Report: The Story Machine Learning Tells About Nonprofits

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The analytics firm Civis says that its topic modeling-based analysis of nonprofits highlights how there are different kinds of organizational hot spots around the country. Meanwhile, benefits and insurance nonprofits tend to get the best funding in the Midwest and a handful of other isolated states around the country (Nevada, New Mexico, Arkansas, New Jersey).

Firearms Group, Suicide Prevention Group Join Forces to Save Lives

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The four states involved—Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, and New Mexico—saw these AFSP chapters build relationships with the local gun industry, helping vendors and shooting range owners alike spot the signs that come with suicide risk. AFSP is working with NSSF as part of its ongoing Project 2025 , which aims to lower the annual suicide rate by 20 percent by 2025—using data-based analysis to take action in necessary areas.

Strategic Communications Power Membership Value at the American Public Power Association

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Another goal is to keep members informed about advocacy priorities, new technologies, and business and operations trends. So our tagline “Powering Strong Communities” evolved and has become a key part of our new brand. Our new website was launched on September 20 and reflects the focus on community while better telling our story and making content more accessible and easy to find. But adopting a new brand requires a culture change in some ways.