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Achieving Success in Diversity and Inclusion

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The committee also coordinates the ASAE Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP). I worked with an awesome core group of DELP class liaisons to engage over 100 association leaders, the ASAE executive team, the work group and the D&I committee to review the initial draft and highlight critical gaps. AAC: How does the work of the D&I Committee affect/impact ASAE’s Diversity Executive Leadership Program? MB: Have a committed and trained executive leadership team.

Now What?

Association Advocacy Chick

ASAE’s Diversity Executive Leadership Program otherwise known as DELP celebrates its 15th anniversary. This year marks some very important milestones for me. March will be my 5th anniversary with my current employer. June will be the 1st anniversary of Generation Advocacy. August marks the 5th birthday of Association Advocacy Chick. I’m very excited about all of this. Yet, I’ve had this one nagging question on my mind: Now what?

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I Heart Detroit

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The Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau supports ASAE’s Diversity Executive Leadership Program. One of the highlights of being a DELP scholar is our annual reunion. For most of us, it’s the only opportunity we have to see each other and immerse ourselves in all things DELP. No matter how large our group gets or how unique our experiences are, there’s been one constant in my seven (!) years as a DELPer: Detroit.

The 4 myths about DELP

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One of my passions in life is ASAE’s Diversity Executive Leadership Program otherwise known as DELP. More than a few came into the program as Executive Directors. Uncategorized ASAE certified association executive delpI’ve talked about DELP a number of times and have featured many of my fellow scholars in my blog posts. However, the program seems to still be a mystery for many people. That mystique has led to some misconceptions.

ASAE15: We do we GO from here?

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It was my first annual as an Executive Director. ASAE 15 was a different experience for me than in years past. I missed the annual DELP reunion so it was my only opportunity to see most of my DELP family. It was our first annual meeting in Detroit. I could focus on the good, the bad and the unusual, but I’ve decided to go with what’s next. What are going to do with the content knowledge we’ve gained? How will we use those hallway conversations? Here are some suggestions.

Sharing my blogging experience with others

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The post made its way to my former association garnering comments from the Executive Director and other senior staff. Late last year, I had the opportunity to present before the local chapter of Zeta Phi Beta sorority on social media. I talked about SEO and Facebook and Twitter. I gave stats on who’s using social networks. However, the part that generated the most interest and discussion centered around blogging.

Why I lobby for associations

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Such events included Capitol Hill visits from over 100 association executives and a panel on why associations matter. Last week, ASAE celebrated the Power of A campaign with a series of activities highlighting the social and economic impact of associations. I had the honor of moderating that panel where we discussed, among other things, why we work for associations. It’s an interesting question for someone in my position.

When it comes to DELP, don’t just take my word for it

Association Advocacy Chick

Association Advocacy Chick: What led each of you to apply for the Diversity Executive Leadership Program? Donte Shannon: Before DELP, I had not met many non-profit executives who looked like me. I don’t believe that I would have been able to shake hands with half of the association executives that I have met in the past six months, had I not been a DELP Scholar. I often talk about my DELP experience from the perspective of an alumna.

Class 25

Yes you can: government relations on the CAE exam

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For those of you who have taken the Certified Association Executive (CAE) exam, you may be familiar with the 3-day course offered by ASAE called the CAE Kickoff.

Finding Artesha: How DELP helped me connect with my authentic self – Guest Post by Artesha Moore

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Almost six years ago, I started to hide my authentic professional self in order to fit into someone else’s perception of a successful executive. Instead, I was expected to bury my colorful, vibrant personality and uniqueness to become an executive clone (think of the robots in Will Smith’s movie I, Robot ). I also wanted to find other association executives who could share ideas to help me reach my goals. I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by talent.

Class 22

If at first you don’t succeed…

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Knowing that more than a few of my GR colleagues attend annual as well as association executives prepping for the CAE exam, I felt that we were being shortchanged. One of my first AAC blog posts discussed the ASAE’s 2010 annual meeting and what I learned from it. One of my points highlighted a lack of government relations programming.

To the new DELP Scholars

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Congratulations on your selection to the 2013-2015 Diversity Executive Leadership Program! Consider yourself among the very fortunate to have this opportunity. This program is competitive. Very competitive. For many of you, this was your second, third or even fourth application. And you finally got in. If you think the hard part is over, think again. You now have to contend with those who don’t understand why DELP exists.

