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Discover how to Engage Learners with TopClass LMS at iNNOVATIONS 2017

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We are very excited to sponsor INNOVATIONS, where this year we will be showcasing TopClass 10 LMS and our seamless integration with iMIS. TopClass LMS and iMIS: Integrated, Engaging, Cloud-Safe Learning.

Explore TopClass LMS at ASI Europe Insight Day 2016

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TopClass LMS, the flexible way to integrate learning with iMIS. The flexibility of TopClass LMS provides powerful learning solutions for iMIS customers through an off-the-shelf integration with iMIS 15 and iMIS 20.

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Are you an iMIS Superhero?

Chapter Chat

We’re looking forward to meeting a few iMIS Superheroes at the 10 th Annual NiUG Discovery Conference , September 26-28, 2016 in Baltimore, MD. NiUG Discovery is the most comprehensive iMIS conference in the country. This year’s theme is Become an iMIS Superhero.

Connect with TopClass LMS at 2017 NiUG New Orleans Conference

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At NiUG New Orleans, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in great educational sessions, exciting networking opportunities, and connect with iMIS integrated solutions. TopClass LMS, the flexible way to integrate learning with iMIS.

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ASAE Annual Meeting 2016: Come see the new version of TopClass LMS!

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Standard integration bridges are available for several AMS, including Personify360 and iMIS. AMS Associations Events Integrations TopClass AMS Bridge ASAE ASAE Annual Conference Association LMS iMIS Integration learning management system LMS Personify TopClass Integrations WBT Systems

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Top Technology Strategy Tips for NiUG Discovery

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With less than a week to NiUG Discovery 2016 , we are excited to be sponsoring this great, interactive, learning and networking event for the iMIS Community! All the vendors will have solutions that are integrated with iMIS, to help you connect and engage with your members in new ways.

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Private Equity firm invests in ASI, makers of iMIS

Effective Databse

The latest in a string of private equity investments in the AMS space was announced earlier this week, as Bregal Sagemount, a New York private equity firm, announced they had taken a minority stake in ASI, the makers of iMIS. You can read more about it here. No specific changes were made with this announcement, but based on past investments in this space, rest assured this will bring some dramatic changes at ASI both in terms of personnel and product. Stay tuned. AMS Vendors

Discover your new TopClass LMS at NiUG Discovery 2016!

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At NiUG Discovery, attendees will have the opportunity to advance both their skills and their organization by attending training courses and breakout sessions to ‘Become an iMIS Superhero’! TopClass LMS, the flexible way to integrate learning with iMIS.

The skinny on the Small World Labs – Personify merger


We integrate with Blackbaud, Salesforce, iMIS, Personify, and many many other systems which you can see on our website. You will have heard about the Small World Labs/Personify merger that was announced two weeks ago.

Membership Engagement and Spending Data, All in One Place

Associations Now

The report is linked directly to IAPD’s association management system (iMIS) as well as other data sources, so it is up to date whenever it’s viewed. A look at the inner workings of one association’s data-tracking and scoring system for member engagement and spending.

Association Education and Certification: Best Benefit Ever

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What benefits truly increase value for association members, increasing engagement and ensuring that they renew their membership? It’s a question that many associations ask when planning benefit programs and communications to members.

Learners and Your LMS: If you build it, will they come?

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They resolved this by replacing their legacy open source LMS with TopClass LMS and a two-way integration with the iMIS engagement management system.

Learning Along The Way: About Me

Learning Along the Way

I'm Linda Owens, general manager for IMI Association Executives. I have worked for IMI since 1993, and like most, I fell into the industry. My background is in accounting but my thirst for knowledge quickly had me working in

Cathy Johnson: Living the Nimble Life Since 2012


I knew Sig and Dawn from my years working with iMIS. VanDamme Associates, as we were known back then, was a well-respected leader in the iMIS world and well known for creating very popular add-ons, like VanGo and Communicate.

My top 10 insights from MemberWise’s Digital Excellence 2017 report

Optimist Consulting

If you’re considering investing, it’s worth noting that the most popular systems are Microsoft Dynamics, Integra and iMIS.

Learning Along The Way: First Stop

Learning Along the Way

Seeing that I work for IMI Association Executives, an association management One of the first stops on my journey was Cindy Butts' AE on the Verge blog. She writes about Association management, meetings and mania.

