A Century-Old Association Committed to Online Community and Data Analysis

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Their member engagement and technology strategies are cutting edge, which makes sense—they have a global member base, with over 1,600 organizations comprised of 40,000 individuals spanning 100 countries/territories. Everything we see on the AMS that Activity Sync adds about our community helps us with the strategy for the community site,” said Jena. “It

Moneyball and Management Innovation

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Moneyball and Management Innovation. That is the promise of management innovation. The Results of Management Innovation. Strategy Means Change. Want Innovation? Baseball is suited for deep, thorough statistical analysis because of the duration of the season and standardization, depth and accuracy of records. Moneyball and Management Innovation | Humanize | Scoop.it. Strategy. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize.

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Eliminate Roadblocks to Planning—Integration Transforms Strategy into Action


Strategy Meltdown —The screen play. Sharon Rice ,orgSource’s managing director of business strategy, and I recently had a conversation about how an integrated approach to strategy gives plans the muscle to be actionable. Most recently, she served as vice president of strategy at APICS, the Chicago-based association for supply chain management. An integrated strategy is a holistic approach to planning that is better suited to manage volatility and disruption.

Four Untrue Myths of Association Innovation that Stop Us in Our Tracks


Association professionals say their association is not innovating because they are under-resourced, they don’t have the right ideas or don’t know how to prioritize between a bunch of great ideas, or the association’s stakeholders (leadership, staff, board, members) fear risk. These are challenges for sure, these are even the challenges the most innovative associations have had, but these challenges are not insurmountable. Innovation Myth #1: Size Matters.

Public Relations Society Eyes New Strategy Framework

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Following an in-depth review of association management best practices and an analysis of outside research and data that is relevant to PRSA’s initiatives, the association announced a new three-year strategy at its International Conference last month. “PRSA is changing in an energetic, innovative way and this strategic plan captures that shift. The post Public Relations Society Eyes New Strategy Framework appeared first on Associations Now

Innovation Starts With Observing Your Conference Attendees In Action

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With today’s tools and environment, radical innovation is extraordinarily accessible to those who know how to cultivate it says author Steven Berlin Johnson. Some environments and workplace cultures squelch innovation while others breed it he adds. So what do conference organizers need in order to embrace innovation in their conferences, meetings and events? Innovation does not start with charts, formulas and meetings logistics. Innovation Requires Change!

At CHEST Innovation Is Called Business as Usual


The association prides itself on an innovative approach that responds rapidly to changing demographics, advancing technology, and the shift from growing membership to increasing the engagement of an expanding profession. The staff and volunteer leaders are creative problem-solvers who embrace innovation and change. Updated learning, member and content management systems were needed to launch the innovative vision.

Wednesday Buzz: Understand What Innovation Really Means

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A management consultant shares why associations should learn about innovation before promoting themselves as experts. Also: an analysis of the integral roles managers play in employees’ work lives. All associations want to create unique and innovative content to share with their audiences. For some, innovation may mean slight adjustments. For others, it might involve implementing a new strategy to make and promote a message.

Association Subculture: Words Make Worlds - Part 4 - Strategy vs.

Association Subculture

Words Make Worlds - Part 4 - Strategy vs Cultivation. Godwin at Case Western - Positive Organization Development: Innovation-inspired Change in an Economy and Ecology of Strengths. This paper is a MUST READ for anyone interested in innovation in our association community. We often attempt to think innovatively while not recognizing the common terminology we use can work to block us in. Labels: strategy. innovation. (6). strategy. (5).

An Integrated Digital Strategy Is a Lifeboat in Turbulent Water


In a crisis, like the current pandemic, an integrated digital strategy can make the difference between business as usual and a meltdown. Membership data and other critical information was stored in dozens of spreadsheets, making an efficient process for analysis and reporting difficult. To grow, the association needed an innovative approach to business strategy and a stronger infrastructure anchored in technology.

Methods for Facilitating Innovation in Nonprofits

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The co-facilitator was Amy Hedrick who works in Product and Design Innovation at Intuit. The curriculum was based on their “ Innovating for People ” design methods recipe book and “ taxonomy for innovation.” These are methods for developing solutions (any type) in service of people. By applying this approach to program development or strategy, your nonprofit can get more impactful results.

Psychiatric Association Fires Up Innovation Lab at Conference

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The American Psychiatric Association’s first-ever innovation lab, to be unveiled at its annual meeting in Atlanta, will feature a $2,500 prize for the winner. The future of innovation in the psychiatric profession could involve an app, data analysis, or maybe even a bot. Next month the American Psychiatric Association (APA) will host its first-ever Psychiatry Innovation Lab at its annual meeting in Atlanta.

Achieve more: How research should inform your association’s meetings strategy

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The first is characterized as highly innovative, collaborative and experimental, and could easily be classified as an early adopter. Based upon the goals and objectives of each specific program, these individuals bring to their organizations a wealth of knowledge and experience which they draw upon when building an effective strategy for educating members.

