Energizing Member Engagement

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Driving Sustainable Industry Growth Helps Trade Associations Energize Member Engagement . By following this approach these Association Executives are now energizing member engagement. Energizing Member Engagement is a Must for Trade Associations .

The 10 Most Popular Member Engagement Articles of the Year


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Member Engagement: you’re already aces

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Categories: Member Engagement + Retention Tags: member engagement , member retention Engage has become quite the buzzword. You can’t go to a conference or read an article about membership or member organizations without someone telling you about the importance of engagement. But engaging your members has become one of those phrases that has lost its meaning to many and [.] ( Read more. )

Member Engagement Just Got Temporarily Easier

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There may never have been an easier time to engage members because our members’ needs have temporarily just gotten more transparent. Find out precisely how your members are suffering and consider offering them solutions by providing information, training, and community.

Member Engagement Through Content Marketing


Part 2 of the 5-Part Series: Why Member Engagement No Longer Means Face-to-Face. Recently we blogged on the topic of digital engagement and why face-to-face events aren’t the only way to drive member engagement. Get our Member Engagement Resource Guide.

Do You Need a Member Engagement Strategy?

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Arlene is a very engaged association member. Because of her efforts a handful, or more, new members join each year. Many of the members Arlene refers, rise to volunteer leadership roles. Like the members she refers, Arlene is no stranger to volunteering.

Evolving Chapters & Member Engagement


For then, we being to analyze (read Joe Rominiecki’s article Chapter Restructuring: A Board’s Most Difficult Job ). And then the idea gets intentional thought (read Jamie Notter’s excellent post Engagement: Local vs. National ). I love it when an idea is repeated. And finally we get brave enough to act. I’m talking about changing the approach to chapters

12 Top Association Articles from 2016


Association Member Engagement Conference Management Social Media TipsRemember Cliffs Notes, the popular synopses of required reading and classic literature? For some of us, they were a go-to back in high school.

New Member Engagement – Looking For Value Beyond the Welcome Kit

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I came across an article recently that was making the case for the undeniable value of the age old new member packet for today’s association. Interesting thought, but I don’t think a new member packet on its own comes close to getting the job done.

Microvolunteering: More Opportunities for Member Engagement

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As life becomes more complex, members have more options for spending their time and, consequently, more demands on their time. We want to engage and serve in ways that are very different than generations before us. “I wish I could, but I don’t have the time.”.

12 Top Association Articles from 2016


Just think of all those industry blog posts and articles that fill your inbox daily. So here goes – your summary of the best association articles on the web for 2016. Article #1) 20 Guerilla Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Next Event. Member Engagement and Innovation.

Are You Taking a “Backwards” Approach to Member Engagement?

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Engagement has always been at the heart of building and sustaining the connection between associations and their members. The thing is, most of us are still not doing a very good job of engaging our members.

Member Engagement Strategies: A Guide for Associations


Association memberships are rewarding experiences and unique in the way that members pay dues in order to continue to be a part of the organization. Engagement secures your association’s relevance and fuels healthy member retention. Why is member engagement important?

12 Top Association and Business Articles from the Last 12 Months


But through all the turmoil, we found that associations and businesses remained focused on what they do best – serving their customers and members. That’s why we’ve put together our 12 top articles from 2016. Association Management Member Engagement Customer Engagement Socious

Getting Under the Surface of Member Engagement


It’s a hot topic in both corporate AND association circles: engagement. The for-profit folks tend to talk more about employee engagement, though engaging customers gets attention over there as well. Increased “engagement” equals increased revenue.

The Top Articles of 2018

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We followed the data and found the articles that were the biggest hits! That is why our articles are not intended to be rhetorical, but rather are starting points for much bigger conversations within our community. So with that, I’ve rounded up the most popular articles that we’ve published in the last year, as it is our hope that it has sparked meaningful discussion. 5 Basic Rules for Member Service. Bringing the Real World Back into Engagement Scores.

Q&A: A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement

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Download a recording of “A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement” here. We recommend surveying your members about their demographics and preferences at least once every two years, but preferably once per year. Ask what parts of their membership they value the most and which aspects of their membership they use the most, so you know what keeps them engaged with your association and more likely to renew their membership.

Your One-Stop-Shop Results From the New Member Engagement Study!

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How would you like to raise the new member renewal rates by 9.7%? New research shows that trade and professional associations greatly benefit when they implement new member onboarding and orientation programs. increase in new member renewal rates that Amanda keeps referring to?!

Curating conference content to promote member engagement

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You may know that Higher Logic is the leader in social media and collaboration solutions for associations, not-for-profits and member-based organizations worldwide – and, of course, Lauren Wolfe and I go way back as long-time members of ASAE’s Young Association Executive Committee. Nevertheless, these are the tangible deliverables that can and should be used to optimize existing engagement activities. On Thursday, July 26, at 2 p.m.

Do You Know Your Members’ Engagement Potential?

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More engagement equals more renewals, right? The new book The Art of Membership explains that some members don’t want to become more engaged, but if you understand what those members do want, you can keep them satisfied and renewing year after year.

