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Super Control Freak Tendencies Stunt Your Conference Growth

Velvet Chainsaw

The challenge with your control freak tendencies is that you will eventually hit a ceiling. The post Super Control Freak Tendencies Stunt Your Conference Growth appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw. Ok, admit it! You’re good at the details. You have an eye for minutia. You live and breathe by the motto, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”. You wear as a badge of honor that the devil is in the details. You take great pride in creating a sense of order out of chaos.

The Problem With Associations’ Tendency to Complicate Situations

Smooth The Path

The post The Problem With Associations’ Tendency to Complicate Situations appeared first on Smooth The Path. Related: Learn about members’ why. Do our association’s members feel taken care of? When to make innovation a priority for your association. Association Leadership Association Strategy association strategy complex complexity launch member data process product launch risk simple simplicity


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SCD Group: 8 articles important to association executives and.

SCD Group

Gen-Y has shown a tendency to support heritage brands and engage with Here is the best of the week for busy association professionals. Enjoy your July 4th holiday! Five Ways to Market to Gen-Y By Tim Hare via

Video 58

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Spark Consulting

Thankfully, Spouse is still gainfully employed and lockdown has a tendency to DRAMATICALLY reduce expenses. Today marks one year since DC shut down for the pandemic.

Class 195

Keeping your data clean and organized for results

HighRoad Solution

In the era of Big Data, there’s a tendency to think that more data equals more value. Organizations hang onto every scrap of information in case it holds the key to some future success. Actually, Big Data isn’t about size but about detail. Accurate detail helps you understand your members and can anticipate their needs. Low-quality data doesn’t offer this kind of insight, and in some cases, it can even make things harder

Don’t forget about what got better

Effective Database

Don't forget about what got better Negativity bias is the tendency to focus on only those things that aren't working, rather than focusing on what has improved. I've observed that during a switch from one AMS to another, frequently staff will fall into this trap. The result can be as simple as spending too much time on … Don’t forget about what got better Read More » Wes's Wednesday Wisdom


The Current Role of Leadership

Moery Company

There’s a tendency, especially right now, to get in the middle of things because there seems to be a push for a “proactive leader” mentality.

How to increase engagement and inclusivity in your organization

Association Success

Employees who feel comfortable going to leadership with problems and when potential resulting failures are okay have a higher tendency for innovation and experimentation leading to organizational growth.”. How to embrace change so your association can reach more people.

What Do YOU See?

Spark Consulting

I definitely recommend checking out the entire thing , but there was one thing in particular she said that stuck with me: One of the great dangers of leadership, I think, is the tendency to believe your own hype. About a year ago, the Harvard Business Review did an interview with Maya Angelou.

Review 216

A New Era of Association Meetings for Ambiverts and Introverts

Smooth The Path

Ambiverts have both tendencies; we can feel energized by hosting a party, and also can feel invigorated by an evening of reading by a crackling fire. Somewhere in my literary travels a long time ago, I read a piece that theorized that most of us were neither introverts or extroverts.

Team 106

Webinar Re-Cap: Will Learning Ever Look the Same?

Blue Sky eLearn

Often, during chaos we have a tendency to move away from processes, but we must now move back. It’s a thought many of us have had: Will learning ever look the same?

Bonus content – Event Garde e-news May edition

Aaron Wolowiec

A: As an education and events director for fellow association professionals, my tendency toward being an extreme learner is perhaps the best way I can better my industry. Gina Sutherland, director of education and events, CalSAE. Q & A with Gina Sutherland , director of education and events, California Society of Association Executives. Q: If you could be a summer cocktail, what would your name be and what would you taste like?

The Secret to Selling Government Affairs and Advocacy - Moery Company

Moery Company

Let’s break down the tendencies by large, medium, and small companies. IStock/Credit:alekseykh. How do you sell government relations as one of the most valuable aspects of association membership? Today, selling advocacy requires a focused and strategic approach. Businesses have specific problems. For example, a prospective member company doesn’t understand a newly issued regulation in California, nor the long-term economic implications.

DC 235

Leading with Transparency, Promise, and Vision – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 239

Moery Company

There’s a tendency, especially right now, to get in the middle of things because there seems to be a “proactive leader” mentality. Transparency, making promises, and vision are not new. However, they’re even more important now.