Social Media Roundup: How to Keep Your Workers Loyal

Associations Now

IMI Assn Executives (@IMIAE) August 20, 2013. You don’t have to spend big bucks dishing out crazy perks to inspire employee loyalty. Plus: Respond to positive comments, not just the negative ones. Google employees rave about the campus perks, but it turns out they have high turnover.

Severe case of social network envy


Their network is fully integrated into their iMiS member database, and they have a bunch of Facebook-style features for "friending" other members, creating groups, etc. So I'm sitting here at the technology conference, listening to Sterling Raphael of NFi Studios describe the made-to-order social network they set up for ACTE, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

Learning Along The Way: Need a Retweet?

Learning Along the Way

5 Ways To Spread Content, Whatever It Is - [link] Why CFOs Should Venture Beyond Linked In [link] Make PDFs social-media ready [link] Cool article on using hashtags for

Why I Enjoy Working At An AMC

Moving through the Association World

At an AMC, in most cases you have multiple clients on the same type of AMS, for us it is iMIS. Very cool to see this week is Young Association Executive Takeover Week over on Acronym. The first post by Benjamin Butz was excellent; I echo his thoughts on an AMC being a great place for young association professionals to get started.

Learning Along The Way: Social Media: A Fad?

Learning Along the Way

We have several clients that are dipping their feet in the social media waters. We have one client that thinks, "the addictive behavior of social networking is worth a good conversation" And I've had someone recently ask, "How

Learning Along The Way: Enjoy Renewal Member Perks!

Learning Along the Way

I just received an email from the Entertainment Book asking me if I want to sign up for their automatic renewal program. By doing so I would receive exclusive Renewal Members' perks like: $5 off your Renewal books every

Learning Along The Way: Retention and Procrastination

Learning Along the Way

First of all, I would like to congratulate and send best wishes to all those who have studied hard and recently sat for the CAE exam. You, and all the CAEs before you, are an encouragement to me as I study and prepare to sit

Learning Along The Way: Associations as Agents of Change

Learning Along the Way

As mentioned in my last post, I am currently reading Professional Practices in Association Management. Today's reading included the chapter, Sustainability - Associations as Agents of Change in the Collaborative Economy

Learning Along The Way: Preparing a Budget? Have You.

Learning Along the Way

I've once again set out on the CAE journey and I'm currently reading the recommended materials for domain #1-Strategic Management. In the third chapter of the Professional Practices in Association Management, 2nd Edition

Learning Along The Way: My first Twitter poll ? very easy!

Learning Along the Way

One of my newfound toys is twtpoll. So far I've used twtpoll for a frivalous reason. crashclint and I disagree on this most people prefer quality buffets or regular restaurants? link] BTW, I won

Learning Along The Way: Helpful AMC sessions at ASAE

Learning Along the Way

For clarification, I am not the owner but rather the general manager for an association management company. I attended both the AMC pre-conf & ASAE and found portions of each to be extremely helpful. The session, "Good

Learning Along The Way: Not a Blogging Expert?

Learning Along the Way

I cannot believe that, once again, I have let so much time pass since my last Blog post. I was creating a list of blogging tips for a client when it occurred to me this would make a great blog post. This makes me wonder how

Will Your Association be Impacted by Any New Trends in 2010?

Learning Along the Way

#12 Foursquare  I've not explored the Foursquare community yet so I'm not sure if this is possible. Does anyone know if it can be used to invite others to an association event? Could an association use Foursquare to help

Learning Along The Way: 45 Lessons Life Taught Me

Learning Along the Way

Written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland , Ohio "To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most-requested column I've ever written." " My odometer rolled over to

Learning Along The Way: Transitioning a Client When an Executive.

Learning Along the Way

I was excited to receive my copy of ASAE's AMC Connection December 2009 e-newsletter. You see, this newsletter contains my first ever published article, "Transitioning a Client When an Executive Leaves" I've reprinted the

10 Most Answered Reader Polls of 2012

Association Adviser

” The so-called Big Three: AVECTRA, ImIS, and TMA “own the large association space,” and everyone else fights it out for the small- to mid-size association. Technically speaking, 2012 was the year of instant gratification.

From the Corner Office: Carol Miller, MHI

Association Adviser

We use iMIS as our customer relationship management system and we’re looking at some of their marketing automation options, as well as other products that can help us implement a more customized, personalized marketing experience for our members and all audiences. Carol Miller, MHI.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Small Associations Can.

Observations on Association Management

Small associations often lament the fact that they do not have the resources to perform as well as their larger brethren. While it is indeed true that larger associations with big budgets and large numbers of dedicated staff