The Most Popular Community Management Articles from the Last 12 Months


But through all the turmoil, we found that associations and businesses remained focused on what they do best – serving their customers and members. That’s why we’ve put together our 12 top articles from 2016. These articles will give you a head start on 2017, covering topics from member engagement to business management. Top 3 Member Engagement Articles. Article #2) 3 Types of Association Members and How to Engage Them.

Tuesday Buzz: Gamify Your Member Engagement

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Building member engagement is at the top of the to-do list for many associations, and it can often be a challenge, especially if you’re starting from nothing. This keeps members motivated to participate.”

4 key takeaways from ASAE’s Membership Marketing & Communications Conference.

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Here’s a guest blog article from Abila‘s Amanda Myers wrapping up the event in D.C. Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention association members association membership growth member engagement member experience membership growth membership marketing

Buzz-Worthy Advice for Member Engagement and Market Analysis

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A roundup of five great reads for association membership pros that will get you thinking differently about how to get members engaged, how members view your association, and what benefits they’ll want next. The heart of engagement. Look beyond your members.

Why Measuring Member Engagement for Unions is More Important Now than Ever Before


In the past, unions have had a relatively easy time recruiting members and collecting dues. of American are members of unions – down from an estimated 30-40% in the 1940s and 1950s. An easy-to-use and rewarding online experience is therefore key for union members.

Tips for Building Membership Engagement

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Here's the latest article we've added to our Membership Knowledge Hub: Tips for Building Member Engagement. member engagement

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The One Thing You Need to do to Attract Millennials

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Categories: Member Engagement + Retention Tags: millennials TIME Magazine published a recent article entitled The Me Me Me Generation. ” Before the rage of the Millennial reader befalls me, I want to throw out the two statistics this article touts.

5 ways your members can up their odds of getting hired from a job board.

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The article originally appeared on the blog site of the Ohio State Bar Association. Career Centers Member Engagement + Retention Revenue Solutions association management career center job board member engagemeen member retention professional development professional education

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Definition of Member Engagement for Associations

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The term ‘member engagement’ is often bandied about in the association world. Member engagement is the result of a member investing time and/or money with the association in exchange for value. The more of these precious resources they invest, the more engaged they are. A member who speaks at a lot of conferences and writes many articles for association publications is highly engaged. Engagement is about value.

10 keys to creating and growing a customer service culture at your organization.

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Here’s a guest blog article from Abila‘s Director of Client Success Jessica Lane who answers the question. What does a culture of accountability look like at your association or nonprofit?

3 Ways to Strengthen Communication Using Smart Member Data

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If your organization manages a membership program, you know that it can be a real challenge keeping your members fully engaged while developing ways to grow your program. After all, no matter how many new members you attract, it’s your retention rate that drives real growth.

Association Dump Trucks Habitually Bury Members

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For 75 years, we have been providing 28,500 members like you a remarkably long list of benefits. “Here are 46 articles we have carefully curated for you,” and “did you know we have an online learning library with over 100 courses?”

Planning is One Key to New Member Retention Growth

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New member engagement plans work! On average new member onboarding, orientation, and welcoming programs increase new member renewal rates by 9.7% Yes and no, but here is how they work in New Member Engagement Plans.

Whatever Technology Your Association Has It Is Probably Not the Problem

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And articles tout the five simple steps to get to any goal you want to achieve. Your AMS can boost engagement rates and so can the right marketing automation platform. They are not for us because we do engagement work. The results of engagement work cannot be gamed.

Many Organizations Accidentally Ignore New Members

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The online membership application process didn’t allow me to set my username and password, so right after I joined, I couldn’t log in and check out my new member benefits. My first-year member experience lines up with many other new member’s experiences according to member research.

Members Hire Relevant Associations

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Associations have endured downturns before, what’s different this time is the valuable lesson learned after the great recession, that Members hire relevant Associations. Industry centered Advocacy to help members protect their intellectual property and product category reputation.

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2 Ways for Associations to Appeal to Young Professionals


The next era of the association world is dependent on recruitment, engagement, and renewals of young professionals. This article covers two aspects of membership certain to appeal to this generation. >> See Also: Young Association Members: Myths vs. Facts. Tweet.

Member Participation, Volunteerism, and Contribution are Declining

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Today it is harder to engage a member than it was ten years ago. Ten years ago it was harder to engage a member than it was ten years before that. Why is member engagement becoming so difficult? Related: Hidden problems that seriously erode member engagement.

A Simple Tactic to Appeal to Prospective Young Members


In an article recently featured in Minnesota Meetings and Events magazine, GrowthZone explored benefits that attract young professional members. Of all the benefits associations should promote in order to attract young members, resume building is particularly enticing. “By Tweet.

Have You Heard of These Unique Membership Models?

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Members pay one big lump sum of dues, and then they have access to everything. Members don’t pay dues, but they sign a contract that stipulates they will provide some quantity of content per year. Related: The member engagement funnel.