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Your Two Cents on Virtual Events

Velvet Chainsaw

With the advent of DIY solutions, business models that include sponsorship and the ability to reach a global audience, we’re seeing an increased focus on expanding the impact of virtual events. The post Your Two Cents on Virtual Events appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

Virtual events engage and grow value for association members.

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Online events are an efficient way to serve your members, career center users and niche industry, while generating revenue. Virtual events effectively grow your association’s value to members.

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VIRTUAL EVENTS SURVEY – last chance to participate!


The learning & development experts at Tagoras have launched a new round of their popular research on virtual events. Our aim is to assess the role of virtual conferences and similar virtual events are playing in the broader events market.

Study Dispels Myths About Virtual Events

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Why Potential Attendees Stay Home Virtual events may be a good alternative for people who can’t, or just don’t, attend in-person events. ’s hybrid events study, these are the top reasons respondents opted not to attend face-to-face events.

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The Afterlife Potential of Virtual Events

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The value of virtual content can extend well beyond the event. One of the great things about a virtual event location is that the ideas, insights and innovations sparked by the event do not disappear when the doors close. Overall, the valuable use of online content speaks to a broader point – and a personal passion of mine – that deals with the relationship between online and face-to-face events.

Two-Thirds of Associations Turning to Video and Virtual Events

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conferences event technology events live streaming video virtual events Associations are increasingly turning to video to connect with members and potential members of all ages. More than one in six respondents (17 percent) to our latest poll told us that webinars and.

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Association Virtual Event Strategy Benchmarking

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Virtual event strategies are evolving fast too! This online survey will build on two previous Tagoras reports on Association Virtual Events & Conferences and will be available for free. Life moves pretty fast.

Five Tips to Ensure a Successful Virtual Event


Virtual events are a trend that won’t be going away and are quickly becoming a strategic must for associations. Virtual events can reach deep within organizations and impact a larger number of participants. Traditionally, only a select group of individuals are able to attend in-person events, leaving a majority with nothing. Virtual events are evolving […].

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Monday Buzz: Finding Profitability in Virtual Events

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Virtual events aren’t just a flashy show of technology for your association; they can also turn a profit. That’s why having a virtual track is so appealing to many associations that want to engage a larger audience without breaking the bank.

On screen or in a chair?

Aaron Wolowiec

No wonder so many of us are spending less time away from our offices and our families to attend professional development events or other workplace functions. It seems associations got the memo as the industry experiences a slow uptick in virtual events.

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Time to breathe…and think long-term

Aaron Wolowiec

This year has been, and will continue to be, defined by intelligent growth for the meetings and events industry, the report found. For starters, 60 percent of survey respondents predict an increase in live events, while 56 percent predict an increase in virtual events.

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Take Your Professional Development Virtual

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When planning a virtual event for professional development, it's imperative to have a game plan in place before, during, and after the event. Successful virtual events that end with your members. Events Features Technology designing events event planning event strategy Measuring events planning a virtual event virtual continuing education virtual education virtual education system virtual events virtual professional development

Technology truths for meetings and events

Aaron Wolowiec

If something comes up, will the organizer provide content virtually? According to a new report by American Express Meetings and Events , I’m not alone. And almost all attendees have computers, which makes virtual attendance a breeze.

Interview with an Expert: Bill Mott – Event Technology, Freeman Company

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Bill Mott has 11 years of experience in the virtual events space, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge. How did you become involved with virtual events? Live streaming, mobile devices, virtual events all hit the scene in the following years, and the content capture department became the “OnlineEvent” department and innovated business practices to meet these emerging technologies. What are your Top 3 Virtual Event Tips to share?

Tips for Monetizing Your Webinars

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If you have decided to charge a fee for a live webinar, chances are you won’t want to give the recording away for free, otherwise, your turnout rate for the live event will be quite low. Those who did not pay for the live event can receive the recording at the same or discounted rate.

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Take Your Event Virtual: Recent Trends and Strategies with Virtual and Hybrid Events

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What is a virtual event? It’s a Web-based event that replicates many aspects of a traditional location-based conference, membership meeting or trade show through webinars, webcasts, discussion. Events Revenue Technology event content event planning events hybrid events live events non-dues revenue revenue trade show virtual events

How to Get Sign Ups to Show Up

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But when the event rolls around, you’re dismayed to see that most of your registrants never make it to the call. People who were gung-ho about registering for your event may not show up for a variety of reasons: Forgetfulness. that they’ve registered for your event.

Crafting a Magnetic Webinar Title

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Your webinar title is, in effect, your event’s headline. It’s a powerful tool for cutting through marketing clutter, grabbing attention and persuading prospects to learn more about your event. The title of your webinar summarizes the main promise or focus of your event.

5 Steps to Craft Compelling Content Descriptions

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People attend webinars to learn – making your description of what attendees will learn at your event one of the most important pieces of marketing copy you can write. Some marketers resort to providing a list of topics that will be covered during the event simply because they don’t know what will be taught. This is particularly true when the person who is writing the marketing copy is not the same person who will be teaching the event.

