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Facebook for Associations: Build a Community for Your Nonprofit with These 5 Best Practices

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Want to start harnessing the power of Facebook for associations? Here are the five best practices you need to apply to your nonprofit's Facebook strategy today. facebook-for-nonprofits facebook-for-associations

28 Facebook Groups Every Nonprofit Professional Needs to Join

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I’ve found that nonprofit Facebook Groups are a great way to network with members of other nonprofits. That’s why I’ve created this list of the top 28 nonprofit Facebook Groups, so you know where to go. Facebook facebook-groupsThey can also help answer those sticky questions that you just can’t Google the answer to.


Complete Guide: How to Raise Funds on Facebook (with examples)

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In this article, I will provide an up-to-date overview of the 5 main ways you can leverage Facebook’s suite of free fundraising tools to drive donations to your nonprofit. Facebook

5 Ways to Find Volunteers on Facebook

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Why not use Facebook? Facebook VolunteersAre you finding it harder to get volunteers these days? That’s what one Wild Apricot customer, Patty Foley, the Membership Chairperson of Newington Community Television, did to find her latest volunteer.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Advertising on Facebook in 2018

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When people ask me where to spend their advertising dollars this year I’m usually telling them Facebook. Of course, Facebook isn’t for everyone. Even if you sell just to other businesses and you don’t think those businesses are active on Facebook, I can still guarantee that many of the employees at that business – people who make buying decisions – are. This is why 2018 will be a big year for businesses advertising on Facebook.

Fundraising With Facebook Research Report

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Here are highlights of Artez Interactive’s latest research paper, "Fundraising with Facebook”. research; Facebook

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The problem with Facebook


Science filmmaker Derek Muller: “Facebook is a complex ecosystem of individuals, creators, brands and advertisers, but I don’t think it serves any of these groups particularly well because its top priority is to make money. WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Social Media and Disaster: Hospitals On Facebook

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Immediately I jumped on to Facebook to see what I could find out from my friends in the area. Facebook became a gathering place - a communication hub - a way to share important information with a large number of other people who had no other way to communicate with one another.

What my 60 year old father reminds us about Facebook

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Right or wrong, outside of client engagements, I generally text or Facebook or Tweet or LinkedIn way more than I actually pick up the phone to “catch up” with someone. Anyway, I mentioned to my mother how surprised I was that: Dad set up a Facebook account.

Always the Last to Know: Facebook Insights

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Not getting the most out of your Facebook ads? John Haydon breaks down how to use Facebook Insights to better target your outreach. video Facebook John Haydon social media

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Daily Buzz: Turn Facebook Likes Into Email Subscriptions

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If you’re running a Facebook page and not getting your fans on your email list, you’re missing an opportunity. Does Facebook leave a bad taste in your mouth as a marketing strategy? The post Daily Buzz: Turn Facebook Likes Into Email Subscriptions appeared first on Associations Now

Always the Last to Know: Facebook Insights

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Not getting the most out of your Facebook ads? John Haydon breaks down how to use Facebook Insights to better target your outreach. social media video Facebook John HaydonThe video is short but informative.

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Is Your Organization Risking Members' Privacy by Connecting on Facebook?

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In the wake of GDPR and the great Facebook controversy of 2018 ( when 87 million users' data was collected without consent ), this is a great time to think about where you store your data, how you can maintain full control over it, and what improvements can be made to make your members feel safer.

Facebook Marketing for Dummies

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If you are new to Facebook or wondering how to manage the new timeline layout - here's a look at John Haydon's new book and video tutorial. Facebook social media

Non-profit Superpowers, Powerful Facebook Content, and More

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This week’s link round-up offers 4 posts that can help you “unlock and use your superpower”, identify powerful Facebook content, tell compelling stories on your website, and create great donor newsletters. Facebook Apricot Jam Communications

Changes at Facebook

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How will recent changes at Facebook impact your non-profit or association? Facebook social mediaHere's an overview of how some social media experts and non-profit bloggers who've weighed in on this topic. read more ).

How to Create a Nonprofit Facebook Page and Get Followers

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If your nonprofit doesn’t have a Facebook Page yet, I’ll show you the five basic steps to getting set up and gaining your first followers. followers FacebookThe whole process should take less than one hour.

John Haydon’s Top 5 Tips on Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is an excellent tool for your nonprofit to share content, communicate with members, and grow your cause. Facebook webinarThe best part is that it’s free. However, keeping your members engaged can be tough. With over 42 million pages and nearly a billion users, how do you stand out from the crowd?

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GDPR Will Affect Both Facebook and Online Learning

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At Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Senate hearing on privacy, an Associated Press photographer was able to snap a readable photograph of Mark’s talking points — and at the very bottom of the second page, they addressed GDPR.

Facebook Fails are Mounting


Despite the media frenzy over Facebook’s impending IPO , all isn’t 100% rosy for Facebook. To me, the bigger story here is that people do not have infinite patience for just accepting whatever Facebook throws at them. Facebook ad click through is horrible.

Is the Next Facebook Killer.Myspace?