Team 327

Why organizations should invest in their employees’ failures

Association Success

Employees who feel comfortable going to leadership with problems and when potential resulting failures are okay have a higher tendency for innovation and experimentation leading to organizational growth.

Selling Government Relations as a Key Member Benefit

Moery Company

For example, let’s break the tendencies down by large, medium and small companies. IStock_Credit:alekseykh. So, how do you sell government relations as one of most valuable aspects of association membership? We’ve been successful in selling for associations with great government relations and advocacy programs. We believe GR is the unique differentiator for associations in the marketplace. Competition abounds in news, information and events, but is very rare in the advocacy world.

DC 189

Building Volunteer Success through Feedforward

Mariner Management

Three critical areas of difference in feedback and feedforward: Feedback is viewed as criticism vs. help which in turn has a tendency to shut down our mental dashboard. Once upon a time, there was a passionate volunteer committee chair.

Why organizations should celebrate employees’ small victories

Association Success

It helps combat the negativity bias, which is the human tendency to see the bad before the good.

How do you Handle Negativity in your Association’s Meetings?

Association Leaders

Here’s a definition from Negativity is a tendency to be downbeat, disagreeable, and skeptical. Associations are groups of people or companies in the same profession or industry or with similar interests working toward a common goal. By definition, when groups of people get together to take some action, there will be discussions, debates, and disagreement.

Course 163

Want to Be an Effective Leader? Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Associations Now

Despite typical tendencies to get somewhat used to irritating conditions—an uncomfortable shirt or a barking dog—sleep-restricted individuals actually showed a trend toward increased anger and distress, essentially reversing their ability to adapt to frustrating conditions over time,” researcher Zlatan Krizan said in a news release. (Of A tendency toward increased risk.

Iowa 81

Why associations shouldn’t take their data at face value

Association Success

Also called ‘survivor bias,’ this phenomenon refers to the human tendency to study successful outcomes and ignore the accompanying failures,” wrote HubSpot managing editor Meg Prater.

Increase Value By Cutting Your Content

Blue Sky eLearn

This tendency is rooted in our live in-person session reflexes to give event participants bang for their buck. No, that’s not a typo. If you intend to deliver real value through online learning, you’ve got to cut your content. Continuing education has become an information dumping grounds. We think we’ve got to pack in the content, so we develop sliduments and deliver rapid-fire lectures with little (if any) discussion.

An Introvert’s Guide to Growing a Private Online Community

Higher Logic

Because introverts can, in fact, be some of the most successful social media and online community managers , all despite their tendency to keep to themselves. Your introvert tendencies make you an excellent fit for community management. Several years ago, ASAE’s keynote presentation was by Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. Her talk – and her book – changed my world.

Best Practices for Boards and Working Groups

Association Management

If one or two members are in disagreement, there is a tendency for the rest of the committee to win them over before moving on. Sometimes you can find information for best practices for Boards and working groups in the most unusual of places. A recent article in a scientific journal entitled “ Why too much evidence can be a bad thing ” talks about how sometimes too much evidence can be a bad thing.

A World Without Boards

Thanks For Playing

It's no wonder they have a tendency to run wild. A million years ago back in Dallas (actual time: just over a month), Jeff De Cagna , in his unsession on Associations Unorthodox, has asked us to think about radical questions to ask. Now I love the idea of a radical question. One of the focal points of my consulting work is that asking the right question is as important as getting the right answer, if not more so.

Dallas 190

How Well Do You Know Your Organization's Volunteers?

Higher Logic

Volunteer profiles can become more robust and detailed, and your program can cater opportunities depending on the members’ tendencies towards term, task or virtual volunteering. Your organization might have members lining up for volunteering opportunities, with event positions always overbooked for help and community discussions and blogs bursting at the seams.

Facebook Click Bait Changes and How They Affect Your Advocacy Content

Beekeeper Group

Teaser headlines have the tendency to draw people in, goading them to read on or click through. What Is Click bait? You’ll never believe what Facebook announced today! Read on to find out about the jaw-dropping news that was shared exclusively with us. Have your attention, do we? Instinctively, communicators do not want to oversell the content they are producing.

