Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers. As you get larger or want to offer more advanced programming, managing your membership through spreadsheets or disconnected databases just won’t cut it.

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Resolve to Maximize Your Association Management Software This Year

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This disconnect can be especially true for smaller-staffed associations, as it can be a struggle to balance a desire for sustainable growth with real-world restrictions on staffing and budgets. Do you have early bird discounts or late payment penalties? Happy New Year!

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Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


The best association management software, or AMS, solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of associations just like yours. Overview of this Association Management Software. Powerful event management features. Program management tools.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an Association Management Company

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Wendy Weiser, WJ Weiser and Associates. For small- and medium-sized associations, taking on new projects or initiatives often means taking on more work than your staff can reasonably handle. This can be a cost-effective option for associations that need an extra pair of qualified hands.

Why reward late comers with discounts?

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Now, this made me wonder about association pricing strategies: whether dues, webinars or in-person meetings. Discounted pricing like this is one of the five forms of manipulative marketing that Simon Sinek talks about in his book and Ted talk Start with Why.

How to offer member-only discounts for your association


In this blog post, we’re highlighting some techniques to offer member-only discounts and make your memberships stand out. . Why offer discounts? Because discounts are quantifiable, members can quickly measure the value they’re getting when compared to the general public. Discounts are used to entice new members to join, and if done right, can be a major component in convincing them to renew again. 3) Look outside of your association.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

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For an association, hosting events like conferences, networking meetups, and learning sessions is an effective way to bring people who share a common goal or passion together. Plus, events are one of the ways that your association can raise non-dues revenue. . Data management.

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No Silver Bullet for Association Success – It’s about the Members

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As a leading Association Management Company (AMC) we are often asked by prospective association client partners and volunteer leaders of associations, “What is the key to making an association successful?”. They, understandably, want a ‘silver bullet’ or ‘easy button’ answer – something they can easily implement to make their association successful. . The key to association success can be found in one word – Members. .

How to Find the Perfect CMS to Improve the Member Digital Experience


By Ryan Bruffey, MX Business Development Manager. M embers expectations continue to grow at your association. Are systems separated, or are they integrated with your association management software (AMS) ? . Members make the association world go round.

Orgs versus Humans

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Membership Software Association Management Software. Associations. Management Team. It’s easy to leave an organization (regardless of your events, networking, discounts, etc.). Membership Management. Associations.® | The Complete Online Member Community® | Membership Management Software | Membership Software Solutions. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages.

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. So how can your association put this theory into practice? Try these strategies, all made possible with the right association management software solution: Increase exposure to your membership program.

Wild Apricot Software News - December 2010

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So even if we discount that, after reading through each of 441 customer surveys and personally replying to each one, I was very excited to see that the majority.( association management software association management software system association management system memberership website software nptech software surveys Wild Apricot

Tips for association member recruitment


For associations, it’s important to continually bring in new members to backfill those that leave each year due to job loss, job change, retirement, and other reasons. It’s vitally important to the long-term success of your association. .

Associations play an important role in higher education

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The answer may lay in associations, according to Elizabeth Weaver Engel , chief strategist for Spark Consulting , and Shelly Alcorn , principal for Alcorn Associates Management Consulting , who just released, “ The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm.”.

Associations play an important role in higher education

Aaron Wolowiec

The answer may lay in associations, according to Elizabeth Weaver Engel , chief strategist for Spark Consulting , and Shelly Alcorn , principal for Alcorn Associates Management Consulting , who just released, “ The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm.”.

Best Practices for Monetizing eLearning Content


For as long as most of us can remember, a large majority of revenue for professional associations came from membership dues. These advancements allow associations to be more innovative while increasing the value they can provide to their members. Association Management

CES 2016 Final Thoughts

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This can be done in formal processes like member surveys, but don’t discount the equivalent of walking the show floor—just spending a few moments calling new members or staff members to chat—as an easy way to get new ideas. Association Management Technology

Association Marketing: 4 Ways to Promote Your Professional Association Wins

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I’m always amazed how many professional associations do great things and then forget to tell anyone about it. Good news is inspiring, and your audiences—stakeholders, association members, future members—will want to share in the moment.

Can Associations Thrive in a Crowded Marketplace?


Associations used to have similar monopolies in their industries. That made association life pretty comfortable. Associations no longer have the advantage of a relative lack of competition. Download Your Free Report of 9 Consumer Trends That Affect Your Association Today.

Don’t Nickel-and-Dime Members: Ideas to Increase Non-Dues Revenue


Associations have traditionally used membership “as an excuse to sell more stuff at discounted prices to members,” said Garth Jordan , senior vice president of corporate strategy at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

The evolution of member benefit priorities throughout the career journey


Is your association ready to meet their changing needs? As an association professional, you likely think about how your members prioritize the benefits your association provides them. Leverage association-specific technology. Association Management

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Association Convention Pricing Strategies

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Most associations that I know “hold the line” on conference pricing. So, why are associations so stubborn? Or, is it better to “hold the line” so members don’t “hold off” waiting for the discount pricing? A client called the other day. His “big convention” was three weeks away.