Ripping up the script

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The best nugget from that special came from VMA executive producer Dave Sirulnick who stated that after all of the rehearsals and careful planning, minutes before the show, he would literally rip up the script. Once upon a time, I was a faithful MTV viewer. I remember making the mad dash home at 3:15 from high school to be home by 4 to see the latest world premiere video (cough, Alphabet Street by Prince, cough).

One Year Later…

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Congratulations on being awarded the 2011 Emerging Leader Award from the Michigan Society of Association Executives. On August 26, 2010, I started Association Advocacy Chick with one post and no clue what the heck I was doing. Sure, blogging seemed easy enough. But what exactly would I write about? Who was my audience? How often would I post? So many questions and hardly any answers. Yet, I created an account on WordPress and started spouting.

Allow me to reintroduce myself

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However, with my career expanding into executive management, it’s time to broaden my perspective. Hello! When I last spoke to you, I was eulogizing one of my favorite musicians. Six months later, I thought it would be a good time to get back to our regularly scheduled program. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m now blogging under the title It’s On The List. Why It’s On the List ?

Thoughts on ASAE12 from DELP

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This time, I wanted to give you the highs and lows of the conference from the perspective of my colleagues in the Diversity Executive Leadership Program aka DELP. My favorite part about attending ASAE’s annual meeting was being able to sit down face to face with other association executives and discuss best practices. My last post was about my experience in Dallas during ASAE12.

Bringing the all-stars to bat

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A few are executive directors. It’s rare that I do two AAC posts in one week, but the discussion that has developed since Jeffrey Cufaude’s post Getting More Players on the All-Star Team has struck a chord with me. It’s a subject I know all too well and wanted to offer a slightly different perspective on it. I am a 37 year-old african-american female association lobbyist. Now, name five of your colleagues who fall into this same category.

My weekend in the “D” – an open letter to my DELPers

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It was the 10th anniversary reunion of the Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP). Dear DELPers, This past weekend, we came together in the Detroit area for a special purpose. Sponsored by the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau, it was an opportunity for alumni to reconnect and haze meet the new class of DELP scholars who we affectionately call the newbies.

Every time a bell rings, a volunteer gets his wings – Guest Post by Aaron Wolowiec, CAE, CMP

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He’s Aaron Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, CMP, director of education and associate partnerships for the Health Care Association of Michigan, DELP scholar, and chair of ASAE’s Young Association Executives Committee. In my experience, this has led to more than one volunteer leader approaching a board member about a particular set of circumstances who then raises the concern with an executive-level staff member who ultimately has a conversation about the matter with his or her subordinate.

Personal Reflections on 15 Years in Association Management – Guest Post by Shawn Boynes, CAE

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In this post, he explores the lessons he’s learned during his career as an association executive. . It is with clear intent that I hope to inspire other African-American male association executives to do the same – be visible and show up. I’m so thrilled and honored to present my first guest blogger of Association Advocacy Chick, Shawn Boynes, CAE.

DC 2

Black Like Me

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As association executives who’ve climbed the ladder, it’s our responsibility to reach back. My former employer, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), is currently led by Executive Director Arlene Pietranton, CAE and recent ASAE fellow. Earlier this week, Kristin Clarke wrote a dynamic piece for ASAE’s Acronym blog entitled White Like Me.

A little help from my friends

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He’s chair of ASAE’s Young Association Executive Committee, fellow YAPstar and has his own blog, . Having a blog presents a number of opportunities. It gives me a chance to express my views as an association lobbyist who’s also a DELP scholar. Soon, it will also be a vehicle to showcase the writings of some of my fellow scholars.

So fortunate

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Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of getting together with some of my fellow Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP) scholars. At one point, I was looking around at the table and thought Wow, how did I get to hang out with such cool people? How often do you hear that when talking about people you met through a professional development program? However, DELP is more than just your typical professional development program. It’s about making an impact that can last a lifetime.

Why this advocacy chick has her CAE

Association Advocacy Chick

I saw myself as a lobbyist, not an association executive. It’s true that association executives should know something about government relations. As an executive director, where does having a CAE fall in the list of qualifications when hiring a lobbyist? A few years ago, I was talking to a colleague about ASAE when the topic of the CAE came up. When asked if I was going to sit for the exam, I said no. At the time, I didn’t feel I needed to.

Welcome to Association Advocacy Chick!