Poll: Continuing Education Cited as Highest Priority for NDR Improvement

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advertising affinity programs association publications continuing education events live events non-dues revenue video programs virtual events webinarsEarly results from our unscientific reader poll show that one third of association leaders (34 percent) believe that continuing education is their non-dues revenue area in need of the most. For more about this topic, click on the headline. Did You Know?

Two Extremes Of Conference Content Capture: Bite Size Best

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Hybrid meetings, where live-session content is streamed to a virtual audience, is what everyone’s talking about these days. This often is due to the fact that the presenter(s) did not design an experience for the live and virtual participants that is social in nature.

Interview with an Expert: Laurie Frye, Cannon Financial Institute

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How did you get involved with the virtual and eLearning side of things? What are some of the most common questions you get about your virtual programs? Is there anything new or revolutionary in virtual events or eLearning that you’re seeing that people should be aware of? We use a pretty basic version of virtual events. What is the greatest value you and your clients receive from virtual events and eLearning?

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Leadership Limerick: Time for.

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Increasingly effective conference design is not about face-to-face OR virtual, but about the AND. Any virtual event might also benefit from an in-person option, and any face-to-face meeting should explore how to incorporate

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.23.16

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Innovation in Practice: Hybrid Meetings/Virtual Events. Hybrid meetings and virtual events give associations the opportunity to engage members who cannot attend their annual meeting or other in-person meetings. More info/register for in-person event.

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Friday Buzz: Boost Your Webinar Views

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Also: How to host a virtual event that your members will love. Better Virtual Events. Follow these simple steps to ensure your next virtual event is a success. Don’t let small marketing strategy blunders negatively affect the performance of your webinars.

Are You Ready to SURGE?

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I’m excited to share that I’ll be speaking at Association Success’s inaugural SURGE virtual event, November 7-9. But the adventure into collaborative innovation begins long before the event.

Association Leader Survey Results

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October 2010 2 -- Features Straight talk on social media, member satisfaction, virtual events, Web 3.0 and more. First in a series. By Hank Berkowitz

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.16.16

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Using the strategies identified in this presentation, every conference professional can create event experiences where engagement is the norm, not the exception. Transform Your Event ROI Story with Digital Engagement. Your event is a smashing success, but how do you prove it?

Business Motivations and Social Behaviors for In-Person and Online Events


A couple of snippets: Compare that to this one: So for virtual events, compelling content and ease of use trump, as you would expect, but “maintaining relationships&# is pretty highly rated too. Do your virtual events have a relationship component?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.5.17

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Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… “I’ll do that but not right now.”. Enough about me, here’s the list of next week’s learning events you really came for. Virtual Events: From Emerging Trend to Strategic Reality.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.9.16

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Ok, on to the list of this week’s free webinars and learning events. Learn about a range of IOT tools, including wearable and location-aware tools, beacon technology, virtual reality/augmented reality systems and much more.

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SURGE Spring: Know Before You Go

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The lowdown on the three-day virtual conference. SURGE is our free virtual conference for association professionals - and it’s happening May 2-4th! Such is the beauty of virtual events: rally together with some colleagues, or tune in from your kitchen table in your pyjamas.

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Conference Services: How They Can Improve Your Association Events

Association Management

Today’s remote conferencing tools and virtual events are great for going green and reducing travel spend—particularly if your working groups, association executives, or Board members are geographically dispersed. 5. Networking Events.

SURGE Spring Line-Up: What’s In Store at the Summit

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We are thrilled to announce the sessions and speakers for our interactive virtual summit in May. It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the full SURGE Spring session and speaker line-up for our May 2 nd -4 th interactive virtual summit. After the success of our vanguard virtual summit in November, SURGE Spring represents an evolution. Here are the 3 ways we’re enhancing the virtual event: 1.

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Why You Should Consider Blended Learning

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Virtual events cannot, and should not replace face-to-face events, but at the same time, in-person learning should be enhanced by bringing in adaptive and personalized technology. Encourage discussions around the post-event learning opportunities and recorded content.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.6.17

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The weekly list of free professional development events for the association community… Only 10% of Americans love cooking. How to Build a Video Content Strategy for Your Event. Presenter: Kevin O’Connor, Mediasite Events project manager, Sonic Foundry.

Why Is Membership the Only Relationship?

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We offer non-member rates for publications and events. Way back in March at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference, I had the opportunity to participate in an early morning conversation facilitated by Jeff de Cagna.

LMS Buy-In: How to Overcome these Top 4 Objections

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Your learners expect to be able to access courses and virtual events whenever they want, wherever they are. It’s Not in Our Budget. If you’ve never implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) before then it’s never been a part of your budget before.

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Next Generation Learning: Tech 14

Aaron Wolowiec

Conferences, meetings and events should be learning-filled experiences. As in-person and virtual events blend, the hybrid world is growing rapidly.

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Five Global Meetings Megatrends

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And while planners must navigate these situations in the short term, it’s also important that they think about trends that may affect their meetings and events in the years ahead. New forms of knowledge transfer will influence all phases of event planning,” said GCB in a press release.