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Four Resolutions to Get More Out of Association Experience

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AMR MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Four Resolutions to Get More Out of Association Experience. You get what you put into your association leadership experience. Sometimes you get a return on your investment, through networking, problem solving or even affinity programs and discounts.

7 Creative Ways to Promote LMS Engagement

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When launching a learning management system (LMS) for the first time, organizations need to take into consideration different ways to generate excitement and interest in their new platform. Integrate with your Association Management System.

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Road to Relevance Provides valued insight for Association Execs

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Next month, ASAE will release Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for Competitive Associations. Associations face unprecedented competition from members, publishers, companies and the internet. Associations need to create strategies to compete in this environment.

Warning to association executives: differentiate but don’t dilute your services

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Then raise the price of the premium product, market the new product at a discounted price … and clean up with price discrimination. Differentiation keys the freemium model for association membership. From 9/19 Free to Fee: Maximizing Association Membership via Engagement Strategies.

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Building a Community: 5 Tips for Digital Member Engagement

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Association membership is one of the most enriching experiences—particularly when you’re part of an association that prioritizes engaging its members. As your association evolves and increases its membership, your engagement strategy should evolve as well. User management.

Are associations stuck?

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We’re not able to operate associations as we did 20 years ago. In recent visits with association executive directors, the conversations with two stick in my mind. The first association executive director. This is a large national association. Guest Blog by Tom Shay.

AE on the Verge: Adding expiration dates to association coupons

AE on the Verge

Association management, meetings and mania. Adding expiration dates to association coupons. In response to my blog post on expiration dates , David Patt posted this comment: "Add discount coupons to your list. Here are a few thoughts on association coupons: 1. Discount coupons: If you provide coupons for discounts at bookstore, for membership dues, or for events be sure to be extremely specific - including the expiration date and if its transferable to others.

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3 Automated Email Campaigns Professionals Australia Used to Strengthen Their Association

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Associations are increasingly expected to deliver the personalized experience that members (especially younger generations) are used to. To be effective today, the association knew they needed a member communication strategy that delivered a personal and valuable experience to members.

7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base

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On Facebook, reach out to existing groups and communities of like-minded people to promote your association. Discounts on membership dues or custom merch for members of partner organizations. . Some incentives include: A discount on their next membership renewal.

7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base

Blue Sky eLearn

On Facebook, reach out to existing groups and communities of like-minded people to promote your association. Discounts on membership dues or custom merch for members of partner organizations. . Some incentives include: A discount on their next membership renewal.

Balancing Traditional and Trending Member Communications

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This year’s Association Communications Benchmarking Study showed us that traditional forms of member communication – live events and print media – continue to be popular among associations and their members. Don’t think that your association has to adopt every new platform available.

Best Cloud-Based AMS and MMS Features for Organizations


Association Management Software (AMS) offers associations, as well as other member-based organizations, the tools to run their day-to-day operations and provide services to their members. A powerful AMS offers the following features: CONTACT MANAGEMENT. PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Associations Need to Lead Change with Education Programs

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“ The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm ”, a recently published whitepaper, outlines the potential for Associations to lead a much needed change in the current education industry. But they ask – are associations ready to lead this change?

I’ve Looked at RFPs from Both Sides Now

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In 18+ years in association management, I’ve been on both sides of the Request For Proposal process more times than I can count. My very first Big Task at my very first association Real Job way back in 1997 was to complete an association management software system selection. management RFPsReposting this (slightly edited) Thanks for Playing classic, because this topic has come up recently on ASAE’s Collaborate online community.

Continuing Education Offerings: 5 Engagement Strategies

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Technology advancements allow working professionals to take classes, earn credits, or achieve certifications through software called a Learning Management System (LMS). More convenient access for members through member management software/website integration.

Let Your Member Data Show You the Way

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Last week, Associations Now did a story on my awesome client NICSA and the new membership model project we worked on together last summer. How one association unbundled some of its benefits and packaged them around “clusters of behavior” in its member engagement data.

The Consultant and the Association Exec Should Be Friends

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I just submitted a proposal in response to an RFP that asked for my “project management methodology,” aka, my approach to managing the consultant/client relationship (which I thought was a damn fine question). As the title of this post states, the consultant and the association executive should be friends (bonus points if you get the Oklahoma! Consultants provide a lot of the intellectual capital in association management, some of it for free, some of it for pay.

To Boost Global Membership, Get Flexible

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Whether your association has a global presence or is looking to expand internationally, you’ll need a strategy to recruit, retain, and engage members who will likely have different needs and backgrounds than members in your home country.