Association Advocacy Chick

Earlier this week, the American Society of Association Executives held its annual meeting and expo at the LA Convention Center. I’ve been considering a blog for the last couple of years, but could never find the time or motivation to do it. I had an idea of what I wanted to talk about, but just couldn’t take that next step. Los Angeles changed that.

4 Ways Association Executives Can Reduce Staff Stress


Association Management Association Executives Employee ProductivityWhat costs employers $300 billion per year? Workplace stress.

Cost 76

Seeking Two Brave Association Executives

Association Success

Your courage and curiosity could earn you a free place at a conference in Canada this summer! I wanted to share an exciting opportunity surrounding the Engaging Associations Forum conference, which will be held in Ottawa, Ontario July 19 th -21 st. (To To read more about the conference, click here ).

CalSAE Association Executives Name 6 Big Trends for 2014

Association Subculture

and they''re only gettin'' better I''m doin'' all right Gettin'' good grades The future''s so bright I gotta wear shades.Timbuk 3 I am lucky enough to get to play along with the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) IDEAL(TM) learning laboratory. Things are going great.

Report: Philanthropic Field Struggles With Diversity at Executive Level

Associations Now

According to the report, women represent more than three quarters of professional positions in the philanthropic sector in 2015, around 57 percent of CEOs, and 60 percent of executives overall. percent of executives being minorities and 55.1

Innovation for Association Executives

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They claim that the key to success lies in building better capabilities for execution and implementation that will enable us to deliver on our promises and beat the competition.”. I’m thinking about innovation in the context of managing associations and non-profit enterprises.

The Social Executive


The Social Executive. Social business is good business. But don’t just take our word for it. “Access to communities and networks improve efficiency and quality.” ” Check out this GREAT slide deck by Rachel Happe. View more presentations from The Community Roundtable.


Conference Execution As Attendee Learning

Velvet Chainsaw

We focus primarily on the efficient execution of delivery of content. The focus on controlling information flow, creating a one-way and top-down hierarchical pre-planned well-executed logistical conference experience won’t cut it. Executing Efficient Information Delivery.

Replacing the Engine While Flying the Plane: The Association Executive’s Guide to 21st Century Change

Portage Group

Leading Your Association Over Uncharted Territory Association executives and directors have been hearing for years now that change is coming. One association executive we’ve spoken to described this process as “replacing the engine while flying the plane.”

7 Oldies but Goodies for Associations Executives

SCD Group

ASAE association boards Association CEOs association executives association governance association professionals SCD Group SCDdailyThe other night some couples were discussing their favorite “old” television programs. You know: Seinfield, Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, etc.

How a Tech Solution Saved This Executive Director’s Membership Growth Strategy

Wild Apricot Blog

The story of how one executive director managed to turn around a failing growth strategy with a software solution, hitting 25% growth in six months. membership management software membership-growth executive-directorBased on The Tech Effect webinar, which runs each month at Wild Apricot.

Community Dream to Reality: Top Five Ways to Prove Value to Executives

Higher Logic

If you want to live the community dream, you’re going to need executives on your side. Did you know two thirds of organizations with highly involved executives are seeing their communities influence 16% or more of their organizations’ total revenue?

A Letter to Executives - From an Extraordinary Assistant, Erin Glaser

JP Moery

As many top level executives know, having a good assistant can make the difference between time well spent and a day wasted on busy work. Having an effective relationship with your assistant is key to improving your own efficiency and the quality of your work. The following are three areas that are vital to creating an ideal relationship between you and your assistant


How an IT Executive Deftly Handled Public Criticism

Associations Now

That’s the mark of a great IT executive. The post How an IT Executive Deftly Handled Public Criticism appeared first on Associations Now The person in charge of the NYPD’s tech decisions found one of her biggest moves publicly mocked.

Get Support for Your Association’s Community Strategy: How to Align with Your Board and Executive Team’s Priorities


Association Management Association Executives Member EngagementA few years ago, comic hypnotists were a big draw on the corporate speaking circuit. Many companies hired them at retreats, conferences, annual meetings, and the like.

Team 45

6 Lessons for Association Executives

SCD Group

Muhtar Kent, chairman and chief executive officer of the Coca-Cola Co, wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal headlined Truett Cathy’s Lessons on Life & Business. As I read these six characteristic s, I envisioned them as pretty good lessons for association volunteers, leaders and association executives. As you think of your association (yourself, you other association executives and your volunteers), which of these characteristics are most important?