DC 52

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

Blue Sky eLearn

Associations have a tendency to use language and abbreviations that are only meaningful to them internally without realizing the public won’t understand their system of communication. Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have a whole squad, we are counting down 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program! Tip #10 – Preparation. Start preparing NOW. If you already have content, decide what’s worth keeping.

Tips 182

LEGO: Don’t End Your Community

Higher Logic

From what I can see, it looks like a need for strict control and a tendency for over-moderation. Is an online community ever too big to fail? Unfortunately, just like everything else, no. In fact, LEGO Message Boards (LMB), a vibrant online community for LEGO enthusiasts, is being permanently shut down and deleted this March.

Giving Ourselves Permission to Think Strategically

Smooth The Path

Related posts: The problem with association’s tendency to complicate situations. What does the act of strategic thinking look like? It might look like staring into space, taking a walk down the hall for a coffee, taking a shower, laying in bed, or jogging in the park. Flashes of inspiration tend to happen in those little-in-between-doing-stuff moments when our brains are idle.

Why are so many of us so bad at listening?


Salespeople have a tendency to do this so that they can make sure to demonstrate their value while they have you on the hook. Do I have your attention? Thanks to Danielle MacInnes for sharing their work on Unsplash. Maybe. But probably not.

Apple Moves Away from Secrecy, Joins AI Group

Associations Now

Famously, Apple has long had a tendency toward secrecy. Apple has struggled at times to balance its desire to keep things under wraps with the AI field’s tendency to share its research. In 2015, Bloomberg reported that Apple’s tendency to shy away from the academic information-sharing common within the industry has visibly hurt efforts such as Apple Maps and cost its first-mover Siri platform its head start.

Cost 40

Study Reveals Career Cost of Promoting Diversity, For Some

Associations Now

This divergent effect of diversity-valuing behavior on performance ratings results from supervisors’ tendency to negatively stereotype diversity-valuing ethnic minority leaders as incompetent, and their tendency to negatively stereotype diversity-valuing female leaders as interpersonally cold,” the study noted.

Cost 80

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.30.17

Reid All About it

Ed Schipul, CEO of AMS firm Tendenci, found FBI testimony confirming that NGOs and associations are indeed targets of Russian hackers. Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… The latest cybersecurity threat rampaging around the world is a cyber weapon , not ransomware, says the CEO of security awareness training firm KnowBe4. Should your association or company be concerned? Hell yes, we should all be concerned about any type of hacking exploit.

How an Iowa Business Association Gets Members Prepped for the Caucus

Associations Now

Fighting against the tendency to get starstruck when randomly running into a candidate on the campaign trail, the guide recommends strategies for employees to ask useful questions even when they run into a candidate unexpectedly.

Iowa 60

The Reveal: Helping Make Perspectives and Positions Known

Idea Architects

For any of these "reveal" techniques, learning designers also want to consider the introverted or extroverted tendencies of participants and enhance the chosen formats to be as inclusive as possible of either tendency.

Three Tactics for Staying Focused During a Difficult Time

Associations Now

There’s a tendency right now, because of the limited human interaction we’re getting, to want to meet frequently with teams and coworkers. Tons of new distractions are surfacing these days. Here are a few ideas for helping to maintain your focus in these strange times.

Finding the Best Managers

Jamie Notter

Managers have their own tendency to interfere, dictate, second-guess, and be a backseat driver. Conventional wisdom says we find those “A Team” players coming out of the top colleges and universities, with the best grades and test scores. Maybe not in every job, mind you, but certainly many, and definitely at a technology company like Google, right? Wrong. One thing I love about Google is the strategic and cultural clarity they have around the importance of data.

Team 126

The Pros and Cons of Free Food at the Office

Associations Now

A CNBC report from earlier this year noted that there’s a tendency for people to snack on things when they’re procrastinating or when they’re talking to other people, without even realizing it. Before Yahoo was subsumed by Verizon in a deal last year , Yahoo’s food habits had a tendency to get negative attention, such as when the company put on a holiday party that cost millions—an activist investor claimed $7 million, but then-CEO Marissa Mayer claimed $2 million.

We Asked, You Answered: What’s on Your Stop-Doing List for 2020?

Associations Now

I have a tendency to focus on being the solution maker for everything that pops up, but I need to remember some things are better left alone so you can focus on the things to which you can truly make a difference.