community manager in building a successful customer community. However, this is a very important step because the executives are usually responsible for organizing and prioritizing company priorities and goals.

Toxic Boards & Association Executives

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Lost two executives in a year; one staying only four months. If you are an association executive looking at a job (CEO or other) in a different association, you need to determine whether or not that association’s board is toxic.

Executive Recruitment: Lessons From Megyn Kelly’s Move to NBC

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When hiring for your association’s executive positions, take these steps to make sure you’re getting the best people. Associations need to attract executives who can fulfill their missions and lead their organizations into the future.

Associations Unplugged: Four Questions for Association Executives

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As I listen to association executives today, I sometimes think about that experience and wonder if many associations are still in the dial-up mode focused on desk top computers, fax machines, static websites and quarterly printed publications.

Failure is good: it's about learning. Mistakes are bad execution

Jamie Notter

On Tuesday, Maddie and I presented at the Blogworld New York conference, along with Amy Sample Ward from NTEN. It was fabulous to present with Amy. She told great stories about how NTEN actually puts into practice a

5 articles for Association Executives

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jamienotter Andy Crestodina ASAE Association CEOs association executives Associations Now Maggie McGary Orbit Media Samantha Whitehorne SCD Group Social FishGenerational Differences Are Real By Jamie Notter via JamieNotter blog In case you were wondering, there is actual historical theory that explains the generations. Before you write anything that declares generations to be a hoax, please read Generations, by William Strauss and Neil Howe.

What does a fired college football coach’s lawsuit mean for association executives?

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ASAE association boards Association CEOs association executives association professionals discrimination SCD Group Steve Sarkisian USCIf your association’s CEO (or any other staffer) showed up “slightly drunk” at a member meeting or a board meeting, how would your association react?

The Accidental Executive Director

NonProfit University Blog

Recently, we got a query from someone wanting to know the statistics on how many executive director tenures last 25 years. And it is this lethal combination of one without the other that makes for an executive director who should not be. The executive director!

Attention! Association Executives 55+

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ASAE Association CEOs association executives association professionals retirement retirement planning SCD Group What do you do? Who are you? As you get closer to retiring, those are the questions you can expect others to ask you. Retirement planning involves more than just financial planning.

7 Readings for Association Executives

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SCD Group LinkedIn USA Today Nancy Schwartz Jeff Hurt Boomers Associations Now association executives Twtter SCD Group is relocating its office. During this transition, Steve is revisiting and/or updating some former blogs.

What Does a Great Executive Transition Look Like?

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Jane Garthson (Garthson Leadership) [link] sat down with TPG's Jack Shand a couple of weeks ago to discuss the process of a smooth and successful Executive Transition.

Online Communities Reap Benefits From Volunteer, Executive Leadership

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Strategy, governance, and executive leadership. Executive participation affects success. Executive participation as suggested by The CR report could also equate to board-member participation in the association setting. Do your board members, executive team, or CEO participate?

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Survey: Big Decisions Challenge Association Executives

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A new study from Heidrick & Struggles and George Mason University has found that many association executives lean on senior staffers or board members when presented with tough personnel and financial decisions.

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project

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Second stage is cut. We're now in orbit. Stabilizers up, runnning perfect. Starting to collect requested data. "What will it affect when all is done?" " thinks Major Tom.Major Tom, Coming Home - Peter Schilling The Short of It

Words Matter to Success of Association Executives

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especially to association executives. Here are two other past posts about the importance of the words you use: 11/6 Easy reading is hard writing: Lessons for Association Communicators 3/6 Words Matter for Association Executives: 3 Tips to Make an Impact.

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Association Executive Calling it Quits

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SCD Group is relocating its office. During this transition, Steve is revisiting and/or updating some former blogs. Last fall I posted two pieces about "knowing when it is time to leave: 13 Associations Execs Share Comments on “How do you know when it is time to leave?”.

Leadership tips for association executives from General Motors CEO

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Dan Akerson association leaders SCD Group GM Association CEOs USA Today association professionals association executives ASAE GM CEO Dan Akerson. A few weeks ago, USA Today’s James R. Healey wrote a great piece about leadership ideas from GM’s CEO Dan Akerson. You can watch a video.

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Dear Association Executive: You Are Not Providing Education!

Velvet Chainsaw

Dear Association Executive: Is education in your organization’s mission statement? The post Dear Association Executive: You Are Not Providing Education! Note: Revised and reposted from a 2011 post.

New NBA Players Union Executive Blazes New Trail

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300+ The number of candidates the National Basketball Players Association considered during a 17-month process to replace former Executive Director Billy Hunter, who was ousted from the role after an internal audit that ended last year.

Welcoming a New Chief Executive

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If you've been paying attention to CEO Update , you've probably noticed that announcements of CEO retirements are increasing and, as a result, the listings of CEO openings are picking up. That means a lot of CEOs are going to be starting new positions soon.

Lessons from the Top 50 Companies for Executive Women

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While the overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 companies are still lagging in female representation in leadership positions, associations can learn a thing or two from the few dozen that are making it easier for women to climb the executive ladder.

13 scary board situations for association executives

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In managing their nonprofit organizations, association executives often find themselves facing unexpected situations. Yikes, this is a tough one for the association executive. Problem is executive sessions. © 2013 Mike Drake.

Get Out Before You Are Forced Out: Steve Ballmer’s Lesson for Association Executives

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That seems to be hard for most association executives. Lessons from association executives. The Board holds more frequent executive sessions without you. SCD Group Association CEOs Steve Ballmer Time to Leave association executives Microsoft association leadership ASAE

Are Doing and Thinking Switchable Tasks for Association Executives?

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These uses of time (and brain) challenge association executives daily. SCD Group association management association strategies association executives association leadership ASAE

Why the Brewers Association Hired an Executive Chef

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To extend beer’s reach into the culinary world, the Brewers Association has added an unusual position to its staff roster: executive chef. The post Why the Brewers Association Hired an Executive Chef appeared first on Associations Now

Technology Trends and Associations: An Interview with Reggie Henry of the American Society of Association Executives

Association Mavens

[link]. Reggie Henry is the association industry’s favorite technology guru and CIO of ASAE.

Conference Execution As Attendee Learning

Velvet Chainsaw

We focus primarily on the efficient execution of delivery of content. The post Conference Execution As Attendee Learning appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw's Midcourse Corrections.