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Getting Started in Government Relations: Advice for Law Students

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What kind of positions or opportunities should a graduating law student pursue if they’re interested in government relations? This year I’m focusing on government relations because that’s what many of the students want to pursue when they graduate.

Advice for New Lawyers

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I’m speaking again this week to University of Alabama law students about career opportunities for lawyers working in government relations. This has all changed, first with on-line services like Lexis and Westlaw, and then simply the Internet and free on-line government publications.

What Should You Expect From Your Trade Association?

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Healthy industries include companies of many different types and sizes, but these companies have different needs when it comes to government regulation and compliance. Government relations programs come in many shapes and sizes, but your association almost certainly needs to have one.

Trade Association Advocacy and the Political Conventions

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That year I learned how much happens in a convention host city outside the convention hall and I made lasting personal connections with people involved in government and politics. The government’s impact on your industry isn’t fading, so why should your political outreach?

Association Management Basics: Successful Leadership Transitions

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An executive leadership transition is a great way to propel an association forward, reflecting the updated goals of the governing board. I just finished Hans Finzel’s Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make.

What is Association Management?

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Non-profit corporations have a governing body, usually a board of directors. The governing body manages the operation of the organization, usually by hiring a senior staff person that has the title of “president” or “executive director.”

Association Management and Board Reports: “Done is Better Than Perfect

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I have learned the hard way what can happen when an association executive doesn’t adequately communicate with their governing board or board chair. The Beautiful Trees at Highlands Swim and Tennis Club – McLean, VA.

Speaking to Alabama Law Students about the Association World

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Partner Mike House is the organizer of Alabama’s government relations program that brings students to Washington for a semester to work and study. So I took an offer in 2000 to be the Director of Government Relations, for an association management company called The Roberts Group.

Vodka and Croissant: Interesting Business Leaders

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Their Founder and co-CEO Ron Snaich has also had an interesting career path, starting in public policy, then the cookie business and back to government once more before buying the Au Bon Pain chain and turning it into Panera Bread. I can highly recommend a couple of recent business profiles.

ASAE Rocks and Cowboy, is that a Big Screen!

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Advocacy and government relations. I’m just back from a few days in Dallas where I gave a speech at an amazing ASAE Annual Meeting and Exhibition. ASAE included all of the critical elements of a good meeting: fun networking events, good content, and excellent organization and logistics.

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“Big Food” and Organic

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Strom doesn’t have much positive to say about organic, she’s apparently appalled that big companies are making organic foods and the critics think “Big Food” has too much to say about how the government defines “organic.”.

Does Your Association Produce Videos?

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It’s no longer news that video is a viable and effective medium for association and non-profit communications; what’s news is how effective it is in furthering the critical objectives of your organization. I’m presenting at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Dallas, August 11-14.

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Association Leader: Ernie Rosenberg

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Ernie Rosenberg’s professional experience is grounded in environmental law and he’s been a senior environmental, health and safety manager both in government and the private sector since 1975. Ernie Rosenberg, President & CEO, American Cleaning Institute.

What is Association Management?

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All non-profit corporations must have a governing body, usually a board of directors. The governing body manages the operation of the organization, usually by hiring a senior staff person, usually with the title of president or executive director.

Global Color Conference 2012

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The regulatory and public affairs horizon for color use is challenging and IACM delivered leaders from industry and government to help the members sort out the issues. Congratulations to the International Association of Color Manufacturers (IACM) for hosting a great conference this week in Chicago. Early September in Chicago was beautiful and IACM created a great event for color manufacturers and user companies.

Why This Blog?

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Non-Profit Operations and Governance – the associations that we support are their own independent corporate entities. I need to put down some thoughts about why I’m publishing this blog and what I expect I’ll be writing about. Association Management – this is what we do at Verto Solutions and I want us to do it better. It’s still a relatively new field and we are a new company. Every day presents opportunities for innovation and I want to discuss these ideas with my readers.

When Governance Means Governance

Eric Lanke

Now, as I've recently blogged , a few years ago my association's Board adopted a Governance Policy that, among other things, clearly separates responsibility for ends and means determination. I'm gearing up for another Board meeting this week.

Implementing Website Governance for Associations

Vanguard Tech

Shane has over 15 years'' experience in Web Governance & online operations. As author of the first practical guide to Web Governance ("The Website Manager''s Handbook"), Shane has also been published by A List Apart, Smartinsights & Forrester Research.

Reinventing Association Governance

Association Success

What is the future of governing? With limitless topics to pick apart, we quickly homed in on three: staffing practices, business models, and governance structures. When we picked subgroups, I signed on to tackle governance. When it comes to innovation in associations, I feel like governance often gets short shrift relative to the impact it could have on strategy and member engagement. We shouldn’t rule out government as a source of inspiration for those systems.

The Secret to Selling Government Affairs and Advocacy - Moery Company

Moery Company

How do you sell government relations as one of the most valuable aspects of association membership? We’ve been successful in selling for associations with great government relations and advocacy programs – and, key to success is to make advocacy tangible and segmented.

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Why Is Association Governance Restructure So Hard? Here’s Why It Shouldn’t Be.