Strategic Planning v. Strategic Thinking

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Lots of chatter about strategy and strategic planning on the ASAE Collaborate groups recently, with lots of people throwing around lots of VERY IMPORTANT sounding terms. ” What do we mean when we talk about strategy? Strategy is a plan of action designed to help you achieve a set of goals. The best strategies answer a few deceptively simple questions: Where are we now? Feature Story innovation leadership Strategy

Using Design Thinking for A Foundation’s Investment Strategy

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What if a funder got real-time input from its grantees and other partners to develop its investment strategy? I’ve been facilitating design labs for nonprofits and foundations, and continue to be excited about them because it is a way to generate feedback and ideas that can improve a strategy or program in service of the participants being served. Technology : Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy. Understanding: Landscape and Opportunity Analysis.

Membership Marketing Blog: Innovation through Collaboration

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Innovation through Collaboration. We are always looking for new innovative ways to do things better. So I wanted to share two items that I came across this week that attribute successful innovation to collaboration. It’s a modern strategy based on two assumptions. First, innovation is collaborative. Where do you find your place to innovate through collaboration? Labels: Growth Strategy , Quotes. Innovation through Collaboration.

Niche Publishing: Your Content Strategy Can’t Stay Still

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Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the resources needed to keep AJR the vibrant, innovative online publication it deserves to be.”. If anything, that protection may have prevented closer analysis of the publication’s business model, something every niche publisher has to understand deeply. But just because niche content still has value online doesn’t mean older niche strategies still apply.

Survey: CFOs Under Pressure to Meld Strategy, Operations

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Finance chiefs feel pulled in two directions, according to a new survey: They’re asked to think more strategically, but they’re also having a harder time keeping up with day-to-day tasks and new trends in data analysis. CFOs who don’t proactively define their role in response to these major forces could compromise their ability to shape strategy with the CEO and drive the innovation necessary for sustainable growth,” according to the survey’s authors.

Flexibility Is Key: Why the Top-Down Strategy Is Fading

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“Rather than focus on the device level, companies will need to assess the specific needs of their workforce and match the device,” CompTIA’s director of technology analysis, Seth Robinson, said in a statement. “Rather, how can our organization adopt and secure innovative practices that the businesses want? Flip your Top-down Strategy. The post Flexibility Is Key: Why the Top-Down Strategy Is Fading appeared first on Associations Now

How to Use Design Thinking to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy

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Last week, I was lucky enough to participate in a brainstorming meeting at a foundation that was developing a strategy for its digital platforms (web, social, mobile, etc). The process was facilitated byPeter Maher, founder and CEO, of Luma Institute. We used some Human Centered Design techniques from their “ Innovating for People ” design methods recipe book. It was the most stimulating web platform strategy session that I have ever experienced! Books Strategy

The Mobilisation Journal: A Way To Spread Learning About Social Change Movements Innovative Use of Technology

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I’ve been following it for a while now and it is very inspiring on many different levels. The laboratory gives Greenpeace and its partners a space to design, test, iterative, and roll out new strategies and techniques for participatory campaigns or what has been called “People Powered.” Storytelling and Knowledge Transfer :: sharing innovations, lessons learned, fail stories, and emerging best practices.

Strategic Planning v. Strategic Thinking

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Lots of chatter about strategy and strategic planning on the ASAE Collaborate groups recently, with lots of people throwing around lots of VERY IMPORTANT sounding terms. What do we mean when we talk about strategy? Strategy is a plan of action designed to help you achieve a set of goals. The best strategies answer a few deceptively simple questions: Where are we now? innovation strategic planning leadership

Web Analytics Association Sets Measurement Standards - TypePad

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At SES San Jose this week, the Web Analytics Association (WAA) released 26 standard definitions for Web site traffic measurement and analysis , aimed at eliminating the confusion around the most basic Web analytics terms. Innovation. Strategy. The Big Picture. A big-picture view of issues and trends affecting associations - in Mississippi and nationally. Shawn on Facebook. Shawn on Twitter. Shawn on Google+. Shawn on Pinterest. Shawn on LinkedIn.

Succeed in association business innovation by seperating it from “the pack” in the developmental phases

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In my mind, one of the biggest threats to innovation, in general, is not a lack of creative thinking or evolutionary ideas… it’s often the wrong composition of people involved in the decision-making process and roles of influence. . While tradition helps us honor the past and the lessons learned, it often serves as the arch enemy of innovation. However, I believe this approach can help anyone maximize the potential for successful innovation.

Price Your eLearning Right

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Conduct a market analysis to understand your competitor’s products and pricing, target market, market needs, and price range that market will bear for the value you’re offering. By shedding the event-based registration blinders and embracing continuous learning, you’ve got innovative revenue generating options for pricing at your disposal. She’s a thought leader in education strategy and learning experience design. Rethinking Event-Based Pricing.