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We started writing new stories about Facebook, Google+, etc. If so, this is a gorgeous new interface that could have some really major advantages over Facebook. But it's all grown up and poised to become a visual and auditory challenger to Facebook and Pinterest both.

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Facebook ads vs Google Ads [INFOGRAPHIC]


Check out this infographic from WordStream who did a ton of research to test out the comparison between Facebook ads and Google ads. The post Facebook ads vs Google Ads [INFOGRAPHIC] appeared first on Social Fish As always, click on the image to enlarge.


Make No Mistake. Facebook Will Own You.


This past week, not to be outdone, Facebook’s F8 conference has been going on. Now, I will fully admit (and you know this already) that I detest Facebook and all this stuff makes my brain hurt – so I won’t try and summarize – but better to hear it all from the peeps who were there, anyway. Building the Social Web Together (Facebook Blog) – this is Zuckerberg’s own watered-down-for-FB-users blog post version. Facebook Opens Up to the Web – Is that Good or Bad?

Facebook Contests–Worth Getting Your Page Deleted?


This morning I received an email from my bank announcing a contest they were doing on Facebook. The email instructed me to visit their Facebook Page, like it, and then vote on something to be entered to win. And every time I see one my inner know-it-all struggles with whether I should say something to the Page admin or not, because I know that by running such contests, they’re risking the very Facebook Pages they’re trying to promote.

Is Facebook Stealing Something Important From Us?

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she says, leave me alone tonight i just wanna stay home she fills the pot with water and she drops in the bone she says, i've got a darkness that i have to feed i got a sadness that grows up around like a weed and i'm not

What associations need to know about Facebook’s new political content rules

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Ah Facebook…always looking for new/better ways to be transparent and to protect our security. Under this new program, any Facebook Page paying to promote political content will have to follow the newly-minted rules for ads with political content.

Association Uses Facebook Live to Expand Education

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Using Facebook’s live-streaming capabilities, the Association For Creative Industries has taken a meeting-based education session and made it accessible year-round. Unlike email, Facebook Live humanizes our brand. “We Unlike email, Facebook Live humanizes our brand,” Negron said. “It’s

How to Promote a Cause on Facebook


Since it was a natural progression of use, there are questions as to why the concept works so flawlessly through Facebook, in particular. Blog posts, web pages and videos that can be easily linked through Facebook are key. Promotions via Facebook are the way of the future for causes.

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Eleven Ways Facebook Page Timelines Change Your Content Strategy


The new Facebook page timeline layout changes the way your organization needs to think about content. Custom welcome tabs were also used as a way to convert Facebook fans. But Facebook Pages now make it about the past present and future as well!

Using Stories – Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook


It was so successful at creating a sense of urgency that Instagram and Facebook followed suit three years later encouraging users to share content through a very similar “stories” feature. Facebook (FB) Stories. The Facebook Stories function first rolled out in the Messenger app.

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EEOC Complaint Says Targeted Facebook Job Listings Are Discriminatory

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A filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of millions of women alleges that Facebook’s targeting capabilities allow employers to illegally discriminate in job ads.

What Associations Need to Know About Facebook’s API Changes


Ah, Facebook–that social network I love to hate , even though my career kind of depends on using it. Until yesterday, when you shared a link on Facebook via a page, you had the ability to customize the title, link description and image for that link.

What's Your Post-Facebook Social Media Strategy?

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People have been saying it for a while, and this week voices seem to be getting louder about it: it’s only a matter of time until Facebook is pay-to-play only. I’d suggest starting by looking at what you’re currently getting from Facebook, as well as what you’re putting into Facebook.

Why Pinterest Ads Will Beat Facebook Ads

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Look out, Facebook-- Pinterest has launched paid ads. And I bet you a billion dollars they’re going to kick Facebook ads’ collective ass. First of all, when has Facebook taken a consultative approach to anything? Which is why I’ve never clicked on a Facebook ad.

Are Your Blog and Facebook Page Dark on the Weekend?

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If an organization published an update or a link to their Facebook page during the week, there’s a good chance I didn’t see it. Do you or your organization publish blog posts or Facebook updates on weekends? Tagged: Facebook , Web and Social Media , Writing & Blogging.

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Tips For Being Well Liked on Facebook

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Is your organization new to Facebook? Here is a round-up of helpful posts about Facebook that we found on AssociationJam. Facebook social media

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Seven Simple – Yet Powerful – Tips to Grow Facebook Engagement


Here’s a great example of how one organization improved the performance of their Facebook social actions by 300%. The first Facebook social action they posted inspired…. Given the size of their Facebook page and engagement activity, those are solid results.

Embedding Surveys on Your Facebook Page

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Want to include your SurveyMonkey surveys right on your Facebook page? Facebook online surveysHere are some tips and information.

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Mapping Facebook for marketers


Platlas is a clickable map (“atlas”) of Facebook, created by Carrot Creative , which allows you to visualize – as a marketer – all of the different ways that people interact with Facebook.

Are Non-profits Seeing Results on Facebook?

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How effective is Facebook for non-profits? Idealware surveyed over 500 non-profits and offers insight into their success with Facebook in their new report: Using Facebook to Meet Your Mission: Results of a Survey.( Facebook Non-profit research social mediaread more ).

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