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28 Facebook Groups Every Nonprofit Professional Needs to Join

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I’ve found that nonprofit Facebook Groups are a great way to network with members of other nonprofits. That’s why I’ve created this list of the top 28 nonprofit Facebook Groups, so you know where to go. Facebook facebook-groupsThey can also help answer those sticky questions that you just can’t Google the answer to.


Facebook for Associations: Build a Community for Your Nonprofit with These 5 Best Practices

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Want to start harnessing the power of Facebook for associations? Here are the five best practices you need to apply to your nonprofit's Facebook strategy today. facebook-for-nonprofits facebook-for-associations


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Complete Guide: How to Raise Funds on Facebook (with examples)

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In this article, I will provide an up-to-date overview of the 5 main ways you can leverage Facebook’s suite of free fundraising tools to drive donations to your nonprofit. Facebook

5 Ways to Find Volunteers on Facebook

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Why not use Facebook? Facebook VolunteersAre you finding it harder to get volunteers these days? That’s what one Wild Apricot customer, Patty Foley, the Membership Chairperson of Newington Community Television, did to find her latest volunteer.


Complete Guide: How to Create a Fundraiser on Facebook (With Examples)

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Want to start using Facebook to fundraise? In this article, I will provide an up-to-date overview how to create a fundraiser on Facebook to drive donations to your nonprofit

Fundraising With Facebook Research Report

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Here are highlights of Artez Interactive’s latest research paper, "Fundraising with Facebook”. research; Facebook

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Facebook Marketing for Dummies

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If you are new to Facebook or wondering how to manage the new timeline layout - here's a look at John Haydon's new book and video tutorial. Facebook social media

How to Create a Nonprofit Facebook Page and Get Followers

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If your nonprofit doesn’t have a Facebook Page yet, I’ll show you the five basic steps to getting set up and gaining your first followers. followers FacebookThe whole process should take less than one hour.

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How to Make Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Great in Under Five Hours

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Ready to join the world of Facebook for nonprofits? Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up, managing and making the most of a Facebook page for your nonprofit, club or association

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Non-profit Superpowers, Powerful Facebook Content, and More

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This week’s link round-up offers 4 posts that can help you “unlock and use your superpower”, identify powerful Facebook content, tell compelling stories on your website, and create great donor newsletters. Facebook Apricot Jam Communications

John Haydon’s Top 5 Tips on Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is an excellent tool for your nonprofit to share content, communicate with members, and grow your cause. Facebook webinarThe best part is that it’s free. However, keeping your members engaged can be tough. With over 42 million pages and nearly a billion users, how do you stand out from the crowd?

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Changes at Facebook

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How will recent changes at Facebook impact your non-profit or association? Facebook social mediaHere's an overview of how some social media experts and non-profit bloggers who've weighed in on this topic. read more ).

Embedding Surveys on Your Facebook Page

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Want to include your SurveyMonkey surveys right on your Facebook page? Facebook online surveysHere are some tips and information.

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Tips For Being Well Liked on Facebook

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Is your organization new to Facebook? Here is a round-up of helpful posts about Facebook that we found on AssociationJam. Facebook social media

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Are Non-profits Seeing Results on Facebook?

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How effective is Facebook for non-profits? Idealware surveyed over 500 non-profits and offers insight into their success with Facebook in their new report: Using Facebook to Meet Your Mission: Results of a Survey.( Facebook Non-profit research social mediaread more ).

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3 tips to build Facebook group engagement

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billion daily users , what better way to reach your audience than through Facebook? Last week, hosted a workshop on building online engagement through the use of Facebook groups.

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Always the Last to Know: Facebook Insights

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Not getting the most out of your Facebook ads? John Haydon breaks down how to use Facebook Insights to better target your outreach. video Facebook John Haydon social media

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Live Workshop: Increase Members with Facebook Ads

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In our Live Workshop, Shiv Narayanan, Head of Marketing and Sales will explain the importance of using Facebook Ads to grow your organization and take you step-by-step through the process of creating your own

Always the Last to Know: Facebook Insights

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Not getting the most out of your Facebook ads? John Haydon breaks down how to use Facebook Insights to better target your outreach. I definitely recommend following along with your own Facebook ads and Insights open so you can immediately see how to apply his advice to your own situation. social media video Facebook John HaydonThe video is short but informative.

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Facebook Page Not Found in Facebook Search?

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One of Wild Apricot's blog readers created a Facebook Page for his nonprofit organization, but the new Page doesn’t show up in the results for Facebook’s own Search tool. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Facebook search social media Why is this?" he asks.( read more ).

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Free Expert Webinar: Using Facebook to Boost Engagement

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Have you considered using Facebook groups as a channel for connecting members? In our latest Free Expert Webinar, John Haydon - the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies - will reveal his best kept tips and tricks for building a thriving online community. webinar Wild Apricot

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Free Facebook Guide for Small Non-profits

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If your organization is struggling to figure out Facebook – and who isn’t? social media consultant John Haydon has a free ebook for you: "The Complete Guide to Facebook for Small Non-Profits" is a comprehensive collection of strategies, tactics, tips, and tutorials to help small non-profits get more out of using Facebook.( Tags: Non-profit technology Fundraising nptech Marketing online community Facebook social media

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Facebook Business Tips for Nonprofits

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If your nonprofit is on Facebook (or plans to be) you’ll want to check a new blog post that’s out this week from Tamar Weinberg. How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing Tamar has done a masterful job of laying out a raft of best practices for Facebook marketing. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Marketing Best practices Social networking Facebook social media

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Use Facebook To Measure The Cost Of New Members

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Have you thought of advertising on Facebook? Facebook measure adsYou run a small, nonprofit or membership-based organization and you’re looking for inexpensive ways to gain new members.

