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Daily Buzz: GoFundMe Launches Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

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Coming in November, the tool will offer two pricing plans: one with donor-covered platform fees and one with no fees and an option for donors to leave “tips” for GoFundMe services. American, United, and Alaska Airlines are all removing screens from most of their medium-range aircraft.

Report: Fliers Happier With Air Travel Experiences in 2016

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The airline industry is hoping to put its bad reputation among consumers behind it—and, according to a new report, consumers are buying in. Airlines are increasingly enabling their customers to choose the service offerings and price points that meet their individual needs.”.

TSA’s Fee Changes Are Causing Headaches

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With the airline industry filing a lawsuit and computer glitches leading to travelers being overcharged, the Transportation Security Administration’s recent security fee increase has been anything but smooth. such as Hawaii and Alaska, along with those entering from foreign countries.