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The Lifelong Learner’s Guide to Success: Future-Proofing Your Career, Part Three

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If you are running a cost-benefit analysis and comparing the price of sending employees to workshops or offering to pay for classes and determine the new skill or concept isn’t worth the investment, then you may want to take a second look. You will be seen as an innovator who displays ambition and takes initiative. Learning Strategies Learning Technologies Uncategorized associations future-proofing your career lifelong learningPart One & Two – What We Learned.

Positive Association Disruption

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Utilizing member interviews, financial analysis, and survey results, Morgan established a “Core Focus” somewhat similar to the “Profit from the Core” approach developed by Bain and Company’s Chris Zook. Forward thinking associations continually find new and innovative ways for members to contribute knowledge, learn from others, and build solutions critical to their profession and to their industry.

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Virtual Event Sponsorship Resources for Associations

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OVERVIEW | DOWNLOADS | STRATEGY | DESIGN | PRICING & SALES | ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. However, some of those changes and innovations needed to happen, they just occurred earlier than expected and pushed the necessary changes to the top of our to-do lists.

Online Communities in 2020: 28 Key Facts + Statistics to Know

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It’s always filled with insightful analysis on how online communities, both internal and external, are making a difference. But before we dive into those stats and facts, don’t miss out: The Community Roundtable provides incredibly helpful analysis on three trends in the report, along with specific recommendations you can apply at your organization, all available in the full report below. Online Community Strategy. Want to level up your community strategy? Innovation.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.27.20

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They suggest strategies for making the case for investing in online learning programs. Risking innovation. Future Forward: Innovation and Resilience. Lori Pugh Marcum, CMP, CMM, HMCC, CED, Head of Meeting Innovation, Meeting Professionals International.

Quality Matters


Quality Testing Strategies in Aptify. Aptify QA strategies cover various testing levels as summarized below: The Aptify team follows Agile methodology , which is a more collaborative software development methodology with an emphasis on rapid delivery. The testing methodology is largely based on the five focus areas as highlighted below: Requirement Analysis: Requirement analysis is a critical factor for the success of a software project.

6 Bad Habits that are Killing Your Membership Marketing

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Lack of Innovation – In the 2018 Association Innovation Benchmarking Report only 26 percent of associations reported that they were “very” or “extremely” innovative. Yet with the marketing world changing at an exceptionally fast pace, breaking the habit of not innovating is more important than ever. Data Analytics Growing Membership Growth Strategy Marketing Planning

Top Findings from the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

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In addition to looking at the tactics and strategies that typically correlated to success, we also asked respondents to rate how innovative their association is and what level of value that they are delivering to members. In each case, associations that reported higher innovation and value scores showed a correlation with increased likelihood to be achieving a number of important positive outcomes in membership.

Is Your Mission Bigger Than What You Can Measure?

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Good strategy does require some amount of reflection on "How will we know when we get there?" How much time do our committees and boards waste on ceaseless measurement of current activities as opposed to research and development on more innovative programs? At some point, we have to get beyond quantitative metrics as our most "valid" measure, and include qualitative analysis as well. strategy vision mission

The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research


Billions of dollars of marketing products are sold each year: CMS’s, marketing automation, advertising, customer data analysis and more. For example, we see more content on tactics than we do strategy. However, marketing communications and strategies built solely based on data can seem superficial, distant, institutional or even intrusive. Great strategy, marketing and innovation hinges on knowing what the problem is we are trying to solve.

Association Subculture: Words Make Worlds - Part 1 - Association.

Association Subculture

Godwin at Case Western - Positive Organization Development: Innovation-inspired Change in an Economy and Ecology of Strengths. This paper is a MUST READ for anyone interested in innovation in our association community. We often attempt to think innovatively while not recognizing the common terminology we use can work to block us in. But we need more than a functional analysis to understand associations in depth. innovation. (6). strategy. (5).

Young Association Members: Myths vs. Facts


Developing a SWOT Analysis doesn’t have to be complicated. Download How to Create an Association SWOT Analysis to get started. Engaging with young professionals is important because they are energizing, creative, and innovative. 3 Strategies Consistently Used by Growing Associations. Tweet. The greatest asset our country has is not oil or gold, but the minds of our young people.” – Irving Fradkin.

What’s the Big Idea?

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If you want to get better at innovating, don’t spend all your time with people just like you. To ensure better innovation during the day, make sure you and your team unplug and recharge at night—that’s a healthy form of R&D (rest and dream). ” Last summer, I sat in on a panel discussion about innovation for association professionals. Luke Williams , executive director, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at New York University , agreed.

39 Online Community Stats You Should Know in 2019

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The Community Roundtable annually releases the The State of Community Management Report, and it’s chock-full of timely online community stats to help inform your strategies in the year ahead. Innovation (32%). Innovation (32%). The analysis that goes along with these stats is worth a read and will help you wrap your mind around how organizations can use community to center themselves around their members or customers. 17% have an approved community strategy.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.16.20

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Frugal innovation. Due to the pandemic and uncertain economy, associations are constantly creating new resources for members and making changes to business as usual—yes, they’re innovating! Reed, FASAE, CMP, Chief Event Strategy Officer, American Society of Hematology.