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Could an Association Management Software (AMS) solution be the answer to the inefficiencies that plague your association? This article will help you evaluate ten association software options. What is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Doing Good & Getting Caught Benefits Associations, Professions & Communities

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Recent projects of two professions illustrate how associations can engage their members in doing good for their communities while promoting the image of the profession. Here’s the story from Associations Now.

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IMIS Cultivates Strong Business Partners

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Many of our customers use an association management system (AMS) as their system of record. Another key to successful system integration is that the association chooses a company where there is an established relationship between the AMS company and the LMS company.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.3.20

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I’ve been looking for a recipe that comes close to the stollen at Pastries by Randolph (Arlington VA), which, back in my day there, bought more butter than any other kitchen in the DMV. This series of 15-minute videos cover hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.15.17

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The weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… We’re all Equif*cked. too—I think it will help shape the future of associations. WBT Systems has a solution associations can implement to solve that problem: a post-conference learning plan.

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BlogClump - Blogging About Associations From a Gen Xer. A Gen Xer giving his thoughts and opinions on the Association world. 13, I will be the new Executive Director of the Arlington Soccer Association. My guess is that you will see the topics change slightly to focus less on membership and more on overall association management areas. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Tuesday, September 23, 2008. I have a new job.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.20.17

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Monday, January 23 is Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD). If your association has a community manager, I know you already appreciate him or her because your online community would likely fail without their attention. Association Chat.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.12.19

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If your association is looking for mutually beneficial corporate partnerships instead of predictable, low-value sponsorships, take a look at the STEP framework developed by Lewis Flax. Some quick hits before we get to next week’s free webinars: Is there a role for associations here?

FACT: Using social media will help you attract Millennials.


Instead, a lot of people wanted to know how you manage the "maintenance" of your social media initiatives once you get started - how you allocate staff time, how you know how often to post to a company blog, how you can (or should) maintain "office hours" in a space where people expect immediate responses. Our next YAPpy hour is July 1 in Arlington.