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Facebook’s New ‘Like’ Button Features

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Facebook has just added 3 new features to the ‘Like’ button that hold a promise of greater connectivity and better analytics. Not unusual for Facebook, the release came on a weekend, so no real chance yet to thoroughly explore the bells and whistles – and the implications. Like’ acts more like ‘Share’; Facebook analytics are beefed up; and Facebook Pages get to pipe their content right into the newsfeeds of all who ‘Like’ them.

Publish Your Facebook Page to Twitter

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For some time, Twitter users have been able to publish their Twitter updates automatically to Facebook. Now, Facebook is returning the favor. On August 20, Facebook announced a new feature allowing Facebook Pages to automatically feed status updates, photos, links, notes and events to Twitter. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Social networking Facebook Twitter social media

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Creating Facebook Ads & Calculating ROI

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Facebook has nearly become a dirty word when it comes to marketing, but don’t let that sway your opinion of how powerful a tool it can be in reaching new members. ads Facebook

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How “Facebook Questions” Can Help Small NonProfits

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature called Facebook Questions – similar to what’s offered by LinkedIn, Yahoo Questions, and other Q&A sites. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Marketing Social networking Facebook Non-profit Communications social media Ask questions, answer them, and rate (or be rated) for best answers. What does this mean for nonprofits? A new way to reach potential supporters, and to spread the word about your cause! read more ).

Want to build a Facebook group? Take our workshop!

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The questions now are how do we successfully run online communities, and is Facebook the best place for them? . The post Want to build a Facebook group? When COVID-19 canceled most face-to-face interactions, many organizations began brainstorming how to fill in this engagement gap. .

Day 2: Membership Growth Online Summit - Facebook Ads

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Marketing digital facebook-adsFor Day #2 of the Membership Growth Online Summit you will learn how to set up digital ad campaigns to recruit new members. And today is special, because there will be 2 sessions on this topic! Session #1 @ 11:00 AM (ET) - How to Increase Members with.

What my 60 year old father reminds us about Facebook

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Right or wrong, outside of client engagements, I generally text or Facebook or Tweet or LinkedIn way more than I actually pick up the phone to “catch up” with someone. Anyway, I mentioned to my mother how surprised I was that: Dad set up a Facebook account. Dad and I were now friends on Facebook. Dad responded to a Facebook status update. Dad “liked” a Facebook status update. Dad “liked” my Facebook business page.

How Can You Manage Negative Facebook Comments?

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Odds are that you’re going to be more likely to deal with haters than fans on a Facebook page, according to a recent study. For every three comments the average Facebook page gets, two of them are likely to be negative. While positive and negative posts tend to get more likes than traditionally neutral posts, the negative posts tend to attract more comments, which means that the Facebook page creates an unstructured area that tends to attract negative feedback.

Is this the Beginning of Facebook’s Mass Exodus?

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Categories: Social Media and Business Trends Tags: Facebook , member community , membership organization , online community , public online community Like most adults, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. The post Is this the Beginning of Facebook’s Mass Exodus?

Daily Buzz: Finding Success Without Facebook

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With concerns over privacy and cost effectiveness, some organizations have cut Facebook out of their marketing strategies, Inc. that the company was not making any money on its Facebook advertisements in 2018.

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Day 2: Membership Growth Online Summit - Facebook Ads!

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Marketing digital facebook-adsFor Day #2 of the Membership Growth Online Summit you will learn how to set up digital ad campaigns to recruit new members. And today is special, because there will be 2 sessions on this topic! Session #1 @ 11:00 AM (ET) - How to Increase Members with.

Are Your Blog and Facebook Page Dark on the Weekend?

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If an organization published an update or a link to their Facebook page during the week, there’s a good chance I didn’t see it. Do you or your organization publish blog posts or Facebook updates on weekends? Tagged: Facebook , Web and Social Media , Writing & Blogging. Writing & Blogging Facebook Web and Social MediaHow many unread blog posts pile up during the week in your Google Reader?

Facebook – Is Mark Zuckerberg a Great Leader?

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It seems nearly everyone has heard of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and CEO. By all accounts, Mr. Zuckerberg is doing what he thinks is necessary to become a great leader for Facebook. It seems he is genuinely interested in seeing Facebook succeed long-term. Growing Facebook from an idea to a major company with more than three thousand employees and the biggest IPO in US history took amazing leadership.

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Adding Facebook Plugins To Your Wild Apricot Website

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Have you been wondering if you should add social plugins - such as a Facebook Like Button or Activity Feed - to your website? Our helpful support Apricots have developed easy-to-follow instructions on how you can add 5 Facebook plugins to websites. Facebook software support Social networking membership website Non-profit Non-profit technology Wild Apricot social media

5 Best Practices to Promote Your Event on Facebook and Boost Registrations

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Rather than relying solely on email blasts, word-of-mouth, and social media posts, here's how to use Facebook ads to increase event attendance Are fewer people attending your events these days? Are you hoping to dramatically increase attendance at your big conference this year?

Is Your Organization Risking Members' Privacy by Connecting on Facebook?

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In the wake of GDPR and the great Facebook controversy of 2018 ( when 87 million users' data was collected without consent ), this is a great time to think about where you store your data, how you can maintain full control over it, and what improvements can be made to make your members feel safer. The not-so-great feature: you don't own any of that data—the owner would be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever other platform your members are engaging on.