World Class Boards

It’s not hard to look at an association’s governance structure and say, “Wow, that’s nuts.” The Boilerplate Theory (Or Why Governance Restructure Shouldn’t Be So Hard). Particularly in large organizations that are upwards of 50 years old, governance structure is rarely truly challenged.

Proposing governance changes – what the CIPR did

Optimist Consulting

Governance changes can be a difficult sell to members. It was interesting to see the CIPR’s recent governance change process in action. They mapped the changes across their governance structure and explained what the implications were for their Charter, Bylaws and Regulations.

Advocacy and Governance 2.0

Association Adviser

When board members begin to do work that is outside of the governance of the organization, they are acting in the role of management,” said Yates. That’s where a strong board and governance structure can help. The post Advocacy and Governance 2.0

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Humanizing Government Relations

Association Advocacy Chick

Friends – It’s time we humanize government relations. Humanizing government? From a government relations perspective, are we as open as can be as far as engaging members and staff on advocacy? More often than not, we, as government relations professionals, tend to operate on our island either by choice or circumstance. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, government relations isn’t the first thing you think about when it comes to innovation.

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Lobbyist vs. Government Relations

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Some of the names being considered include The Association of Government Relations Professionals and The National Association of Government Relations Professionals. Many organizations tend to use government relations (ex. Women in Government Relations, the Washington Government Relations Group). Uncategorized association government relations professionals lobbying

A Board That Governs Itself

Eric Lanke

My Board has been working for a number of years now on elevating their own performance--on taking more responsibility for governing the association and giving me more responsibility for managing it. They governed themselves.

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Bringing the next generation into governance

Golden's Rules for Association

When I ask association leaders (both volunteers and staff professionals) what their biggest long-term governance challenge is, the most frequent answer I hear back is the challenge of bringing the next generation of leaders on board. The Nature of Associations Association Governance governance system leadership

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Government Shutdown Takes Toll on Weather Conference

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But thanks to the government shutdown, at least 500 fewer attendees are expected. Unfortunately, we’re just getting more and more cancellations, and nothing is happening at the government level. They can’t log on to their government email addresses,” she said.

Governance is governance; management is management

SCD Group

A few weeks ago, association management thought leader and AMC owner Michael LoBue shared an article titled Governance is Governance , a speech Kenneth Dayton delivered to the Independent Sector meeting in 1987. A couple of highlights: Governance (trusteeship) is NOT management.

Faulty Governance Models Can Obliterate Your Conference

Velvet Chainsaw

15 Questions To Uncover Your Conference Governance Model Here are 15 questions to uncover your organization’s decision making process when dealing with conference planning and implementation. Does your organization have a permission-withholding culture or a permission-granting culture?

Ten “next truths” of governing the 21st century association

Principled Innovation

To inspire association leaders to embrace strategic legitimacy, I have identified the following ten “next truths” of governing the 21st century association. By articulating these ten beliefs about the new work of governing, I’m hoping to replace some of the old baggage that still weighs down board performance. To inspire association leaders to embrace strategic legitimacy, I have identified ten "next truths" of governing the 21st century association.

Digital governance framework for membership organisations

Optimist Consulting

I was interested to read a recent report about digital governance by Lisa Welchman, Digital Governance: A Primer for Content Marketers , on the Content Marketing Institute’s website. Do you have a digital governance system in place?

Guest Post: Personalization Requires Reflection and Governance

Vanguard Tech

As digital communications mature and competition on web and mobile increases, we see more personalized digital experiences—sites and apps that seem to know us and be able to deliver just what we want and need. So what does that mean for you?

Government Shutdown Puts Damper on Association Meetings

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Instead of working to reopen the federal government, the administration is robbing money collected from entrance fees to operate our national parks during this shutdown,” Pierno said in a news release.

Download Now: Foresight is the Future of Governing

Association Adviser

The future of governing must be different. After reading this book, that idea should become a fundamental principle of action for board officers and directors, chief staff executives and all association decision-makers who are ready to rethink and remake the traditional work of governing.

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What is Association Governance?


As we launch into 2016, new boards are being formed for the year and the focus of governance is at the top of my mind. Mark pointed out a few reasons as to why governance is important and how it can function within an organization. What is “governance”?

Daily Buzz: Govern for the Future

Associations Now

Governing associations with a forward-thinking approach will keep them relevant. Changes in an organization are not always welcome—especially when it comes to governance. The post Daily Buzz: Govern for the Future appeared first on Associations Now

Conference Circuit: Local Government Leaders

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and international local government leaders, including city managers and budget analysts, are headed to Charm City in the next few days to learn about the innovative ideas and practical strategies they need to deal with the challenges facing the industry today. Rundown Attendees: 3,500 plus.

Why I’m Optimistic About the Future of Association Governing

Association Success

In my new eBook, Foresight is The Future of Governing: Building Thrivable Boards, Stakeholders and Systems for the 21 st Century , I a rgue that associations must create a different future of governing by focusing the work of governing on the future. This way of thinking requires a fundamental shift away from association management’s orthodox beliefs about the role of the board and the nature of its work, and toward a future-ready perspective on what governing can become.

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Business Roundtable Governance Guidelines Add Diversity Focus

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This year’s edition of a key governance document for corporate boards recommends, for the first time, that diversity be made a priority to bring new perspectives and backgrounds to the boardroom.