Speaking to Alabama Law Students about the Association World

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I’m excited to again speak to University of Alabama law students about opportunities in the association world. Partner Mike House is the organizer of Alabama’s government relations program that brings students to Washington for a semester to work and study.

Association Management Basics: Successful Leadership Transitions

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The transition to a new senior association executive presents a great opportunity for an organization to grow and innovate, but transitions that aren’t handled well can set an organization back for years Finzel says. Uncategorized Association Leadership Mobile New Orleans transitions

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Getting Started in Government Relations: Advice for Law Students

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This is the question I’m trying to answer in this post and when I speak next week to University of Alabama law students that are in DC participating in a government relations externship program. Two years ago, I spoke to the students about legal opportunities in the association world.

What Happens When You Don’t Properly Vet Your Vendors

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That strategy backfired for the Limestone County, Alabama, Sheriff’s Office, which announced its distribution of the software just a day before EFF’s report came out.). The post What Happens When You Don’t Properly Vet Your Vendors appeared first on Associations Now

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.26.18

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Innovation isn’t about ideas. Kylee Coffman describes the type of people, policies, talents and tools your association needs in its digital bag. Does your association have a learning strategy?